Middle East Madness: Congrats Obama, You Built That

Remember back in the beginning of 2011 when Obama told us about the freedom lovers in Egypt and Libya living under the oppression of dictators and needing our immediate help to establish democracy in their fair lands?

You do? So do I. How weird. We should become best friends. Facebook me.

Anyway … it turns out that the “freedom lovers” Obama coerced lots of Americans to rally behind (and whom he also pimped out with billions of sawbucks from America’s pitiful piggy bank) were bat crap crazy.

I’m talking crazy on steroids crazy—and not just peaceful crazy like Joe Biden but rather hide-sharp-objects-from-them, menopausal wolverine sow crazy.

Yep, these “yearners for democracy” turned out to be radicals of radicals who’d like nothing more than to eradicate the U.S. and Israel and establish a global bounce house for all things Muslim.

Whoopsie, eh Mr. President? You kind of misjudged that one, señor.

At least I hope Obama misjudged their end game because if he had even an inkling that they would quickly blossom into full-blown anti-America/Israel hate machines then that would make some folks think that our president … um … uh … doesn’t have our … how shall I say … our best interests or our allies’ best interests at heart.

I’ve gotta admit that at the beginning of the Arab Spring I thought these freedom lovers seemed a bubble off level. I mean … I didn’t want to judge, but I wasn’t getting that Jeffersonian vibe from the video feeds coming across the wire; it was stuff like burning the American flag, raping one of our female correspondents, looting their pyramids and decapitating multitudinous mummies that caused me some consternation.

But that’s just me, and who am I? I could be wrong. Or a racist. Or both. Maybe the Arab Spring—like Obama’s economic policies—just needs a little more time to pan out. That’s probably it.

However, the events of this past week in Cairo and Benghazi on September 11th kind of make me feel like this “Spring” is stuck on stupid, and now, thanks to Obama’s backing, we have one violent, jacked-up mess on our hands—one that won’t be remedied easily … and one to which we can point to the president as someone who built that.

About the author: Doug Giles

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  • abby

    Compare what Obama has built compared to what Romney has built…I’m thinking Romney has blessed this nation and Obama has brought nothing but chaos.

    • Ronnie

      And shame!

  • Reality

    Let’s watch Obama squirm out of this one. Can’t blame Bush…

    • Peace thru Strength

      come on, we all know and are told it’s Bush’s fault, why if hadn’t ________ <- fill in blank, then these Arabs wouldn't hate America so much. we should reach out with another olive branch and watch as Neville Chamberlain PM of ENgland saw in wwII how we can appease the wild aggressive war pigs with peace figs.

      we need a Patton.

      • FaithMartin

        Indeed, Eisenhower and Patton are rolling over in their graves on this. They are better leaders dead, than Obama has ever been. If they had been in power, Libya would be a smoking hole, and the rest of the Middle East would be eating their oil, because they wouldn’t be getting a dime or grain of wheat from us.

        • EMIRCITNA

          IF Generals MacArthur OR Patton (not to even mention our founders) could return for just ONE day to see where their country is now at ….they would be RUNNING back to their graves in disgust!!!

        • don

          That is why we must be energy self reliant. Obama will not allow this, because we would not be paying money to his muslim countries.

        • kalamawashington

          Interesting, a friend of mine a I were talking just the other day wondering how things would be different if the President from 1952-1960 had been President from 1964-1972 (running the war in Viet Nam) or from 2004-20012. If you don’t know who that was, look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls.

      • dfrank

        … another olive branch? Is that what they’re calling a billion dollars these days? I’m thinking a couple of Teddy Roosevelt’s “big sticks” might be more in line with what’s needed.

    • Stan

      Watch his campaign stops, see for yourself. If his adoring crowd drops off it will be a miracle! I pray for that miracle to happen!

    • don

      But he will try to blame it on Romney!

  • sean murry

    You mean watch obummer try to squirm out of this he wont this time.

    • Stan

      Yes he will, he still has the media and kool-aid drinkers behind him. All most people watch is the lame stream media. Very foolish people, IMO

  • edinflorida

    Obama know full well what is going on in the Middle East and he knew about the Libyan uprising in advance and is responsible for not getting the 4 Americans out of Libya before their murders. Obama is a Muslim sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood cause. Those of you who believe Obama is a Christian are fools and will be partially responsible for the fall of America under the Obama leadership, or lack of. Hillary Clinton is equally responsible for the deaths of the 4 Americans in Libya.

