Concealed Weapons Carrier Saves Others From Stabbings at Salt Lake City, Utah Grocery Store!

Another victory against thugs who think they can intimidate the American Public! If stories like these would be reported far and wide, we would see the already lowered crime rates take a drastic plunge in our nation.

We honor the citizen who uses his responsibility to protect his own life and the lives of others around him. Thank you!

How can anti-gun people not comprehend the simple facts…without gun toting, responsible American citizens, there might have been more than the two people who were injured if no one would have intervened before the police got there.

“By the time officers arrived the suspect had been subdued by employees and shoppers. Police had high praise for gun carrying man who ended the hysteria.”


  • landmineop

    ALL of these stories need to be published far and wide. Let the scumbags know that they are outgunned and outmanned. This crap would stop and stop fast.

  • har82

    Well now, yet another incident where a – citizen – ,,, protected others with his weapon and – not – the cops .
    What’s that saying , ” when seconds count ” , – cops are 30 minutes away – lol.

    • Rule13

      Well, in reality, they are not 30 minutes away, but the national average is 2 to 3 minutes…which will feel like 30, if you really need the cops!

      • har82

        Hmm, 2 to 3 minutes huh lol. What you been smoking ???? lol.

      • Kenneth Kirkham

        ROFL, the police department is 120 feet from our building and their normal response time is over 10 minutes…2-3 minutes is not going to happen.

  • stevenmarkpilling

    On a daily basis, crimes are stopped and lives saved by citizens who take their civic duty seriously, often by carrying a firearm. The Left, in its zeal to marginalize the 2nd Amendment (and the rest of the Constitution with it) pointedly ignores that the most horrendous crimes committed with firearms occured in places where gun carrying was prohibited and the victims were helpless to defend themselves. ONE person with a derringer in his pocket (or her purse) could have stopped the Aurora Killer dead in his tracks.

  • sillyboy

    The stories like these are being reported…in the NRA magazines, “The Armed Citizen”.
    Over 2 million times a year (in the USA) someone with a “gun” protects themselves, their loved ones, their possessions, their property, their neighbors, etc. All the GOOD news that is happening with guns, is being suppressed! I wonder why??? Could it be that pesky 2nd amendment the commies want to get rid of???????????????????????????????

  • $12994363

    Another story that won’t go national.
    “When danger is imminent the police are minutes away.”
    A well armed populace with concealed weapons would go a long way to preventing incidents like this. And probably also cause a bit more civility as well.

  • liberty49

    More proof that the police are spread too thin to give us any protection, they usually get there in time to clean up after the crime has been committed. Well, we’re going to put a stop to the crime before the criminals can do much damage! They will never know who might be carrying a weapon, ready to stop them-dead or alive.

    • Rule13

      I don’t think the police were ever intended to protect everyone. In the days when police were “invented” it was to look out for the weak, who could not protect themselves. Over time, government has attempted to make everyone “weak”, which has placed more pressure on police. All they can really do, unless they just happen to drive upon a violent scene, is show up after the fact and clean up the mess. Everyone should be prepared to protect themselves.

  • Gil Palmer

    what if concealed gun carrier had not had a permit? would we now be seeing that protector of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness prosecuted instead of hailed has a hero? GAP

  • Edward Diviney Jr

    Take guns away from Law abiding citizens and then start counting the victims. You get a lot more when you do that because folks like this won’t be around to help when you needed it most. The body count will just keep going up. While you wait on the cops to get there and finish debating on how best to handle the situation. In that amount of time a fellow American citizen could have prevented a lot of lost lives if he was a gun carrier.

    We’d probably drop the crime rate, if we were allowed to carry guns like we did back in the days of the Wild West. Only a fool would try stuff with everyone packing a gun.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    Get this
    In Canada he would have been arrested and charged for pointing a firearm and the knife holder would have been called as a witness.
    In the next four years the U.S. will be just like Canada.

  • Engineer313

    Yes, This is great. But you will never hear about it in the main stream media. The politicions that we the people voted for and put into office are out to disarm the Americian People. We so not need more gun control, We need to find out what sets these people off.

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