GOP: Take Out the Plank!

There will be lots of analysis of why Romney didn’t win. He wasn’t conservative enough! He wasn’t moderate enough. On and on it will go and in the rush to put the blame on Romney for why Republicans didn’t take back the White House and the Senate, we will forget to put the spotlight right where it belongs…on the Republican Party and conservatives as a whole. If we are willing to fully look in the mirror and are willing to live by the scripture verse, Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” we will not only retake control of DC, we will change this country for the next three generations.

Some of my greatest triumphs in life have come after some serious soul searching, the willingness to admit that I was wrong and the courage to change the direction I was going in. If you want a place you can go and read how awful Obama is and how the commie Democrats are destroying this country, then this is not the column for you. It may be true that the Democrat agenda is going to destroy this country, but they wouldn’t be able to get away with it, if the Republican Party was a true alternative and had even the basic capabilities of communicating real conservatism to the American public.

There are some serious issues within the Republican Party and “conservatism” that we must address and correct, if we are ever to be a majority party into the future. I am going to rip apart the façade that many conservatives think is real conservatism and in the process discover the gold that lies beneath. I am going to be brutal towards our own side and some of you are not going to like it, but it must be done. So if you decide to read on and to continue reading future installments of this column, understand that I have a few rules about comments.

Rule #1 – You are never allowed to comment along the lines of, “but the Democrats do it too”. That comment just p****s me off! I don’t care if the Dems do it too. The whole point of being a Republican is that we are supposed to be different than them.

Also bundled into rule #1 is there will be no comments like, “It’s not fair, the Republicans are held to a higher standard”. Damn right we are and so should we. If I didn’t want to be held to any type of standard, I would be a Democrat. Not only as a conservative should you be willing to be held to a higher standard, you should be willing to live by one as well. At the very foundation of our problem is that for too long we have allowed elected Republicans to live by a lesser standard.

There is an old story about a King that one day decides to walk through the streets. On this walk he sees a poor orphan boy. The boy was dirty, wore disgusting clothes and was scavenging through garbage for food. The king had pity on the boy and brought him back to the castle and adopted him as his own son. Several weeks passed and the king noticed that his new son was still wearing his old dirty clothes, never bathed and would often eat just the scraps of leftover food he found in the trash. The king confronted him and said, “You do not have to go back to your old life. You are a child of the king. Now act like it!”

How can we call America to a higher standard and to make tough choices, if we are not willing to live by those higher standards and demand that those that represent our cause do the same? How can we expect America to embrace conservatism when we do not even demand it of our own side and even worse we don’t know the difference between conservatism scraps from the garbage and the real thing fit enough for a child of the king?

Join me on this journey and at the end of it, maybe we will have the courage and the numbers to force the Republicans to look in the mirror and pull the plank out of their eyes so we can go about fixing this country.

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About the author: Irwin Podhajser

Irwin spent the first 15 years of his adult life as a youth pastor in Miami Florida. He then went on to a career in marketing and television where he launched the first Spanish-language television station in southwest Florida and created multi-million dollar ad campaigns. He is currently the President of DrTV Network which is a multi-level television network dedicated towards healthy living. He also serves as Chairman for The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance.

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  • Victoria

    Filth is filth and evil is evil no matter how it is framed. House cleaning time, for sure. Good article.

  • Dean

    Let’s face it. Romney lost because of voter fraud and I don’t understand why the Republican party isn’t suing to overturn this fraudulent election and start over with finger ink and allowing the military to vote. The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming when more than 100% of registered voters in precints are casting ballots.

    • freedomringsforall

      I agree with you 100% that the election was stolen so as for this writers comments as to loss in the election and as an analysis there of I do not agree with, but I do think he does provide some good food for thought in his commentary.

  • freedomringsforall

    I like the writer’s commentary.

    I am a former political consultant and do in all honesty believe that the election was stolen.

    I say that because of my technical statistical understanding of the historical statistical vote return analysis that to my surprise I generally saw developing the night of the election, and research since; not out of any emotion on the subject.

    I had thought that it would be hard for Romney to win right up to election day,
    despite my hopes for him having known his father, but then what I saw developing throughout the night on election night astounded me and I was surprised that I, at that time, saw a win by Romney and saw it being stolen right before our eyes.

    It is too complicated to explain here and not to the center of the point here.

    So, my point in that comment is that I do not see the writers commentary as an
    analysis as to why Republicans lost the election and a rebuke there for because I do not believe that Republicans lost the election.

    I do however see it as well put and great food for thought and I for one appreciate the positive message of the contribution to the gathering compilation of commentary in this post election cycle.

