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Clashdaily's Religion Editor, Wes Walker, believes that freedom, faith, family, and the flag need more than to be simply cherished. They need to be understood, articulated, defended and promoted, not just by a few voices in prominent places, but by every man or woman who truly prizes them. In fact, the reason he wrote "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck" was so that every "ordinary Joe" will be able to do just that... and do it with confidence. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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  • Thomas

    Smart analysis.

  • Melissa Frost

    I’m afraid it’s too late. Americans are succumbing to what seems to be the obvious and unstoppable.

    • Bubble Burster

      It’s NEVER too late. Look at the Jews in the Old Testament. Time and time again they were disobedient. They had their consequences but eventually they repented and God had mercy on them. The same can happen here, HOWEVER we need someone to STEP UP! Hopefully God will see fit to appoint some to do just that.

    • Jane18

      You are correct, Melissa, but, there are some of us, GOD calls us HIS remnant”, and I promise you this, we will not “succumb” to the things of this world age or satan, when he comes as JESUS CHRIST! That’s right, satan is coming(the antiCHRIST), before our Dear LORD does. We just have to know that one thing for sure, so to not be deceived. Oh yeah, that “rapture” lie, is just that, a lie! We all are going to still be on this earth, GOD is going to see how many will know the difference. Fortunately, for us, JESUS told us that time will be shortened(to five months). We are tough, plus, GOD told us HE would never leave or forsake us. Sounds good to me………………

    • Guest

      He isn’t in yet. If the electoral college can be convinced to not show up, maybe there won’t be the number of them that it takes, and he can not be put in. That is being discussed… get in contact with your representatives and see if they can help.

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    “Historic examples: MLK, Ghandi’s hunger strike, Luther’s 95 Thesis. Some historians even credit Wesley’s Methodists for averting a “French Revolution” in England.”

    How did Ghandi get in the church?

    • Wes Walker

      Re-read the definitions of Church and State for the purposes of this space-limited article. You will see that Ghandi was not counted as a Christian, but as a representative example of the parallel role in non-Christian environments.

  • Mo86

    How do we deal with Christians who not only refuse to speak up about anything themselves, but then criticize their fellow Christians who do, even to the point of calling them unloving and judgmental? I am not speaking of Christians “in name only”. I have seen this from the real deal.

    I am seeing this insane trend more and more often and it’s driving me nuts. They are too cowardly to speak up about any issue (even online!) but have no problem coming down on those of us who do speak up!

    • Evermyrtle

      This reminds me of the minister who would not speak up because if he did, his church might their tax free status.Tactics like this are used to silence Christians and it is working all too often. I believe that the government thinks that if they can scare enough of the Christian off, they can rule the rest of us. They have no idea that they will never control the beliefs of True Christian people, even in bondage..

      • Evermyrtle

        the following scripture I add to the above post. This is where our trouble is coming from. He seeds to turn the world away from GOD and in America he has done much work and has won so many of those who were thought to be GOD’S people.

        I Peter 5:6-9
        6. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of GOD, that HE may exalt you in due time:
        7. Casting all your car upon HIM; for HE cares for you.
        8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walking about, seeking who he may devour.
        9. Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions ar accomplish in your brethren that are in the world.

        • Bubble Burster

          Excellent verse!

          Satan is on a holiday!

      • Bubble Burster

        Unfortunately that is the SECULAR law of the land. It’s EASY to get around. Have testimonies of those that used to be godless lefties speak in a church service. There are MANY women who’ve had abortions and come to terms with how vile it it. The Bible has OODLES of situations that are very pertinent to TODAY. There “really isn’t anything new under the sun…” when it comes to sin.

        What I often see is churches trying to be more secular and CONFORMING to the world hoping this will attract people. It doesn’t. Preaching the BIBLE and even adding a situation in today’s world will bring it home. Too many people don’t THINK. So giving them a DIRECT application helps.

      • Mo86

        It’s awful to watch this happening. If we don’t have the guts to speak out on moral issues in church, how are we ever going to do it 1) in the culture and 2) when REAL persecution hits us, as happens all over the world?

        I can’t imagine some of us wimpy so-called followers of Christ lasting a day after being even threatened with bodily harm, much less enduring it! How about prison or having our families kidnapped or murdered? We keep thinking, “Oh, that’ll never happen here!” But we don’t know that for sure! We are failing in the simple battles, so what makes us think we can endure worse?

        We are cowards, plain and simple. I don’t want to live that way!

