• Victoria

    I hope to God it does!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.bennett.393 Nancy Bennett

    Pray to God that Obama is shown to be against Israel. If he is against Israel, who does he support? The Muslim countries.

    • oandroplex700

      the hand writing is on the wall, how foolish to people have to be
      in the 4 years obama has been president, he has traveled to all the arab countries, but never to Israel, and continues to snub the Israelies, still think obama is wonderful??? i dont!!!!!!!

      • Mitch Sagraves

        oandroplex700, Methinks that O would have gone to Isreal had there been a major golf course or basketball arena! :’>(

        • oandroplex700

          how right, sadly that you are

  • Sunny

    I hope he pulls a couple more boners…what an idiot!!

  • lirae

    My common sense told me that jewish people, financial people, would be conservative. However I dated one a year ago and found out the opposite. The majority of jews are democrats and support Obama. Why in heck, I’ll never understand. At the time I was watching Glenn Beck who was supporting Israel. My friend hated him and strongly supported Obama.

    • http://www.facebook.com/blobclark Robert Clark

      I never understood this tendency of liberalism in the jewish USA community either. I have met with jews visiting from Israel and they dont trust Obama one little bit nor do they like or agree with the “USA liberal” jews living here. Interesting and ironic.

  • CaptTurbo

    I hope so but I doubt that this or anything else will wake up the Florida Jewish population. They will vote for Hitler .. er .. I mean the muslim usurper.

  • Dlbnfla

    If the Jews in Florida do vote against Obama it will be a sign that all us old Jews are not as stupid as we are reported to be in the media. Obama has consistently displayed anti semitic tendecies for a few years now.

    • reggiec

      I hope the same applies to New York, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. All have substantial Jewish populations.

      • Patricia

        I wouldn’t count on the Hollywood Jews caring about Obama’s views on Israel.

        • reggiec

          That is why I left out Hollywierd

    • Mitch Sagraves

      Putting Florida at substantial risk….’ya think?! O is putting ALL of America at substantial risk!! :>(

    • Granpa David

      Dibnfla, why do Jews vote for Democrats, no matter how bad the Democrat is for Israel? The Clintons, especially Hillary, were so pro Arafat, and so anti Israel, but I Think almost all Jews kept voting for them. And Barak Hussein Obama is much, much worse. I don’t get it .

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2WIKOTMA6OIRFMLFNMVLNAGXDM pa

        “Dibinfla” please allow me to answer that….because we are commanded in the Torah to help the poor,widow & stranger among us….but… not enable & miss the parts that say “if you don’t work,you don’t eat”! I use the example of Ruth & Boaz,King David’s grandparents.As G-d commanded,Boaz left the corners of his fields in Bethlehem,for the poor…BUT,they had to pick it themselves.Boaz didn’t package & deliver it,while she was home playing video games. Also,because there is no more Temple to make sacrifices they have replaced that with what they think are “good works”.
        In 2008,only 8% of ISRAELI Jews supported Obama & I’m sure that’s way down now! Unfortunately,most AMERICAN Jews care more about the “Golden Calf” of America,than they do Israel….but they are WAKING UP!

        • Granpa David

          Very good. We must be careful to help the poor, but not create them and keep them on the Democrat plantation. “Keeping” them like pets to vote for more “keeping”, is not helping them.
          You see, most Americans do not see the damage the dependency does. I have a friend that lives in that world and he says the women don’t even go out the door to get the free vegetables, Kroger sends to the neighborhood, they only want snacks and soda, no cooking. And welfare day when the men take off work to drink up the welfare checks, They tell me they don’t call it welfare day, they call it “po-ho” day, a po-ho being a woman who has babies for the welfare. A world created by welfare and most Americans never even hear about it.

        • Stan

          Pray that they are fully awake by November!

      • barbara ashdown

        Because a lib is a lib first.

  • freedomringsforall

    What kind of insanity is this?!

    Apologizing to a bunch of Islamic slaughtering thugs
    because someone in the USA made a little flick about the truth of Islam!

    And at the same time stabbing Israel in the back!

    What kind of looney idiot do we have sitting in the oval

    He should be shouting from the highest mountain tops that
    if you do not like freedom of speech then stay away from the USA and we who
    love freedom will stay away from you!

    But no instead he is a coward and an idiot that kisses
    our enemy commie and islamic tyrants’ bums while stabbing our historic allies
    in the back.

