F.I.U. Lady Prof- “You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Graduate if You Believe in Creationism.”

Hey parents! See what you’re paying big bucks for your kid’s education? A rather mannish female professor telling your college student that God’s a myth and if she had it her way they would not get a diploma if they believed in the creation account in the scripture. Hope & Atheism.

College Professor Calls The Bible A Myth

A recent study conducted by Georgetown University confirms the fear of many religious parents who send their kids off to a four-year University; college kids are largely becoming secularized by institutes of higher education. Not even half of students who attend a religious university attend a worship service at least once a week. Colleges have been slowly transformed into the Church of Darwin where free speech and open dialogue is encouraged, unless you disagree with their eugenicist ideas. Then you will be publicly or even academically scolded and punished for your apostasy.

Below you will see Professor Lesley A. Northup, Dean of Florida International University’s Honors College, explain why religion is a myth. More specifically, the professor targets the Judeo-Christian scriptures as she lambastes those who are stupid enough to believe they are factual and not just fables that one can live their life by. After all, what is the difference between the story of Jesus and dragons?

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  • Heather

    I guess I wouldn’t have made her grade!

  • http://grbudwest.com/ GRBW

    Hmmm… Students don’t achieve graduation; instructor doesn’t achieve heaven? Talk about Fair Trade?!! Of course, I don’t know that she doesn’t believe in God and Christ and just doesn’t accept His word as complete Truth. For me, if God said it that settles it, believe it or not — I’m not smart enough to figure out if some parts of scripture or which ones don’t apply. In any case, if she doesn’t believe, then Pascal’s wager comes to mind: what does she or anyone else have to lose by accepting God at His word? If she believes (of and in Him) and He does exist, so much the better for her. If she believes and He does not exist (absurd for true believers, I know), still so much the better, because she would arguably have tried to love her neighbors for the sake of the relationships, rather than for what she could have gained from the relationships. Yeah, I know, non-believers can say that they do that too and that not all Christians live to that standard. However, can people who’ve not truly believed (whether they call themselves Christians or not) really know how they love compared to how they would love with the associated belief? (Btw, the word for “belief” here, in bible Greek, means more than intellectual belief. It’s more like heart-felt commitment, with willing sacrifice; a comprehensive paradigm shift; or a complete change in basic cultural assumptions — and even those expressions don’t really capture the potential transformation.)

  • SilverSnake

    Her day will come.

  • Ort

    F.I.U. lady prof: Eff you.

    • *au cocolat*

      We need to Pray for her..sometimes the best creationists were evolutionists at one time

      • Scarlett OHare

        AU COCOLAT, THAT WAS ME! Thank GOD I am saved! (I taught evolution for four years. See my post above. Bless you!)

  • kellys

    She looks like an aging bull dyke, still seeking a way out of accountability for here actions. Not even knowledgeable enough to know wether dragons are mentioned in the bible.

    • *au cocolat*

      the late 60s beliefs are dying…good riddance!

    • WASP

      No doubt! You can see why she’s a lesbian. What man would want anything to do with her?

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    Here in TN, they have taken steps though new legislation to allow creationism back into the classroom. This law turns the clock back nearly 100 years here in the seemingly unprogressive South and is simply embarrassing. There is no argument against the Theory of Evolution other than that of religious doctrine. The Monkey Law only opens the door for fanatic Christianity to creep its way back into our classrooms. You can see my visual response as a Tennessean to this absurd law on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/04/pulpit-in-classroom-biblical-agenda-in.html with some evolutionary art and a little bit of simple logic.

    • Scarlett OHare

      Dear Brandt, I taught evolution in my biology classes for four years and I WAS MOST INCORRECT, come to find out later. Evolution IS disproved, sir. Please see my listing of 7 points above. For starters, organic chemistry absolutely disproves the possibility of a mixture of basic molecules derived from a non living source to combine into the basic building blocks of life. Both amino acids and nucleic acids are optically pure in life, not so in non-life. Impossible to produce without using molecules of life or a purposefully guided tool. Teachers cite the Miller-Urey experiment as support for spontaneous generation of life, when, in fact, the disproof is sitting right there in PLAIN SIGHT.

  • RonF

    If you are getting a degree in Biology then the position is defensible. But if you’re getting a degree in something entirely different then that’s ridiculous.

