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  • Pat C

    They possess no shame. It matters not that they are hypocrites. Is it any wonder that these mass killing incidents almost always occur in bastions of liberalism? The Post Office, factories, schools – all places where the socialist experiment is playing out, pitting citizens against citizens.

  • David J. Stuehr

    Remember, Obama’s darlings can do no wrong. And of course, there is nothing to see here. Obama, The Great Unifier has allowed us all to transcend this. His lick-spittle lap dogs in the media would never allow thier golden god to suffer any bad ink.

  • Archangel

    The term “DEMOCRAT” has become synonymous with Liberalism,
    Progressivism, Collectivism, Egalitarianism, Unionism, Socialism, Marxism, and
    Communism, and although each of these sociopolitical ideologies has its own
    peculiarities, they all harbor the same basic sociopathic tenets and regardless
    by what appellation they are disguised, all are the Antithesis of our
    Constitutional Republic!

    • Greggie

      Amen to that!

  • Archangel

    DEMOCRATS” can be illustrated by their incessant condemnation of the proverbial
    “SCHOOLYARD BULLY”, who they allege, intimidates and coerces with violent and
    egregious behavior, the rest of the children on the playground; and yet, these
    intimidation, coercion and violent behavior of the schoolyard bully they so
    vehemently decry, when the “COMMUNIST UNIONS”, to whom they have sold their
    allegiance, to whom they are indebted for their very existence, employ the same violent and egregious behavior of the SCHOOLYARD BULLY against “INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN AMERICAN’S” who prefer Freedom and Liberty instead of participation in the Collective Tyranny of a Union!

  • RightStuff

    Would someone please name me ONE liberal thinker? Just one, who could hold an intelligent conversation with someone like William F. Buckley if he were alive. Hint: There are none, because the liberal/progressive/leftist/socialist premise is based on shifting sands of emotion. Liberals, and I’m not exaggerating, literally think that history began with their birth. That is a fatal flaw of liberalism, and Lanny Davis even suffers from that flaw.

  • barto

    I for one would like to know if any of these thugs were arrested and prosecuted, especiallyt the one that assaulted Steve Crowder?

    • CabaneStrut

      No, they NEVER are because all the police in this country are unionized, and wouldn’t prosecute a ‘brother’. You never, ever see it in the news. Ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    Labor Unions today are a necessary evil

    • joshuasweet

      No they are not that is what the right to work states have shown the Unions do not care about work just power

    • phunyfarm

      Let’s all just roll over and play dead then…

  • AZ BOB

    Here is something to think about. Guess who takes your money gets you entitlements and spends your money anyway it wants without your permission. Unions or Government????
    Get it yet, you should we have, we been doing it since the day we started to work.

  • DavenTejas

    This article is just another justification to leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

  • phunyfarm

    The whole point is to divide the country. A house divided…you know (or should know) the rest. The dems are mad about their tax increases? Well, just how far up CAN you stick your head up certain body parts?
    As labor unions are all up the o’s body cavity we should not be surprised @ anything.

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