    Isn’t it interesting that one of the main doctrinal
    ordained methods of operation for both communism and islam is that it is right
    and righteous to lie about anything that advances the cause of communism or

    Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in
    the USA!

    Let’s please return this nation to a bright
    shining beacon of freedom on a hill for the rest of the world to aspire to

    • oandroplex700

      excellent bplog, you have said it all

    • http://www.facebook.com/blobclark Robert Clark

      I agree with what u have written here . My wife and In-laws woke up after the first election. They will NOT be voting for this anti-Israel white house occupant in 2012 !

  • reggiec

    Obama has once again shown his complete idiot approach to foreign affairs. Refusing to meet with one of the major players in the tinder box that is the middle east shows he is either a coward that cannot lead or he is an incompetent imbecil. Maybe both.

  • oandroplex700

    obama has proven again and agian, that he truly has to be voted out of office,he truly is a embaressment

  • Jill

    The USA & Israel have been allies for over 60 years…& then along comes Obama who has done evrything in his power to snub the Jewish people. The Jews are far too smart not to see this & smarter yet about voting for this Democratic candidate.

    • suziqueMN

      I agree with you; yet for some inexplicable reason they continue vote demoncrat regardless. Strange, yes?!

  • regulus30

    if there was a jew with an ounce of intelligence it should cost ohussein all the jewish vote.

  • Sue

    If I said he slapped the Queen of England or any other European head of state most here would say this is America not Europe. They same applies to Israel. This is an election for an American president. Netanyahu has too much to say in our government and it isn’t good.

  • Guest

    I hope it does – the Jews in this country should wipe their feet on that man; that Obama would treat Netanyahu and his country with such rude indifference is short of criminal. For ONCE in their lives, the Jewish people should be able to live in ALL OF their homeland and the US would help were it not for Obama.

  • Shannon

    GOOD!!!!! It’s about time!

  • underthewire


  • Hjordis Owens

    Bad for the snubbing of Israel; good for the state of Florida. We don’t want him!! I’m hoping the majority feels as I do.

  • jim28threg

    Zero has snubbed GODS PEOPLE from day one so what’s the difference now? Did anyone expect anything different from a muslin promoted at least partially by a Jewish traitor (Soros) with the rest of the worlds worst despots since time began. = COUNCIL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.sluszka Karen Sluszka

    How many times do you have to get thrown under the BUS to see that the PRETENDER does not care for AMERICA. And how many times do the JEWISH people have to see that the PRETENDER wants to KILL their people and AMERICIANS before we all wake up and find that OUR COUNTRY is ISLAMIC. We have not fought for our FREEDOMS to let this piece of trash, crap on us some more. VOTE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT.

    • Shannon


    • Patricia

      Are the Jews so stupid that they will believe when Obama refuses a meeting with Netanyahu then get a warning that he may lose the Jewish vote a phone call will make everything OK with Israel? The fact that Obama cannot hide his contempt for Israel and the American Jews will still believe in him is unbelievable.

      • $15774159

        Excellent comment Patricia. Obama, has lost the Catholic, and Jewish vote, with his radical policies on abortion, and total disdain for the Catholic community. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. Get this guy out of here.

      • Dean

        If Obama is re-elected he will throw all of Israel under the bus. You don’t expect a muslim to like the Jewish people. Vote Obama out or you will be voting for the destruction of Israel.

        • NHConstitutionalist

          It isn’t just Israel he is attempting to destroy, it’s all of us. This fraud is the CIC a Corrupt Insidious Collusionist.
          O is a corrupt Chicago thug who is in collusion with rabid foam at the mouth muslims and Control freak communists alike.

          Send him back to Chicago, Kenya, or H3ll, just get him out of our Whitehouse.

        • Stan

          And he will throw every jew here under the bus too…. Be forewarned!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YSKZX3ZCY732GENUR3QYCCGW7I Charles

        And yet I remain puzzled. I have a cousin who is Jewish; intelligent; a lawyer; a nice guy. Yet he strongly supports Obama. I just can’t figure that out. I tried to discuss it with him once (I can’t imagine supporting Obama if I were a Jew — frankly I can’t imagine supporting him under any circumstances) — but I asked him, how can you, as a Jew, support this guy who is clearly not supporting Israel. He replied by telling me that the real bad buy was Dick Cheney — at this time Cheney had been out of office for nearly 3 years and had nothing to do with the conversation. I remain puzzled.