  • Doug R.

    With all the restrictions imposed by this site’s Posting Policy, it is really difficult to discuss Obama or his Mid-East policies in any significant detail !!

    • Ronnie

      I have ran into this a lot myself.

  • Shannon

    Obozo did nothing but build a complete and utter mess in this country – IN ALL AREAS! November can’t come fast enough for me. By this time there should not be 1 vote in this country for this fraud-in-chief! VOTE Romney/Ryan 2012!

    • Ulysse Grémillon

      No spamming, please.

      • Atikva

        None needed, Obama will be lucky if he escapes treason charges.

    • don

      If anyone votes for the muslim-marxist obama dictator, they will be on the government dole, union members, hollywood and washington elitists, wall street protestors, etc. Obama does not go to intelligence briefings, leaves our embassies without defenses on 9-11, and his hillary clinton run state department leaves our marines without bullets, and the phony narrative that it is all caused by a Coptic-christaian movie. The mini-movie was never seen by the muslims. Muslims get their riot orders from their mosques. Susan rice the UN ambassador continued the obama lie-narrative: blaming the unseen movie, and that it was spontaneous. Remember that obama’s convention bragged 21 times that he had killed ben laden. Somewhere down the line obama and his drones are going to blame Romney.

  • Justintime

    More on RT AMERICA you tube the west will not show you

    Dozens of Indonesian students clashed with police outside the US
    embassy in Jakarta while protesting an anti-Islamic film. Officers fired
    tear gas and water cannons at activists, who lobbed Molotov cocktails
    and burned tires near the building.

    ­At least one police officer was injured in the clashes, and was carried to safety by other officers.
    Some 50 Indonesian students stomped on an American flag, and then burned it. They also carried banners with slogans like, “death to the filmmaker” and “America is a terrorist that threatens world peace.”

    “We condemn the film that insults the Prophet Muhammad, and which is hurtful to Muslims around the world. Crush America,” a protester told the crowd, prompting a chorus of “Allahu akbar! [God is great]” in response.
    film, titled ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ portrayed Muslims as bloodthirsty
    and immoral, and mocked the Prophet Muhammad. The video sparked a wave
    of violent anti-US protests throughout the Muslim world, with activists
    frequently targeting American diplomatic facilities.
    On Sunday,
    Google announced that it was blocking the video on YouTube in Indonesia.
    The Indonesian Communications and Information Ministry claimed that the
    video could still be viewed online as of Monday.
    understand that it takes time for Google to block everything as people
    continue to upload those sensitive videos. We appreciate Google’s
    cooperation,” Indonesian government spokesperson Gatot Dewa Broto told AFP.
    broke out in Indonesia on Friday with hundreds of activists, many of
    whom were hardline Islamists, clashing with police.

    • FaithMartin

      And Libya’s leader reports that the protest that killed our people was incited by extremist who planned it months ago. 50 were arrested, and the Libyan government reports that they were immigrants who had been in the country only a few months, planning this and other attacks. It was the film…sure it was.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Remember when Students were FIRED ON by police back in the 60s?
      If we can fire on AMERICANS why not muslims who hate the USA even tho it gives them the freedom they seek to stomp on!

  • TheGizmo51

    It’s so nice of you republinos to give President Obama all the credit when something goes wrong and none of the credit when something goes right. The other day I got a hang nail, guess it must have been President Obama’s fault. Last month my neighbor got a pay raise, no thanks to President Obama.

    • slickzip

      Just put your head back into ODUMBAS butt and smell the freedom ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • deerhunter1

      o bozo will be voted out 2012. Romney will win. PERIOD. WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Beebee

      What can you name that has “gone right” since 2008??? Just askin’……

      • TheGizmo51

        First tell me what planet you live on?

  • Justintime

    Where are the empowered woman of the Megrab and the Middle East
    on these demonstrations?

