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  • http://termlimitsin.blogspot.com/ Term Limits

    There will always be people who are not comfortable with carrying a gun.
    That’s fine. They should not have to. But, they should not be allowed to
    prevent anyone else from doing so. As far as getting a concealed
    weapons permit, I think it is a good idea. Anyone who is responsible
    enough to go through the training to obtain that permit is probably
    responsible enough to be trusted with such a weapon in the pubic
    presence, even a school. Since there are wac jobs out there, requiring a
    minimal amount of training is still a good idea.

    As long as we continue to let these well meaning, uninformed liberals
    attack our constitution it won’t be long before we no longer have any
    rights. “We the people” need to start standing up for our rights and our
    constitution before they are gone.

    • Ort

      Liberals are not, nor have been, nor will ever be “well meaning”. They are socialists who think they should rule us like feudal lords. They will continue to push and push to see how far they can go to exert their will over us, and to destroy the Constitution. Never forget that.

  • Abby

    If our schools would not have “this is a gun free zone” and instead say “concealed weapons carriers are on the premise” it might just deter the cowards who would kill our children.


      THE BEST PROTECTED SOCIETY is a society that can….PROTECT ITSELF!!!

      • Guest 2

        Two years ago as a Christmas gift, our son, a correctional officer, paid for a concealed carry class for his father and for himself. My husband was in the military and was quite proficient in handling weaponry and taught our son respect for the law and respect for the gun. After taking the course, they are aware of the law, their rights and the rights of others. All in our family should take the course.

    • Rattlerjake

      We have thousands of retired military veterans, most who are mentally stable and well trained that would likely accept a position at a school for a wage, even some volunteers, to protect children. But instead dimocraps want to disarm Americans and make it easier for more of these atrocities to happen. We are being ruled by the mindless! Law enforcement officers are reactive, we need to be PROACTIVE!

      • MontieR

        Oh contrair, didn’t you get the memo. Our government has declared our vets terrorists.

        • Rattlerjake

          And that’s another reason we need to fight to keep our right to bear arms. Vets will be a force to be reckoned with in the event of a revolution or civil war in the future – of course politicians and liberals know this and that is a primary reason they want to disarm everyone.

      • DaHeat

        As a law enforcement officer (Retired) I agree. Now days you can not even get the local law enforcement to patrol your neighborhood, let alone take any enforcement action! Too much ‘political correctness’ crap!…

      • rulken

        Rattlerjake; Your right on with your assessment of this atrocity. There isn’t a police force anywhere in the world, that can prevent you from becoming a victim of a violent crime!! It IS, our own responsibility to protect our selves, and our loved ones. The only thing the police can do, is record the crime, and maybe make an arrest in the future. There isn’t anyway they can be everywhere at the same time to protect us all.


      PROTECTED BY; Smith & Wesson.

      • Evermyrtle

        38 special with hollow point bullets!!

    • LeSellers

      This whole conversation ignores the real question: Why are the children in government-run, tax-funded welfare schools in the first place?

      There is no rational argument for herding children into same-age cohorts teaching them the same thing, and having that thing be under the control of the state. The very existence of grtf-welfare schools creates these shooting galleries. But they exist for one reason and one reason only: to make it impossible for a person to think those things the states does not program into him while in those schools.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • stj

      My thoughts exactly.

  • poptoy1949

    Yes, i agree put them in schools. However take note that lately a lot of the crazies (mentally unstable people) are doing the shootings. However, if you arm everyone the shooting will stop.

  • NRA intructor, ppith, ppoth

    I would travel anywhere to train any teacher in how to effectively carry, present, and fire accurately the appropriate handgun for them.

    • Carl Stevenson

      Frontisight is offering their training FREE to teachers and administrators.

  • http://guerrillainternetmarketing.wordpress.com/ Ernest ODell

    Very good article, Mr. Pauwels. Interesting note: schools in Alaska, especially those in the “outback” tundra, and villages, have an answer to that…

    …the students, many of them walk to school in the villages, and carry pistols and long rifles (carbines, shotguns, revolvers, etc.) to stay on top of the food chain. When they get to school, weapons get stored in a locker or closet. For the last 20 or 30 years, I haven’t heard of any nut case exploding in the Alaskan schools.

  • cwgf

    Misguided liberals want to make this tragedy into a debate about gun control. Up the ante and let’s have that debate. We need more guns, especially wielded by teachers in schools. Ask the families of the latest murder victims in Chicago if the strictest gun control laws in the nation helped anything. Ask Norwegian families if their gun control helped prevent Anders Breivik from shooting anyone. With the lowest crime rate in the world, ask the Swiss if their legal requirement to own a firearm has caused any problems. And don’t ever lose sight of the fact that the 2nd Amendment is not about protection against psychos and criminals. It is about protection against the tyranny of an outlaw Federal Government.

    • jamohio


  • Jaybird248

    30,000 people die each year from gun violence. Thousands of them die in gun accidents. The chances of dying a gun death from self-inflicted violence and error are far greater than from crime. Do you really want more guns around children?

    In a civilized society, the job of protection belongs to the police. Let them pick up the responsibility of keeping the schools safe. It’s their job. They want to do it. Let’s let them.

    • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

      “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword [or today’s equivalent] in their hand; to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have ALL HIS SAINTS. Praise ye Yah.” (Psalm 149:6-9)

    • cherokee_warrior

      How wrong you are. With this rececent mass killing, if the 911 call would have been made upon hearing the first shot, all would have been over, by the time that the law enforcement officers arrived on the scene. End result of ‘waiting for the police to arrive’ still would result in dead people. Keep in mind, it takes minutes for the law to arrive. It takes seconds for the .357, .40, .45 or 9mm round to go from weapon to dispatching the perp.
      Had the principle will armed, she might still be alive, as would the other victims. The automatic lock on the door was a safety feature, however, it has long been known that ‘locked doors’ will keep the honest person out, but not the crooks or those intent on killing innocent people.
      Let the government take away the right to defend one’s self, and it will only get worse
      thus, the 2nd Amendment must be defended, at any cost.

