• Marge

    We need your vote Paul fans…Get rabid about who you put in Congress these last few days…that would be more effective than tossing away your vote in the presidential election.

    • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

      I agree that putting better people in Congress would be better than not voting for Obama or Romney because that is the only situation that the people can control. However, if conservatives like this writer and others seriously think Ron Paul supporters like myself will vote for someone who is for the NDAA, PATRIOT Act, unconstitutional wars, killing innocent people, and taxing Americans because tey won’t buy your health care just because they are Republican, they are fooling themselves.

      • Delores109

        Do you verify all of that info, or do you believe it,because Ron Paul told you so? As a human, Ron Paul makes mistakes.
        Delores Smith

    • BikeIce

      A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama and vice versa………makes NO difference. Go ahead and live under the illusion anything will change. Romney is a shill for Wall Street and Big Banks………as is Obama. Their positions are the SAME on virtually any topic of any significance.
      After watching the RNC and Romney violate elections laws and treat Paul like crap………I would NEVER vote for him
      Right in RON PAUL if you want real change.


        And if we lose, then no doubt we will get the rest of Obama’s change. Is that what you want?

        • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

          What I want is my freedoms, which I will not get with either Romney or Obama, but since the establishment will only let us choose between the two I will not vote for either.

          • Delores109

            If you want your FREEDOM, select the candidate that you believe will help you retain your freedon. Don’t punish yourself by voting for neither. MITT ROMNEY/PAUL RYAN – November 6, 2012.
            Delores Smith

          • bikeice

            You labor under the foolish belief Romney will give us more “freedom.”
            We have no freedom!! Romney is Pro-Patriot Act, Pro-NNDA, Pro-war, Pro-banking cartel/Fed Reserve, Pro-Big Corporations/Wall Street, Pro-Obamacare and he is pro-REALLY BIG GOVERNMENT………none of which give more liberty.
            When Romney starts talking about abolishing the Fed, restoring sound money, repealing the NDAA and the Patriot Act and actually DOWNSIZING the monstrous federal bureaucracy that is stangling the engine of growth in the USA (small and medium businesses)……..he’ll start to get my attention.
            It will be a cold day in hell when that happens because the power elite Bankers OWN him just like they own Obama.
            Wake up from your fantasyland!

  • RadMagnum

    Paulbots are as bad as Obama zombies.

    • PatrickHenry1789

      You’re painting with a pretty broad brush there aren’t you? If I said that anyone who supports Romney are as bad as Obama zombies, would that be fair?

    • http://FreedomOutpost.com/ Tim Brown

      Sounds like a Romulan to me there RadMagnum. We ain’t the ones begging you guys. We believe you have a right to be wrong and vote for whomever you choose:)

  • G.C. Mandrake

    Outrageous. The NeoCons continue to misunderstand just why
    Romney doesn’t have an overwhelming lead over the worst, socialist-minded president
    in our history. If the GOP loses the election it will not be because the
    Libertarians didn’t vote for Romney. It will be because the country is sick of
    their mindless endorsement of weak candidates (cf., McCain) and failed

    I will vote for Romney. Not because he is a
    Constitutionalist. The Libertarians and Tea-Party conservatives are the constitutionalists.
    In a recent interview
    with Face the Nation, Romney said he would have the power to unilaterally
    make the decision to use military force against Iran without congressional
    approval, “I don’t believe at this stage therefore, if I’m
    president, that we need to have war powers approval or a special authorization
    for military force. The president has that capacity now.”
    That is not constitutional. The President only has the power to unilaterally
    authorize military force, for 60 days, after being attacked. That is called the
    War Powers Resolution of 1973.

    He also has a record of advocating a Value
    Added Tax, automatic hikes in minimum wage, Health Care with an individual
    mandate, Gun Control, the TARP bailout, and the 2012 NDAA.

    I will vote for him, but not because he
    understands the economic crisis. He is a Keynesian, just like Obama and Gary
    Johnson for that matter. I will vote for him for two reasons. (1) He is less
    bad than Obama. (2) He is a man of faith that may turn to God for guidance once
    our economy collapses.

    The last thing the NeoCons need to do is continue to insult those that actually care about the survival of our country, believe in
    the Constitution, and can help their weak candidate win. Remember, before there
    was Obama, there was Bush – and the combination of the two has brought our
    country to the brink of economic ruin. This is not a “game.”