    Secretary Clinton on Technology, Innovation, Empowering Women you tube

  • Ulysse Grémillon

    Well, see, the Arab Spring and similar “color revolutions” are, and have been since at least the overthrow of Iran’s government in 1953, remote-controlled by the US, and every US leader has been complicit in them because they all go along with what the boys who are really in charge want to do. Well, with the possible exception of JFK, who swore to dismantle the CIA because he’d somehow developed the delusion that the president is actually in charge. And look what it got him.
    In the case of Libya, as has been the case so many times before, the US was willing to sign on just about anybody they thought would get the job done at a particular point in time, and arm and train them. And – as has been the case so many times before – some of these people turned out to be not so nice, and proved not to have the best interests of the US at heart. In this case, some of them even turned out to be Al-Qaeda members. So don’t act so surprised. Don’t play dumb and try to pin it all on Obama, even if there’s dough in it for you. Tell the whole story.


  • Lowell

    We as Americans have such short memories. It was and still obvious what he is doing in the Muslim countries. Americans take advantage of those free Condoms. We all need them because of what this president is doing to us.

  • slickzip

    Just like everything ODUMBA puts his hands on s-it happens , when will people wake up and see that ODUMBA is a stinking muslim who wants to destroy freedom in AMERICA and the world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    Obama does not have to squirm out of this, Sean.

    The Media will never let him be in it.

    • Patroit

      Ed Scott: “And there in the problem lies” the MSM is as nasty and awful as any rag magazine could be. They lie and lie over and over again and delete words and protect the people in power. So, I would say, they do NOT want America to survive so most of them must be LIBERAL. Let us name the stations that are really guilty. MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN do not know what fair and balanced mean. I certainly hope their ratings have dropped to nothing. They are told what to say and how to say it. Well, hopefully most Americans have figured these idiots out and if they HAVE NOT “America” will be a socialist country. They are very selfish people and only care about their future not ours for sure. If anyone could possibly believe the nonsense the MSM dishes out – they have there heads stuck in the sand.

      • LadyforLiberty

        Why do you think Nixon was impeached? He was a Republican. Demmedia
        the same even back then!

      • AmericaAwakens

        Spot on Patriot! They all spew the same scripted mantra!

  • Grayfox

    I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell Obama. Maybe he can smile thru that. Look this guy is worst than Billy (the nut) Carter.

    • panors77

      BO will claim he already owns it cuz his “government built it”. lol

  • ZagoZana

    Buch and Chainy, oil men, put us in there with their two nearly endless wars..
    We INVADED Iraq for their oil not because of any real threat to us.
    Saddam only really wanted to scare Iran and the rest of the Middle East.
    The war they had together killed 1,000,000 people.
    Who made us more hated around the world then the Demonic duo?

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Exactly how much kool-aid did you drink?

      • Army Wife

        I take it that HE doens’t like the US, so let’s send him somewhere else??

    • agbjr

      Sad little propaganda-spewing fifth columnist.

  • ron

    It is one thing to have bad foreign policies but it is terrible that the Obama administration goes on TV and tell lies about the deaths of our people in Libya. The attacks were planned and well coordinated in military style. This was not a bunch of rioters who were using RPG”S and killing American citizens. It was planned to occur on Sept 11 to get revenge for the killing of Usama Bin Laden. The administration wants the American public to think our ambassador died od smoke inhalation. That is also a lie. I saw photos of him beaten up with his hands tied behind his back and he was still alive. His death was unwarranted and brutal and caused by Clinton and Obama not providing proper security because they did not want ot offend the muslims. We can not trust an administration that lies to the American public for their own political gain. We have to vote them out of office this November.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Yerrrrrrrrrrr Right!! Even the president of liyba was on FOX this morning saying it was all staged!!!! When will America wake up? These people are born programed to hate us and wage war on us, and regardless what the “experts” say there is no such thing as a peaceful mooslim! Islam is a cult,just like jim jones the waco wackies etc,etc. We have GOT TO TAKE AMERICA BACK!!! We are in the middle of economic collaspe , and we keep sendin these basturds money we ain’t got! Cut off all foriegn aid, we simply do not have the money!!! How many billions can we save if we just cut it off ? We need to sweep off our on porch, and to hell with these backstabbin arseclowns and that goes for the horde of anti-American pigs we’ve got in our on borders! We need to take care of America! We’ve got to vote these lying possum breathed morons outta office and deport them!

      • panors77

        Totally cut off all monies to them. We are still in the crusades a 1000 years after the fact.

        • CherryAnn1000

          Hadn’t thought of it that way, but you are right.

        • don

          Obama is still giving the muslim countries money, because he is a muslim. With our gutless democrat-rino congress, it will continue until they all get voted out of office.

