Gannett: Anti-Gun Loons Make BIG Boo-Boo

800px-PacificLoon24“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8
Knee-jerk reactions create bad policies. They are based on the foolishness of feelings, which are fickle at best. Following the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT … we must be circumspect approaching this case and how to sagaciously prevent similar evil events from occurring.
But, as the Left is almost completely ruled by their emotions … they are already committing acts of unequivocal stupidity that will endanger a plethora of Americans … as they venture ever-deeper into hypocrisy. 
On Christmas Eve … Libs timing is incredibly moronic …, (The Journal News), owned by Gannett, published the names and addresses of gun license owners in Westchester, Putnam & Duchess Counties in NY State. Brilliant.

For what purpose did these geniuses do this? They don’t state the reason. But, what they did do is stoke the emotions of a public enraged by the actions of an evil, mentally disturbed adult and instead of responsibly pointing the discussion toward mental illness and irresponsibility (as in the part of the killer’s mom), they focused the entire discussion on the object used by the murderer. And in so doing, violated the privacy of millions of people for being responsible and lawful citizens. Additionally, informed those intending to burgle a home, which homes are NOT protected by weapons.
Dwight Worley, the writer of the piece, should change his name to Wile E. Coyote.
But since the Left is always SO concerned about fairness … I believe they should do the right and fair thing concerning an activity that uses taxpayer funds. As a taxpayer … I would like the Gannett to publish the names and addresses of all women who have obtained abortions and those who performed the abortions at any facility that utilizes my tax dollars … i.e. Planned Parenthood and their ilk.
The double-mindedness of those who possess the PA system in our culture, are slowly and assuredly leading the majority of the population into a place of vulnerability, because they react to everything from an unstable emotional foundation. A foundation which will eventually crumble to the benefit of miscreants.
So, adequation advocates … time to be fair. I’m a pro-life woman and gun advocate, and I want to know that info…
THAT would be fair.

Image: : Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica), aka Pacific Diver; author: Tim Bowman, USFWS
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  • Benjamin

    Lets mail them a turd!

  • TWG2A

    HA! Yes, that’d be a good way to distract and deflect those beasts! Demand the records of women who slaughter their own children at a taxpayer funded racist, genocidal abortion mega-chain. And while we’re at it, let’s demand lists of the “doctors” who murder 125,000 innocent children worldwide each and every day. I WANT THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES.

  • Encycloman

    Like the article! They also really should publish the names and addresses of everyone who is on psych meds. Seems that is a better predictor of loon behavior and potential mass shootings. In my humble opinion, way too many of them are on the market (with horrible side effects listed for all to read), and no one holds the doctor responsible.

    • David

      they are PROTECTED by the law

      • BigUgly666

        So are we supposed to be.
        It’s called the Right to Privacy.

      • Encycloman

        Yeah – and I thought the rest of “us” had a right to a little privacy. Duh.

      • dextermassolettisr

        And what ‘law’ might that be? the theoretical law that says I’m right and you’re wrong depending upon their cash flow?

        Why do you think they want there to be no resistance/guns?
        Its not a free country if you do not exercise your rights and refuse to submit to any and all terrorists.

    • dextermassolettisr

      I’m with you.
      I also would take it a few steps further:
      Periodically publicly display th nmaes and addresses of all those on the dole, all those getting ‘free’ phones &c; but you get the idea, the parasite lists, from the president on down
      Return the Wanted Posters to the post office, forget about dead-beat dads in this time of the dead-beat Political Class.

  • slickzip

    All stupid left wing socialist/communist/liberals need to be rounded up and shipped to the South Pole and left to hug themselves to keep from freezing to death ,,,,,

    • babygirl825

      nah…they’d take away the space needed by the penguins to mate and raise their young. they’d probably block access to the ocean so they couldn’t eat. and of course they’d want to break all the eggs…..can’t let them have any babies !!!!!!!!

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Ship ‘em up to the high Arctic. The increase in polar bear population (due to global warming?) has put pressure on the ecology of the region. The bears would appreciate the protein.

        • fed up!!

          AND give poor bears food poisoning???

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Them bears are tough. They’ll eat anything.

      • Berzrkr50

        Or have “Penguin Abortions”…

  • fyrewollfe

    I already emailed my representative and senators urging them to oppose Feinstein’s latest ban. I urge everyone else to do the same, united we can make her bill politically toxic.

    • dextermassolettisr

      No one can ‘vote’ away your rights — in this case, go buy a gun and learn how to use it — to protect your life, family, and your rights.
      The idiots will be able to understand that. That is the real law, which they can begin to obey.

    • Berzrkr50

      Just make sure you stash all or some of your firearms; you’re on the “List” now…


    I’m retired military and a former cop. Let me tell you a fact. The only people who will not obey the gun restricitons/bans are the criminals. Look at Mexico. They have strict gun laws (as we know from an incarcerated former decorated Marine) but it does NOTHING to stop the cartels, gangs and every other evil doer out there that wants to blatently disgregard the law.

    Mentally unstable people wil be that way, criminals will be that way. Just like politicians are two faced liars…. Rosie Odonnell, a strict anti gun advocate adopted a child. On that childs first day fo school who took the child?? An armed body guard of course!! How many of Hollywood’s facist/liberal elite have body guards? How many of those body guards have concealed carry permits? Not happy about having armed guards in our schools? At the school the Owebama girls go to, there are atleast 12!

    Society has become numb, uncaring, anti social, anti christian and anti American. Rap and the hip hop generation of so called entertainers have been a huge contributor to all of this. Ever listen to the lyrics?

    Your institutions of higher learning are not immune. Where do you think all of these socialist liberals breed? Well according to Sandra Fluke, they shouldn’t have to breed because we have to pay for her indescreationary sex with our tax dollars.

