• Benjamin

    Giles. Liberals don’t care about facts.

  • lasershot1

    Libs are control freaks. Arming the school teachers or police in schools doesn’t promote the “lib control” needs. Gun control shows the country who is in charge and who are the slaves.

  • slickzip

    LIBERALS are stupid socialist without brains ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Macman

    How ’bout discussing the real problem. 99% of these shooters were on anti-depressant drugs. The media won’t discuss what this does to the mind. It’s not the guns it’s the medication that the shooters are taking. Most of our children are on anti-depressants at an early age. We don’t have a chance of fixing the problem unless we address this addiction.

    • earlycsa

      The recent shooting is a win win for the Elite Control Freaks in Government. Some useless form of additional gun control plus, far more damning ,is the expansion of State Psychiatry and involuntary commitment and reopening Psych “Hospitals” to care for the “insane” the Psychs create in the first place.
      Are there insane people? Yes, the psychopaths will be dealt with in the criminal system where they belong. Most criminal violence can be restrained by the threat of death delivered immediately by supposed “victims”. Evil cannot be eliminated or legislated away, and those promising such a utopia are creating a dysfunctional hellish society.

    • $26222150

      I was on and off anti-depressants for years and never murdered anyone, nor did the thought even cross my mind. We ARE responsible for what we do.

      • Macman

        You are the lucky one. They effect different people different ways.

      • Macman

        I might add, Happy, that all you have to do is read the labels or listen to the ads on some of the drugs that are advertised on TV. They warn of symptoms of suicide and other grim results. That makes YOU responsible if you indulge.

    • I Hate Huffn’Puffn!

      Yes, since the ACLU has managed to remove G-d from schools and our children
      from age 5 to 17 for 3 or more hours a day and more on the weekend our youth are doing ‘make believe’ murder and mayhem . . . are slow in developing social skills – with mom and dad both working two jobs . . . dancing as fast as they can – when teacher suggests a ‘centering or focus type of chemical’ to help little Johnny, THEY leap on it! What a crime to only be able to get mental health assistance if your a criminal . . . in effect going for your Ph.D in social ineptness!
      Maybe guns in schools (armed guards) is the proper knee-jerk reaction until we can get a ‘MENTAL HEALTH TAX’ on video games akin to what is on cigarets to fund sound mental health care and discourage excessive VIDEO playing.

  • Fred_K

    This should be sent to every congressional official.

  • cwgf

    Compare what the 2nd Amendment says…

    “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    To the way it is twisted and trampled today:

    “Guns aren’t needed for the security of a free State, and only the federal government has the right to own weapons without restriction. Certain firearms considered less dangerous are permitted to the citizen for hunting purposes, but these must be registered in case the federal government decides to restrict those in the future. The federal government may decide which firearms are too dangerous for the people.”

    • $9913635

      American citizens vs communist troglodytes. Who do you think should own the weapons?

      • cwgf

        Not the comtrogs!

  • Ray

    I work with a guy that agrees with everything I say about Obama and he still voted for him because he’s black. And they call conservatives racists. That is the same logic they use about guns. Facts never get in the way of theirthinking.

  • bobalo59

    LIberals don’t understand these facts. They operate on emotion, and any reasoning is flawed. New gun control laws won’t do a damn thing for the general public to make us safer, it will however make a bunch of rose smelling tree huggers feel good though so THATS the reason they want these bans.

    • jerry sweet

      it’s not about gun CONTROL.they want us disarmed so they can commit genocide period.filthy vile gutless wonders.

  • darkcyder

    Three words: Cold Dead Fingers.

  • JC Moore

    The unintelligent, convoluted reasoning of “gun free zones” is the reason for the mayhem created by the criminal by making the areas ”shoot the fish in a barrel zones” for the murderous non law abiding maniac. Making victims of the law abiding citizen is the height of idiocy.

  • TPM

    Some contributing factors that the media won’t discuss…
    1. Psychotropic drugs seem to play a large role in these violent outbreaks. Ban them?
    2. When the Media focuses on these crimes, it encourages repeats. Ban the media?
    3. We live in a world desensitized to violence. Ban violent movies & video games?
    4. The Obama administration has created an environment of poverty, jealousy & hate. Maybe it’s Obama who should be banned …

    • $9913635

      Though no one gave you a rating at what you thought was clever.

      Just let me explain you cannot reason with a liberal. The only thing they understand is a swift kick in the ass.

  • ansonheath

    More gun control laws would be as useless as passing laws against idiots, especially those idiots who keep insisting on more gun control laws for law abiding citizens.

  • Talluluh


  • John

    Wow – who is the clueless moron who writes this crap. It has clearly been proven in many other countries. Right wingers are just so clueless and poor on anything related to reality. “Liberals don’t care about facts’. – You don’t know what a fact is you are so clueless.

    • Pendy1

      Let’s hear your “facts”. Such as EVERYBODY in Switzerland has a gun? Oh, don’t like that one? How about gun ownership in Canada is higher than in the US. Oh, sorry. Those two countries obviously have higher gun crime rates than the US. But apparently all you are interested in is calling those who do have them names. “clueless moron, so clueless, so clueless” May I add John = lame.

      • Arrgh2112

        Maybe johnny was referring to the stat that the UK has the highest violent crime rate and maybe the fact that they have no guns. But wait, those are facts…not feelings.

  • hiskid1964

    lets not forget that the bushmaster rifle was left in the car and was not used in the crime http://conservativevideos.com/2012/12/growing-evidence-an-ar15-wasnt-used-in-sandy-hook-massacre/ The medical examiner lied or is completely incompetent

    • $9913635

      Yes, this should go viral too.

