Adam Lanza: Child Killer

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 10.56.35 AMCrazed kid-killer Adam Lanza was a troubled “genius” who was painfully awkward and shy.

“I know he had issues,” said Beth Israel, whose daughter, Alex, went to school with Lanza. “He was a really troubled kid. I think he had learning disabilities.”

Adam’s brother told investigators that the gunman was autistic, sources said. Israel described him to The Post as a sort of autistic savant, saying he was “very smart, but he had issues. He was a real genius.

“He was just a weird kid. He was a very quiet kid, a shy kid, maybe socially awkward,” Israel added.

Connecticut neighbor Justin Germak, 17, said he knew that Lanza “had a condition.”

“You definitely notice it,” Germak said. “[He was] kind of, like, needy. I wouldn’t say antisocial, but struggling to be social.”

Lanza, 20, used two handguns, a Glock and a SIG Sauer, in the horrific massacre.

He left a high-powered, .223-caliber assault rifle in his car before his murderous rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, sources said.

His mother — who pals said like to host dice games at her home —was registered as the legal buyer of the guns, law- enforcement sources told CNN.


  • Benjamin

    Freak. Rot in hell.

  • Margaret Nahmias

    We need to get better at idenifying these people and given them treatment.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    We need to require the teachers to bear arms and train regularly, as Clash and others are saying.

    Everyone across America is grieving for these children and adults, massacred.

  • fliteking

    So, if we take a psychologically unstable young male and bombard him with messages about how women are better, men are brutal louts, all whites are racists, their financial future is already destroyed and young males need to be prepared to be the whipping boy while taking a backseat in the employment world . . . you create a murderous freak.

    Gun owners are not guilty, liberals are the cause of this horror show.

    Meanwhile the rest of America avoids the truth .

  • Deepizzaguy

    I just wonder if Adam had a love for video games that are violent since one of the school shootings the killer said he loved playing video games that were violent.

  • Charlie Rigoglioso

    I hold the mother responsible as she didn’t have proper firearms training. Why weren’t her firearms properly stored so that no one could get their hands on them? She knew that she had an unstable child, so as a result of her actions this tragedy happened.

    • sherry

      I absolutely agree with you. My daughter has autism and other disabilities and I would NEVER let her even touch a gun, more less train her to use them. My other daughter who is not mentally disabled does know how to use fire arms and has a CCW. I blame the mother for this tragedy. I also agree that there should be armed personnel at all schools now.

      • Erin Ashley Hedges

        Autism on it’s own is not particularly a valid reason to withhold weapons training from someone. Otherwise, autistic people wouldn’t be allowed in the military

  • Mo86

    Let’s not fall into the trap that the secular world does! Let’s not give this monster any more attention than he’s already received.

    He was not a “genius”. Let’s not pawn it off on mental illness either.

    He CHOSE to do this. He was EVIL.


    Have you forgotten so quickly the trial
    of the young man in a school over
    there who learned from his video game that
    if he stabbed a school mate
    with a knife without a motive that he couldn’t
    be prosecuted? He used a
    kitchen knife, NOT a GUN ,and stabbed his victim 3
    times piercing the
    heart through both walls so he couldn’t be saved. He and
    his lawyer
    claimed that it was because he had some little known mental
    condition [
    ASSBERGERS DESEASE ] that he had been suposedly cured of.The
    only way to
    prevent a re occurrance of this type of event is to more closely
    the TRASH CD’S that are made available to our youth and the TV shows
    contain such violence. As the movie heroe’s are not available in our

    schools to prevent peoples’ heads from being lopped off by some non

    existant MONSTER. The real monster is the producer and director who make

    the movies. They aren’t interested in teaching your children good

    behavior,only in emptying their pockets of their spare

    WHERE did this all begin? Movie tone News,shown at your local
    climaxed with the Atomic Bomb in 1945? The MOVI E industry believed
    audiences were drawn to WAR movies and scary movies so they ran with
    this genre and made
    endless war and scary movies.
    Frankenstein,werewolf,vampire,creature from the
    black lagoon,Godzilla,King
    Kong, and etc?
    The war was over and they were running out of IDEAS for