    My suggestion is for the NeoCons to say “please” and “thank
    you” when they ask for support, and then get on board with actually saving this
    country by returning to the Constitution, eliminating our national debt, and
    controlling or ending the FED once Romney wins – if he can.

    • bob

      Great comment! Don’t want Obama for sure but also don’t want someone to threaten me, tell me to get over it, etc. The article felt like an adult telling a child “you don’t know any better, do as I say”.

    • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

      The lesser of two evils is still evil.

      • Delores109

        Give me LESS evil rather than MORE evil.
        Delores Smirh

  • Can’tTrustEm

    Totally off base. How many times are we going to let Republicans ignore Libertarian ideals only to have them rush back to us during election season? A vote for Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode or Tiffany Briscoe is NOT a wasted vote. It is a vote for true conservative priciples. Something the Republicans and NeoCons abandon long ago.


      The Progressives took decades to get this far. Alot of us are just starting to fight against both Parties. We cannot do this overnight. We took them by storm in 2010, we are going to try to do it again and change Presidents. We are not happy with Romney, but the alternative is worse. To cast a vote for someone whom you know is not going to make it is really throwing your vote away. I’m not voting for neither of them is the same. Either you want to get back to the Constitution or you are just be an idealist. If you want to get back to the Constitution then we need to start with Romney. No man is perfect, but you need to vote closest to your ideals with someone who has a shot at winning. What good is your vote for Johnson, Goode or Briscoe if we go down in flames?
      And if Obama wins again, you will never see the Constitution again………………….

  • slickzip

    AMEN ,, well said !!!!!!!!!!

  • http://FreedomOutpost.com/ Tim Brown

    The Breitbart writer who wrote this trash got his butt handed to him by those who understand liberty. The man is fool asking Constitutional supporters to support a Candidate who already approves of violating the Constitution, ie. NDAA and indefinite detention. That’s just one aspect. Romney will probably lose and lose huge. This is desperation on the part of the Romulans and frankly it just shows how poorly they’ve understood freedom and the Constitution and no I’m not an Obama supporter. I’m a Constitution supporter and since neither of these insiders support the Constitution, I’m not voting for either of them.

  • Betty Hanicke

    After over 60 years of CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN politics, I have seen this country go more socialist slowly until the last 3 years it has gone very rapidly. If O gets another term, he WILL take us completely toward socialism or communism. He has put through over 170 executive orders to take our freedoms away from us and to nationalize almost all of our industries. I feel sorry for our young and succeeding generations. FREEDOM ONCE GONE WILL BE GONE FOR DECADES. I’m sure you read that in Ayn Rand.
    RomneY- Ryan are good Constitutional Americans and believe in the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM. He has turned around many industries from bankrupsy such as Staples, Toys are us, Dollarama, and many more plus the Utah Olympics, and Mass.
    I urge for the preservation of America as we have known it that everyone vote ROMANY-RYAN RATHER THAN THROW YOUR VOTE AWAY TO A THIRD PARTY. I don’t want America to die before I do!

    • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

      Romney has made many companies bankrupt and made millions off of the bankruptcy. He also raised taxes in Mass, supports the NDAA, PATRIOT Act, and going to war with Iran just like Obama does. Also, the Affordable Care Act was made from Romney’s health care idea. How can you say Romney is a Constitutional American when his policies and beliefs tear the Constitution to shreds? Neither Obama nor Romney are he answer for America, but the establishment will not let anyone else become POTUS. Just look at what the RNC did to Ron Paul and his delegates.

      I will not vote for Romney just because Obama is doing a bad job. In my mind, Romney will be, and is currently, just as bad as Obama. Hopefully you will notice this four years from now, but I doubt you will because it sounds like you have spent the last sixty years inside the grip of the establishment’s iron fist. You are not a conservative, you are a neocon. It is shocking to me that after seeing as much war, violence, and oath breakers in office that only want to create more war and violence as you have that you are unable to see the truth about America.

      This election is not about Obama, it is about the people and their freedoms which is why I refuse to vote for anyone who will go against that, and that includes Romney.