  • Archangel

    But be forewarned people, “if” the Federal or State governments provided a reward, say a subtantial reward, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any American’s who refused to to relinquish their firearms if the government could figure out a way to outlaw ownership of firearms without a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT there would be people falling all over themselves informing on other people in inorder to claim the reward!

    We live in a society full of RATS!
    Never tell anyone about anything regarding your firearms!

    • $9913635

      Just confiscate them back using the Militia. The same law can be used on the law-breaking idiots.

      • jerry sweet

        now this i like.They come,They are killed, we pick up their fancy weapons and use them back on them.you won’t run out of ammo!

        • $9913635

          That’s right! If we can’t have guns then neither can you! How’s dat working out for you Mr. Government???

    • jerry sweet

      they also make good tergets

      • I Hate Huffn’Puffington Post!

        Just put a Mitt for president sticker on their car and let the Democraps do the job for us!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I would note that the concept of gun confiscation is not, by any means, a new one. It has been tried once before. It didn’t work out so well for the British on 19 April, 1775.

  • ecoplastican

    Liberals are not interested in facts. They consider facts to be the lies of conservatives. The ONLY principle liberals adhere to is to oppose God and conservatives. They have no moral compass, and are offended by morality of any kind. Liberals have a common sickness of the brain. It is a psychosis.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Time Magazine has just introduced it’s Person of the Year for 2012 and it comes as no surprise that they have chosen Barack Hussein Obama. The December 2012/ January 2013 edition is out and with the approach of a new gun ban on the horizon, something seems strangely similar to another event that took place nearly 75 years ago, when Germany’s Adolph Hitler was also named Man of the Year.

    For Obama this is the second time he has been named Time’s Person of the Year. The first was in the December 2008/ January 2009 edition after his first election and following his second election he has once again received the title from Time Magazine.

    As Hitler also received the title in 1938, he was about to embark on a serious new piece of legislation; one that would change how weapons were dealt with in Germany during the Nazi’s Third Reich.


    • $9913635

      Excellent comparison and one that should go viral as the FIX IS IN.

      The elite and liberals want to plunge the world into war to avoid or because of it, an economic crash.

      Disarming Americans is the only way to plunge the world into darkness and the last step holding the sons of Lucifer back to carry out their diabolical plans.


  • $9913635

    I like the way Rush (famous Republican radio pundit) put it. It’s not about gun control, it’s JUST A POLITICAL AGENDA! Did you get that?

    It’s to fulfill something political and not something practical. It has only a political meaning useful only to politician for a political gain.

    It has no value outside of that.

  • jerry sweet

    what the media also won’t discuss is these shooters?? are Government patsies, while the real murderers are the professional assassins sent in to clean house and either make sure the drugged up idiot they take with them is killed or as in the aurora colorado shooting.a guy goes into a supposedly locked from the inside only fire exit,kills with precision ,leaves same door, then when cops show up, here is all this swat like gear strewn about,where he has supposedly undressed and just waits?? by his car to be arrested.wait for what?.undress for what?then the cops tell us he is so drugged he couldn’t slap his own face with both hands,and we believe them?..they figure some may not believe in fairy land so now the killers is dead.no questions then.regimes have always pulled this on their citizens to make them(the despots)look good.columbine.cops told to stand down, and for 30 minutes heard the screams of the murdered children.reason! we didn’t want our brave officers hurt until we had assessed the number of shooters..you assess by going in and assessing.the filthy cowards.police are our no.1 enemy now.rape two women in Texas for a routine stop,while male cop tells terrified women better get used to it.we are going to do better than the tsa at airports.put your dirty fat stinking hands on me or my wife and i will blow your brains all over you and the idiot cop with you.its time to stand up people.we don’t half to take this abuse.a time was in this country ,since i have been born ,cop or no cop would have been shot to death instantly for such action.remember they bleed just like the rest of us.now they murder our children so they can have idiots help them with disarming the good guys.for an agenda?how long will YOU allow them to just murder you?

  • ATLDave

    Good point. The Oklahoma City bomber used fertilizer (ammomnium persulfate) and diesel fuel and was able to bring down a government buildiong with a children’s nursery on the first floor. I believe that the death toll was little over 26 (sarcasm). As i recall there was a call to ban fertilizer at that time – don’t think that happened. Also you can find all kinds of interesting ways to kill people on the internet – maybe we should ban the internet as well. But then you can call someone and get directions on how to make a bomb – lets ban telephones. And then lets not forget the nut who decides to drive his car through a playgorund or other crowded place – might as well ban cars while we are at it.l

  • Jeff Horton

    So if guns are out lawed there is no reason for any security crew to have them. That means all body guards. Hell there would be no reason for the secret service to have them either. After all all guns would be gone. I wonder how many of these liberals would be for that. I see no reason they, or their security guards, should be better than we are do you?

  • denny

    There is no need to put more new laws on the books or have a massive gun collection…….All we need to do is to go back to living by the “Ten Commandments” ….those 10 pretty much cover any problem we spend so much time and money trying to fix. # 9 :” Thou shalt not kill “.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Sick minded thugs flew planes into buildings to kill many. Sick minded thugs put bombs into garage building to kill many. Sick minded Chinese thug used knife to kill many children in China. Sick minded thugs don’t need guns to kill many in a small amount of time. Sick minded thugs plan in advance and will use other options to carry out their agenda. They are sick and probably are hearing voices telling them what to do.

  • FredHoot

    According to the FBI, the most used weapon in violent crime is a baseball bat.

  • FredHoot

    Great article, but #6 is a bit off. Reload times for a high-capacity magazine can be 1 second or less, so a pocket full of 10-round (or less) magazines will be more than adequate.

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