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  • Time is almost up

    I think I have said this before on this site. Christmas or Chirst mass, originated as a celebration of the winter soltice by pagen sun worshipers not Christian Son worshipers. The RCC, notorious for christianizing non-christian customs in order to proselitize, is reponsible for mixing the sacred with the profane. But that is not the point. It is way past time for this debate to end, especially beween Christian and secularist. Believe me, just like Barry doesnt care about guns, just control, the secularist doesn’t care about a few meaningless symbols and rituals. He cares that as long as Christians are engaged in debate they are not going out and winning souls for Christ and satan has won. Go out into all world and make believers of them, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And we don’t need to browbeat just warn what is ahead if they don’t accept Christ and let the Holy Spirit convict them. Get your Bibles and read what God said to Ezekiel about the consequences of not seeking to warn people who are lost, and die lost.

    • sjplwc

      The Christmas = pagan sun worshipper feast is probably, historically false. It was concocted ages ago, took hold in people’s minds, and has been repeated uncritically ever since. Evidence is strong that Dec 25 was selected to celebrate Christ’s birth because of a very complicated Jewish tradition involving the birth of prophets, etc. Church celebrated Christ’s birth very early on, and it actually appears Roman pagans borrowed the Dec 25 date from the church for one of their festivals, not the other way around (see: http://pblosser.blogspot.com/2006/12/is-christmas-really-just-warmed-over.html). Regarding “debate” vs. “preaching the gospel”: we should be doing both! There is no conflict — in fact, they go together quite comfortably, since the same God who sent His son to rescue us from our sins also wants His Lordship to be asserted in every other area of life. We need to integrate both aspects of God as we interface with those who don’t have a relationship with Him.

      • sparky

        Very well said!!!! Thank you!!

      • TexasJester

        Whichever way it was started, the truth is that pagans (I’m a Wiccan) celebrate the birth of the New God each Winter Solstice. Dec 25 was promoted to the pagans as a replacement for the pagan God, using Jesus, and that they wouldn’t need to to have a new God each year.

        There is evidence that suggests that Jesus was actually born in the spring (or early summer) of 3 BC.

        That being said, this time of the year is CHRISTMAS TIME, regardless of faith. For those that insist on saying “Happy Holidays” in the hopes of not offending anyone and being socialistically Politically Correct, STOP IT!! You ARE offending everyone! I had an argument not long ago with a manager of a truck stop over this – because he didn’t want to offend “non-Christians”. I told him that he was doing just that..

      • jubilee

        dont forget, Jesus celebrated Hannukah on kislev 25 when it was winter





  • Elizabeth Hill

    Very, very well said. Thanks for clarifying what we all know to be true — though most refuse to accept for fear it may come to be true for them and then — they have a grave decision to make the likes of which would not have been necessary while they were sitting on the proverbial fence.

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