      • Jaybird248

        And you’re betting that the armed teacher will be at the exact place and time the lunatic shows up, and that her reaction will be instantaneous and her aim true. That the aggressor won’t be wearing a bulletproof vest, and that he won’t be using a weapon that will overwhelm her little nine. I’d highly doubt all that would be the case, while having loaded guns around kids, 24/7 is far more likely to result in a disaster if a teacher hears a workman in the hall using a nail gun and thinks he’s a shooter or if a kid somehow got access to the defensive weapon. The unintended consequences are there. Don’t rule them out.

        • Carl Stevenson

          Your arguments are absurd. The federal government’s own data show that the POLICE are 5.5 times more likely to shoot innocents than the armed citizen who stops a crime (which happens 1.5-2.5 million times per year in the US).

          • Jaybird248

            So Carl, let’s fire the cops and just give everyone a gun. Would save a ton of taxes, not to mention speeding tickets. Whose arguments are being absurd?

          • Carl Stevenson

            Yours, of course.
            I never suggested we “fire the cops.”
            I’m just saying that they’re not there, and can’t get there in time to stop the carnage, and that “disarmed victim zones” are not just ineffective, but counter-productive.
            Check the facts, ALL of these incidents happen in (supposedly) “gun free zones”
            Hell, even our troops at FT Hood were disarmed by edict when Hassan shot them.
            Naiveté doesn’t save lives. Sensible precautions and preparation do.
            Eliminate the fallacy of “gun free zones.”
            Train and arm the teachers if you REALLY want the children to be safe.

          • guest

            You can’t argue with STUPID! Jay Schleifer would not know what to do in a REAL WORLD situation as he rarely comes out from under his bed.

          • earlycsa

            Note: This is a Straw Man argument, a favorite leftist tactic used extensively by Obamaites.

        • dave

          You are really out in left field, guessing, as you are will never save one child, but a well trained gun holding teacher has a much better chance of doing so

        • earlycsa

          You obviously are terrified of guns. Secondly, these perp killers are kids themselves, not Rambo’s and they can be intimidated (they usually commit suicide when the cavalry finally arrives) or stopped-killed by trained personnel. An armed school employee will always arrive on scene ahead of police from a 911 call.
          Do you want to have a pair of scissors (with safety blades of course) or a 9mm? Irrelevant Question, YOU will never be in that situation.
          Do you expect a totally safe world? Head back to the womb.

          • Rattlerjake

            OOOps!, the womb isn’t always safe either.

        • Ort

          Nobody is suggesting that the armed teacher would be in exactly the right place at the right time! Even YOU don’t expect us to swallow that. The cops aren’t, are they? What we are saying is that if this lunatic was able to shoot only a couple people, instead of 27, you wouldn’t think that was worth it??? I sure the hell do!!

        • EMIRCITNA

          JAY, Your mental reasoning is that of a juvenile with all your suppositions and “what ifs”, so I’ll make this SIMPLE for you to understand, my friend.

          FACT: NO ONE on scene had “THE CHANCE” to save themselves OR their students due to the ABSENSE of a DEFENSIVE WEAPON, thus many died, as a result!

          (You missed your calling; with your Bloomberg-style “reasoning” you should have been a politician!)

    • BigUgly666

      Do I really want more guns around children? You damnwell betcha, Skippy.
      For their own safety – just in case the “unthinkable” happen and they “find” a gun somewhere – all children should be taught firearms safety and how to deal with a “found” weapon.
      In a “civilized” society – we would not NEED “police”.
      As regards the “police” providing for your protection? It is not in their mandate. They are not there to protect anyone, but to “protect” society at large. And, as so clearly evidenced by the school shooting in Connecticut .,….. the police get there in time to clean up the mess and write the report. Police have NEVER stopped on of these “gun-free slaughter zone” shooting from happening – even at Columbine – they sat outside until the shooting stopped when the boys killed themselves …. after killing others.

      It is YOUR job to provide for your own protection and of those around you – get used to and accept your own personal responsibility

    • Carl Stevenson

      The police have NO obligation to protect anyone (ruled all the way through the Supreme Court).

      What’s needed in these situations is IMMEDIATE, effective (armed) response When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Delay equals more dead children.

      The teachers should be trained and armed. It works in Israel, even with the terrorist threat they face.

      As Leviticus says:

      !לא תעמוד על דם רעך You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood!

    • dave

      I do not know where you get your facts (fiction), but more people are saved by guns than killed by them, only nuts and liberals kill or accidentaly kill themselves, and your number is way off..

    • earlycsa

      NO, It’s My Job to protect myself and by extension my family. When seconds count, the Police are minutes away. Legally, Police have no duty to protect you. They may but that’s their choice. In these shooter scenarios police “secure” the perimeter first, then access the situation, and enter too late to prevent the carnage. Only armed people inside the facility before the attack ever lessened or prevented this evil. So either arm and authorize the school employees or hire a massive new TSA. You being a liberal sheeple, I can guess you vote for the TSA!

    • Rattlerjake

      Another fool speaks with fictional facts. Police are not for protection, they are a retroactive force designed to react when called and figure out what happened when it is over. If police were designed for protection then the ‘elite’ politicians wouldn’t need the secret service to protect them.
      And although they say that the arrival of the police caused this nutcase to kill himself, because they want you to believe that the police are the heroes, the truth will come out that he ran low on ammo and used one of the last ones on himself.


      JAY, Get away from your TV set for awhile; …there is NO SUCH THING AS “GUN VIOLENCE”! ~ Inanimate objects CANNOT be “violent” in and of themselves!
      More people have been killed in motor vehicle “accidents” than ALL the wars America has been through, to date; so ask yourself if you want more motor vehicles around children that would promote motor vehicle “violence”?!
      By the way, in a “civilized society” people have good common sense, which keeps it civilized! ~ It is those without good common sense that are a detriment to a civilized society! ~ Common sense dictates that the BEST way to protect society is to allow society to protect themselves; especially when the police take minutes to arrive when …..SECONDS COUNT!!!

