A Dollar Short and A Century Late

This isn’t going to be another dissection of the presidential election of November 6th. Instead, it becomes necessary to put a stop to all of the gnashing of teeth and finger pointing and finally say what should have been obvious decades ago.

To begin with, Governor Romney was a wonderful choice for president. Reasoned and successful, both in the private sector and in public service, Governor Romney embodies the vision of what America used to view as “success.” Hard work, ability plus a generous spirit equals a rise up the ladder. Last night’s debacle should inform us, once and for all, that this view is no longer true for most of the country. It is safe to say that if this vision was still the majority’s belief and Governor Romney still could not win the presidency for a moderate right, no one could. The key word is “moderate.” And that is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The obliteration of the American Idea didn’t take place overnight; modern roots of the Progressive vision begin with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, 1913 -1921. As far as long-range plans go, nine-plus decades certainly qualify. Since that time, the left has engineered a full-court press, pushing to redefine the “American Way.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt is still revered as the savior of America, perceived as having bodily lifted the nation out of the Great Depression.

It doesn’t matter how many experts wave their arms in negation. It doesn’t matter that FDR’s programs proved to have prolonged the financial hardships of the nation. It doesn’t matter how many facts conclude that had it not been for America’s entry into World War II, the United States would have been stuck in economic misery for years longer entirely because of his meddling.

Lyndon B. Johnson’s ruinous “Great Society” supplied another nail in the nation’s coffin. In 1979, under Jimmy Carter, the United States Department of Education came into being as a cabinet-level entity. A Republican Congress found this unconstitutional but the Department of Education cranked up, nevertheless, in May, 1980. The circle of indoctrination was now complete.

Progressives have had a mortal lock on education and social services for nearly one hundred years. Republicans have been satisfied to “go-along-to-get-along,” during that entire time with anomalous breaks for the likes of Ronald Reagan. The left’s successful programming of America should, therefore, come as no surprise.

The incumbent president has lifted his leg against that leftist tree and made good on his promise to “reform the nation.” Obamacare, a new, destructive entitlement program continues to tear down the Constitution he will swear to uphold, again, in January. Sixteen trillion dollars in debt and climbing. And he’s just getting started. The population of this country has been sufficiently dumbed-down and made needy enough to get him re-elected. A recent poll suggests that most believe, after four years under this president, that the blame rests with George W. Bush.

What is a surprise is we are surprised; Conservative principles have been abandoned for the sake of expediency for decades. Conservative principles have been shunted aside to the point that they are ridiculed with impunity by a secular left and a toothless, appeasement-driven Republican party, alike. Republicans have long been contemptuous of their conservative base. For decades, Conservative Americans have been urged to kow-tow to the left by Republicans and to “take back our party” by Conservative pundits.

What is there to show for it? Conservatives like Mia Love are denied election and Allen West has lost his seat. Not only have we failed to reclaim the Senate in 2012, not only are entrenched, discredited Democrat Senators returned to office for another six years, the 2013 Senate is now going to be littered with an enhanced crop of Democrat fruit bats; candidates so leftist and flawed (Elizabeth Warren springs to mind) that their own party didn’t think they had a chance. And an imperial president. Conservatives should have made the Republican Party as irrelevant as it has deserved to be, long ago.

Organizations, after being around for some period of time, have their own existence as their only goal regardless of why they got started in the first place. If a majority of the population can be persuaded to power that objective, their work is done. That’s become the current constituency; the “fuel,” that “renewable resource” that our reelected president has been yammering about. That’s us.

It is doubtful that an electorate still exists that can or would even wish to enact a conservative agenda. Presuming, of course, that America can survive the next, four years. And that is one heck of a presumption.

About the author: Marilyn Assenheim

Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.

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  • Victoria

    The devil wear a blue suit.

  • Doug Ferguson

    For a long time, we have been swimming in a really deep pool full of water with a filtration system that’s second to none. Because of that, nobody ever got really sick when someone urinated in the pool. By now, the filtration system has been decimated by intentional neglect and the water has been evaporated so much that nobody can reach the ladders to get out and now there is no escaping those who not only blatantly urinate but also defecate in the pool. The filtration system was the once vibrant economy and you can guess the rest.

  • Mike from San Antonio

    A comprehensive article about the far-sighted and patient and persistent liberal/progressive agenda to erode the American tradition of enforcing and strictly-interpreting the Constitution and being fiscally responsible and a hard-working people. History is no longer taught in schools taken over by the federal government; civics is an anochronistic term. The lefties have been smarter than the rest of us …

  • Just Saying

    Thank you Marilyn, the best and most concise article on the situation I read since the Dark Tueday. 100% correct.

  • 9thID

    Romney’s business acumen is solid, but when venture capitalists swoop in on a company that is hurting and raid its assets and layoff everyone, many find it smacks of greed. Same goes for outsourcing. Also Mitt RomneyCare’s voting record as governor of MA was so Liberal that it would make most Democrats blush. From RomneyCare, to gun control, gay activism, and abortion MA conservatives can tell you the evil Romney wrought upon their state.

    Mitt RomneyCare’s sudden “conversion” to a form of Conservatism only coincided with his 2008 run for president. His constant flip flopping on social issues since then only confirmed to us that he was the latest iteration of the failed Dole/McCain RINO Redux. Not to mention that the GOP Establishment went about redistricting to make it harder for Tea Party types to get reelected and even shot down the Mourdock and Akin Senate runs out of spite.
    It is clear to this disaffected Republican that the GOP is beyond reform and will go the way of the Whig Party that they replaced…

  • Linn C.

    An excellent history, and it may also be that the only thing many reasonable people fear worse than the awful liberalism is the Christian Sharia that the Righteous Right threatens to impose on everyone in the name of “freedom”. “Freedom” for whom? And of what? To unquestioningly obey whatever fashionably “righteous” mandates that the self-declared Marms of Morality decide are in vogue?
    Look at the cruel and thoroughly thoughtless way in which those who so loudly declare their moral perfection, approach the issue of sentience in non-human animals. The aggressive and domineering stance taken against those who have no wish except to run away and live their lives far from human influence, displays a lack of empathy and insight that thoughtful individuals find disgusting. The same goes for the way conservatives increasingly malign and spit vitreol at anyone who falls outside their rigid boundaries of morality. It’s an abject failure to deal constructively with the collective shadow side, and it’s driving steady, decent, normal people towards the opposite side simply to protect ourselves against the Christian Sharia that the more radical aspects of the Right are threatening to impose on their fellow countrymen.
    The bottom line is, if you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person. And if you can’t live without somebody imposing a set of rigid, oppressive, unquesionable standards upon your every thought and action – backed by severe corporal punishment if you don’t obey – please move to Afghanistan. Personally, I may wish I could stop people from flaunting behavior I don’t really care for in my nose, but when I consider the alternative of living in a religious police state being run by individuals who can’t really control their own needs for control, I have to vote for the former.
    You might consider this when musing about why Romney lost – while many other conservatives still won other races. The public at large doesn’t want your extremism any more than we want the Leftist manifesto. But like your “enemies”, I sincerely doubt that you’ll be able to hear a single word of advice I’m trying to offer to you..

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