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    When she dies and goes before the Lord on Judgement Day, she can tell him his Word is a myth. That the science of man makes more sense in explaning His creation. Just an over paid lib

  • geneww1938

    The Creator God of this universe is the only entity whose attributes cannot be fully described, explained or understood with existing vocabularies. Without debating our evolutionist, just consider how astoundingly God created humans. No team of people with the latest science and technology, has or can fully describe, explain, understand, duplicate, replicate or improve upon any system, subsystem or organ design within each of us.

    Just consider these few systems: (a) neurological with five sensory organs; (1)eyes with over 2 dozen element required for sight , (2) ears hearing, (3) tongue taste, (4) skin touch, (5) nose smell plus the brain’s logic, thinking and emotions world fastest and most powerful computer in size, complexity and energy efficiency, (b) skeletal including the functions of cartilage, tendons and ligaments with the optimum design for strength, rigidity and flexibility at minimum weight while providing shock absorption, lubrication, storage for mineral salts and bone marrow for blood cell creation, (c) Muscular motion and force, peristaltic actions for moving food and waste, pumps for heart, lungs …, and aids temperature control, (d) Respiratory air filtration and precise control for oxygen, carbon dioxide and vapor exchange to our blood, (e) Digestive, Urinary and Excretory with highest mechanical /chemical conversion efficiency, filtration, collects / eliminates metabolic wastes and maintains water and electrolytes in blood, (f) Circulatory and Lymphatic lungs, heart, blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries), blood and blood components, (g) Integumentary hair, fat, nails, skin, (h) immune including the white cells, tonsils, thymus and spleen and (i)Reproductive. Not enough space to discuss the complexities of DNA which no army of computerized experts understands and yet it controls our inherited features and growth of a single fertilized cell into the final product which concludes with the aging process.

    Now apply this wonder to all other forms of life, the symbiotic and parasitic relationship plus the inanimate substances and environments required for their existence. It is impossible for me to believe, not alone understand, how failed random events over time can create anything of such perfection. Does anyone understand our eternal soul?

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Athiestic, liberal “professors” like this are there 5 days a week pumping this crap into the open minds of college kids along with their socialist wet dreams of society as THEY would like it to be. So, is there any wonder so many of these clueless to reality wonder grads voted in droves for king zero? Four years later there’s a heavy ‘voters remorse’ for the act. Sort of like breaking wind in the shower……felt good at the time, but the unpleasant after effect seems to linger on and on.

    • Evantoo

      Worse still, if the students take issue with such idiots they are penalized by getting grades that can destroy the students future educational opportunities. Been there, seen that happen. Came close to happening to me, but a promptly filed, personal lawsuit brought the offending professor up short. Very short.

    • *au cocolat*

      Atheistic professors would be happy to take your 10.000 of dollars, just to ruin your kids and force them to not believe in GOD. On loans, they wont even be able to find work they are trained for because of high debt. I wish universities would become universities again instead of Marxist factories. University is a christian term (unity in diversity) and should show both sides

  • randellmd

    Isn’t it amazing that they say that horses come from horses, cows from cows, apples from apples roses from roses etc etc is a myth. “every seed after it’s own kind.” yet they would rather believe in something far fetched and some ‘evidence’ that has never been seen or witnessed by the human eye- the evolutionary process.

  • GunShow

    The “book of myth” gave us the greatest country in the history of world! BTW maybe someone can send be a photo of one of the millions of transitional fossils evilutionists have. What, thousands of transitional fossils, no? Uhmm, hundreds, no? One, not the “pig” pieced together from a square mile of countryside… yeah that one we debunked. So… where is that one fossil that is suppose to disprove the Bible?

