Hunting is Way Nicer Than Nature: Coyote v. Deer Video!

For a state that declared open war on coyotes and wild hogs in April 2012, there’s now even clearer evidence why they did.

A video taken by a trail camera from South Carolina surfaced this week that shows just why the government got involved to put an end to the coyote nuisance—two coyotes are seen taking down an apparently healthy six-point whitetail.

With an explosion of coyotes and wild hogs in South Carolina in recent years, the House of Representatives passed a bill declaring open war on dogs and hogs, even allowing night shooting to help cut down on numbers. According to Rep. Mike Pitts, it’s not so much about the hunting tradition as protecting the state’s resources.

““We’re not talking about hunting. We need to take these animals out any way we can,” Pitts told The State.

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  • Victoria

    I would like a bullet well placed from a hunter’s gun over being torn apart by coyotes any day!

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