    • Truepatriot49

      Jay Schleifer , please crawl back under your rock! Gun control is not about guns, it is all about people control, and NO gun control law has ever prevented a murder.

  • Herodotus Rebuked

    I have no doubt at all that Obama will use this incident to sign the UN ban on automatic weapons and bypass the Second Amendment. It will be an abject surrender to the New World Order and the end of the USA unless true patriots stand tall and fight the near-dictatorship of the Democrats and the divided GOP in Congress.


      WHATEVER Obama “signs” is Constitutionally ILLEGAL….just as all his “appointments” are!!!
      Bottom Line: For laws to work, the laws must be Constitutionally valid!
      For unconstitutional laws to work there must be enforcers of those laws willing to violate their oath of office, thus making them traitors to their country’s Constitution!
      There must be citizens that will OBEY an unconstitutional law out of ignorance of their Constitutional rights or ….plain stupidity!

      • rulken

        You’re right, and while we’re at it let us remind everyone that everything Obama has ever signed, and passed is not valid, as he isn’t qualified to hold the position of POTUS!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Wouldn’t that be sufficient grounds for impeachment?

    • jamohio

      That would be an unConstitutional act if passed! And that would be treason!


    has anyone actually applied and received a conceal carry permit on the left????????I had to fill out a yard of paer work, it was then given to the sheriff’s department who then did a local,state/national background check and then I must renew it every five years. First of all it is not reasonable to think Obama the communist is going to be able to find all 200 million guns in America [he could not find ONE GUN to save the Benghazi diplos]. and secondly it should be realized the people having a concealed have never committed a mass murder;; it is the irresponsible owners [his mother] who allow nut jobs to access their guns; LOCK THE GUNS UP IF YOUR SON IS NUTCASE.

    • YomamaYo

      Every liberal who has a public voice to criticize concealed weapons… has someone protecting them with a concealed weapon. Hypocrites.

      • Carl Stevenson

        Feinstein has a CCW … only available to the elites in most of CA.

    • Rattlerjake

      They can’t even find the fast and furious weapons that they PLANNED to track.

    • rulken

      That is a very good point. His mother is as much to blame, for what took place in Newtown as anything!



  • slickzip

    AMEN ,,, we need teachers and other school officials to be packing heat , so they can stop the killer in his tracks ,,,,,

  • JRB

    Hey, here’s an idea. Lets hire ex-police officers to teach children. Then both sides could be happy. The whole concept might make learning a little easier for our kids. Might do my teenager some good to think that her teacher might be packing heat! The system might experience a new level of respect from students toward teachers…. Just a thought.

    • JRB

      Something else I have to remind everyone about too. Many years ago the liberal God haters of this nation began removing God from the campus. Probably really pi$$es them off to know that in an instances such as this one,,,,, Everybody in the building was praying. It would be nice to have prayer back in the lunch room or in a class room, rather then only on such an occasion as this. Wouldn’t you think? Not to sound vindictive or anything but I wonder if any God haters lost a child in this?

      • YomamaYo

        Wholeheartedly agree. These very kids who were murdered probably weren’t allowed to sing “Holy” Christmas songs in that same school.

  • Reelman1946

    Forks cause obesity!
    Now its coming out that the Mother took her strange autistic child to a shooting range!
    Now call me off base but we have some more “Columbine Parenting” here IMHO… rich liberal AWFUL parents living in some fantasy world where they do not see the obvious and pander to their children…THAT MATTERS…I said THAT MATTERS!
    Instead of teacher unions being greedy thugs…how about seminars for parents at PTAs etc?
    Do you think that 300 million people only have 2-3 sickos like this guy?
    Stop thinking 3 guns at school by admins/coaches is somehow horrible…
    they could be locked in 3 places on the campus and at least the good would have a chance…
    but noooo, we have the dimdems ranting about gun control instead of child control/protection, go figure…(theconservativecrawfish)

  • BigUgly666

    Harrold School District – Harrold, Texas – they are already doing this.

  • YomamaYo

    But what if one of the teachers had a gun, too? Could Lanza have been stopped and many of the children’s lives saved?

    The question isn’t new. Back in 1999, the year of the Columbine
    school shooting, an organization called Jews For The Preservation of
    Firearms Ownership interviewed Dr. David Th. Schiller,
    a leading gun-rights advocate in Europe on how to combat the school
    shootings that even then were deemed “quite common” on U.S. soil.

    Schiller cited the example of Israel in the 1970s, which had suffered
    a string of horrific attacks on schoolchildren by Palestinian

    “After this a controversial debate erupted in Israel in regards to
    guns, self-defense, etc.,” Schiller said. “We heard, of course, the same
    dumb arguments by some good people you always hear on these occasions,
    like, ‘We do not live in the Wild West here!’ or, “Guns don’t solve
    problems!” or similar silly things.”

    But then, Schiller explained, Israel dumped its strict gun laws
    dating back to British rule over the area and opened the doors for
    concealed carry permits.

    “Teachers and kindergarten nurses now started to carry guns, schools
    were protected by parents (and often grandpas) guarding them in
    voluntary shifts. No school group went on a hike or trip without armed
    guards,” Schiller explained. “When the message got around to the PLO
    groups and a couple infiltration attempts failed, the attacks against
    schools ceased. Too much of a risk here: Terrorists and other evildoers
    don’t like risks.

