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  • Erica

    If Jones would have come out and said he loved sex w/other men, or had multiple sexcapades with Demi Moore, he would be up for an Emmy or TIME magazines Person of the Year.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Steve, I’m 61 years old, and I have been going NOSE 2 NOSE with Salome for over 20 years. I have truly made some errors along the way.

    Anonymity, is a MUCH BETTER WAY OF TWEAKING THE WICKED, In my experience.

    I found the show 2.5 MEN, too vulgar and sophomoric, before Chuckles Sheen’s wheels fell off, but I would watch it, because John Cryer an CS, were pretty good together. And, I’m not a Church-Lady. But, when Chuckles became, CHUCKY, I’VE NEVER LOOKED AT IT.


    THIS, is the MONEY-LINE, WHERE I MAY BE ABLE TO SLAY A FEW GHOULS»»»SAVE THEM READING THE WHOLE THING, before their microcephalic gourds implode—NOTHING CAN BE MORE STUPID THAN GODLESSNESS{emphasis}, however cultured.

    Next come ‘scorners,’ who mock at good. A man must have gone a long way down hill before he begins to gibe at virtue and godliness. But the descent is steep, though the distance is long; and the ‘simple’ who begins to do what is wrong will come to sneer at what is right.
    Then last comes the ‘fool,’ the name which, in Proverbs, is shorthand for mental stupidity, moral obstinacy, and dogged godlessness,—a foul compound, but one which is realised oftener than we think. A great many very superior intellects, cultivated ladies and gentlemen, university graduates, and the like, would be unceremoniously set down by divine wisdom as fools; and surely if account is taken of the whole compass and duration of our being, and of all our relations to things and persons seen and unseen, NOTHING CAN BE MORE STUPID THAN GODLESSNESS{emphasis}, however cultured. The word literally means coarse or thick, and may suggest the idea of stolid insensibility as the last stage in the downward progress.

  • RedStateKitty

    Thanks Steve for a thorough analysis of this situation, and a spot-on summary of Mr. Jones’ “apology” which was (in some circles) seen as a retraction! It was clearly NOT. He was apologising to those whom he respected and may have discommoded with his remarks.

    • sjplwc

      Thanks, RedStateKitty! BTW, I read a report yesterday that Jone WILL BE leaving the series after fulfilling his contractual obligations. If he does so, that’ll demonstrate this was more than just a quirk or prank.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    In times past, the Conservative attitude would be, “If you don’t like something, don’t watch it'”.

    • sjplwc

      Right. Which is why I don’t watch it, and why Jones is recommending others do the same. As I said, he’s not saying the show should be banned — which makes the God-haters’ carping all the more ridiculous.

      • WASP

        Libtards, particularly the Hollyweird chapter, LOVE amoral, anti-christian, anti-American stuff of any kind. Time to thin out this herd of pigs.

  • Not a Fan

    Next week Jones will probably be on stage with Chris Rock. These Hollywood jokers are too fickle and unconcerned about what we viewers like or believe. They just keep trying to shock us with their godless humor and sexillating humorless shows and also having their names in the news.

    • Ciaran

      No. He won’t.

    • USMC and America proud

      Sorry, not so! Why do I say this? Because of the CHURCH he affiliated with! The Seventh Day Adventist! He didn’t come out as “just a Christian”, he put himself in a real Bible believing church that is very vocal against what Hollywood dishes out!
      At this point I wonder if they’ll MAKE him stay for the rest of his contract, forcing him to act out what he now detests, or some other way to denegrate him!
      I put nothing pass the Hollywood sleezeballs who take kids like Jones, rape them (both physically and mentally), teaching them that what their doing on screen “is just an act”, and, as in the case of so many, kill their souls to what is real! Take what Cory Feldman says. He tells everybody that when he was a kid, the men passed him around like a toy! He “was a favorite of the peados”! And the parents want their kids to be stars so bad, they turn a blind eye to this crap! Imagine that Angus has been involved in this crap since he was at most ten years old! Makes me ask if HE was treated the same as Cory! No wonder so many of them don’t live pass their 20’s!

      • caskinner

        The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

        • lurld

          If you are going to quote a bible verse you need to quote it correctly. I does not say that the love of money is the root of all evil but rather the root of all SORTS of evil.

          • caskinner

            I have several Bibles and the one I usually use is The King James Study Bible. I did not quote the complete verse but what I did say is correct. Apology accepted.