      • Jane18

        You know what I have noticed Myrtle? That in some, and I say some,(I heard them on television or in the news)black churches, they would lead or insinuate to the congregation, certain people or circumstances they wanted the people to follow. You are right Sister, some of us cannot and will not be intimidated!

    • Bubble Burster

      Don’t you hear atheists and agnostics doing the SAME THING? Or do you see atheists and agnostics above reproach? You will ALWAYS have hypocrisy with aetheists, agnostics and any “religious” person. it’s called ignorance and human nature.

      You will see this more with Christians because they have HIGHER STANDARDS. Some foolishly believe that LOOKING more righteous and pious gets brownie points with God and fallible mortals – it doesn’t.. Personally speaking, blatant hypocrisy with “Christians” I WILL be vocal, whereas some Christians that are truly trying to do God’s will and make mistakes I am forgiving towards. If I don’t know the person I am silent. When I am critical of Christian hypocrisy we are to approach the individual privately and discuss it. If that doesn’t work then a group of Christians should try. If that still doesn’t work then it has to be taken up by the church. If that doesn’t work than the person is asked to LEAVE the church and hopefully reconsider their hypocrisy and lovingly take them back as part of the body of Christ.

      Some “Christians” don’t know their Bible and rely on FEELINGS and HUMANISM as a replacement. What they need is Biblical knowledge. People are spiritually lazy. Too often they “do what is right in their eyes” and lash out at others who are actually trying to help them. As for atheists and agnostics ….they deny what they know is true – there is a God and they HATE it when others acknowledge Him.

      • Mo86


      • Jane18

        Pretty good BB!

    • Jane18

      The only ones I come down on(correct) are the ones who do not inerterpet correctly, or they use GOD’s word negatively. There is nothing worse than a so-called “Bible expert” that has not checked out the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic meaning of a certain word or phrase. Example: born again- means we must be born of a mother(and a dad). You do know there were some angels that refused to be born of woman, most were followers of satan when he rebelled and decided he wanted to be GOD. Oh, he’s gonna come down and pretend he is The Christ, but some of us know his plan. Oh yeah, that rapture business, that’s a lie, the biggest lie that has ever been told!! We are not going anywhere, we will be here through satan’s little 5 month run, and when JESUS does come, we had better not have been fooled by the devil, the serpent, that old dragon, the desolator, etc..

      • Mo86

        You lost me on the born again thing. (I am assuming you are pointing out some erroneous view you have come across.) Otherwise it makes no sense.

  • David S. McQueen

    I remember the videos of Rev. (sic) Jeremiah Wright literally screaming about the USA while Obama sat quietly in the audience. No one spoke up regarding Wright’s vitriolic political rants. That’s what the “church” and its congregation allowed to happen and accepted. Also, apparently, the US government allows political speech from churches, but only if they are black churches.

    • Jane18

      That is another reason the biggest percentage of black people hate white folks. They have been taught that we are “blue-eye devils” or just devils. I don’t believe Wright ever read that GOD’s White Throne Judgement is going to begin with the lying and deceiving so-called preachers! I honestly believe that most of them think they are doing GOD’s will. Man-oh-man, they have got a rude awakening coming……….ignorance is one thing, but staying ignorant is just plain stupid!

  • rick

    the christian faith is in the process of suicide. christians will not fight the genocide, that islam has been carrying out for the last 20yrs. the church of england promotes sharia. the final act of appeasement, more than 15 million evangelicels stayed home on election day, choseing to not vote for the mormon. they loudly chose islam over a christian denomination. do the research folks. my 2 cents is this. all non mormon christians living in america, should NEVER or not be allowed ever, to set their sight on gods creation & gift to humanity, UTAH. christians have forfeited that right. those christians have chosen to be led by an indonesian muslim. fact is, extinction is at hand, and mostly, deserved.

    • Jane18

      Rick, there are some that have and are committing suicide, spiritual suicide. Trust me, there will be No extinction of Christians and their faith. We have read this wonderful book, and a plan has been laid out, we just have to know it and be ever watchful, GOD likes watchmen! Bu,t if you do not read and understand, you won’t know who to be watching out for, who comes first, lying and deceiving………………….

