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Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of eight books including Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral, RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and a graduate of Cornerstone University. For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at skipcoryell.com

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  • Erica

    GOPathetic. Time for a massive house cleaning.

  • OnePartySystem

    Replicans are WEAK. Always have been. Just look at those clowns Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConell, and the ‘Lil Boner. Why “conservatives” tolerate those ass clowns is beyond me. They may as well be democrats for all the “good” they do!

    • rulken

      I agree! The last republican with a set was Newt, and we all know what he was able to accomplish!

      • adamenochnoah

        Herein lies the problem, you think you know, but you really don’t know because the information you need to evaluate each candidate has been hidden from you. Gingrich & Trent Lott orchestrated the GOP “Contract with America” & won the biggest GOP victory in history, then they implemented that contract. We were told it failed, but it did not. Everything they wanted to do was accomplished because the whole plan was doublespeak. It meant the opposite of the normal meaning of the way it was worded. Gingrich has Marxist friends & they wanted to retire our Constitution & replace it with a more “modern” document. He calls himself a “Progressive Futurist”.Gingrich is more dangerous than Obama because he really is smart & might succeed in doing the one thing he failed at if given a second chance.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      ….or they may be Democrats passing themselves off as Republicans to subvert the political process? ANYTHING is possible with the DNC!

    • believe

      WERE going to have to come to the realization that it is up to the PEOPLE to remove this whole regime OUT, not Later NOW!! they just keep ignoring the people,

      I am not talking about the ILLITERATES that voted for Obama and all the Votes that he stole. AND THE immoral democrats that really know Nothing about the law of the land, and MURDER is one law we will not let you keep doing.

      I am talking about the TRUE AMERICANS not the Marxist and Socialist we now have setting in the White House.

      There so bad I don’t think the devil wants them.
      d for the 2 people that don’t like what I write and call me a crazy lady,and should get on my meds. I just put you in the STUPID collum.! I don’t take meds or listen to stupity.

    • JoJo58

      They tolerate them because the people in SC, KY and OH keep reelecting them because they have an R next to their name. People need to stop listening to the media and get behind some candidates that aren’t career politicians, that are willing to get in there and caucus with the TEA party candidates that have been taking the heat for representing their constituents as they promised.

  • Staggerlee

    Time to defund both the RNC and those RHINOS who refuse to stand up!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      The problem is, is that the Big Money Interests pull the strings of the politicians of both sides of the aisle. I believe that with this Big Money Control, the RINO’s function exactly as “suggested” to allow the Neo-Communist DNC to continue with their subversion and treason. The Big Money Interests, the power “elite,” the New World Order people are represented mostly by the CFR which was formed to promote a One World Government. They control the politicians with campaign money and perks, They function as “the secret government.”

  • undunder

    The deems have the message, albeit it false and misguided, that appeals to the majority of Americans. And the dem don’t hesitate to use that message regardless of whether it is the right message. Dems do not concern them selves with what’s right but what will keep their power base intact. There is no way to justify killing babies as right and a woman’s right to choose should have been exercised before she got pregnant.

    That message is this: live your life as best you can within your limited and pitiful ability, and the government will provide you food, housing, clothing, phones, medical care, anything else you decide you need as long a we agree with your need. We are smarter, wiser, and abundantly more capable then any ordinary citizens to make decisions for themselves. Dems tell the victims of their ploy that whatever is wrong or unpleasant in their lives is someone else’s fault – someone else was responsible for their personal choices so someone else was responsible for the outcomes”. A majority apparently have bought into this delusion. The deems keep secret the fact that no two individuals have exactly the same set of gifts, abilities, and talents. In America we are supposed to e able to exploit our gifts, skills, and abilities to the extent we want and to the extent we are willing to work. I do note some disparity: why is it that minorities comprise of a majority of individuals in certain sports? Should they have an advantage over non minorities just because they have more talent? In keeping in dem thinking, I think not. More democratic hypocrisy?

    Too many people are content to let others make decisions and to provide for them. Defeated is a terrible way to live. . Dems are more than willing to do so—for a price.