      • don

        Obama, his half wit susan rice UN ambassador, and the drive-by news media blames a home made movie no muslim has ever seen, and that it was a spontaneous attack on the embassy. Obama lies again.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Ron: How true, otherwise how can thousands of semi illiterate people from the back of beyond, and incidentally in BOTH of the worlds Hemispheres at the same time, manage to get the “Offense” message all at the same time??Think about it!
      N Africa, Africa itself, Indonesia,Afghanistan (of course), and even in places such as Australia, (Not noted for their patience with illegals and islamic demos).
      And yesterday LONDON with British Muslims also getting in on the act.With liberal Media faithfully broadcasting how all the crowd was taking “Offense”..yeah right!

      However you cannot blame the REAL British, as London has another name these days: Londonistan…for that is where all the tolerated islamic crazies congregate. (Also if REAL Brits demo against these people, the Establishment labels good English folk as “Rascist”).

      The USA needs another Reagan like leader! NOW! One who will speak out and do as Reagan did when he caused the USSR to derail!
      Personally I am sick and tired of the media portraying these evil murderers, as “victims”.
      We should have no more Presidents saying to these nuts “let`s be friends”.
      They HATE the USA.
      Unfortunately so it seems do the media who take the terrorist side on every opportunity!
      Time to re-assert Democracy. Islam and democracy not compatible.
      So Ban Islam, not the freedoms USA has in the Constitution.
      Listening Democrats??It`s YOUR FAULT for being taken in back in 2008!
      ABO in November!!

    • Stan

      Yes, they tried the patti-cake routine, it didnt work. Its now time to get rough and ready. Its the old saying if you cant have their respect then take their fear! If the president wants our respect also, he better step up to bat and issue an ultimatum to these people! And also to the leaders of the countries they are in. He has let Americas defenses down to the point that they are no longer afraid of us responding in kind. Ball is in your court Mr. President!

    • don

      Obama can take his communist-marxist czars with him to hell. His car czar got the power to shut down all the Republican car dealers. Now obama wants to do the same to every business in this country. I heard him say it. When the clinton’s were booted out, they stole everything that was not nailed down.

  • FaithMartin

    Yep, Ding Bat Crazy is the term I use. Obama built this mess, and we as Americans are paying the price for his Radical House of Cards.

  • barb patton

    When the ayatollah barack hussein obama opened his latte lips and promised “hope and change” he was not talking to America – he was talking to the muslims. He has, from the very beginning , over and over again shown WE THE PEOPLE where hisl ove and loyalty lies. What I do not understand is how those who voted for him fail to see that he is a snake with a forked tongue. This is only the beginning and is a mere stepping stone for him to declare martial law and disregard the voting system in this country. It must never be forgotten that after the “Arab Spring” comes the revelation and appearance of the MAHDI (12th imam) the person/entity/demigod who will save the world, the arab world thinks he is the one. GOD HELP AMERICA.

  • Bob Marshall

    Nothing happens that the government doesn’t plan to happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

    Protesting a movie? What a joke, filthy muslims need no excuse to kill, rape, or pursue any type of violence. Obama knew way ahead what was up, fully planned and carried out on the anniversery of 9/11, as an act of war against the USA. I say give them what they want as muslims only respect power, lets light them up. Time to blow Iran off the map, then start dismantiling the forming Caliphate that is occuring with Odibsticks arab spring.
    Military leadership, it is time for you to step up and follow the Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and refuse orders from the faker in chief. No more dismantiling of our nuclear weapons, no more pussyfooting around in combat. They want war, lets give it to them. I am a retired Marine, my oath still is strong in my heart, and I will do what must be done, but military leadership must start the system, and return America to the strength it once had. Failure to do so will result in the destruction of the USA. Those who detract from the constitution, feel free to leave, we don’t want you here. Take a muslim with you, starting with Dearbornistan Michigan. No more useless death of our soldiers and allies.

    • Army Wife

      Semper FI Marine!! thank you for your Service

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcelyn.sinclair Marcelyn Sinclair

      Lance…..My husband died n 1996…..but he was a proud WW2 Marine who almost lost his life in the battle of Okinawa……I agree with all you have said. and I add
      Sempre Fi…….WE MUST defeat Obama or this country is doomed!!!