        I have noticed that whenever I ask a liberal how he can support Obama when Obama has done “X”, the response is almost always to say “well some Republican did “Y”. They seem never to try to defend Obama, but rather to say some Republican is worse. (Like telling your kid he must be home at 10 and he says “but Johnny stays out until 11″.)

        • http://www.facebook.com/marcelyn.sinclair Marcelyn Sinclair

          Charles….I have two good friends who react the same as your cousin….it is so hard to u nderstand how intelligent well educated people could be SO stupid….they must be on some kind of drug….otherwise there is NO explanation.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Freidus/100001127505457 Gene Freidus

          I’m a Jew who recognizes Amalek when I see him. I want nothing more than to send him to a lifelong basketball camp-I’d even pay for his sneakers.

          • shortyshappy

            Gene….so what do you think is the reason many Jews will vote for OOO? Are Jews so blinded or just refuse to see? OR, too proud like many others to admit to “buyers remorse”?

    • TLady62

      I agree with you 100%. This President has practically done everything in his power to toss Israel to the wolves.

    • Stan

      ” VOTE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT.” Because it does!


    Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of lying garbage than the Dumocraps.

  • theoldstoryteller

    How many Jewish people originally supported Hitler? Get fooled twice, shame on you!

  • mikeinidaho

    Please, God! Help us throw the communist anti-American out of the White House. Jewish- Americans, please don’t support the anti-American, anti-Israeli, pro-Muslim traitor. We must support our only TRUE friend in the Middle East! We the People want our country back and we support Israel as our ally and friend.

  • Bleeding Red, While and Blue

    How can any Jew votre for this man and his party?

  • Arizona_Don

    There are many things I just do not understand about the liberal progressive democrats as well as the old time democrats. How is it possible to be so blinded as to what obama is actually doing to this nation? There must be something other then just a political party that has them all so blinded. As a conservative I could see the things I did not agree with, with Bush. Is telling right from wrong only a conservative trait now?

    Is it not possible for democrats to see the damage obama is doing to this nation? I am aware the liberal progressives (communists) wish to destroy this nation, however, I cannot determine why. Any reasonable person can see the difference between communism, marxism and fascism compared to the Constitutional Republic and free enterprise system we have had for over 236 years. It is also obvious we have prospered unlike any other nation ever. In America, more than any other country in the world we are not prevented by government from pursuing happiness. If the effort is put forth there is no limit to what can be accomplished. That is not true under the things Obama preaches, like wealth redistribution and social justice.

    Take a long hard look at Europe. That is what Obama wishes for this country. Who wants that? If you say you do, tell me why. In a free enterprise system it is possible to go from poor to middle class and then to wealthy only because government does not restrict opportunity. It is still an individual right to pursue happiness at what ever level is desired. Obama is changing all that!

    • hibp

      Well said Dan, but a lot of the bo supporters I run into seem pretty ignorant of the rest of the world and the TRUE freedoms we have in our country. And many of the 1% and big corporations contribute MUCH to our country, everything from sponsorships of sports we love to many charitable and community events — not to mention shoring up EVERYONE’S 401ks and pensions with their profits. I wonder what the bo supporters are going to retire on when all of the big corporations are brought down to the level he wants them and no longer have any profits.

  • John Beam

    Alan Dershowitz is only concerned with how Obama’s Jew-hatred will effect his being elected? This explains why so many Jews were rounded up and slaughtered in Nazi Germany, but it doesn’t explain why it still happens today. WAKE UP AL!!!

    • markinla

      No Dershowitz is only concerned about Israel like many Jews in the US. He doesn’t care one whit about America. His only concern is getting US goys to die for Israel like many US Jews.

  • Ken

    4 reasons why Jews voting Obama/dems: 1) many Jews are ultra liberal/progressive/socialistic. 2) A lot of Jews are self hating and Superiority Complex issues 3) Religion, they think Republicans want to convert them or kill them. Can’t tell the difference between Republican and Muslim 4) some Jews voted for Obama because they want to show they are opened minded, like many white people voting for Obama so they wouldn’t be called racists. All that help poor stuff is just BS, I don’t believe it, and they don’t believe it. Jews voting for democrats makes about as much sense as for Hitler. One day if the dems 100% (they are trying now) turn on them, I would be laughing my ass off!