  • jerome ennis

    Obama is a Serial Liar who naturally lies, and is willing
    to read any piece of crap propaganda and lies that David Axelrod,
    his handler and chief propagandist, put on his teleprompter and do
    it in such a way as to make himself look sincere. Obama is a
    Narcissist and Sociopath with absolutely no scruples, morals or
    convictions and only loves himself and power and “Money For
    Nothing”, which is how he has lived his entire life without ever
    having a Real Job. Obama is the biggest Welfare Recipient in U.S.
    History. He and his racist and hateful wife, Mooch-Elle, added
    1.4 billion dollars last year alone on their lavish lifestyle of
    exotic vacations, trips abroad, golfing, and entertaining their
    friends and taking them on trips at the tax payers expense. They
    believe themselves as Royalty, but even the entire Royal Family of
    Great Britain only spent 57 million on their entire family, Queen,
    King, Prince and Princesses, and it was their own money for the
    most part. It is time to remind the Obama’s that are not Royalty
    and they are not Above the Law. What they are doing when they
    take 20 or 30 of their buddies along on trips to impress them, is
    nothing short of FRAUD and THEFT, not to mention Waste and Abuse
    of Our Tax Dollars and Abuse of Executive Power. It is time to
    put a Crimp in their lifestyle, and cut their 1.4 billion
    Entertainment and Vacation Expenses. That would be a great place
    to start.

    • JulieB

      Well said, sir!

  • slickzip

    Good article , thanks ,, ,, the present GOP leaders are a bunch of sheep waiting for ODUMBA to eat them alive , we need some real men and women who have guts and will tear the wolf apart and restore freedom in AMERICA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • kathin9

      You are right, but we also need someone who says STICK YOUR “YOU ARE A RACIST COMMENTS” UP THERE BEHINDS.

  • jerome ennis

    I had a professor at Auburn University
    years ago who made the following statment that I have never
    forgotten, and it sums up what is wrong in the USA Today.

    His statement was as follows, and by
    the way the class was Called Social Problems:

    “Anytime that the Federal
    Government creates an agency, department, commission or bureau to
    deal with a “perceived” social or other problem, the
    problem is guaranteed Never To Improve or Be Eliminated, and in fact,
    the “perceived” social or other problem is “guaranteed
    to worsen and to grow in size” as the Agency, Department,
    Commission, or Bureau grows in Size, Power, Expenditures, etc. and
    Becomes it’s Own Empire. And, for the Empire to Grow, the Empire has
    to Recruit and Create New Victims and Problems To Solve In Order To
    Justify It’s Own Growth in Size, Expenditures, and Power. And like
    all Empires, they Seek Growth and Power, and like all Empires, the
    Empires Grow To Become Despotic and will Do Anything They Can To
    Insure Their Own Power and Growth and Survival as an Empire. And,
    like all Despotic Empires, the Despots who oversee the Empire will
    Fight, Lie, Cheat and Steal to protect their Empire Status.”

    This is the dilemma we now find
    ourselves in in this nation. We have a Despotic Federal Government
    Empire that Congressmen/women use to Control, Regulate, and Tax the
    Servants of the Empire. Those servants are We, The People who are
    Forced To Fund Through Taxes these despotic empires. We will never
    release the Chains of a Despotic And Tyrannical Federal Government
    Bureaucracy until We Begin the Dismantling Of Every U.S. Government
    Department, Agency, Commission or Bureau, and you can bet, these
    Despots Will Not Go without a Fight as they Fight to Save Their Own

    This statement by an Intellectually
    Honest Professor over 3 decades ago is more true today than it was
    even then. Numerous new Departments, Agencies, Commissions and
    Bureaus have been Created since then, and the current congress and
    President are creating even more of these tyrannical Empire
    Departments as we speak. Wake up America!! The time to Fight Is
    Now. Let these Scoundrels in DC know that We, the People, have had
    enough of this Tyranny.

  • brs02

    Skip, you ignore the roll of MSM in controlling the narrative. It is a powerful wing of the statists. Boehner lost big on the debt ceiling fight leading us here where any attempt to seek “compromise” from the DNC is reported as obstruction. Think of MSM as the kennel owner that picks the Alpha dog. If the people are not responsible enough to make educated or tough decisions how does the GOP prevail? I agree that the GOP has the moral and sensible high ground while the DNC does absolutely anything to win. I also agree that the GOP must take a more agreesive approach, but it must be Machevellian (or Alinkyist) in nature. However, as long as people accept free bread and circuses as governance the Goths will come.

