Why Girls Need Guns Ex. #1769: Cannibal Cop Wanted “Girl Meat” for Thanksgiving

NEW YORK — A New York City police officer charged with plotting to kidnap, torture, cook and eat at least 100 women had discussed having “girl meat” for Thanksgiving.

Prosecutors say Gilberto Valle made the remark in an online chat in February with an unidentified man. They read the transcript during Valle’s bail hearing Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

Valle was quoted as saying that while Thanksgiving was still a long way off, he was getting a plan in motion to abduct a woman for the meal.
His lawyer has said the alleged plot was pure fantasy.

The judge on Tuesday denied bail, calling Valle’s behavior “depraved, bizarre, aberrational.” He set the trial for Jan. 22.

Valle has pleaded not guilty.

No women were actually harmed.

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  • Victoria

    Fricking freaks. This scum is why I carry my AirLite .357 everywhere I go.

  • FLChristyB

    I don’t know about other States, but Florida does not allow conceal carry until the age of 21. But it is precisely young girls who are most at risk! Especially those going away from home to attend College, they are so vulnerable. We live is a very sick world…

  • Doug Ferguson

    …and to think they let sickos like this work in public service.

    • frank jackson

      This is New York, where the Mayor decides what size soda bottles you can have. The people might be friendly, but the city officials have their heads up and locked.

  • cottagemist

    Carry..walk lightly…be aware…of the unaware…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

    Yet we are always told that we the citizens have no choice but to OBEY the police. What if this officer had not been stopped and had carried out his plans . What if his plans involved one of your wives or one or more of your daughters, this is a very scary thought to any civilians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

    Would anybody really have any problem shooting this man even in Uniform knowing what his intentions were with a woman or several women. I know I wouldn’t. would you.

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