• Erica

    Blacks love free stuff apparently.

    • disgusted democrat

      Yes they do, but have no idea that free stuff has a price! Welcome to a social democray..

      • victorbarney

        And the “DEVIL” certainly is in the details, also as written…

    • victorbarney

      Correct, if you include not being work related, but then WOMEN, being our SINGLE LARGEST MAJORITY VOTER, ALSO OBVIOUSLY “LOVE” FREE STUFF!

      • Rattlerjake

        Of course they do. Ask any bankruptcy attorney, they will tell you that 70-80% of bankruptcy cases (involving whites) are single women or caused by women in married couples. With blacks it is closer to 50/50, and 55-60% of all bankruptcies not including businesses) are blacks. Additionally, any home mortgage foreclosure company and auto/furniture repossessor will tell you women and blacks are there bread and butter. Go to the local court house to bankruptcy court and sit through one day of cases. It’s not hard to understand when you look at spending habits of women, white males, and blacks. Women and blacks just buy and worry about cost later and seldom equate NEED vs LUXURY, where most white males are more fugal about spending and will not hesitate to do without or buy used for affordability. But these numbers are changing with the more recent generations, especially those raised in single family homes by the mother and families raised on entitlements (free food, free housing, free utilities, free, cell phones, free healthcare, etc.) as they have no concept of the value of money.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kristin.bragg.3 Kristin Bragg

        Do not lump all women under the umbrella of loving free stuff. It’s single women with children that love the free stuff.

    • Rattlerjake

      Sponge really is the:

      Society for the

  • Abby

    Ignorance must be bliss to these uneducated, clueless to the way the world works, lovers of ease type of people.

    • victorbarney


    • panors77

      Ahhh…..but you see to the dem elite THEY’RE the “educated” ones and look down their noses at anybody who didn’t go to “Haaaavaahd” who has a different political worldview than them,etc. It’s like the ones who went through college and came out socialist minded are the educational priviledged and anyone else that didn’t are the ignorant peasants. Funny how Lincoln was one of those peasants.

  • Irate

    I really doubt any of those who claim to love socialism know what it is like to be a socialist society. The clowns think it is all about free, free, free.

    • mbecker908

      …and the cost of “free” is freedom.

    • Ron1007

      I totally agree with you. I have traveled the world on business and believe me, a visit to a socialist or communist country would cure a lot of the folks who think that trading your soul for security and free stuff would change their minds in a hurry.

      • dave3200

        This is a key point. One needn’t do a lot of travel to learn the downside of socialism. Unfortunately, the majority of our population hasn’t had the benefit of travel outside the US. Result: an uninformed majority controls our elections.

        • Rattlerjake

          Absolutely a fact. I’ve been to around 40 countries over a 22 year period with the military. Most of the population in third world countries doesn’t own anything. They live in squaller (shacks and run down homes with little or no utilities), have no personal luxuries (cars, tv’s, computers, phones), and eat when and what they can. The poor in this country are considered wealthy in many of those other countries. Why do you think every Mexican tries to come to the US?, they can live comfortably without even working, AND receive an education.

          • dave3200

            Yeah, an education… Many would say it is an “indoctrination” to communism. Back in the ’60’s our education system began a program of intentional “conditioning” of our young minds. When they graduate from High School, they’re in pretty bad shape. Read some of their textbooks to see what I mean. If they continue and graduate from college, they are lucky if they have ANY common sense at all.

          • Rattlerjake

            Absolutely agree. Our country’s education has gone from top rank to less than half-azzed, we are currently ranked 15th in reading, 17th in science, and 25th in math (as of 2009) out of 70 countries; and of those 70, only 34 are industrialized like the US. This all came about with the government take over of education and will not improve until we go back to privatization of our education. The government is more focused on diversity and the pay scale than on education, and public higher education is not much better. We need to go back to higher standards (stop lowering them so crappy students can still graduate), rewarding teachers for OUTSTANDING performance (instead of every one gets a reward so it’s fair), stop wasting money on extravagant schools and electronics (our kids can’t even write worth a damn without a word processor, and can’t do simple math without a calculator or cash register), and stop worrying about diversity (it has nothing to do with education). Oh, and common sense is not learned in school as it does not involve academics, it is learned through life experiences – succeed and fail which our kids are not allowed to do anymore..

    • panors77

      It’s funny that those libs who are gung ho for BO actually ridicule anyone who says “socialist” or “communist”. They deny that BO is a socialist/communist and deny that they themselves lean that way, but same time defend everything about “the collective”. I mean they’ll spew beliefs right from the manifesto but deny the title. I have a guy I’m debating with who on one hand denies that Obamacare is a socialist government take over of health care, but turns around and defends Canada’s socialist healthcare system. He equates fire dept, police dept with socialism despite the fact that those things were in place LONG before marx showed up in the 1850’s. He thinks they’re the same thing……..I differ on that. Just because there’s a “public service” for something doesn’t make it “socialist” in the marx sense…to me anyway.

  • fliteking

    Liberals, AKA “Modern Socialists” , are little more than trained seals when it comes to understanding the difference between where we are now as a nation and where we are headed thanks to the democrats.

    • carsrus

      Liberals, aka today’s communists!

  • docdave1

    Obama, the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and the New World Order



    Bankster Dictators Take Credit For America & Thanksgiving

    JP Morgan Chase ran an ad that was in heavy rotation over the
    Thanksgiving holiday that is meant to sell the idea that the
    mega-bank is the backbone of America, when it reality, it is part of
    an enormous fraud. Bankster dictators are already
    bragging about how they have conquered America, now they are
    taking credit for its very foundational essence.

    It’s the Bankers or Us!