    “The only thing we can do is protect possible victims,” Schiller
    concluded. “And laws written in some books will not achieve that. Never
    have, never will.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/what-if-1-of-the-teachers-had-a-gun/#BBbKg2sG2zeKE4CK.99

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

    If the teachers or others were allowed to carry, this never would have happened in the first place, as the cowards only attack at places unprotected. Funny how few police stations are attacked by the lunatics.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

    Obama’s political stance is just that, he doesn’t care that people died, he only wants to make some points with the whackjob crowd. Never let a crisis go to waste, right Rom? Obama?

    • earlycsa

      Exactly! No discussion of arming school employees will surface through the controlled media, even increasing actual police at schools will be ruled out. The ONLY “solution” is Gun Elimination or “controls” step by step. How’s that working in Gun Controlled Chicago? Liberals answer: we need more controls!

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Average response time of a Call to 911 —- 23 minutes.

    Average response time of .357 Mag —-1400 feet per second.

    You decide which protection is better.

    Time to tell the Legislators of the Northern States and the gun control states that gun control no longer works. In fact, gun control kills children.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    I would like to know who the legislators are that passed gun control laws in Connecticut and charge them with conspiracy to commit murder and accessory to murder. (Same goes for other states with gun control laws).

  • mfernandez57MN

    While I agree with the author’s premise that teachers and other staff should be encouraged to carry a concealed firearm and be trained in its use; that only addresses the “symptoms” of the disease. We need to deal with the “disease” that is behind these kinds of horrors; the amorality of a society that no longer has and therefore no longer teaches any fixed, immutable standard of “right and wrong.”
    Compare our society today with that of the 40’s and 50’s, and consider what changes took placein the schools and society in general (i.e.,kicking God out of both). If you can’t see the connection then you are infected with the same disease as these mass murderers, the disease of unbelief and postmodern amorality, because a morality that is not fixed and immutable, is “no” morality.

    • mogul264

      Of course, you’re right! If you are in a sinking rowboat, and, if you can’t bail faster than it’s coming in, you’re better off PLUGGING THE LEAKS! Bail afterward! If MANY are armed, the cowardly thugs will reconsider! And all but the most insane types won’t think, “Hey, if I kill a whole bunch of people, I’ll be famous!”, or, “I have a grudge against …..(supply any reason), so I’ll kill a bunch before I kill myself!”, but think, “I think I’ll find another way, maybe a BOMB!”. OK, that brings up another problem, but we’ve dealt with that, too!

      • mogul264

        OK, I forgot about rocks off a highway overpass! Let’s have ‘rock-control’ laws, too~!

  • Carl Stevenson

    Someone on another blog said, “It’s sad, but we’re just going to have to get used to this sort of tragedy.”


    No, we don’t “have to get used to this sort of tragedy”!!! What we need to do, if we truly want to prevent as many incidents as possible, is to stop making schools, malls, movie theaters, etc. such soft targets.

    Hint … These nuts (and criminals) are cowards. They virtually always pick places with large populations of disarmed, vulnerable people. (see Columbine, VA Tech, the movie theater in Aurora, the mall in Portland … virtually all of the sites of multiple shootings such as this were “gun free zones” … not so “gun free” after all, were they?)

    “Gun free zones” give victims a false sense of security, but they give criminals and nuts real security by assuring that they won’t meet any effective resistance quickly enough to prevent their evil deeds.

    Eliminating the deadly fallacy of “gun-free zones” will prevent most of these crimes, by eliminating the certainty that they can be accomplished without the threat of resistance. Even in the remaining cases, it will at least allow them to be stopped before they can rack up such high body counts.

    English philosopher Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” In these (multiple victim shooting) cases, government or owners of malls, theaters, etc. are actively preventing the possibility of good men or women doing anything meaningful and effective to stop the evil.

    As Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.”

    How many innocent men, women, and children have to die in this country before the madness of prohibiting good people the means of self-defense is ended?

    And, before someone says that the good people shooting back to stop these nuts will just kill more innocents, the federal government’s own statistics show that armed civilians acting in self-defense (or the defense of others) are more than 5.5 times LESS likely than the police to accidentally shoot an innocent person.

    Gun control will not stop criminals from getting guns. By definition, they don’t obey laws. Neither will it dissuade the insane.

    The only way to prevent, or at least reduce, the deaths is to allow people the means to defend themselves and others promptly and effectively. That means allowing the good, honest, law-abiding people to carry weapons for self-defense and (at their option) the defense of other innocents.

    Guns don’t kill, but criminals, the insane, and “gun control” do …

    • Texas Tanker

      As an operations officer in the Army, I always tried to develop Operational Plans/Orders that allowed me to attack an enemy on a weaker or unguarded flank. That allowed me into their rear areas. We weren’t looking for a “fair” fight. Outside of a boxing ring, there is no such thing. I preferred to have my tanks fighting against rear-echelon troops and lightly-armored & lightly-armed vehicles. THAT ensured a better chance of winning. Same as with the whack-jobs who go into gun-free zones to commit mass murder. That’s why they don’t strap on the body armor and attack a police station or a shooting range. Mr. Cho knew he would not face serious opposition at VA Tech. So did the idiot who drove his truck into the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen. So did the Muslim Major at Fort Hood. None of them were so “crazy” as to attack anyone with a chance to fight back. All of them were evil cowards All of them are personally and individually responsible for what yhey did or have done.
      Using the logic of banning all guns based on this atrocity is absurd. Using this same logic, we should outlaw all automobiles based on the number of people killed by automobiles each year. In fact, The late Senator Edward Kennedy’s automobiles have killed more human beings than my entire firearms collection. Similarly, we should ban alcohol based on the number of people who die in alcohol-related incidents each year. Ooops, we tried that already. Didn’t work very well, did it?