    • fedupinky

      You are exactly right. Obama would never have become President in the first place if not for the slobbering support of the MSM. Once elected, he was handed his Teflon suit by the media which allows him and his administration to get away with any lie, deceit or incompetence they can come up with and Lord knows they have come up with plenty. They are also the liberal left’s most effective attack dog. The icing on the cake is that the absolute worst President in our history has been re-elected to the sheer amazement of anyone with two working brain cells, all thanks to again to the supportive scum known as the mainstream media. The problem we need to answer is how do we neutralize them once and for all. The left would be powerless without MSM support.

      • brs02

        The solution is likely time and money …. Purchase news outlets and educate, while stariving networks of there viewers/revenue. Another aspect is to get ahead on the tech bubble rather than relying on the stadard lines of communication. I wasn’t around for it, but the DNC has been at the forefront since Kenendy/Nixon was televised. The GOP should also make a clear request for what the DNC considers compromise and is offeriing from their current postion. Right now DNC compromise is comprised of our way or we jump and that is what the GOP must expose.

  • Rattlerjake

    Let’s also include many of the conservatives that these half-asses represent. The religious right are not much different. They all talk about the teachings of Christ and spout scriptures, but few follow what they preach. Examples include women’s rights, where Christ says women will hold NO authority over men (Judges, priests, political office, law enforcement, etc.) but accept the left’s reasoning that women are equal (academically maybe, but physically and mentally – NO WAY), and how about gays? So many Christians have now sided with the gay community, besides the priests and politicians who have been outed as pedophiles or closet gays, women overwhelmingly side with their gay spawn. These so-called believers only believe what they want to believe and do not have the fortitude (as with the GOP) to stand their ground. Let’s also talk about hatred; Christians constantly talk about love thy neighbor and forgiveness, yet they are the first ones to ridicule and belittle anyone who disagrees with their views, and they immediately label you an atheist or devil worshiper, or … Liberals are the lowest of the low, but I don’t see a lot of difference in many of the Christian conservatives either.

  • pearl87

    They’re NOT good people – they are deliberately undermining the values they claim to represent. The Republican party has no reason to exist; it is a hindrance to the cause of defending the American way.

  • Drifter

    Your message would be funny if it wern’t so true. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solemn vow2012

    the republicans lose because they believe in rules of engagement, like some classical fighter they must strike an imposing stance from which to begin. And just like obeying the rules of engagement that are preventing and endangering our troops less they face court martial, republicans are ridiculed endlessly by the media for any infraction while the dems trash it at every turn and laugh at republicans for following a make believe set of rules. Republicans are too afraid of the media and somehow think if they play nice they’ll be treated nice, wrong, bullies tend to bully the bullied, they like easy targets like everyone else.

    • kathin9

      The republicans need to stay away from the MSM, we have the likes of Rep. Tom Cole from the 4th district in OKLAHOMA, none the lest, saying give him his tax increase so the middle class can relax. And then he goes on MSNBC and regurgitates the same, so it can be played over, and over and over again. We have Sen. Elect Ted Cruz, becoming the POSTER CHILD FOR THE HUFF PUFF, saying the reasons that the Hispanics went big for Obuttman was because of Romney’s 47% comment, so the Hispanics voted for Obuttman, gave up all their alleged morals, pro life stance, anti gay marriage stance to vote for Obuttman? I THINK NOT, AND ROMNEY WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE 47%. And when you have the other cult sheeple, tipsy with STUPIDITY on “JONESBAMASHINE you have another 4 years of obuttman.

    • pale horse

      imagine a presidential candidate pretender telling the nation he intends to take away a woman’s right to freedom of choice, and expecting to win. I think there is no longer a 2 party system

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Excellent article. Explains the GOP perfectly, what I call a bunch of worthless politicians. All they’re good for is talk, talk, talk, but nothing more.