  • Clinger

    The old bat in this video strikes me as an aging prof trying to hit on some of the fresh young things in the classroom. Or, perhaps at least to appear “hip” instead of “hip replacement qualified”. Either way, her juvenile references to (and it was a comical slip) the Qu’ran when she said, “God forbid I forget to mention the Qu’ran…. Someone alert the embassies”, was something beyond what an educator should share. She was playing the part of a node on the Obama/Muslim network. Just a mindless transmitter of the Great Deceiver at WLIE Radio. She was making light of dead Americans who took their oaths to God and Country. And she lowered her sites of hatred to the students in the classroom who know what’s up and live by faith. The real myth is the misguided belief that some overeducated piece of dung like Orvilla Fredenbacher here is relevent. That her/his opinion is more important than the student’s education. Challenge beliefs, engage minds. I get it, Bea Arther. But personal beliefs about faith, because you possess no positive ones, does not give you license to declare everyone elses non-existent. Or, more the case here, declare everyone else stupid because they don’t agree precisely with you. Get over yourself Lesley Northup.

    • jwright673

      I won’t even try to top your response. Spot on as the Brits say and bravo says me.


    I just wonder who she bl w to get this job and if it’s still going on. Well maybe she pimping to the board. Something has to be going on behind the scenes as IT’S not inteligent to have that post on IT’S merits.

  • Zeek

    Ve vill not release you until your re-education is completed. You vill comply.

    • rivahmitch

      Sieg Heil!


    course a Lesbian believing in Creationism would be self defeating; she doesn’t
    want to offend her long term partner!


    A 73 year old Christian friend entered Berkeley in 1960 as a prize student in their
    embryo biology master’s program. He won every debate on Creationism and the
    professors would get hot under the collar. He would often repeat the fact that
    it was too bad they didn’t study Isaac Newton!

    • *au cocolat*

      The human embryo has a long 40 week gestation–the girl/woman has a hard way to go if she is not in good shape, with men its only 40 seconds…. its best if she is married to someone who loves her carrying the child…but if there isn’t she should give it up for adoption

  • Evantoo

    Appears to be the male half of a female/female team. This article is right, though. The overwhelming majority of High School and College/Universities in the US are, most definitely, the training grounds for secular humanity and Liberal/Marxism. Religion is completely denigrated and the practice or beliefs in same are belittled and often punished by classroom teachers/professors.
    Sending your children into these schools is simply turning them into fodder for the maws of marxism/socialism. Even those students with the strongest of faiths will be forced to hide it IF they want to stay in school and graduate. Believe me! I was a student who was exposed to such practices- in four different schools and two different states- NY and IL. Two of the schools involved were in the UI and NYU systems, the other two were highly regarded as well, although not “public” ones. After obaining my Bachelor’s and Master’s, I taught for more than three decades in three different states. And I can unequivocally say that what is said in the article- and by me- is the absolute truth.
    If there is to be any hope of saving our children, restoring our former educational preeminence in the world, and having our youth be able to freely practice their personal religious beliefs, then the entire educational system, from 1st grade thru post-graduate levels MUST be completely rebuilt. EVERY secondary, graduate, and post-graduate teacher’s practices in their classrooms must be evaluated for NON curricular activity, meaning for using any practices not directly necessary for teaching their course. And any who is found to use such practices or coercion on a pupil should summarily be relieved of their tenure and benefits. Should they do so a second time their license to teach at any level should be immediately revoked for cause.
    I assure you folks, they KNOW what they are doing to your children!

  • budlang

    Nothing new here. But we all die and she will change her mind when she meets the creator.

  • Randy131

    She shouldn’t be allowed to teach at the university until she can come up with some proof that her religious belief in the evolution ‘THEORY’ is true, just one piece of proof that the evolutionist have been unable to find or come up with up to now. Evolution is the largest ‘Religion’ that has no god at it’s head, but since absolutely nobody has been able to prove any of the evolutionary theory, it definately has to be classified as a ‘Religion’, because the only thing that one can use to be a follower of it is only through ‘Faith’ that it may be true. As far as my faith is concerned, I choose to worship a GOD with it, instead of just a theory that so far has not been able to be proven. But if she has to come up with some proof of evolution to be able to teach at the university, she had better sign up for Social Security, because she definately won’t be returning to the university to teach, because there is no proof that evolution is true, but only a theory.

  • MaryAnn

    But can she prove it’s a myth? Can she scientifically PROVE it? These high-brow intellectual types think they know it all, but they still can’t explain who put it all here on earth, how it all really began, can they? And on a twist of her own words of not wanting to graduate anyone who believes in creationishm, I say, “her statements are all opinion. Just opinion. I’d like to fire any professor who comes across to his/her students as stating an opinion to be fact.”