  • victorbarney

    Here’s the problem: As proven by England, America too is “Israel” by the seed of Joseph, not Judah(Gen. 48:16), but including them or nothing is real anyway. Furthermore, Obama(Deuteronomy 17:15 & only time in 6,000 YEARS!), marxism, etc. etc. etc., does not matter! While no gentiles can’t be targeted YET, BUT the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 will appear NEXT & after 3 1/2 years of witnessing against u.s., they will leave only 6,000 men & 6,000 women left alive from each of the 12 tribes of Israel with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of Dan(Irish, coming here with the second group of pilgrims when the Roman Catholics were NOT ALLOWED ENTRY & THE MAIN REASON FOR OUR CIVIL WAR FOLKS & THAT’S TRUE HISTORY) as being protected as predicted in Revelation, chapter 7! 7&11 is interesting, isn’t it? It’s going to happen anyway& I don’t care if you believe me or NOT, because AGAIN it’s going to HAPPEN ANYWAY! WATCH!

    • Jane18

      Victor, who are Gentiles? I know, I want to see if you do. Joseph’s blessing went to his two boys, Ephraim and Manassa(I don’t know if I spelled that right). Jacob’s(name change to Israel by GOD–yiz ra el)12 sons were called the House, or Tribe of Israel. Judah and Benjamin are known as the House, or Tribe of Judah even though they are in the little country of Israel. The other 10 Tribes were taken captive by the Assyrian, and when they were released, they left, and went across some mountains* and lands and eventually went into countries that we now know as Scotland, Ireland, England, etc., countries that recognize and love The GOD of our Bible. And guess where so many of these people immigrated to in the last 235 years or so……..That’s right, The United States of America, the most blessed land in the world, and the strongest(we were the richest)! This was not by chance, it was planned by GOD. I do not know where you got that business of the 2 witnesses being against the USA, but you are wrong. When they are in Jerusalem, they will be witnessing against the antichrist, satan, who is there, and all that is wrong at that time. Forget the 3 and1/2 years of the anti and the witnesses, it will be for only five months! JESUS said the time would be shortened and it would be because it might even pull some of us (real Christians) away. I have no idea where you came up with the 6,000 men and 6,000 women! Also, after the witnesses are dead 3 and 1/2 days, that is when JESUS comes down! That will be Armageddon then and there! Hemingog will be happening somewhere between us and Russia, probably a part of Alaska. We do not do a thing, GOD does it to show them all HE Is GOD!! Yes, we Are part of the Tribe, Family of Israel(Jacob), Here is a good way to explain that; All Jewish people are Israelites, but, All Israelites are Not Jewish(that means they are brothers and sisters-family! Something to remember also, is not all Jewish people are Jewish,John 8:44. Think about who wanted JESUS dead? *The Caucasus Mountains-that’s why we are called Caucasians!! Keep studying Victor, let me know who you think Gentiles are…………………………………………………………………..

      • victorbarney

        Not sure where you are going, but israelites are from the nation of Israel or have been spiritually grafted into spiritual truths. Israel is from Joseph, England, although MARXIST in IDEOLOGY throughout the 1900’s has already achieved the promise to establish the largest civil empire in history. So brother u.s. had nothing left to accomplish except for it’s “WOMEN ALONE” to place over it BOTH the forbidden foreigner” of Deuteronomy 17:15 & the self-professed “RIGHT” Anti-Christ(Marxist) over u.s. described in Revelation, chapter 11. One woman’s “INTELLECTUALIZING” began man’s age and NOW “WOMEN ALONE,” according to our MSM being our single largest voting block, have elected over u.s. the SELF-DESCRIBED “ANTI-CHRIST”(MARXIST) of Revelation, chapter 11. Also , if you are familiar with marxist chicago 60’s terrorist Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrne & company, you also should know that they predicted BLACKS ruling over America through our UN’s MARXIST AGENDA! In fact, Obama was even raised in the home of the Ayers. Furthermore, HEBREW ALONE is the ONLY spiritually inspired language(Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6, Zeph. 3:9) and “JESUS” can not even be translated into Hebrew, as REQUIRED BY LAW! Rome has deceived the WHOLE WORLD & GOD(GAWD), as you use, is ONLY the BABYLONIAN DEITY OF GOOD LUCK! Jane it either is or isn’t, but it can’t be BOTH! Again, just saying. p.s. Elder Gary Miller, of info@icyahweh.org; who is a Physics instructor(pure science too) also could help you understand such scientifically deducted truths if you really are interested.

