Hunting Swamp Buffalo & Monster Pigs

Doug Giles and the Vallorani Tribe venture into the Seminole reservation in pursuit of giant Asian water buffalo and South Florida’s ubiquitous wild pigs.

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  • Candice

    The young boys hunting brings back great memories with my father! Great stuff!

  • Dee North

    This is sick. Teach the kids kindness to all living
    creatures. No need for this murderous abusiveness
    of defenseless animals. GOD’s creatures! And they

  • Ox

    This is great .Way to go dads. Cool beans kids.

  • Huffer

    Dee North

    Sorry Dee, but you do need to brush up on the food chain that God created when he created all of us. This is much more humane, and teaches self sufficiency, then the way Burger King, McDonald’s and Kroger, etc, get your food through some of the most inhumane methods of slaughter houses. Put a sound probe on a plant and you will hear, what some call, a cry or squeal when it’s harvested. This does not mean everything has a consciousness of pain like a human.

    This is reality of life. Remember too, food animals have the same type soul as a turnip or a potato. We don’t shoot them for target practice but to eat them, or maybe to protect humans from a predator!
    We’re always kind…if we aren’t hungry!

  • C.A

    Guns just aren’t for boys and men. My daughter served 23 years with the Navy -a tour in Kuwait and one in Iraq with sniper fire. Her daughter got her first deer when she was 15 – in Virginia. She and her dad belonged to a hunt club. My 12-year- old granddaughter just signed up for shooting at her 4H Club. Her dad gave her a 22 – perfect starter rifle!!! I got my first deer when I was 33 with a muzzleloader. The only thing I didn’t like about deer hunting was the weather. When you’re sitting in the blind, drinking coffee and wearing a one-piece coverall – well if we have to go………

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