      • Delores109

        You are a foolish loser who is punishing Americans for NOT choosing your candidate. This is about our nation.
        Delores Smith

      • Lee Baldwin

        So, Jonathon Hennessay, do YOU call YOURSELF a Constitutionalist? If so, then you must see the ill effects this obama (or whomever he really is) administration has done to America and the PEOPLE living here. I too really like Ron Paul, but the fact of all this is he will never be elected in the current political climate. IF we want LIBERTY in our United States of America, we MUST VOTE for Romney or lose it. the guy known as obama will and already has taken away liberties and will continue to do so. VOTE ROMNEY in Nov. We can get Constitutionalism back into American politics if Romney is our president. with the obamer we are already losing our Constitution. The creep even wants to change our flag to a thing that sure looks like Al Queda created it to me. ~God Bless America! & NEVER vote for a usurper of the Constitution.

  • KAZ-2Y5

    LOL! Look at all these RINOS & Neocons BEGGING for help from true Conservatives and Constitutionalists to support their Liberal candidate !! What a joke!

  • CaptTurbo

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter and I must compliment your article. I do plan to hold my nose while I vote for Romney and hope it buys us time to vote for a real Constitution supporting Conservative in the future. If the Muslim usurper gets another term, I don’t see a future for our Republic.


      Now we have brains! I hope in the future we can groom Rand Paul to be our President. Unfortunately, our type of change is going to take years to come about. So we are at a crossroads, Ron Paul believers can stand with us or work against us and everyone loses if Obama gets reelected.
      I just spent 4 years out of my life to inform the USA of this President’s real change and I’m not throwing my vote away.
      Rand Paul backed Romney, perhaps you should think about why he did so.

    • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

      It saddens me to see that you consider yourself a Ron Paul supporter but still think that voting for Romney will help America at all, because it will not. The Republican vote is split between three candidates, so Romney has already lost the election. IF Romney somehow gets elected, it will not help America from 2013-2017. A true Ron Paul supporter supports him because of his principles. If you have spent the last year or the last four years supporting Ron Paul and the Constitution but vote for someone who is against it, you are throwing away your principles for a vote that doesn’t even matter. The people do not vote for POTUS, the electoral college does.

      Your vote for President does not mean a thing, but your principles mean everything. I seriously hope you will realize that again and stand by your principles.

      • CaptTurbo

        I do consider myself a Ron Paul supporter. My yard sports three of his signs. I consider myself a Christian first, an American second, and perhaps a Ron Paul supporter third.
        If Obama wins this election there will be no Republic left to try to save. All the marbles are on the table and this hand is for everything. Excuse me if we can’t agree but I’m in the fight to save my country and with luck we can try to heal and improve it later.

  • Delores109

    ClashDaily, I believe that Ron Paul and his followers should be written off an un-American. If a former marine could be locked up in a Psycho Award for one week, because of Ron Paul’s stupidity and inability to do basic math, it is proof that Ron Paul does not give a damn about anyone but himself and his personal goals. Brian J. Raub went through Hell, arrested illegally, Ron Paul did nothing but run an ad trying to sell one of his books on the Internet. Ron Paul, this is not a game, but keep your votes.
    MITT ROMNEY will win despite a bunch of punks like you. Anyone can get a following by offering legal drugs, no wars….you name it. Ron Paul, you look dazed. This is what you are thinking, “How many votes can I get THIS TIME?”
    Delores Smith

    • http://twitter.com/MavsMania1011 Jonathon Hennessey

      So if ANYONE can get a following by offering legal drugs and no wars, why is it that Romney and Obama are not doing that? It is because they do not believe in those things. All Obama and Romney want is a mass of Americans like you who will believe that America is a utopia and that any small disturbance in that utopia is wrong.

      By the way, Raub was detained because of the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act and NDAA, which Bush and Obama created and Ron Paul went AGAINST! Raub was illegally detained because he spoke out against the tyranny of government, not because of “Ron Paul’s stupidity and inability to do basic math”. Ron Paul did not need to do anything out of what he ordinarily does when that incident happened because he was already speaking out against things like Raub’s arrest for years!

      What did Romney do when police broke into a man’s home without warning or a search warrant and shot him 70 times, leaving his wife a widow with 6 years old and 4 years old children, for a “marijuana raid” when no drugs were found? He didn’t do a damn thing. Ron Paul has been speaking out about the corruption of DC and the police state since he first ran for office.

      Ron Paul and his supporters know that this is not a game unlike Obama and Romney supporters who think that either Obama is the perfect president or that Romney will return America to the glory it was under with Bush. Ron Paul and his supporters know that for decades presidents have been destroying American prosperity and freedoms while every other presidential hopeful has been promising change that is good for the nation but has given nothing but the same thing.