  • James Maxwell

    There are segments of our society that totally hate and despise weapons of any sort. That is based upon where and how they were raised. Weapons have been part of America since we used them to free ourselves form England’s rule. The problem is we used to teach gun safety to our children in our schools and thru various organizations across America. Since we have become “Civilized” people have not needed weapons to
    protect and defend themselves on a daily basis. But with the rise in crime and violence
    due to a bad economy, loss of jobs, violence on TV/Movies and video games we are
    seeing some people act out in a very uncivilized manner. To that end we need to
    educate the public and our children on weapons, how to use them safely, respect them
    and understand that they are not toys. If you try to abolish firearms, confiscate them you will be left with only the criminal having weapons. Our forefathers understood this and that is why we have the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It gives the citizens the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves form our enemies and tyrants who would enslave us and take away our freedoms. This will not ever be acceptable on any level at any time. Our politicians want to take away our ability to defend us because they know if they try establish a dictator ship the people will rise up and remove them from office.

  • gmhunt4

    Arming teachers in Israel has meant an end to shootings in schools.


      obama and the left continue to ignore history and the success of pro-aggressive behavior; lib socialists are wimps and ignorant of anyone’s opinions but theirs.


    HAVING UNIFORMED police or security guards only pacifies the people hiring them into a false sense of security! ~ All criminals and terrorists have to do is keep an eye on WHERE that uniform IS then attack the area where it is NOT! ~ Common sense!
    It is MUCH MORE effective when a criminal or terrorist DOES NOT KNOW who is armed, thus they would THINK TWICE before risking their lives or failing their end-goal!
    Bottom Line: WHY is it that the Israelis can solve their school and airport security problems in a SENSIBLE way and get POSITIVE results while here in the USA our “leadership” seems to be without common sense?! (or WITH an “agenda”!)

    • Rattlerjake

      You hit the nail on the head, LACK COMMON SENSE! What we really need is a test that can be given to any potential politician to see if they lack common sense before they can run for office. Maybe have them try to balance a checkbook. :^)

  • earlycsa

    I received an email from FrontSight.com that offered Free Gun Training for School Personnel at their facilities in Nevada. Will Schools take the offer? A few Private Schools perhaps,but Public Governmental Schools? Don’t hold your breath, They preach gun control-elimination as any “good” government institution does.

  • Century22

    IF you trust your child’s teacher enough to send your child to them each day to educate them, THEN why should you not trust that same teacher to be armed to protect the life of your child?

  • agbjr

    All these “free” zones are a joke. Drug free signs, gun free signs … advertisements for criminals; “Hey, we’re unable to defend ourselves so just come on in and commit your crimes!” This sort of thing doesn’t happen when responsible citizens are packing an iron.

  • Gym Shu

    The NRA has not caused one of these massacres. These massacres are driven by obama’s largest contributor”s. Hollywood and the video producers are the driving force of corrupting their minds. The more people they can kill,in these movies, and videos and the more buildings they can blow up, the more successful they are. Hollywoods greed is what’s driving this type of behavior.

    • Rattlerjake

      Best proof is the new Tom Cruise movie, where Cruise is a gun wielding nutcase going around killing everybody that he can. The opening was postponed due to this incident. But, Hollywood is only part of the problem, the other part is parents who allow their children to watch violent programs, play violent video games, spoil them rotten, and who don’t talk to their children about guns, sex, drugs, or violence. Most problem children come from single parent homes where a woman is head of the household, this is a statistical fact (easily googled); add into it the government and their liberal policies and laws that coddle juveniles and adult criminals with plea bargaining, shortened sentences, no capital punishment, and a “free ride” in prison.

  • SteamBoat

    Why don’t we take some of Obama’s Secret Service budget and dole it out to our public schools. Security for his family is unlimited and at our expense. If the government wants to get involved in our daily life…. this would be a great starting point. Time to redistribute the security budget.

  • Ort

    Why do the mentally impaired liberal left continue their idiotic stance that DISARMING law abiding citizens will result in less criminal activity?? That makes ZERO sense.
    That is like saying by banning all legitimate medicine, we will no longer have drug abusers/addicts.

  • frank jackson

    In my email I just got a letter from a place outside of Las Vegas that was willing to train 3 teachers from the schools in the proper handling of firearms. for FREE. Its called Frontsite, I am a member and have yet to go.

    • earlycsa

      You have a rewarding experience ahead of you. I took my entire family, Twice.

  • bless2live

    After watching and listening to Geraldo Rivera on Fox News for many years, well he would be the last person to be trusted of knowledge on guns and there use! What ever he thinks and committs about guns is just a committ only.

  • Bobseeks

    In a nation that has embraced evil and turned its back on GOD no amount of “protection” will suffice. We must turn back to Him and away from the satanic agenda of the democrats. We must do away with public schools where the evil of evilution and liberalism are forced down our children’s throats. As long as we tell ourselves that murdering babies is ok, we cannot be surprised when someone makes the cognitive leap to thinking it is ok to murder children. We cannot continue to pour the filth of Hollywood, liberalism, socialism, selfishness,atheism, and other evils into our children and not expect it to come out in some horrific way as what we saw in Newton.

    • YomamaYo

      Being a believer myself, I recognize the state of our society. But many will not choose God. We know that the times will “wax worse”, but there are many things we can do to protect ourselves (including trust in God). I home-schooled my kids because I was able. Many are not able, and this is not going to change. We can curse the darkness/evil all we want, but it will not change things. There will be atheism, liberalism, and a continued flow of filth from Hollywood until the day that Christ comes back. Many are called, not all answer. So focusing on the evils in the world will cause us to become fascinated with it. We can only do our best to speak forth the truth to those who have ears to hear. And for those who reject it… well, that is between them and God. We don’t know a person’s heart or when a seed planted will bring forth salvation. God gives the increase. And I believe with all my heart that God is definitely okay with people who use whatever means possible to protect themselves. Excuse me while I head to the range and sharpen my aim.

  • John Detwiler

    Although I disagree with Geraldo frequently, I find myself agreeing with him on this.Have any of you had the opportunity to visit a Social Security Office lately? If so I imagine that you were aware of the Armed Guard stationed there. We certainly can see the difference between a few adults and the many children in a school. So an armed professional at every school makes a hell of a lot of sense..

