• RPW

      What about your kids, kids? It’s the kids in school today who will be making decisions that will effect us and all that come after us. do we want them deciding were too expensive to care for when were too old to be of use to them?

  • Linda Armstrong

    Charter schools in rural areas are great. Lots of parent involvement. NO PC.
    If U have no access to a charter school, homeschool. Organize with other parents.
    Get your kids out of the big schools.

  • Tom hockey

    SLOW children crossing

  • Max

    I am so glad my kids are out of schooll if they were still in I would pull them out at once we need to protect are kids and teach them at home It is not safe to send them to these lib schools they are lying to them and brain washing them open up some old country schools and hier teacher to teach are kids the right way I went to country school and it was great

  • freedomringsforall

    Well, Well Well,

    Now they are starting to come directly out with it.

    About time.

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  • http://twitter.com/madmemere June Gagnon

    Yes, “leftist power” IS in our schools; that’s WHY we have to change and “cleanse” our school system. Parents, either home school your children or take them OUT of public schools and put them in charter, or parochial schools – -DO IT NOW! Make public schools go “defunct”, for lack of attendance and fire the teachers- -they’ll have no one to brainwash!

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