The Sleeping Giant Awakens … And Then Dozes Off

We had so much momentum in the 2010 midterm elections. But now we have four more
years of big government tyrannical reign. So much so that I honestly do not know if we can ever get back to a small government, free-market America.

The first term got us Obamacare, which it now appears there is no chance of getting repealed. We’ve made our bed and now we have to lie in it.

How did we get here? Years of brainwashing from public education, conditioning from the media, and political correctness are a few of the culprits. Stupidity and selfishness of buying into politicians’ promises that they can make our lives better has also played a role. Trading self reliance and freedom for a false sense of security.

I am almost to the point that I say give the ruling class (elected officials) what they want … It would be cheaper to pay a reasonable ransom so they would let our hostage (America) free.

Let’s give everyone in the Congress & Senate $10 million each if they’ll end all the government handout programs, resign, and then move to another country. It’d be much cheaper in the long run because now most of them get rich off of laws they put into place and gain votes by pandering to various demographics. We have the cost of the programs they use to buy votes plus the cost of making themselves wealthy. The cycle must be broken.

Why not cut our losses and start fresh? Of course I know this is not really a possibility but I truly wish it was. In my opinion we have reached the tipping point in America and there’s no turning back.

America has stopped striving for greatness and has accepted mediocracy. Hopefully my generation realizes we are partially to blame. Call me old fashioned but maybe we shouldn’t have given little Johnny a participation trophy for being a mediocre, clumsy, little dweeb just because he was on the team. And perhaps a belt to the behind would have been a better choice than a time out
during a temper tantrum.

I know parents always want their kids to have it better and easier than they had it, but parents forget that the hard work and sacrifice is what builds character. It teaches delayed gratification and that if you want something then strive for it. The more you give the more the kid expects and the more they feel entitled.

I’ve got no words of wisdom to give for a solution to this problem as of now, short of a nation wide flood. Perhaps I should start building an ark. Maybe I’ll start thinking a little more clearly by next week and get out of this what-the-hell-just-happened funk from Tuesday’s results.

Image: courtesy of Ludwig von Maydell (1795-1846; public domain/copyright has expired.

About the author: Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.

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  • Victoria

    Great column Todd.

  • Marge

    In hope against hope Abraham still chose to believe God and His promises.

    • Abby

      Lord, Increase our faith!

  • 19gundog43

    I grieve for my beloved country. Obama and even more his blind and stupid followers are a bigger threat than the Muslim terrorists that call him friend. While they can do a great deal of harm to our country, their attacks tend to unite us while Obama and his
    greedy subjects drain America of it’s life blood everyday. If you had sat for 12
    hours in a poll in the heart of the ghetto as a poll watcher for Romney as I did yesterday you would know how The Marxist trash won!

    The steady stream of both white and black moochers, parasites, and general
    trash that flowed through there like a polluted river was frightening. I could
    only cringe and say to myself “My God! These are the people who will choose
    America’s leader for four more years. Our country cannot recover as long as the
    takers outnumber the producers. Santa Claus always wins. These voters only
    wanted what Santa Obama has in his bag of goodies, bought with our hard earned
    tax dollars. It this is what Americans want give them everything Obama has
    promised. When and I do mean WHEN America collapses upon itself and everything
    we have created as a nation turns to dust only then, hopefully will we wake up
    and rebuild from the ashes of Socialism.
    America we are sooooo screwed!! I would not want to be the ones with an Obama bumper sticker on my car or wearing an Obama tee shirt in about a year when the big crash hits. It is going to suck to be them. I will still be wearing mine that I have worn for
    the last four years that says “Don’t say we didn’t warn you”. Just saying!

  • John Randall


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