      • panors77

        HEY?? How could he be in the Battle of Okinawa when MY Marine stepdad took the island by himself?? (kidding) (He was in the same battle and he passed in 2008) Yes we must get the commie muslim sympatheizer out of our White House. :)

    • panors77

      Hoorah…….from a old Marine brat kid growing up.

    • don

      The muslims who settle in this country, as they get to a higher %, as they are in Europe, will produce the same violence. The illegal alien population is also rising to do their bus-in demonstration bidding for obama. Obama is leading certain destruction for this country.

  • Breeze13

    I made four sock puppets. One is in the image of Mohammed. I call it Moe Hammed. The other three are Larry Hammed, Curley Hammed, and Shemp obama.

    • Beebee

      Breeze13, I love your sense of humor! That is so funny!! (but true!) Thank you for the best laugh of the day…….

      • Breeze13

        Thank you. The one with the hole in it is Shemp.

    • panors77

      Yes….and Shemp Obama has visited nearly all 57 states. lol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

    By the way, happy Constitution day!!!! How many of you knew that we have Constitution day?

    • Army Wife

      And that would be according to Obama right?? (j/k) DIDN’T he Build the Constitution?? OH UH Wait, If my memory serves me correctly, There might have been a FEW GOOD MEN, that loved this country, that BUILT that right ?? And all the Military to go with them, that fought to preserve the freedoms, and hold our FLAG UP high!!!

    • agbjr

      September 17, 1787 … 225 years ago today the Constitution was adopted in convention making it the framework of OUR Republic and the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution! Long may it stand!

    • CherryAnn1000

      I did, and I sure more people would read it.

    • Stan

      Not the president, he considers it a worthless piece of paper. Surprises he hasn’t taken it down like the Day of Prayer. He has been trained well. Even congress has fallen by the wayside.

  • mrsawdust

    Another example of Obama’s stupitity or better yet he’s on the side of the terrorist.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Yup; Obummer owns this mess; he built it, he allowed it, he helped set it up. Any American who could keep a straight face and vote for this imbecile is an idiot in the very least, and more importantly, a traitor to this Republic.

    • CherryAnn1000

      And you know what’s sad–a lot of loonies will still vote for this guy.

  • Army Wife

    I hope he gets UP on Treason charges, HE has ALWAYS known what he was doing to make this mess. That is what he wants!! AND WATCH HE WILL BLAME IT ALL ON BUSH.. !!

  • daveveselenak

    The head Muslim, our “Dictator-In-Chief” is accomplishing exactly what he was implanted to do, and that is to promote his Muslim Brotherhood and spread the jihad as much as he can – I’d say it’s working! Due to the gullible and useful idiots on the left, he is promoting his violent religion, Islam, while the sheeple keep their heads buried in the sand in regards to whom his true allegiance rests. America the brave has become America the home of the gutless morons!

  • FSHNT21

    No question that Barry, Hillary and their minions built this. They actively sought and supported the overthrow of both governments.
    Now that the REAL regimes have been exposed, it’s time for the U.S. Congress to grow a set and cut ALL support to both countries. Let the rest of the Muslin world take care of their own and stop wasting our dollars, lives and time on these animals. They’ve been raping and butchering each other for centuries. Let them finish the job on their own.

  • HistorianXXX

    Look at why these yahoos started rioting about last week – because they hear from someone else (who probably didn’t even see the ridiculous video either) that all Americans think their prophet is a gay, murdering philanderer. And because Americans correctly protect this directorial genius’ right to free speech, our country as a whole gets blamed because any GOOD Muslim wouldn’t tolerate it. Remember that thing about “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”? Well, time to pony up, America! And Muslims have no concept of this right because it violates the very foundation of their religion – which is not to question the word of God.
    Those cultures have spent the last 1,000 years suppressing freedoms, women’s rights and religious dissension. This was supposed to change in <4 years?

    • Beebee

      Very good, HistorianXXX. Don’t forget that these middle eastern muslim zealots are more than likely so miserable in the own skins, that they want to make the rest of the world just as miserable as they are! Bitterness, jealousy, and hatred (which describes these muslims) has erased any semblance of humanity from these “animals”. And we all know what happens to rabid “animals”.

      • HistorianXXX

        I disagree with you, and your point of view is vile. They’re still very human. Conditioning is conditioning whether it’s MTV telling you to listen to Nicki Minaj and put out at spring break or rioting in Jakarta. You’re proposing a very close-minded solution and I’m sure Washington and Franklin would be proud (last part = sarcasm).

