Result Of Liberal Rearing: Can’t Take NO For An Answer

There are those who argue that Liberal ideology promotes creativity and produces citizens with “happier” demeanors. With no legit proof ever proffered up by them to support the theory, I counter that argument with proof that the worst possible ideology is one which refuses to teach its followers to take NO for an answer…

With the shooting and homicidal intentions Wednesday at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC … we saw the fruition of the seething, unrestrained hatred on the Left and their complete and total intolerance of ANYONE who dares to hold a differing opinion than their own.

The shooter, Floyd Lee Corkins II, was a volunteer at a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender center. So, who stoked the flames of this miscreant’s hostility?

The Left, the whole Left and nothing BUT the Left.

And that cesspool includes: Southern Poverty Law Center, Drive-thru harrier Adam Smith, Democrat Fascist Mayors (like Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino) that said Chick-fil-A was not welcome in their cities; Bully Czar Dan “the bully” Savage who shrieks at and intimidates little Christian kids; and the myriad pro-same-sex groups and individuals that spewed, and continue to spew, despicable, hostile and debasing rhetoric to all (including myself) who simply take a stand for traditional values.

All the above, and their ilk, are culpable in that shooting. Thank God the hero security guard, Leo Johnson, who was wounded by the perp, is doing well and our prayers go out to him. If not for Mr. Johnson, there could have been much carnage at the hands of this reprobate … who got all the ammo for his impetus from the Left’s talking points about those that oppose them.

The villain, Corkins, was carrying a Chick-fil-A bag … still wondering who promoted and crafted his hate?

If someone peruses the fruit of this stinking vine … we see nothing but dependency, squalor, privation, entitlement, envy, rage and aggression … all wrapped up with a bow on top.

And a hoard of adults who are unable to cope with NO for an answer.

I have news for the irrationally loathing Left: The First Amendment is for ALL citizens … not just for you.

Family Research Council, Chick-fil-A and Papa John’s for that matter, have a right to speak their mind, support the causes they see fit…and should be able to do so without the fear of having their character assassinated by immature putzes who are unable to take no for an answer … or being shot up by a fully-loaded fiend who dined on a Liberal daily fare.

I realize the Left is getting its cue from their Dear Leader in the WH, who is responsible for the unleashing of such a plethora of mendacities against his opposition that he no longer cares what is right (not that he ever did).

But, this is STILL America … what’s left of it since he took office … and we will continue to speak out on what is right for this country … so ALL may continue to be blessed and ALL can continue to bless others.

I know that’s a hard one for Libs, and their fawning minions, to swallow … but that’s reality.

They should try it sometime.

About the author: Audrey Russo

Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show (NYC). Audrey writes a column for and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues, and her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on Audrey's Radio Show can also be heard on the Leading Edge Radio Network. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

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  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    why do lesbians always look so unatractive? Just wondering.

    • 19gundog43

      Quick answer, because they ARE unattractive,self-loathing, man-haters

    • KarenWI

      There are also MANY women not considered physically attractive who are conservative!

      • Dark Patriot

        You lie. As one of my femamale friends put it,”All females are attractive to somebody”. And with the Internet you get to know the chick before you see her so minor imperfections are smoothed over. (To all females: You may replace “females” with “males”. Same shxt. Love Yins, Bye.

      • RW

        really? Where?

    • Dark Patriot

      That is not always true. Just the diesels and they are that way to attract girls that they like. You could think of them as guys with tits. You can be friends. They can even help you figure out fuxked up weird axx bitches (or not). Heck, get drunk enough.. I won’t go there.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a gun and a pink swastika wrapped in a rainbow flag. AND IT HAS. Defeat homo-fascism, EAT MORE CHICKEN

  • 19gundog43

    Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder. They has been studied by clinical
    psychiatrists and they find there is no other rational explanation.

  • bleedinell

    There was an interesting study at the University of Nebraska/Lincoln a year or two back, that studied peoples reponse to certain pictures, ranging from soft images of butterflies and such to images of dead bodies, by timing how long they looked at each picture.
    What the research found is very telling. Liberals (self proclaimed) overwhelmingly lingered on the pretty, happy images while Conservatives (self proclaimed) overwhelmingly spent more time taking in the more disturbing images.
    You see, the Liberal mindset likes to avoid the truth and focus instead on imagined scenarios. Conservatives are the part of society that can handle the truth and are fully prepared to deal with it.
    This is why libtards become defensive and childish when asked to talk about the real problems we have; they have no answers and no foundation with which to begin problemsolving.

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