      • Jane18

        When I say “not all Jewish people are Jewish, I am talking about the ones that claim to Jewish born and bred. Their forefathers were not of the Tribe of Judah, they moved into Judaea, in the city of Jerusalem, and by residence only, were they Jewish.(If I was born in Georgia, but moved and lived in Forida, I would be a Floridian. But, I am originally a Georgian, and any children I might have, would have Georgia roots, got it?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/belinda.saxon.3 Belinda Saxon

    The separation of church and state nuts don;t know the facts. If the true facts ever really got out it would stop all this nonsense. If you read the actual history when it all began we would know we are to stop this freedom from religion these atheists try to force on us. Church was in the capitol building for l00 years after our nation was formed. Check the history. The church and state nuts have adulterated the actual founding fathers words and used them to demonize this country.

    • Guest

      It is a separation of church FROM state… read the constitution.

  • John

    Keep those catholic Bishops out of health care.decisions. That Church wants to overpopulate the planet to raise more funds.

    • Bubble Burster

      Oh stop it!

      GOD is in control – not some church!

      There is NO population problem. Don’t you know JUNK SCIENCE when you see it?

    • Guest

      The same purpose of the Muslims.. Some day soon they will out number the Christians. That is what the Armageddon is all about. A war between the Unbelievers and the Christians and Jews. We all know the end of that story, don’t we.. God wins. Stay with Our God, and you will win also.

    • Truth Teller

      Very good! I call on all libs to NEVER procreate! That’ll take care of ‘em!

  • Bill Weston

    The issue can be boiled down to “sovriegnty” According to the Declaration of Independence”, the source of soveriegnty is always “natures God”. History has shown that every society, culture, or country that follows a set of principles, best stated in the ten commandments, has thrived and deviation from the same has resulted in their demise. Since these principles were given by “natures God”, religion continues to be totally relevant. So, how is this sovriegnty delegated? In “These United States of America”, this sovriegnty (authority) is delegated to “We, the people….” Our Constitution (charter) further outlines our individual rights and obligation to God in the first ammendment. The second ammendment outlines our rights to protect self, family, and property, Further ammendments place restrictions on civil government regarding the application the the powers delegated to that institution. Articles I through VII states the shape and the specific enumerated powers delegated by “the people” to our federal government. The charter of each member state must be consistant with the Constitution and the same applies to local governments as well. There is no point where any man (human being) is above the law. Therefore, “We, the people….” give, or take away, government and church authority; But each of us must answer to our creator God.

  • Guest

    When the State starts messing with religion, they are messing with God. I would be very careful there… It is freedom from, not of.

  • agbjr

    Civilized society is founded upon the simple Judeo-Christian principles set forth in the Ten Commandments and perfected by the Constitution of the United States. Any society that rejects these principles is not just uncivilized but frankly dangerous to civilization itself and therefore must be contained.

  • Coolhand773

    Excellent summation, brother. The Church truly is the most maligned (but most integral) counter-weight to encroaching totalitarianism, which explains why dictators always go after the Church first. Great column.

  • PhileoSophia

    Good Grief!!! The star thing isn’t working. I just gave Wes -27 stars. I was going for +5…. sigh….

  • Jane18

    Separation of church and state simply means government cannot tell us, make us, or restrict us from believing in GOD.

  • Randy131

    Religion is not about going to a church for an hour once a week, but instead is about living your faith daily through the teachings of the Gospel and Holy Bible, every hour, every minute, and every second of every day, and Obama, his administration, and most Democrats want to restrict that through Obamacare, no matter what the 1st Amendment says and guarantees the people of the USA. Have you noticed how many articles of the ‘Bill of Rights’ the government violates and usurps each and every day since Obama became President, and how many laws Obama refuses and orders not to be enforced, even declaring some of them unConstitutional, without the US Supreme Court even ruling on them, which only the Court has the power to declare any law unConstitutional, yet Obama even usurps their powers? Think how Obama passes laws, that Congress refuses and votes down, by issueing Executive Orders, going around Congress and usurping their powers also. Yet The US Supreme Court and the US Congress sit silently by, while Obama does whatever he wants, just like a King or Dictator, making us a nation of one man’s will, and not a nation of laws, that we use to so proudly declare to the world that what we were a nation of laws, and not a nation of one man’s will. The Democratic Party not only sits by idlely while Obama does all this, but they help him usurp the powers of the Court, the Congress, and the People, proving that this is not my grandfather’s Democratic Party of patriotic Americans, for neither he nor they, would stand by and let anyone do as Obama does, be it Republican or Democrat, but now the Democratic Party no longer exists of patriotic Americans, but of socialists, communists, and fascists, led by Obama and his Chicago political organization, and if you want to find out where most socialists, communists, and fascists openly live in the USA, just go to Chicago, where most of them are alive and living well, proclaiming who and what they are openly. The government’s interpretation of the 1st Amendment is nothing like the words say it is meant to be, for even the common American can read and understand it, and they know it has nothing to do with the way the government spins it to mean, and violates it, and other Amendments that they do the same thing to, daily. Sit by sliently and watch your freedoms disappear one at a time, for the more we lose, the less we can do about it, and a day will come soon when freedom is just a remembrance, and probably under Obama, our King.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lily.roberts.796 Lily Roberts