  • *au cocolat*

    BIBLE a Myth? hmmmm. I just saw Felix Baumgartner go up 24 miles, from the edge of the atmosphere to Terra Firma–24 miles, 24 hours …24 Elders in revelation,24 disks to spine from the skull to the tailbone 7 cervical 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar etc. It would be interesting if someone does a study of the Bibical numerology with a Grays Anatomy in one hand and a Bible in another…another example: mother gives 23 chromosomes father gives 23 chromosomes and the kid grows until age 23.In Grays anatomy, the eye has 3 layers, ear has 3 parts, meneges which surrounds the brain and spinal cord has 3 layers, skin? has 3 layers? the OLD TESTAMENT has 39 books, there are 39 authors to the entire bible, there are 39 Jewish authors and then the gentile Dr Luke who wrote the Christmas story

  • MJB001

    What is truly the problem is that she is probably tenured and knows she can quote theory as fact for as long as she lives because she can never be fired. It is too bad to waste what $5,000 on her/its class and the dumba$$ parents are ignorant of what they are paying for. If every God fearing American sends an email of our displeasure with her maybe we can have her shut down by jamming their server because of her/it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

    Are these College Professors ever challenged on their statements by the Students during their Lectures? He claimed in this video that the Bible is a myth, has anybody ever raised their hands, stood up and asked him directly in front of the whole class “according to who is the Bible a Myth”, and what makes the person stating that any more informed on the subject than anybody else.
    That is what I believe should happen, put the Professor on the spot and challenge his knowledge or authority in front of his whole class. He can have his personal beliefs about religion and creationism but so can the rest of the class as well.This should be pointed out to him.

    • iwillnotwasteit

      As a Bible-believing, born-again, Creationist Christian student who was sitting in that lecture hall during that rant, I can tell you that some of us tried to stand up to her but she would allow no questions or comments. None. And she is still the Dean of the Honors College here at FIU and nothing has been done to stop her from teaching this to other students.

  • RayOne

    If the school has granted her tenure, reassign her office. The department head should not, let her teach required courses.

  • WASP

    She resembles Madalyn Murray O’Hair–looks a little like her, sounds a lot like her. Not even God could love a face like that.

  • Scarlett OHare

    1. “Myth” is defined as unwritten report. God had Genesis WRITTEN DOWN.
    2. Biology textbook writers want students to know their “THEMES” and NOT the FACTS. I’m a retired biology teacher.
    3. The theme of evolution is an ancient religious philosophy.
    4. Creation is the only scientifically tenable cosmology.
    5. If scientists want creation OUT, they must disprove it.
    6. Evolution IS disproved. To begin with, now organic macro-molecules of life are possible without prior life, OR, the purposeful action of an exogenous agent. (NO optically pure samples of amino acids can exist outside of life. Therefore, no evolution of life from non-life. Same thing applies to nucleic acids.)
    7. The hypotheses of “evolution” (gradualism and puctuated equilibrium) have been equivocated: What is obvious species variation and devolution is labelled “evolution” and admired as “proof” of evolution. DEvolution and Evolution are not the same. DEVOLUTION is CONSISTENT WITH CREATION.

    • Scarlett OHare

      That should be “NO organic macro-molecules of life are possible without prior life, …” Yikes! Can we edit these posts?

  • Ballistic45

    It’s very simple people, she/he, what ever, is a Progressive plant along with hundreds of others in our College and K12 system who’s goal it is-is to tear down Patriotism, Religious convictions and morality itself. Progressive Professors in Europe have written their opinion that even young children can be executed if they are a burden to the family, why, because their theory is a young child has no concept of their humanism, nor their potential in life therefore are no different than a fetus abortion.. One example used was Down’s Syndrome.. Now compare what Progressive Colleges are indoctrinating our children with (and we pay for them to do it) to a statement from a very famous person.

    America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. – Joseph Stalin

  • Al

    No shocker Scientific America has an article about the GOP being the anti-science party and how the religious right is trying to destroy science in this country. They bring up Thomas Jefferson as one who was a champion of science. Well he was and did experiments and designs on his own. However he never lost his Religious roots.
    This professor just goes to exemplify the intolerance of the so called party and group of tolerance.

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