That Explains It Alert: Biden Watches Honey Boo Boo on AirForce 2

Roxy: Absolutely. Well, Mr. Vice President, I know you are a very important man and stressed for time, but real quick, do you get to stay up to date with your pop culture?!

Biden: Most of it. I mean, beyond Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, that’s about it, those are ones that I spend most of my time with (laughs). I haven’t spent most of my time with pop culture that like my granddaughter talks about—like Honey Boo Boo is not top on my list (LAUGHS), but I am aware just you know by catching snip bits on Air force 2—quite a phenomenon. But, but I do try—

Roxy: Yeah, I think everyone agrees with you (laughs). So to see where you are at, is The Sky Fall the new James Bond villain or James Bond theme song?


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