    Yes, I went off track a bit but you see where all of this points to! Communism, socialism, a radicalized state where all of our Christian values and laws are destroyed. Apparently it is true that people do not learn from history. Look at what has happened to every nation that has surrendered their weapons, a totally dictator controlled country. Thought our rights are bad now, just you wait until Owebama spins these next 4 years!!!

    Be aware, be alert and be prepared…

    • Ken Tapley

      right wing has allowed the left to define an argument for so long that now they
      are doing it to themselves. Case in point, the argument about Obama care and
      contraceptives. It should not have been if it was covered or legal but why
      anyone should have to pay for another persons contraceptives. Now here they go
      again with the list of gun owners being published in the newspaper. The argument
      should not be about the publishing of the list but why is there a list in the
      first place. Registration does nothing to stop crime or help solve it. Most
      States do not require registration and it works quite well for them.


    • Philcat

      Not Possible to Upgrade the Common Sense of Professionals.

  • David S. McQueen

    Audrey Russo: It ain’t about “fairness” or “saving the children”. To the Marxists, it’s only about control. The Marxists in the USA truly believe they can run your life better than you can and they will do ANYTHING to put themselves in that position. It’s the epitome of self-centered egotistic political machinations. Gun control isn’t about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people. Anyway, Audrey, keep fighting; I know I will.

  • dHb

    Gun control is not about guns, it is about control

  • James Foley

    Well, the names and addresses of the reporter, publisher, staff, etc. are available on FaceBook and have been put forth as gun free zones for urban wolves. Thus they can choose the easy path at their leasure or the more hazardous one of an assured armed response of those who have been outed as packing.

  • marineh2ominer

    Fairness is irrelevent to communists , and yes ALL demonrats are progressive ( ie: communist ) .

  • Indiana_James

    To ALL criminals that can read this: I promise NOT to defend my anti-gun neighbors. SO,…….if you want to steal sh*t,..steal THEIRS!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      You just do not want the mess and hassle of shooting ‘em.

  • BigUgly666

    I find it incredibly funny!
    There have been a lot of postings by “non-CCW” types claiming that “even if they don’t have a handgun permit and they are not shown on this map ….. THEY MIGHT STILL HAVE A RIFLE OR SHOTGUN ….. with which to protect themselves”.

    Uh-huh! Right!
    Guess this just proves the point that even they, the anti-gun type, believe that the thought of an armed homeowner will help to keep criminals away.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      While it is quite easy to carry a handgun in the pocket of a bathrobe or PJs, it is just inconvenient as hell to carry a shotgun or rifle the same way.

      • Berzrkr50

        Not if they stick the end of the barrel where the sun don’t shine and call themselves “Tripod”…

        • Daniel F. Melton


  • 2War Abn Vet

    One must wonder how long the media can milk the Newtown shootings. It isn’t about the children; it isn’t about the deranged shooter; it’s all about the liberal goal of gun confiscation.

  • The3rdGardener

    Gannett: (check it out) apparently owns a lot of broadcast media and USA Today as well as this little local Journal News that published the names and addresses of gun owners. “Just say’n”, since they are into full disclosure and all………….. I already don’t subscribe so I can’t boycott them, but …..

  • Gary Jones

    This leftist media puppets criticize law abiding citizens or disenfranchise, discriminate for the purpose to sensationalize and fabricate news. Write this, report it as fact…-a gun on my hip, a dog at the front, one in the back, Warning message: the dog’s please consider a warning”’fact the real message Desert Eagle 50- fact…a terrible human error ..Breaking In ..fact because the exit will be horizontal and dead on arrival…yet to be tested..

  • Gary Jones

    The Progressive lefties and the Rhino’s have no logical reasoning to solve problems and their void of practical commonsense.
    The hypocrisy of these people lends itself as proof that stupidity is
    forever, They have armed body guards, security patrol. surveillance,
    politicians send their children to schools with armed guards, police and
    a personal secret service detail to protect them and carry their lunch.
    Our children and grandchildren are at a greater risk but it’s shameful
    or somehow should be a crime to protect them. The gun law is a sham just
    like the war on drugs I will keep my guns no matter what,, the 2nd
    Amendment is an inherent right and is excluded from executive order or
    unlawful for Congress to take away, if they sign an unconstitutional law
    they have committed a treasonous act by disobeying their oath..

  • jamohio

    I’ve said it before, but there must be some way for the owners, editors and the reporter to be charged with inciting criminal activity and should be sued by any person who’s home is broken into or worse. We are not public officials but private Citizens!! No person has the right to know that other than the police that may have to deal with you.

  • brabbie2002

    Yep – Grab the guns of every legally carrying person in the US, then create the death camps like in Poland and Germany. Line up the Christians, Jews, and mentally challenged and march them to the gas chambers so our little dictator-in-chief can make his muslim brothrhood buddies as infamous as the Nazis. After all, you gun grabbing idiots are playing into his agenda just like the Germans did Hitler! Sure, go ahead make yourselves slave to this communist Bast–d. But don’t take the rest of us with you! If he wants our guns so damn bad, tell him to come and get them! I really don’t believe that the armed forces will back his sorry oreo butt as they hate him as much as I do! When I look at him, or any depiction of him, I see the downfall, race baiting liar that will bring our once great nation to civil war. You think the first one was bad? Wait till you see the second!

  • WASP

    We’ve become a real banana republic. Like the flaky socialist countries south of our Southern Border, where newspapers are routinely owned by political parties, our libtard lamestream media is controlled by the fascist-democraps. Just part of the Kenyan’s volunteer Propaganda Ministry.

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