    This is very nice in the abstract, but in practice, we have had The State ( as in federal government) imposing religion on the public since the annoiting of The Obama. Absurd? Of course it is, the most absurd thing is that anyone goes along with it. Remember the evil preacher who dared to ‘place our troops at risk’ (from very powerful morons in dresses) by threatening to burn a copy of a ‘holy’ Koran? President Obama used his office to “condemn in the strongest possible terms” that very offense to Islam (He left out that his standing orders in Afghanistan require all troops to burn all discarded religious matter as trash, including nasty Christian Bibles) {cf., language of The Office of The President that ‘condemned the attack on the US Embassy in Libya’ –strongest possible terms is reserved for much more severe matters] Then compare his vow to Karzai which he then prosecuted, to track down and hold accountable all US troops who dared to include his ‘holy’ Koran with the mere trash of evil Bibles and did actually burn them as ordinary trash. We have a President who is establishing religion at every turn. The State is enforcing Islam in The United States under Obama and with full and unquestioning public support. The Establishment Clause, Equal Protection Clause and ex post facto protections turned aside without question.

  • Laura

    I always wonder what happened to the part that says the government shall make no laws restricting the free expression of religion. This should include schools and public property.

  • sha49tn

    The Church is partly responsible for the condition of the country. For years, Christians sat on the sidelines, & didn’t vote, or voice their opinions, & allowed abortion to be legalized. Mainly because people would use that scripture about not judging them against us. But, that scripture doesn’t mean what most people think it does. It means we aren’t to judge someone for doing the same things we ourselves do, but we ARE allowed to judge those who claim the name of Christ, but are not living the life they should be living. And, if we don’t tell people something is wrong, according to God, how do they know? God’s Judgment begins at the House of God.

  • stinger

    They should be left as the Founding Fathers stated. Do not keep giving in to these idiots, or we will hase no country left

  • chvietvet

    A review of the program to eliminate Christianity in the Soviet Union after Lenin came to power shows that there are many parallels with today’s campaign by the United States government to suppress religion. First, the Communist Party appointed only atheists to government posts. People who attended church were disqualified for such jobs. Christians and Jews who publicly renounced their religions were welcome. Stalin had studied for the priesthood but dropped out to become a revolutionary. Attack were made on the family as a Christian social institution by Lenin, so about ten years later, gangs of criminal children from one-parent families began terrorizing the streets throughout the Soviet Union. Stalin reduced this problem by encouraging Red Army soldiers to shove some of these teens and children from railroad platforms in front of trains. Ridicule was used through festivals mocking religious services and anti-Christian “art,” similar to that appearing in New York and elsewhere on the East Coast with heavy financial sponsorship from public officials. After most of the Christians were intimidated into silence, priests were simply taken away and sent to forced labor camps. They were replaced by Communist functionaries pretending to be priests. In The Ukraine and probably elsewhere, such priests were called “Father Judas.” In 1944, Stalin reportedly had a panic attack after reflecting on the millions of people he had murdered and demanded a priest to hear his confession. He was told that he had killed all of the priests, so none could be found. What should perhaps be most disturbing to American Christians is that our entire government leadership consists of people clearly on a one-way track to hell, judging from the morality preached by every major religion in the world. Churches are threatened with revocation of their tax-exempt status for speaking out about morality. Adoption services run by Catholic charities had to close down due to court orders compelling them to place children with same-sex couples. Christians are forced to pay taxes to supply prostitutes with free equipment to practice their trade. While persons needing operations to save their lives are refused such medical treatments by insurance companies, public funds are used to pay the full costs of abortion on demand to take a human life. Nothing even remotely related to religion may be displayed in a public school. Crime has long been out of control, just as it was in the Soviet Union. How did our country get into this state? We are clearly headed on a road to complete disaster, and neither party has any intention of changing course.

  • TaskForce16

    The 1st Amendment created a “separation of POWERS” between church and state. It wasn’t intended to prevent a bit of intermingling. The 1st does not prevent politics from being discussed in Church, nor religious thought expressed in government. They just can’t partner up (combine their POWERS) to oppress the masses, as was often done in the past.

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