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Ted Nugent: How Progs Make Young People Entitlement Tools

Today’s young Americans have nothing in common with the counterculture generation of young Americans who marched, protested and brawled with Chicago’s finest at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. I have to admit, I didn’t know whom to cheer for in that melee.
Some of today’s young people fancy themselves as big, bad activists, but their aim is off, way off. What do you expect from young, subservient socialists who have been taught that capitalism is a repressive, racist economic system?

Like their president, today’s youthful protesters are angry with success. They blame big business and successful people, such as Mitt Romney and other pillars of the American dream, for the sad state of the economy. Like their socialist hero, Barack Obama, these young radicals want to “spread the wealth around.”

These intellectually shallow socialists think that by stripping the wealthy of their hard-earned wealth, somehow, maybe magically, fairness will spread across the land, more free stuff will appear, and the Age of Aquarius finally will be ushered in on a peaceful wave of socialism.
What dopes. These unsophisticated lambs are being led to the slaughter — not by the “nasty and greedy” Wall Street bankers but by their hero, President Obama, and his gang of Cloward-Piven America-haters.

The conditions were perfect for a real political protest storm to erupt at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., but the protesters have been conned. They refused to see the real political foe this week in Charlotte. If today’s young protesters had taken the blinders off for just a few seconds, they would have seen there were plenty of reasons to protest at the Democratic convention.

Without causing too many intellectual gears to spin, “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden is ample reason enough to protest. While this guy is a loose (albeit empty) cannon and provides a source of entertainment, he’s a heartbeat away from the presidency. He’s the best the Democratic Party has for second in command? Whether one is a Democrat or a Republican, that’s a scary thought.

In a blinding acknowledgment of the obvious, the pathetic state of the economy is not the fault of big business or rich people but clearly a result of too much government meddling in the economy, too much borrowing and spending, a refusal to be accountable and way too much debt.

Economists predict today’s generation of young people will be the first generation of Americans who will not have it as good as their parents. That’s pathetic and un-American. There should have been tens of thousands of young people outside the Democratic convention protesting the party of big government, which believes in selling the futures of our young people.

Our wayward young socialists should be reminded that businessmen will create opportunities for today’s young people to get jobs. Those opportunities will become fewer and fewer if Mr. Obama is re-elected. Voting for Mr. Obama is analogous to putting on a pair of concrete overshoes and telling everyone you are going swimming.

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