    I thank the writer very much for the inspirational food for thought.

  • Irwin

    As the writer of the article above, I want to add my two cents to the comments concerning the “theft” of the election. In my article and the ones to follow, I lay out a case that the Republicans are doing a terrible job of winning the debate. Just a generation ago, a conservative president carried California and New York. Now we write them and several other states off as un-winnable. I will not get into the debate of this election being stolen, but I will say that If Republicans did their job, the election wouldn’t be close enough to steal.

  • Terry

    I agree with Irwin. “If Republicans did their job, the election wouldn’t be close enough to steal.”

    I have read a lot of the analysis on why Romney lost. I agree with much of it, and I strongly suspect(believe) that voter/election fraud played a significant role, but I wanted to comment within the context of the article. So here are my thoughts and observations. Sorry about the length; I didn’t realize I had this much to say.

    The RNC seems to have forgotten who they are there to represent; their base because we are the ones who want to(want to) vote for them and the country because what is ultimately good for it is also good for the individual or should be(by definition-or his Constitutional rights have probably been violated). There is much discussion needed here. In their attempt to court independent voters to gain political power, which was successful by many accounts, they alienated enough of their base to actually loose power. The ends do not justify the means; this is the Democrat way(just ask Nancy Pelosi). Put another way-two wrongs do not make a right.

    Too many times Republicans have acted like Democrats once they do gain the power they seek, thereby abandoning their words and always growing government-never reducing it. They(Romney) thought that just ‘voting against Obama’ would be enough to win, and they hedged(calculatedly noncommittal or evasive statement). People who believe in integrity, honesty, and responsibility for one’s actions abhor lies, abandoning one’s stated principles, and these kind of non-statements, and many refused to continue to vote for those who espouse them-again. They have a higher standard that they live by and expect, or should expect, those who represent them to live by as well.

    We don’t trust them to do the right thing! They have proven that they are not trustworthy. They fight against the very thing they say they support-smaller government, free markets, individual freedoms(not abuse of liberty that is at the expense of others). The government we have is unaffordable, and all they want to do is slow down its growth a little. (Maybe that was the only choice available with the current largely ignorant and selfish electorate, and now even that choice may be gone.)

    Make no mistake; withdrawal from the addictiveness to government ‘crack’ will be painful, both for the addict and the responsible. I think they/we need to have a serious conversation, beginning now, at all levels. The way out of this addiction will need to be a part of that conversation, and the intervention approach will likely backfire(has backfired?) because the addicts(and they are many) can vote for more crack, and elections do have consequences. A monster was created decades ago, and it wants to be fed more and more as it has grown. As long as it is mostly satisfied, we can live in its presence(shadow?), and life goes on. But what happens when the food runs low? We need only look at Europe.

    The RNC needs to get their act together and lead, and according to the recent voter turnout, they are failing because less of ‘their voters’ followed them this time than last. Hopefully they have just learned to not expect enough conservative(and libertarian) minded people to vote Republican just because there is nowhere else to go. I see this as being like the lesson for a wayward adult child that’s been running the family business into the ground that the parents refuse to bail out. Remember the phrase once spoken to young children, “this is going to hurt me more than you.” Well that certainly applies here, because we are going to hurt much more than the politicians. We can learn from this experience(the results of our action-and inaction) and grow…or not.

    The party needs to find its voice(our voice) and state the positive, the good that conservatism actually is, and fight back more effectively against the lies. Being responsible for one’s actions is a good, a very good thing, but it doesn’t sound like it to someone who has never had to learn to be responsible and who doesn’t understand the eventual consequences(to themselves or to the country). They are like spoiled children who expect to be taken care of, but we can’t tell them that because they will resist all the more. This attitude is part of the problem, and Obama used it to great advantage. Also, the Republican Party leadership needs to reeducate itself about the difference between corporatism and free market capitalism and decide which one they will support(That’s another conversation).

    We at the local level need to get more involved. Being a part of the candidate selection and party platform development process is quite possibly even more important than our actual vote. For if responsibility(fiscal and moral) and reason(not the fake reason in talking points) are not properly explained in simple, easy to understand ways, then many will not know how to vote for it. Remember, “if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true” and “when good men do nothing, evil triumphs.” There is a lot to do.

  • jerry1944

    romney lost because of his healthcare. that showed he wasnt a conservative. Being mormon didnt help eather. If the GOP keeps puting the likes of romney and mc cain up we never will win. Keep our morals and GOD at all times dont cave in. We lost the election but we still have our standards and morals. Thats what really counts

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