      • sjplwc

        Reports are he will be done w the show when his contract lapses this year. I hope he follows through. The pressure must be inconceivable. He needs our prayers. (BTW, I read the group he is involved w/ has denied it is an SDA church. Whatever the case, seems like they take Jesus’ Lordship seriously, which is pretty refreshing nowadays. )

  • solemn vow2012

    sure glad hes christian, if he were islamic there would be calls for jihad, the world can only question christian values and make jokes about it.

  • gingercake5

    O is not Christian. But he needs to occasionally sound like one, and the media knows that. That’s why they put up with his comments.

  • Ciaran

    God bless that young man! God only knows what sort of depravity he’s witnessed. He’s showing more integrity and courage than milllions of so-called “adults” and “Christians” who just swallow whatever the Nation Wreckers shove at us. God for him. Get out of the HollyWeird, Jones! Get out of the cesspool as fast as you can.

  • caskinner

    I have boycotted trash from Hollyweird and the MSM for years. So why is he still on this “show”? If it was answered in this column I missed it. Not only should you talk the talk but also walk the walk.

    • sjplwc

      I speculate in the column as to why he *might* still be in the show. See my response to “Mikey” above for more info which has come to light.

  • $3846549

    This is the point of the whole issue. You must be in the world but not of it. Those who have followed thier internal compass may suffer financially and with ridicule, that is their test.
    And do not underestimate the yearning for piety. After individuals suffer the heartbreak and ennui of living a worldly life, they go to decency and cleanliness and godliness, like a thirsting man in the desert finding an oasis. The rest who die without an awakening may be insensitive to the forces beyond the material world will die spiritually of nihilistic morbid excess. As you look at Maher and others of his ilk, as they age, they look more and more like faces in the paintings of Dante’s hades.

  • Mikey

    Steve, get off your high horse. Angus T. Jones is now probably a multimillionaire because of that show (which I never watched, but others do). It is (first) the height of hypocrisy to have spent ten years making the show (and yourself a multimillionaire in the process) and then as the show is probably winding down, come up with a scathing review of it, telling people not to watch it. If Mr. Jones objects to the content, then he should have not signed another contract when his was up OR if he just became a Christian and was objecting to the content, he should have approached the producers with an offer to buy out his contract to release him from his obligations OR live up to his contractual obligations and not re-sign when his contract was up. While he’s busy objecting to it (now), there are people working on the show (particularly the writers, the crew, etc) who are making a living off it. They’re NOT multimillionaires like he is. It’s bad enough when a show goes in the crapper simply for ratings, you don’t need some spoiled brat who has now made his millions to spoil it for the rest of the gang. But I suppose Mr. Jones knows the obvious. That TV shows rarely make it this far and don’t go much longer. So, he sees the writing on the wall and figures now that it makes no difference to him financially, he can trash it because it will cease to exist in the near future. And finally, if he finds the content so distasteful and he is SUCH a Christian now, then he will now be donating all of the money he made from it to worthy charities to repent for it. No, I doubt that will happen.

    • sjplwc

      Not sure what the height of my equine has to do with anything, but … reports indicate Mr. Jones is done after this season. Not renewing his contract. I’ve also read he was initially reluctant to come back for this current year — had to be talked into it. Considering that, reputedly, he is just fresh off of some kind of spiritual awakening, I’m going to cut the kid some slack for not being instantaneously perfect. Frankly, I thank God He didn’t smash me when I screwed up the first couple of years after I originally got serious about Him. I’m willing to watch Angus’ progress and see what choices he makes. I hope his future choices bear out his recent declarations. BTW, here is one of the most balanced articles I’ve read about this whole hub-bub; the author makes some very sensible observations: http://screenrant.com/two-and-a-half-men-angus-jones-filth-sheen/.
      If this last bit of info is accurate, it is especially, sadly ironic: Miley Cyrus, at least in the past, has claimed to be a practicing Christian. So, what we are potentially seeing happen is one young actor departing an objectionable show because of his Christian faith; to only be replaced by another young actor who (at least formerly) spoke about her Christian faith. We’d do well to pray for both of them regardless.

  • Bill

    Careful Angus, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  • thismustend

    Hollywood is run by mentally ill, amoral leftists about half of which are pedo philes & ra pists. MOST of them should be in prison but they are well protected by the L.A. cops so they fear no reprisal.

  • Bill Weston

    Kudos to Angus T. Jones for speaking the truth as he has done. Would that more believers speak the truth in similar fashion. The timing and Jones’ age shows that he went into the project without forseeing the consequences. We’ve all done that I’m sure. Sadly, Jones is not in a position to change the system. Still, I see him acting in good conscience here. Like Angus Jones, don’t merely “keep the faith”, pray first then use it. Remember, God is in control and we are not.

  • tina james

    very well said.

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