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Andres Ortiz is the founder of The Saving, a ministry that plays heavy music with heavier Christian content. His new album "David Star", based on the life of David, comes out March 9th, 2014. Follow @andresaving on twitter.

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  • majorl3

    I argued this in the 1970,s am I a prophet or what?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TV3U3FE63E3OWS62IXYUO2IDM Sandy S

      Well, since no child abuse laws have changed since the 70s and the legal age of consent has remained the same, I’d say you aren’t a prophet. People said this 40 years ago and are still just saying it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

      • majorl3

        It is taking its course and I recall saying once you get on the slippery slope you keep sliding on down!

  • John Kirkwood

    Another great read Andres. There are very few out there that tell it as it should be. Thanks for your courage and your faithfulness.

  • jason stolow

    Kinsey didn’t conduct experiments on children. That data was from adults memories of when they were children. Fact check much?

    • JASON

      Wrong Jason. You only need to read Alfred Kinsey’s own books and Tables to find out that he derived data on childhood sexuality based on the reactions of the abuse perpetrated on them by pedophiles. Kinsey was a sadomasochistic nut who had no scientific research experience other than a study he did on gull wasps.

      • jason stolow

        It was based on adults memories

  • CJMinier

    Oh wait, Jason, here’s another one. Start fact checking now, Jason. These were NOT just “memories” from when his subjects were children, but from MOLESTATION of children that was then reported to Kinsey! http://www.cwfa.org/content.asp?id=6112

  • CJMinier

    “Fact check” much yourself, Jason? Alfred Kinsey was NOT a sexual revolutionary but rather a sexual deviant himself, who was friends with and helped many pedophiles escape detection by police. One was even hung in Germany for the rape of a 9 year old. If he was so great, why is Indiana University to this day refusing to release his data on children? Because they know it will reveal the truth about him. Here’s a good link to get you started on fact checking, Jason. http://www.drjudithreisman.com/archives/2012/01/cwa_the_truth_a.html

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TV3U3FE63E3OWS62IXYUO2IDM Sandy S

    If pedophilia is the “new gay” soon to be legalized, then where is the political movement? Harry Hay and Harvey Milk were active forty years ago. Where are the pedophile lobbyists and advocates? Where are the protests and lawsuits defending pedophilia as a human right? Where is the public groundswell of support for pedophilia and the public “coming out” of pedophiles among teenagers, celebrities, and adult married men?

    There isn’t any. This article is a straw man meant to make you scared of something that is not happening and is very, very unlikely to ever happen. Child abuse is abuse. It is rape, and usually occurs against a child’s will. It is a federal crime and is punishable by decades in prison.

  • Meh

    Remind me how homosexuality and pedophilia are directly related?

    • Guest

      pederasts molest boys > molested boys are confused, spiteful and depraved > victims of pederasty grow up to become pederasts > pederasts molest boys

  • Susan Hildinger Hoerner

    This is NOT true, you have no accepted source to substantiate your assertion. Kinsey is not accepted by mainstream people and did not say that, anyway

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