    Then the government was faced with the problem of finding jobs
    for the men being discharged from the Army so they created the Roswell Scenario
    of being attacked by Aliens as reason to keep the Army intact.The MOVI E

    industry saw the potential for a totally NEW SUBJECT for exploiting their

    movie audience. Flying saucers,” The day the earth stood still ” all the

    way to ” Star Wars “. With the advance in technology due to the Military

    Area “51 “, color TV,and Communication, the general public became

    subservient to technology. Cell phones,I-pads Lap tops, and etc.. While

    the adults were being mesmerized by all this new technologies,their

    children were being SEDUCED by the NEW gaming industry of Imaginary
    type board games like dungeons & Dragons, followed by video games ,followed
    by EXTREME ACTION GAMES involving
    KILLING, AND ETC. Example: ” Playing Columbine Games ” .

    God gave us
    NOT to kill and
    DESTROY everything we don’t AGREE WITH.

    Are you raising a killer? If
    your son has X-Box ,you might well be!

    Playing Columbine [GAMES ]??? SPONSORED
    BY Cannon,Gerber,& 5 hour energy that promote VIOLENCE,KILLING.BLOOD
    LETTING,With no Moral value! So what, you say?.School is BORING so they would
    rather play games.They LEARN MORE from these games than they learn in
    60 years ago PARENTS blamed bad behavior on RADIO shows and Comic
    books ,both of which ALWAYS showed that GOOD triumphed over BAD / EVIL. Today’s
    GAMES do NOT.It’s all about WINNING the GAME / ELECTION / MONEY ! ! !

    consider myself to be fortunate that, as a child, I had 2 of the
    teachers that anyone could ever hope to have. They read stories
    to us like
    those of Hans Christian Anderson that taught us MORALS and
    rewards for being
    GOOD as well as the consequences for being BAD /EVIL

    Until the people
    insist on knowing the TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING, Starting with the

    Putting severe controls on the NEW GAMING INDUSTRY to
    keep our children from being exposed to this VIOLENT GARBAGE might be a step in
    the RIGHT direction. They are creating a NEW form of MENTAL ILLNESS for all that
    are exposed to this perversion of REALITY.

    I PERSONALLY have counseled
    3 teenagers of this type who were sent to jail and youth CONTROL facilities
    before they could perform this type of EVENT as well as many others who were
    already in an Adolescent youth
    Failure on your part to give
    this your most intensive scruteny and total disregard ,in favor of passing Gun
    Control legislation can only result in further incidents of this type ,claiming
    more lives of the innocent at the hands of these Game created MONSTERS in real

    We may be experiencing another case of science fiction
    becoming science FACT. The movie ” Forbidden Planet ” brought to light the
    theory of a civilization who developed technology to the point that it became
    the DESTROYER OF THEIR CIVILIZATION because they overlooked their one tool that
    contributed not only to their successes but also to their downfall. ” MONSTERS
    from the ID ” , ” They could hardly have known what was destroying them “. The
    ID is that portion of the brain / MIND where idea’s and inventions are CREATED
    and CONCEIVED .
    In the movie,the technology they created provided the
    power necessary to create their conceptions from one micro second to the next
    and transport them , physically to any location, making them virtually invisible
    and deadly.
    Our technology hasn’t advanced to the point of providing the
    POWER to transport the MONSTER to any location but it has progressed to the
    point of CREATING the MONSTER by stimulating active young minds with limited
    control through the use of VIDEO GAMES that portray MONSTERS,VIOLENCE,AND DEATH
    for CONTROL

  • Jhon Kacan

    Adam Lanza WAS A DEM-LIBERALS AGAINT GOP,And Communist party won ban weapon?come on,give me a break.His parent are Dems-liberal too,that prove who are a real criminal,Dems are and win with fraud.We will figth until dead for a freedom,until eliminate for complete all Dems-liberals and a Communist Party.

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