Clash on The Campus: Inside The Mind of Young Voters (Yikes!) sent one of our foot soldier’s to Miami’s Florida International University to glean from these young voters their views of Obama, Romney and the pressing political issues.  What we found was good, bad and ugly. Enjoy.

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  • Keeley

    This was both scary and hopeful!

  • robin Grace

    Clueless. Zombies I

  • Brewer

    These kids are in a university?! If this is our future, we are DOOMED!

  • John Kirkwood

    We are S.O.L.

  • Skip

    That was difficult and scary to watch. These are our best and brightest?


    These college dummies eat the Cheerios without the cheer part

  • Anony74

    You have to be kidding. They are in college?? They need to learn something while they are there

  • Supertad108

    Colleges are not concerned about teaching they are snookering kids to be future debtors to the government. These parents don’t realize they themselves are on the hook and will forever owe on the student loans. The interest rate fiasco was a set-up. Wait till those rates necessarily begin to skyrocket.

  • David Hill

    leaders in a democratic society or socialist pawns ?? rather obvious i’d say

  • Larry

    And these are the geniuses being churned out of our universities today. Useful idiots.

  • mark

    After watching this they need to raise the voting age to 30. These are the stupidest college students I have ever herd speak. If the rest are like these, our country is doomed!

    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! ! ! !

    • Rachel

      AMEN to raising the voting age. People should also have to pass a basic civics and current events test in order to vote. Because there are alot of idiot adults too who don’t know ANYTHING about anything, but what time the game is on and what kind of beer they like, or who is on American Idol. I don’t want morons deciding the future of the country!

    • futurelife

      Not only that, but can’t vote unless you have a job or a retired senior that did work once.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Why are the posts herein surprised at the responses from brain-dead-indoctrinated-leftists-students who are totally clueless of History, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.
    For them, they will not have it figured out, that they have been brain-washed, until they are about 35 years of age. I’ll bet that none of those interviewed majored in the tough subjects e.g. science, and mathematics. No doubt all are majoring in Education courses which explains why the US public school educational system is graduating/manufacturing millions of duds annually, who will one day rule/ruin a once great country called the USA.

  • Light_V_Dark

    The older the Adult_Child is»»»The more EVIL SHE IS¿!
    I cannot watch the vid, Mr. Giles. I’m literally not sleeping @ night fearing the inevitable POD, in the corner of my bedroom.

    “Romney will destroy this country completely” she repeated angrily.  Then, Rodriguez grabbed the microphone and emotionally screamed “If I see him” referring to Romney “I would like to kill him!”

    The exchange caught TheBlaze by surprise and was as unscripted as it was bizarre and shocking.

  • gwedem5995

    That is exactly what I would said Brewer.

  • slickzip

    This is what happen when the teachers can’t teach because they were never taught the true facts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Mike in Concan

    Boomers did a very, very bad job at raising their children!

    • Jack

      These are woodstocker kids.

  • BlueViolets

    My 16 year old grandson is more articulate than the so-called college students. And I can guarantee my grandson has worked more and harder than any of them ever have or probably ever will.

  • Jack

    Why are you interviewing kids? These people have not lived long enough to voice their opions. They shouldn’t even be voting.

  • rnj2

    “So like my best freind told me to vote for Obama because he’s really a cool guy! ” “Michelle just xudes class and good taste. She’s looking out for us and our health by telling us what to eat and not eat”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is what our tax dollars are accomplishing! Putting out graduates with no ability for critical thought! This is the product of the professors who were taught what to teach by Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. The unrepentant domestic terrorist who bombed the Pentagon!

  • Cheryl

    Its unbelievable how uninformed these kids are. It’s really scary to think this is what could be running and ruining the country some day.

  • RacerJim

    Proof beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever the need for a voter literacy test.

  • gerf

    The ” ultra ” intelligent Libs are turning out Stepford zombies !

  • gerf

    They or so intelligent they can’t figure out how to educate these kids , unless , they are doing this intentionally ?

  • Pakinpastor

    Given the new educational system, new math, new social studies, American history, etc. I am not one bit suprised. I have said for years, that if we don’t get rid of the department of Education, our kids will be the dumbest in the world. This video just confirms my beliefs. I know to destroy any country, you must gain control over the education of the youth, and this has happened to us. The future is not bright….

  • Rachel

    Wow….scary. They all want jobs, but want to punish the people who create them. And want to vote for the man whose policies prevent jobs from being created! Brilliant. Do they know how to add and subtract? Or don’t they teach anything useful in school anymore.

  • $8977493

    By the answers these “College Students” gave, I would say this country is in serious trouble. These young folks don’t live in America, they only exist in America. If I had given these answers when I was in High School or College I would have been laughed out of campus.”Stupid is as stupid does”. I lived in Florida for 32 years and I understand that most kids in Florida schools major in Partying, Drug Use, Going to the Beach and Finger Painting thats why I moved to Texas when my Grandkids can get a real education.

  • MJB001

    The give me attitude shows through but I don’t think anyone really has listened to the President correctly about the middle class expanding out instead of top down. In order to grow the middle class as he wants then it would be government that has to do it with creating a middle class with government welfare if it does not come from the rich down in jobs. I have not heard one person explain what the President means by growing the middle class out instead of top down. I wish Romney would ask him to explain it in the debate Tuesday.

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