Is This Racism Alert: Union Thugs Destroy Black Man’s Hot Dog Stand

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 6.32.51 PMClinton Tarver has been serving hot dogs to hungry locals in downtown Lansing, Mich., for the last five years, but a brush this week with a pro-union protest literally upended his small business in a matter of minutes.

During a protest against right-to-work legislation in Michigan’s capital, Tarver’s catering supplies were destroyed when demonstrators tore down the tent where he was serving and trampled his gear.

The tent had been set up by the conservative Americans for Prosperity, which supports the legislation Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law Tuesday that allows unionized workers to opt out of paying union dues.

Tarver, who has been a small business owner for the last 16 years, was there to give hot dogs to supporters in the tent on the Capitol lawn. He said he was just checking tickets, not sizing up customers.

“Everyone that had a ticket I had given a hot dog to,” the 63-year-old owner of Clint’s Hot Dog Cart and Casual Catering told “So when two guys, one with a mask, came to get their hot dogs, I didn’t think anything of it because they had tickets and I was just there for a job.”

He described the action that ensued as “violent.” Only minutes after he’d handed the two men their hot dogs, the pair tore down the tent, turned over his serving tables, smashed his hot dogs, tossed a cooler filled with sodas and spilled his chili.

“I kept explaining that I was just here to do a job, that I wasn’t on anybody’s side, but when people started calling me racial slurs, my friend who works at the Capitol told me I had to get out of there, so I crawled out,” said Tarver, who is black.

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    Absolutely, no double standard here is there. And people wonder why giving serious thought to just shooting thugs like this is wrong. Of course, like the man below said, if it were conservatives doing that, they would be dead or in jail for violating his consitutional rights. But the leftist thugs know they call the shots when it comes to the civil rights of blacks. It’s only racism if THEY say it is. I’m telling you, it’s time to start getting serious about getting our country back. those union guys in masks are NO different than masked home invaders who might turn out to be black. Evil is Evil. The Anti-Christ, Obama, has his soldiers out there working overtime. Everybody should carry a weapon, and when this type of stuff goes down, so should the masked goons. Yes, I’m advocating violence to protect our country and the people in it from the goons that want to take it from us. Just like the goon who attacked Crowder that same day and destroyed another tent with women, children, and people in wheelchairs in it. Why waste time with a trial? I exercise my First Ammendment right to say I think that ahole should simply be shot and forgot about. Probably his children too as you can imagine what kind of father he must be. That’s what we will be facing when the S hits the fan and people like him go searching to take from those who have–you can bet he never put forth any effort prepping, why would he as that mentality does not match up with an auto worker making 56 bucks an hour. He has it made and anyone who threatens his lifestyle that was won by a union like the auto makers will try and bully whoever they can. And don’t give me that crap about 56 bucks an hour includes their benefits. It doesn’t. Add in the benefit package and it’s 74 bucks an hour. What decent American demands that sort of income while the city, Detroit, has become like a third world country. Because they only care about themselves. To do this to an elderly black man who one would think would be an automaic no no for the left, just goes to show you how much a bunch of liars they are. Too bad that old guy wasn’t armed. There would be two less illiterate goons under union protection not watching robots building our cars. Anyone who buys a car from Government Motors from here on out tells us who’s side your on. Same for Chrysler. I’m getting rid of my jeep as soon as i can afford it and will only buy American made, like Honda, Nissan, and Volkswagon.

    • Johnnygo7

      I like Ford

  • Marge

    Union pigs contrasted with Normal Americans who cherish the hard working business owner. The difference is staggering.

  • giant33

    Thank you Bo voters, A-holes

    • posttime

      Amazing, isn’t it? Before election, Michele warned America that “Barack will never allow your lives to go on as usual” (or something very close to that). Apparently, 50%+ of the voters didn’t get what she meant. I mean, how dumb can they be? She was talking hard-line socialism (“Change”). No matter. They couldn’t get to the polls fast enough so they could vote for him! Well, we got four years of trillion $ deficits and thousands more jobs lost. A sane person would have said that’s enough –but not them. They asked for 4 more years of the same! and they’re going to get it. We’re ALL going down the tube together. Alan Keyes warned us in ’08, but few listened:

      • Johnnygo7

        Stop using the word socialism. These people are commie/ Marxists

  • Barb Patton

    Were the two thugs crackers?? it is not mentioned in the article. Hate them crackers should be eaten with soup.

    • Sarah Conner

      teah they were union crackers…and they haven’t been eaten…yet

  • Mutt

    The Obamites have shown us their true colors. Nothing is sacred, nothing off limits or too low for them to pull. The labor unions in this country used to stand for something good – sadly, those days are long gone.

  • Jerry Reames

    down with the unions and the chimp dick-tater

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This is typical union activity. I would have taken a ladle of hot chili and flung it in their faces then rammed a hotdog up each of their nostrils. It would have been an interesting evening for those two azzholes.

  • salim

    that the labor unions would be A major cause to bring about national ruin had been foretold over a hundred years ago. to get the big picture, please read asap the book titled The Great Controversy (can be done so free online), authored by ellen gould white.

    God bless you all!

  • Maluka

    The unions only know two things; 1. VIOLENCE and 2. DO WHAT EVER OBAMA WANTS. Unions are like obama, “NEVER TO BE TRUSTED”.

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