        • Beebee

          And your position is that these cold-blooded killers are all so good and so happy that they just go around killing Americans for the fun of it??? The same Americans who have helped them financially for so many years? How many of them have declined our “yankee dollahs”? Yep, that makes a lot of sense!!
          Oh, wait, you did say “that those cultures have spent the last 1,000 years suppressing freedoms, women’s rights and religious dissension”. and earlier you stated that “they have no concept of this right because it violates the very foundation of their religion which is not to question the word of God”. Are you speaking of the same God, the Father of Jesus Christ, who Christians worship? So the Allah that they worship, and who according to their koran instructs them to kill all the infidels, is the same God in your mind? I don’t think so. What am I missing here?
          And for your further information, I did not propose any solution, close-minded or not, it is just a matter of expressing my opinion. I’m assuming that we all have that right, to state a personal opinion?
          Sorry you didn’t like my post, and if I have offended you, it was unintentional, but I will not apologize, since it is so far still my right to state an opinion.

        • Stan

          So…. in essence you are saying, keep on doing what Obama is doing and hope they don’t kill too many Americans and just take a “Time Out”? I agree these people are brainwashed from birth, but they have shown no change in thousands of years. Should we submit to their way or take up for ourselves?

  • jerry sweet jerry.sweet@q.com

    obama knows exactly what he’s doing in egypt.its all part of his (legend in the mind thing)islamic oders hes told to follow.not doing a bad job on that end of it.lock&load america its coming to a neighborhood near you soon

  • jerry sweet jerry.sweet@q.com

    i meant (orders)too early i guess!btw i just don’t think obama is going anywhere come nov or any other time.he’s got his eyes set on the bigger picture a one world gov.only when the handlers of these people find no more use for them they seem to become casualties themsevles.strange how a degenerant mind works

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcelyn.sinclair Marcelyn Sinclair

    There will still be those who will bow to their hero!…Never mind the four brave souls that were cost their lives because he KNEW but did nothing about it! PLEEZ….those of us with a brain and the ability to see him for what he is……we MUST Get rid of him….our brave service men are losing their lives daily and he doesn’t want them to even have a chance to

  • 1Bobby8

    Another fine mess Obama has created,he has brought nothing but shame and chaos which can’t be reversed.The question is,is he really that incompatant or does he know exactly what he’s doing…I fear the latter

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    To Use Hillary Clinton’s own words, listening to Obama the Liar requires “a willing suspension of disbelief”.

    America was attacked on 9/11/2012 by Islamic Terrorist in Libya, Egypt and later in other Islamic Governments. Obama LIED when he
    said it was NOT a Terrorist Attack.

    The facts are:
    We were warned 7 days in advance.
    We were attacked simultaneously on 3 fronts with RPGs, machine guns and heavy weapons.
    The attack was led by Islamic Terrorists.
    They chose 9/11 to rub our nose in their power.
    They were given power by our Muslim President.
    They were given a cover story about some lame “anti-Muslim” video that uses quotes right out of the Koran.
    Obama ordered our Marines defending our compounds to have NO Ammunition in their guns.
    Obama has shunned our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in Israel.

    Obama is a Liar, Traitor and Enemy of America.

  • Jill

    I want to know why the small group of security guards guarding our embassies are not issued ammunition?


    See how Obama secured protection of
    Ambassadors; our reply about the 2nd Amendment is out of both of my
    dead cold hands

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bernadine-Johnson/100002005063108 Bernadine Johnson

    Most people with the beginning that OBAMA came into this world.
    the Hell on earth is parents done to him try to make thier lives
    better. Obama is so full of hate he will distroy this whole country.
    and every other country in the proscess. and the worse part he
    has an army to help him. He hates GOD Instead of the people
    who hurt him. When he should be asking GOD to help himself
    to foregive them for the sins they commited agaist Him. Pray for
    those two young girls they are raising. They are not teaching them
    right way to live. they are teaching them how to HATE the same
    as thier PERENTS did to them.