  • Evermyrtle

    If this teacher had had a gun, it is possible that all the school children would have been saved, but the incident will further hamper the right to have a gun for protection. It will be used as a tool to make America helpless in their homes. I already have a gun to save me for harm. The fact that I and a gun in my hand when I answered a knock at my door, I was saved from a man, that had served time in jail as a robber and he is back in jail right now. I would not allowed him in my home without a fight and he may have killed me to get what he wanted, because I would not have silently sat back and done nothing. The guy was from the neighborhood and knew that I was elderly lady living, alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    end gun violence now everyone should carry one

  • GB

    In response to the Conn. killings…..How
    many millions of babies have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade? How many
    people are killed by automobiles daily? How many more violent movies and video
    games will be produced year after year by those Hollywood liberals who
    promote gun control and influence the thinking and actions of the population?

    Obama approves of near-term abortions (infanticide) but shows up to
    shed tears over killing of these latest folks by guns. He wouldn’t be
    looking to further his cause for gun control now, would he? When will the
    politicians realize what we need is more morality not more control?
    Morality used to control the actions of society. Today’s liberal immorality is ruining

  • Mr Infidel

    How can horrors like Newtown unfold in our day?!? The answer is simple: We as a Nation has removed God from every aspect of public life, including the raising of our kids. We’ve kicked Him to the curb and then we ask why tragedies like this occur. I guarantee we bring Him back in to the heart of this once great Country, repent, and put Him first, events like Friday will dramatically decrease.

  • AZWarrior

    Two brave administrators went toward the gunshots to try and help and were killed. Both were unarmed. If you think ‘bringing a knife to a gun fight’ is futile, try showing up empty-handed. Bless their souls for trying.
    Spin on an old adage: The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is to disarm law abiding citizens.

  • marineh2ominer

    It is much easier to just say guns are banned and ignore future shootings because the nutcase or criminal used an illegal firearm , It makes great politics and solves NOTHING .

  • Barbann

    I think it was Margaret Meade who claimed there is no fury like a mother protecting her cubs. Trust me, if a couple of those teachers had been permitted concealed carry they would have finished this quickly.

  • True American

    Bravo, bravo, bravo he can see the danger our kids face and the need for protection!

  • J Wood

    Eastern schools are more box like easy to control entrance exit through one point. Western schools wide open. We can see this President making sure whatever he does will be the most expensive and least effective. That’s his DNA. Why not start with long prison sentences for anyone holding an illegal gun? The gun clip issue is raised by folks not knowing what they’re talking about. It takes less than 2 seconds to clip out and be shooting again.

  • Right Wing Nut

    A lot of people miss the whole point of gun control. Liberals do not give a wit about dead school children and in fact welcome it as a driver they can use in their push for gun control. The point of gun control for liberals is to gain control over the general population so they can enforce the liberal point of view without resistance, tax and confiscate property at will, and perhaps even to sodimize and rape our children without fear of retribution. Liberals are among the sickest form of life on this planet and if they aren’t stopped pretty soon we will be living in a nightmare world worse than the one they have already given us.

  • tim

    Good points, but why hasn’t anybody talked about what creates these psyco killers in the first place? it seems liberal women being the authority figure in these young mens lives is what has got them so hateful and screwed up. If somebody like Doug Giles were responsible for them these shooting would not happen. Mind you there are are only a few young men who lack empathy that allows them to do something like this in the first place, but for those few when they hit their teen years and testosterone starts flowing, if there is not a strong male figure around to instill limits on their actions, shootings like this can result.

    How come gang members don’t go shooting up schools or theaters like this? Because as misguided as they may be, they have a strong male in charge of the gang who puts limits on the members actions.

    Look at the Arizona, Colorado, Virginia Tech, and now Connecticut shooters. All young males whose primary authority figures were liberal women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.cesnajke Sherry Cesnajke

    I still say that every lippy liberal who wants guns banned from our citizenry, if they had been at that school at that time and armed, would have shot that shooter dead to save the children.

  • Idadho

    I can envision a ‘in-service day’ at the range. Encourage any and all staff to maintain range proficiency. Have a weapon lock box in every room with access limited to the one teacher only and only that teacher knows which lock box has a weapon in it. Let the monsters worry about which room is armed.

    And, teach the students firearm safety. De-mystify guns. Pellet rifles at the school range is a good way to teach discipline. Even the ADD/ADHD student will screw his attention together to be able to hit the bullseye. Firearms will become a tool to be used for a valid purpose.

  • Glen

    Let’s face it. It is time to throw out politically correct thinking because if you look around and are honest with yourself you will realize that the politically correct crowd have been WRONG on all counts. They have screwed up the country’s economy, morality and work ethic. The PC crowd corrupts science with grant money that demands a pre-conceived outcome and their thoughts on weapons and self-defense get people killed in large numbers. Want to see it get worse? Try getting rid of weapons entirely. The criminals won’t turn theirs in and will smuggle more in from elsewhere. Then you will have what the Russians have already experienced, radical terrorists taking out entire schools of kids with teams of jihadists, or like China. On the same day as this slaughter a guy entered a Chinese school and stabbed dozens with a knife or sword. Turning the populace into defenseless sheep is not the answer. The police and government cannot be relied upon to protect you 24-7, because. They can’t be everywhere at once.

  • axmickl

    We put out of uniform Sky Marshals on airplanes, why can’t we put School Marshals in the schools without showing who they are? One school marshal could have saved the lives of a large number of precious little people a couple days ago. I doubt Bloomberg and Obama would go for that, it is too practical a solution.

