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  • Benjamin

    Smashing! All well armed/well guarded hypocritical idiots!

  • Jack

    Well then how about enough of the bodyguards that protect these hypocrite celebritys with there own guns.I mean you think bodyguards don’t carry guns . Lets to have no more gated neighborhoods with security guards that carrying weapons ,where most of these famous people live at for own protection.Because somebody will get hurt by a guard using a gun.That is just not right .I mean they are for nobody having guns right .

  • Nikonron Digitaldude

    as if i ever cared what these STARZZZZZZZ care or say…………..

  • john

    They mentioned Fort Hood. That could have been avoided if our soldiers would have been allowed to carry a sidearm on base but the left’s hero Bill Clinton signed into law that they couldn’t which that’s something that needs to be reversed.

    • miatara

      they are the dumbest smart looking people ever!!!

    • pbsambo

      Yes, reversed Clinton law not allowing service men to carry a sidearm. “The Chicken” who went overseas to avoid military service yet he became president, Take that bull from a coward!


    Do you really think your rent a cop at your guarded community will stop rioters who think you have food? Better stock up on your dope cause you will need it for those pipe dreams.
    God bless America.

  • jeepdude911

    That video produced more B.S. than a dairy farm. Hollyweird can drop off into the Pacific as far as I’m concerned.

  • Mort Leith

    We HAVE a plan,,

    it’s called the Constitution 2nd Amendment !
    only moron liberals like these hollywood types refuse to allow its citizens to exercise it and make GUN-FREE Zones like schools etc,, so we can’t protect ourselves OR our kids.

  • Clifford E Ball Sr

    If the National Socialist Party (Dems) tried to take our means of home protection away from us, would we have the same intestinal fortitude or the “kahoonies” or the bravery to do what they did right before the revolutionary war or would we just be talk and no action?

    • coastx

      National Socialist Corporatist (NSC). Both parties are a part of the same organization. In reality Neopolitics is a single party parliamentary entity masked neocon for republican and neoliberal for democrat. They are the same with the exception of their fiscal budgets, the former fiscal conservative and the latter fiscal spendthrifts. Both proxy legislation for the monarchy and both are likewise debauchery pledged to repatriation in perpetuity. Giving up home protection has always been choice. I say this often, but it falls on deaf ears. The NRA and Posse Comitatus were engineered to diffuse the 2nd amendment redirect to the need for militia by over emphasizing the ownership of firearms. The reason for this is it would later be easier to disarm the American public than to diffuse an ideological movement backed up with an organized citizen army. It’s that simple, albeit Americans are too simple minded to figure it out. People in the US are going to be lofting their Remingtons from behind duck screens in their front yards is about as serious as this will get – no match for a Schwarzenegger resourced transnational whose training out of doors and lean diet make this an unbeatable adversary for the American gun collector genre of idea hero that’s spent the last decade stuffing his face with Bic Macs. No match.

    • miatara

      I have wondered the same thing, would any of us have the guts to start a revolutionary war?? I think we have all been so blessed and a little spoiled for so long that most would be “afraid” and “too ignorant” to realize what they must do. So thankful for the Fathers of our country who were so brave and intelligent to move on with their ideas of our country. God blessed it and them and us for a long time.

  • Jaime Cancio

    I have to admit this was enjoyable and saddly true and so very well done. And just to be accurate not all Hollywood actresses are whores. You have those actresses who made it from the porn industries (you know the – “The Best in ‘Total’ Family Entertainment” producers and then there are those who were actual prostitutes earning their living on the wages of sin who found the right movie director. Women who only want something more but they don’t know what it is and will never find it. And women that will do “anything” to bring attention to themselves just to be noticed. What amazes me are all the actors and actresses that are educational drop outs earning poor grades and never completing high school that act so morally superior and intelligent – when we are know they are only reading a role written by others telling them what to say. And as to Hollywood teaching everyone in gun violence – may every idiot out there learn well – because in truth if they handle a gun like Hollywood shows them – they are so easy to beat – and in that game there are no second place winners.

  • coastx

    Liberalism is an obverse term and a Pandora’s box of litany in contravention of the application of reason via the use of charm offensive, the double bind and intentional indifference to human suffering.

    To make liberalism work, it has to be peopled with individuals who will follow through on an “agenda”, the best people to recruit for this purpose those who present “sin nature”. Scoundrels serve this purpose well.

    Some individuals are born to trouble, their character a product of their gene pool, and such can be bought and are thus easily manipulated via the debauchery pledge what consequence for redaction is the threat of death in perpetuity. They are willing to sell their souls to the devil in exchange for resources to aggrandize their preoccupation for money, drugs and sex, and there is no limit to any of these insofar as they remain committed to their UK inspired SSO.

    Liberalism is an application and put to use via a racketeering scheme entitled “special interests” that diverts and exploits a culture’s resources to such enterprises as MK/Ultra (CIA), COINTELPRO (FBI) and technology based population control such as biocommunication technology and MRT, EMP ANAI.

    These circumstances are not the dark art of some nefarious shadow entity but are the work in progress of our own federal government what congressional body has capitulated in the DCBR and is actively functioning as a proxy for the British monarchy under the guise of Noble SSO. They are being labeled by these SSOs British knights and clerics and such, and their presentation in legislation is thus guided by the hand of Globalist city state, LDC, with either the Vatican, Mormon church or Islam serving this entities mystification needs.

    These are the constants of the Globalist movement, it’s press into US political infrastructure via neopolitics, the theater of which is the drama of comedy and tragedy, and the audience of which is seated in the rows upon rows of folding chairs located somewhere between our constitutional God inspired republic and the obverse Twilight Zone of humanitarianism and democratic process.

  • bobk90

    A Poem for the Anti-Gunners of the World by bobk90
    Demand a Plan is a Big Scam, to take our Guns Away!
    They Killed those Kids with No Remorse, so this is what I Say:
    Come for my Guns, I’ll Fire till done and Bury you that same Day!

  • Ort

    Hellyweird can take their pomposity and hypocrisy and cram it sideways. It’s ok for them to glorify the gun via illegal kills in the movies, but law abiding legal citizens with no criminal records must be vilified? They are loser do nothing’s with relatively little education. They have no right to tell me what to do. They need to shut up and go live in another country. They are not welcome nor wanted here.

    • pbsambo

      Screw all the sissies in Hollywood pretending to be “machos” using guns.

  • richcarro

    Cowards on this site can’t print the truth.

    • miatara

      Read the 2nd ammendment!

  • Randy131

    How about banning the use of guns in all Hollywood movies first, which our children have been learning from to kill each other, then we could start talking about banning guns in our society. But gun owners don’t fear, for Hollywood will never ban guns from their movies, because it would hurt their incomes, and that always comes first.

  • Deepizzaguy

    Let me guess. I am not a role model. Do as I say not as I do. Sorry Hollywood I watch Word Girl because she does not harm flies.

  • miatara

    Wow! what hipocrisy!! So if you pay these people they will back any thing that is anti constitutional as long as it fits their agenda, wow!!!! Well they don’t fit my agenda any more and haven’t for a long time, so I am going to,”demand a plan” ban all of you actors from my viewing enjoyment, if all people who disagreed with them did the same thing, maybe they would change their minds when they weren’t making so much money anymore.

    • richcarro

      I was talking about the site not printing my reply, I’m all for the second amendment and proud of it. If they would of printed what I said you would agree with me. I have no love for any actors that cry for safety with guns and yet they show you how to blew people away.These people are hypocrites and I won’t waste any more of my money to watch their trash.

      • miatara

        Oh I’m sorry about that, and I agree.

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