  • theoldguy44

    Anybody that believes that Obama is not only, not an Israel supporter, but is an avowed Palestinian shill, has not been paying attention. His neighbor and close friend Al-Kalidi, is a member of the PLO. Plain as the nose on your face, or as he said of Bill Ayers, he’s just a guy from my neighborhood?

  • Chris

    Watch America: freedom to fascism on YouTube….you will be shocked what our government is doing. It’s worth your time.

  • nexgenesis

    Beats me why any Jewish person anywhere would support obama, who is proving himself to be an enemy of the Jews.

  • tomtom

    The Jewish People can see what a “Back Stabber” Obama really is !!

  • lizaz

    Let’s hope the people of FL wake up before November 6!! The dictator is not their friend, he’s a friend of the muslim brotherhood and hamas….not Israel….it’s pretty obvious….

  • Randy Gaiser

    If I were in charge of Mitt Romney’s campaign, I would get Benjamin Natanyahu to meet Mitt in Miami for a campaign, Right in the heart of the Jewish community. Then go to New York City and do the same thing. I would exploit this opportunity to the MAX.
    Benjamin Natanyahu is THE MOST important ally this country has in the middle east and needs to be accorded the highest respect.
    I wish we had him as our President.

    • hibp

      Great Idea Randy!!! I wish Mitt would do this.

  • FAAQ2

    Hmm this sounds like history repeating itself – OK all you Jews get on the Obama Train – next stop Obamawitz – (Similar to Auchwitz)

  • mesaman

    And this snub “should” cost Bammie every jewish vote in the entire country. He has shown nothing but prejudice, cowardice, and disdain for the Nation of Israel, and is no different towards jewish citizens in the US.

    • markinla

      And it should pick up tons of votes from real Americans who are sick and tired of hearing about Israel and don’t want any more US blood or treasure wasted on that sh***y little country.

      • mesaman

        Other than your extreme racist prejudice, why don’t you aim at some really sh***y litle countries; Libya, Eygpt, Yemen, Bahrain. Oh wait, I’m going to name every muslim country on earth.

  • Irma

    I am encouraged that many are finally beginning to see the LIGHT.

  • Take 2

    How about removing God and Israel… are you kidding me. Not one Christian Jew or Catholic minded voter should consider B Hussein Obama, It’s more than just a funny name here in USA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcelyn.sinclair Marcelyn Sinclair

    Excellent post Karen….YOu are “right on”…..THE piece of trash inhabiting the white house is so obfiously Muslim…..and it is beyond me to see how anyone with a brain would not work like mad to get him out of there!!!!

  • Poodleguy

    I have no use for Dershowitz but for once, he has come up with something factual. I once saw him & Joe DeGenova on a split screen tv appearance. Dersho made some insulting remark to Joe & when Joe came back @ him with such force, he was literally shaking in his boots! He was scared to death, even though they weren’t on the same stage!!

  • Docs357

    There are folks in Florida who came from all different States. those who vote for obozzo don’t represent the the values of the Native Floridians,I’ve been here over half my life I see those who have there hands out those who want to earn and learn. Floridians for most are workers,earners, learners. Are northern bros . tend to complain and reap what they can. This election is more than what these left leaning chumps can grab for themselves it’s about our Freedom . They want the big gov. to wipe their noses move to Cuba.

  • geneww1938

    Dear Alan Dershowitz,
    The true believing Jewish people I know are too smart to vote for Obama … They were fooled once … Never again!

    • Nadine

      Oh God I hope so!

  • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

    obama don’t need any stinking jews, he’s got the latinos in his pocket, that is why he’s giving them a 2 year amnesty visa then the mex’s can go back to their country after they vote for him or be deported their choice

  • obhfwb

    When the democrats throw God and Jerusalem under a bus and obama snubs Benjamin Netanyahu to see david arse hole letterman that’s bad. obama will throw Jews under a bus in a heartbeat.

  • Stan

    I surely hope Obama loses big in my home state of Florida! I hope his supporters know that if hes re-elected he will owe no one anything as far as he is concerned and they better watch their back!

  • Justintime

    Alan your mouth to God.

    As Savage says
    Jews are suicidal and liberalism is a mental illness
    Lets see how Jew-ness Florida is come November


  • Cinci Jew

    Alan Dershowitz is a JINO (Jew In Name Only) who cares more about the DemocRAT party than the Jewish people he claims to be part of.
    Obama and the DemocRAts don’t deserve the Jewish vote, they have stabbed Jews in the back for decades and progressive JINOs like Jerkshowitz still support them.

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