  • KittyKittyKit

    There’s somwhere around 5 MILLION Law Enforcement officers in the nation; there are 350,000 active Military, throw in another miscellaneous 650,000 tax-payer funded folk who are hired to protect and defend our beloved U.S. Constitution against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and DOMESTIC, and that comes to a TOTAL of about 6 MILLION armed men who stand ready to turn their guns on US, the HONEST, gun owning private sector and say TURN IN YOUR GUNS or we WILL KILL YOU…….because THEY and the POLITICIANS they protect, who are tearing down and destroying our constitution, have determined that WE are the DOMESTIC ENEMIES they must protect the nation from!!!

    There’s a WAR against Constitution loving REAL AMERICANS by the very men and women we have hired to preserve our freedoms. EVERY ONE OF THEM is a TRAITOR and GUILTY of TREASON…………every one of them.

    They ALL took the oath while in CIVILIAN STATUS, prior to stepping into their official offices of DUTY. They SWORE AN OATH to defend our borders and Constitution against ALL ENEMIES both foriegn and DOMESTIC.

    LOOK AT THE COUNTRY, FOLKS!!! The “Leadership” at ALL LEVELS of government are implementing the U.N. Agenda 21 protocol, which STRIPS the nation of it’s SOVEREIGNTY and puts us under a GLOBAL U.N. government made up of countries that HATE OUR GUTS and OUR SOLDIERS, OUR POLICE, OUR POLITICIANS are the ones doing it.

    EVERY YEAR, America fields an 80 MILLION MAN ARMY carrying Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, Bows and Arrows, Knives, and Sling Shots. It’s called HUNTING SEASON, and these 80 MILLION ARMED MEN AND WOMEN do NOT go about KILLING one another nor do they make ANY ATTEMPT during that season to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. NONE OF US!! Because WE are the ones who LOVE our courntry and our FREEDOMS and WE do not abuse OUR POWER.


    This country is in the condition it is in now because 74 MILLION ARMED MEN AND WOMEN have been vamboozled by the 6 MILLION. We’ve been DUMBED DOWN to believe that WE THE PEOPLE are the problem and not the solution. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed these scum-bag, non-Americans to get the upper hand, and JUST LIKE in Gemany, we are allowing America’s HITLER to put people in high places to OVERTHROW our beloved Constitution which GUARANTEES RIGHTS to it’s CITIZENS and LIMITS THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    There is a TIME AND A PURPOSE for EVERYTHING under the Heavens. There is a TIME to take up ARMS and a TIME to lay down ARMS, there is a TIME FOR WAR, and a TIME for peace. There is a TIME to SPEAK OUT and a TIME to KEEP SILENT.

    The TALKING HEADS talk….talk….talk…..but they are the MOST INFLUENTIAL in keeping the ENEMY in power by telling WE THE PEOPLE to speak softly and ARM ourselves by carrying a fully fluffed Q-TIP in both hands.

    They RUN THEIR MOUTHS and satisfy themselves they’ve done their part and continually POKE US IN THE EYE and the CHEST saying, “what are you going to do, I’ve done my part”……..you hypocrit talking heads.

    You’re LITTLE BETTER than the LAME STREAM MEDIA you rant againstt

    We ARE more EDUCATED, thanks to you, but it will take YOU TALKING HEADS, before they SUDDENLY SILENCE YOUR CONSERVATIVE VOICES, to unite together and CLARION THE CALL TO ARMS so that the remaining 74 MILLION can act in CONCERT to take this nation back from the ENEMIES OF OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

    We CANNOT depend on the MILITARY nor the POLICE to side with us. THEY PROVE EVERY DAY that they will stand against us by trying to deny us our 1ST and 2ND Amendment RIGHTS.

    There’s but a FEW DAYS LEFT, America. Our BIGGEST ENEMY is our OWN GOVERNMENTs at every level. They want us DISARMED because they are NOT REAL AMERICANS, and if we let them disarm us, THERE WILL STILL BE NO PEACE until they have KILLED EVERY CITIZEN who holds that the U.S. Constitution and our Declaration of Independance is EVERY CITIZEN’S RIGHT.

    There’s going to be HUGE BLOODSHED, and they plan that ALL of the blood shed will be that of the AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

    They have THEIR MEDIA TALKING HEADS leading their MINDLESS, STUPID drones.

    WE THE PEOPLE need OUR MEDIA, to lay it on the line before it’s too late, and GET PAST YOUR EGOS, and SET A DATE to call us ALL INTO THE STREETS ARMED and we WILL DO IT. But we need the CALL TO ACT IN CONCERT, we CANNOT do it in small groups of a hundred or a thousand, we need ALL 74 MILLION American PATRIOTS to FLOOD INTO THE STREETS AT THE SAME TIME, fully armed and NEVER let the ENEMIES of our Constitution get in power again and NEVER allow ANYONE to speak of DISARMING THE CITIZENS AGAIN…………that’s TREASON.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.cordon.1 Bob Cordon

    Well thought-out. Indeed, a uniformed “School Resource Officer” would be easy enough prey for the cunning attacker-to-be. Anonymous, well-trained armed school staff would do more to protect innocent children. The only problem is our school systems are run by (gun-control) liberals. They must be made to understand that “gun-free zones” don’t work.

  • ken345

    In Israel all the schools have armed and trained people in the schools and classrooms themselves. When they take the kids on a school outing the teachers and or chaperones are always armed. They are more or less at war all the time yet they no longer have problems with people coming into schools to target children. So you say we are not at war? To the people who died in the school on Friday it made not an ounce of difference. We really need to address the pervasive national feeling that human life is of no value in this country. With the President and the majority of voters in favor of abortion on demand it’s obvious as a nation we don’t value human life. How else can you explain that we kill around 1,000 of the most innocent and helpless among us in a very brutal manner and then throw them away like garbage? Even convicted killers get appeals, but not the thousands who are aborted every day.