      This is not a game, this is serious, but if you seriously think that Romney will change anything you are fooling yourself. Obama supporters thought things would change from what Bush did and they did not. It is the same thing now as it was back in 2008.

      Since you publicly displayed your name and email, I will taking your email address and posting it on my Twitter account so that you can be told by TRUE conservatives like myself what this election, and every election, is truly about. Since you displayed your information publicly, I believe you won’t have a problem with this. If you do, let me know.

      • Delores109

        Jonathan Hennessey,
        Thank you for proving my point about Ron Paul and all of his supporters. If you post any information about me illegally, you will regret it, because I am not giving you my approval. I posted on this site only. That doesn’t give you authority to do anything else with MY e-mail address. As for Twitter and Facebook, I closed my accounts when George Soros bought $$$$$ shares in Facebook. Careful, Johnathan, George Soros might be reading your info.
        Delores Smith

    • tionico

      Ron Paul has never “offered legal drugs”, nor is he “no wars” in his thinking. He favours ending the unconstitutionial COntrolled Substances Act, which criminalises millions each year based on what they decide to put inside their bodies. Meanwhile, that same FedGov forbids the sale of raw milk and honey…. things that have been safely used for milennia. Underlying principle: FedGov needs to be restricted to the few and specifically named powers assigned it by the COnstitution. All other issues remain with the states, or the people…. such as what we put into our bodies. California have declared the use of marijuana legal, Arizona have not. FedGov continues to trump those, continuing to spend billions of tax dollars enforcing their null and void laws. Paul merely wants to return to the rule of law as spelled out in the COnstitutioin.Paul never has claimed to offer “no wars”. What he DOES maintain is that we have no business meddling in 150 nations round the planet, telling them how to manage themselves… as the Constitution also claims. He wants us to QUIT playing our illegal role as the world’s nanny, and tend to our OWN business. As to involvment wiht other nations, he is NOT an isolationist, he wants us to engage in friendly trade with anyone willing, on the premise that mutually beneficial trade between nations builds strong allliances. Thisis simple.. read George Washington’s Farewelll Address as he left office as our First President. HE said “entalngling alliances with none, friendly trade with all”. As to wars, Paul would not press ANY conflict or military action outside our borders except under the terms of the COnstitutioin… only fir 60 days WHEN ATTACKED, otherwise ONLY as war is declared by the OCngress. It would save us a LOT of money now wasted, save thousands of young lives now being “sacrificed” for financial gain in strange corners of the globe, would return millions to gainful production, would do more to end the “war on terror” than any other single policy… “blowback” is real, consider the “evening of the score” last week in Libya and Egypt. Go ahead, vote for Romney and hope for some “real change”. His track record indicates he won’t be any different.. except possibly in our rate of descent into the pit of chaos and bankruptcy.

      • Delores109

        Thank you for your permission. I will vote for MITT ROMNEY and PAUL RYAN.
        Delores Smith

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Marshall/100001163952013 Bob Marshall

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

    • Delores109

      I prefer LESS evil than MORE evil….if you believe those are your choices.
      Delores Smith

    • dHb

      Mitt Romney is NOT evil.

  • darrelljr

    The guy who wrote this article just doesn’t get it. Its a new time in America and they are sick and tired of being hand-cuffed by the two party system and voting for the lesser of two evils game. They see through the long history of the bulls%$^& and want real restoration and not Change or meaningless slogans. Yes, they are waking up and i support them and will not bend to there level any longer. In my next life I want to tell the Founding Fathers that I did the right thing for my Country and Constitution.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dHb

      No jr., YOU do not get it. If Obama is re-elected the Ron Paul types of the country will never be able to run again because the country as we now know it will no longer exist. Do we need a strong third party? You betcha! But this is NOT the year to try and prove something by not voting or doing a write-in vote. Obama must be defeated! Otherwise when your fantasy meeting with the founding fathers takes place I would venture to say that they will be very upset with you that you did not participate in removing this socialist and threat to the constitution but instead whined and cryed and were derelict in your patriotic duty.

  • Rick_in_VA

    Remember Clinton? He won, twice, because people “wasted” their vote. As much as I would like to see a Ron Paul type in the White House, it isn’t going to happen in 2012. I’m just being realistic. Right now we need someone other than a marxist in the White House. If we win the White House and senate, and keep the house, we have a chance to do some good. As far as we’ve fallen away from the Constitution, it will take quite a while to get back to it.
    As the old saying goes; slow and steady wins the race.

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