  • sweetone2


  • Sheila

    My dad’s troop transport ship received word that they were expendable and a torpedo hit the ship. My dad was one of the minor injuries but had back and leg problems ever after. He refused treatment until all his men were cared for first. What would Obama do if the thugs came for him? Cry like a baby I imagine. Of course he might enjoy the rape part. He is surrounded with FBI agents circling around him because there is eminent threat to his life. Our wonderful men in Libya had rubber bullets…Lets give Obama rubber bullets and take away his bodyguards and see how he behaves. I would trade his life for those brave men that died in an instant…He is a traitor and needs to be treated like one. Three days notice and he let those men die. That is just one more crime. Hillary is just as guilty.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Doug, you are so right, as usual, and just plain hilarious! Unfortunately, it is no laughing matter, is it?

  • Barto

    He’ll blame the Middle East mess on BUSH……this idiot never takes blame for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.webb.779 Eddie Webb

    Obama’s decisions have killed over 200 mexicans, Border patrol agents,police officers now embassy employees and a ambassador. When. Does this guy stop killing people with his decisions? Can you believe that the president of egypt had 5 christians crucified in front of the palace in egypt. He wants to punish all christians in egypt and show them that they will suffer more than the jews in Germany during wwll.

  • ireAmerica

    Imagine the followers of Charles Manson – engaging with him in misogyny, rape and child abuse and following him on sadistic murderous outings. And writing down Charles’ ramblings, acts, philosophy and core-concepts into a book, called the Corecon, blessed by Manson’s “god”.

    His followers, the Manslims, would then use cryptic extracts of the Corecon to induct and subjugate more Manslims. The “moderate Manslims” would merely proseletyze and induct more Manslims. The “good Manslims” would engage in the same behavior as their “divinely inspired” founder, Manson.

    All of the Manslims would promote themselves as belonging to a “religion” that was “peaceful” – usually while other members of the cult, er, “religion” were out and about killing and destroying in the name of their “god” and Manson.

  • del

    It is the great distraction of oscumbo from the realities of his failed agenda to the destruction of our economy and once great country to initiate this horror of muslims screeching and demanding that We give up our freedom of speech..The jerk knew in advance that violence would happen on 9/11 and did zip about defending our good men over there….it is their blood on this ahole’s hands and he and old skank hillary should be incarcerated and awaiting treason and fraud charges….

  • Take 2

    All these sudden pre-election radical issues historically benefit an incumbent bid to win reelection. Leading us to believe the over zealous desire to what the first day of second term et al no more lies and only truth means.

    The problem is… TO tell the truth Obama must TAKE “complete” Executive branch power over all other branches. Common since boy’s.

  • JIM


  • Randy Gaiser

    Anybody that can’t see what Obama has done to this country to reduce it’s effectiveness as the worlds super power has to be a TOTAL DUMB ASS.
    The Democrat party has deteriorated into something that resembles the old Soviet Union
    political system. It relies on the MSM (PRAVDA) to do its bidding, it lies about everything and blames someone else for it’s own failings.
    This crap that took place 9/11/12 is just another example of what you can expect from a bunch of MUSLIM BASTARDS that have nothing better to do but pillage and kill, because they have nothing, they don’t have a job because they can’t work and attend prayer service 5 times a day.
    When they burn the American flag, I just wish someone would throw about 5 gallons of gasoline in that direction while they stand there acting like a bunch of MORONS, can you imagine the satisfaction of watching them go up in flames? that would be more fun than watching old “I Love Lucy” re-runs.

  • CaptTurbo

    Obama did indeed build the current state of disaster in the Middle East. The American electorate however, is so stupid that his odds of winning in November are rising.

  • Patriot

    Impeach Obafool for the following.
    Voter fraud
    Identity theft

  • Patriot

    Impeach Obafool for the following.
    Voter Fraud.
    Identity theft.
    Falsification of goverment documents.

  • al pambuena

    now the chicoms have cranked up the ole rice cooker with japan…and obama is going to deal with that one too….just sent a telepromter with a clone robot of obama there…..i mean all of this goes on and he still goes on the campaign trail, even letterman……why not a few rounds of gulf, and how are those security briefings working out for ya?

  • BATF666

    If the Jews were smart instead of voting for him again, they should year him like Hitler.

    • BATF666

      If the Jews were smart they would not vote for him again, but should treat him like Hitler

  • Shane

    Most Muslims don’t want freedom; they want to live under barbaric Sharia law. The West is foolish to allow hundreds of thousands of Muslims to immigrate into their countries every year.

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