  • JQ2inTX

    I completely agree with you on this, the GOP keeps putting up candidates who are losers from the start, and the ones that do win for the most part, are part of the capitulation group. I have been Party Chair in my county in TX for the last several years. This year I have finally had enough and am looking for someone else to fight the battles. Actually I am looking at the Constitution Party as an alternative. At least there I know it is an uphill fight, but the folks who are fighting are committed to our country, and bringing it back to the Constitutional Republic it once was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    The latte one knows that 99% of the food stamp recipients are black…. and the latte one knows that all his and the MOOOOOOOOOo holidays are all paid by the crackers that pay taxes – does he care?? not a damn bit – he is hell bent and determined to bankrupt America and he will take the largest slice of the pie… GOD HELP AMERICA

  • mudguy1

    Tell us something we don’t know. The GOP has this bending over and grabbing their ankles down fro years. It is a regular exercise for them since Clinton was elected. Even when they won in Bush’s first they were so use to that exercise it was a normal thing to do. They have yet to know how to act like winners when they win. They have control of the HOUSE and they are still bending over. I think they hands are handcuffed to their ankles.

  • GGX

    I used to be Republican, but figured out the Republicans are more nuts then the dems, taxing the poor 90% of there income and not taxing the rich? that is insane…

    The dems want to give money to the poor, which would drive up crime, The Republicans want to give all the money to the rich, which would drive crime up even more and destroy this country

    Paul Ryan said he supports the ideals of alta shrugged, which would destroy this country, by giving every penny to the rich, dumping food stamps, social security, making all roads private, making all schools private, etc, INSANE.

    • GGX

      anyone else notice Paul Ryan talks like a robot… the guy looks like he is insane,

  • GGX

    we need to vote in pro gun Democrats, who are fully pro gun, who carry guns!

  • believe

    Right now we have the most IMORAL people settling in OUR HOUSE and I think it is time to ask them to leave.IF they refuse we will take them out boldly.

    They are like OLD Harry REID and OLD BOTOX NANCY PELOSI along with 65% more of the Senate and the House PURE TRASH, They have stunk up the WHITE HOUSE we will have to fumigate a month after we get this WHOLE REGIME and their families OUT,including Soros and his Brewed.Obama and his Brewed

    This is sick minded people that have no right to in this country.

    They don’t like it Then it shouldn’t be hard for them to pack up and leave.Because WE DON”T Have ANY respect for them for SURE.

  • pale horse

    there is no crime if you can’t describe it—the time for action is drawing near

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

    The Gop is’nt on anybodies side. Bunch of panty waste wimps. I am personally done voting for these wimpy weasles. So you say if i dont vote , is same as voting for dumAzzcraps . So what, voting never made any difference either. I can’t vote for these SOB’S ANYMORE. THEY DONT EVEN FRICKIN STAND FOR ANYTHING? WHATEVER! IM SICK TO DEATH OF ALL OF THEM.

  • waterman

    We need to turn over most of the republicans in congress as senate and get new blood that has some balls to stand up and do what is rignt no matter what the cost.
    And it is time for term limits for all. No more career politicians.

  • Mikey

    Skip, you’d better get used to the fact that the only thing that matters to politicians is getting re-elected. That they got beaten in this last Presidential election by a guy who had a terrible record (and lied about what happened in Benghazi too) and is the most divisive President in modern history has sent a shiver up the spine of the GOP. They may never get re-elected. And though they managed to keep control of the House in 2012, they know if they don’t cave, the prospects for re-election in 2014 are going to dim. The problem is the GOP has to change. The problem is what do they change? Change into the Democrat Party? Even that may not be enough as American culture (or lack of it) has hit the tipping point. People are jealous of people that have money. They want it. And that’s just what the Dems are playing on and being successful in maneuvering the people into this state. The GOP isn’t going to be able to control that. Nope. That has to come from rich people and businesses who should be as punitive as possible in showing the people that government doesn’t just pound on them and get away with it. That there will be a price to pay for it (e.g. reducing their taxes further, businesses trimming headcount so they don’t have to pay for Obamacare).

  • Bill Weston

    This is not about “my party right or wrong”, it’s about “liberty and justice for all”. What is actually happening in Washington, D.C. and in many states is a political shell game. The democracts have the advantage because they play to the “lusts of human nature” (free lunch, the nanny state etc.) The republicans are sold out to multinational and large corporations who’s purpose is “find what the public wants and sell it to them”. “We, the people….” are caught in the middle if any sense of patriotism is left. Benjamin Franklin, when asked “what kind of country was given to us, answered “a republic if you can keep it”. He also said “those who sacrifice liberty for a little security deserve neither”. The failure here is not liberty and our republic, but the two-party system.

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