  • Winghunter

    Oregon Gun Owner Stops Clackamas Shooting Spree, Proving Guns Save Lives (Mainstream Media Silent)

  • rick0857

    Even if you get teachers to agree and enact laws to make it legal it most likely will happen again. This tragedy is not because of guns but the lack thereof. So we put some guns in the schools and the people who run them will “LOCK THEM UP” to never be used, these guns will end up in a safe somewhere that no-one can find the keys for, they will not be maintained properly and you’ll find you’re back to square one. Or more likely than not a teacher with a permit and a gun will become lackadaisical, complacent, all of this will occur and once again a lone nut-case will get lucky and walk into a school where the teachers were complacent and left their guns at home.
    I wish I had the solution to this problem…I wish I’d had that solution on Wednesday Dec. 12th 2012.

    This is a mental health problem, an entertainment media problem, a “STATE GOVERNMENT” problem but it is not a GUN PROBLEM!!!!!!

    When evaluating people for mental illness maybe we should consider just “WHERE THIS LACK OF EMPATHY” comes from.
    Maybe, just maybe, we should look to the entertainment industry and ask………….”Why is it that you have to make so many video games and TV shows/movies that GLORIFIES THIS TYPE OF VIOLENCE??? CAN YOU ANSWER THAT ONE SIMPLE QUESTION HOLLYWOOD???

    No, I don’t think you can answer that question, because if you did you’d have to answer because it “SELLS” and you people are only in it for the money aren’t you???

  • MontieR

    I am so sick of COWARDS and willfully deceitful politicians blathering about gun control and banning ANY firearms, in EVERY case when they ban weapons crime goes UP. The inability to process these FACTS should preclude ANYONE from running for public office, and should result in IMMEDIATE removal from office for breach of contract and breach of oath.

  • mogul264

    If a teacher, to save innocent children, were able to stop a murdering terrorist with a screwdriver in the heart or clubbing him (or her) on the head, with a baseball bat, chair or fire-extinguisher, they would be hailed, lauded, carried on shoulders, given the ‘keys to the city’, etc! NO praise too great!

    How differently would they be treated IF they HAD a concealed weapons permit and HAD a concealed pistol, and USED it to stop that same murdering terrorist?

    THESE totally BRAIN-DEAD idiotic liberals would chastise, harass……NO! They would even HANG the latter for DARING to expose those same innocent children to the likes of a VICIOUS, DANGEROUS, NOISY FIREARM, even if it REMOVED the danger! The VERY IDEA! Instead, everyone could just wring their hands, and wait patiently for the distant Law Enforcement officers to come! That’s THEIR job, absolutely NO ONE ELSE should do it!

    And after all, it’s just the WEAPON that’s ACTUALLY dangerous, not the insane, or drug-crazed thug wielding it! THAT person is probably only confused and misguided, and just needs to be coddled and TALKED down!

  • Mario

    I don’t think I would agree putting weapons (guns) in the hands of teachers. (even those who would agree to CC) The majority of teachers are liberals, teaching entitlement, dependency on government, homosexuality is okay, etc. Better to home-school the kids so they can grow up with some sort of a value system. Since Dr. (?) Spock first advised not spanking your kid, to avoid damaging their self-esteem – this Nation has progressed further and further into a place where we will find an excuse for any kind of bad behavior. Many States do not have a death penalty, and those that still do very seldom put anyone to death, even for capital offenses. What punishment do perpetrators of capital crimes feel will be imposed, if they kill someone? Look at the stats of death row inmates in the states where there is still a death penalty. Most of them have been there ten years or more. This Nation is way out to the far left, when it comes to justice – that’s why we have the number of egregious, horrendous acts of murder and mayhem that we have.

  • Bill

    Is it to a point that we really need an armed Officer in our schools? If so each officer is going to be to have to vetted. Each one will have have to be willing to take one life in order to save many others. This very hard and takes a person who is willing to do it. I suggest that all of those who are approved for this assignment be checked and each one should have servered in combat or a Law enforcement officer, who has been in a lawful shooting.
    It takes a person who has been there in order to do this kind of work. Good luck we all need it. God Bless all.

  • GDC

    Geraldo Rivera IS IGNORANT, STUPID and SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!! HE IS a BRAIN DEAD DRUG ADDICT a PSYCHOTIC!! ON several occasions he has stated the right to own guns was for “hunting.” That coming from someone that is suppose to have a Law degree PROVES HOW IGNORANT, STUPID and MENTALLY SICK they ARE!!! The ONLY reason Fox could still have him on TV is for people to LAUGH at HIM!!!

  • davienne

    rivera changes his mush-mind in ………………….3….. 2……1…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhon-Kacan/100003185883958 Jhon Kacan

    No,teacher must not carry no weapon,teacher must show must better quality job and work for much less,hire a especial Police officer a few in each school,each especial Cop value for ten City Cops and let patrol and protect. a school and peoples,and let a rest of person nal school,like administrative,clean crew ect,carry a weapon.

  • sovereigntyofone

    If you wait a few days Geraldo Rivera will reverse what he said and jump once again on the violence of guns used by anyone. Reivera is a ” show boat ” and needs to be in the spotlight of anything going on that he can get his 15 minutes of fame out of. As far as Bill
    O’Reilly, well he talks on what ever side of the issue that his coat tails happen to be hanging on at the moment. It’s all about getting those ratings and that’s all that matters to these people. Why do people with the power to think for themselves listen to these talking heads?…” And that’s a memo “

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlbrowns Darrell Brown

    If GUNS kill people–WHY as no one ever died at a GUN SHOW

  • Boyd Sharp

    The thought of turning our schools into something like max security prisons is not pleasant to think about. But clearly adults, that means liberals shut up, need to study and think about solutions such as these. Uniformed guns equals first target. So for sure add teeth but keep the mouth shut until time to bite. But be sure to provide training. The Oregon mall shooting, if I remember correctly, the concealed carrier did not fire in order to avoid collateral damage. Keep that in mind before bullets start flying through school halls. Bodies do not stop bullets. Glass walls won’t. Death to Adam Lanza’s etc. Just don’t shoot those you are supposed to be protecting while popping the jerks.

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