    • victorbarney

      As I alluded to above, being the REAL ISRAEL, we get PUNISHED FIRST, by the two-witnesses of Revelation, but Obama & all the gentiles 3 1/2 days later then also are PUNISHED, that that takes ONLY ONE(1) HOUR to accomplish, also as written…

  • atmorefaye

    Get out of America you are nothing but trash just like Obama Rice Reid Pelosi Holder and his muslims they are liars thiefs and murders just look at what they did to the 4 that died in Libya

    • victorbarney

      Here’s the REAL KILLER Faye, being the REAL ISRAEL(Gen. 48:16), as deductively/that’s “scientifically proven” for all the marxist philosophers out there/ proven by MARXIST ENGLAND, by the SEED OF JOSEPH, NOT JUDAH(i.e., “sun never sets upon the British Empire), Judah, “ONLY” GIVEN MESSIAH(GEN. 49:10)! The GOOD(???) NEWS IS WE GET THE TWO-WITNESSES OF REVELATION, CHAPTER 11 TO PUNISH U.S. FIRST, leaving only 144,000 people alive, also as WRITTEN!

      • Christopher Lynn Park

        British Israelism is not only off-topic, it’s a lie. Christians should have nothing to do with it.

        Acts 17:26-31 shows all nations, including us, were created from one man [One blood (heredity) in the KJV].

        Romans 5 Shows that that we all have a sin nature in Adam, & that Christ died to save all descendants of Adam that believe on Him. That sin was in the world before the Law (Covenant) given by God through Moses.

        John 1:12-14 shows the power to become the Sons of God that God has given to those who believe on Christ’s name was born not of blood (heredity), but of God.

        Galatians 3:27-29 shows that there is neither Jew nor Greek (no distinction made because of heredity/ethnicity) to those who are in Christ Jesus.

        • panors77

          I agree….plus I did a little research on the “Stone of Scone” which is alledgedly purported to be “Jacobs pillow, where this is claimed to be the real alledged throne of David or part of it, thus claiming that the British monarchy is actually in the blood line of David,etc. On one of my trips to the UK(my wife’s a Brit) I went up to the Scottish National Library in Edinburgh and found a book done in the 1850’s where they did a study on the origin of the stone, and found it to be of local UK origin and not from palestine,etc.

  • Bulldog74

    Funny thing about this chart — 94% of Democrats/Democrat leaners claim to love small business and 88% claim to love free enterprise….but then look at the percentages that favor the Federal Government and Socialism.
    Like saying I love golden eggs but I hate geese…

    • Rattlerjake

      You know, when I look at that BS Gallop Poll, common sense tells me the only percentages that are near correct are for the Republican side, except for the 23% that say they love socialism or the 27% who believe in the fed. Socialism and Republican cancel each other out, so basically 23 and 27% lied (hence they were really democrats). As for the Democrat side, none of the percentages are near accurate. 95(+)% vote for democrats even if they work, because they seldom stay in a career job and OFTEN use the entitlement programs and unemployment excessively. Plus the percentages of blacks who view capitalism negatively and socialism positively is far higher than 50 or 55%, considering even those blacks in business receive aid from the government where whites don’t.

      • panors77

        Funny years ago I had this debate with a young college student who called himself a “socialist republican”. He’d bully people at work drawing them into debate and try to humiliate them while pontificating on the merits of marx. He’d say no country or army was able to hold another country by force for very long so socialism/communism was a “peaceful” endeavor. Too bad for him that I had to bring the manifesto from the library to show him the page about the communists goal to take over the worlds governments by force if neccesary to bring about global communist government under one ruler. His answer? “oh…I forgot about that page”……heh.

  • GWjr

    Was heartened somewhat by the positive responses from the other side to the first three in the chart above. We haven’t lost this yet, just have to keep steady and make sure our side votes. Remember too that we should be cautious about “Big Business” & Wall Street as compared to “Main Street” and Small Business. Bailouts for the former is just socialism for people with money.

  • Mikey

    Well, if you won’t or don’t work hard, sure, socialism is your best answer because everybody else has to give you stuff.

    • victorbarney

      What happens when there SOON is no MORE to get? That’s what we’re REALLY DEALING WITH…STUPIDITY! Again, just saying…

      • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

        Ending your comments with “just saying” is an adolescent cliche like “like”. It shows lack of coherent thought.

        • victorbarney

          Just want to add that i was in the Air Farce in Da’Nang where we were protected by the marines during my first 10 1/2 months when the Marines were replaced by the army, starting with the Army 82nd Air Born! Our frequent Rocket attacks stopped immediately & the 82nd gave the Marines immediate evacuation ORDERS of all Airman’s clubs! As I heard by one such member of the 82nd in our Airman’s club tell a marine in our Club: “I got 7 ways to kill you in under 7 seconds, so LEAVE IMMEDIATEY or PICK a number! HELLO, the MARINE(‘S) were GONE IMMEDIATELY! Again, what is, is…
          p.s. the Navy next door didn’t come to their resue, either! Oh, is THAT coherent enough for you?

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    Our system of education has been so dumbed down and infiltrated with socialists….from elementary ed thru graduate schools, that socialism/Marxism/ communism are actually lauded……and young minds are taught to accept these systems as being a better alternative to the free marketplace. It is also forgotten that the former USSR and all of East Europe….broke their chains of oppression by the communists, and threw off the yoke of communist oppression…….and yet, although these events occurred just 23 years ago….they are already forgotten….or swept under the rug by those in this nation that have lurked for so long……and worked to destroy this nation, subvert its Constitution, defiling and destroying our traditions, morals and greatness…..all with the goal of bringing absolute power into the hands of a small cabal who seek total and unquestioned authority for dominion over all of mankind. Sadly….they are accomplishing their goals, and therefore we must marshall the will and the courage to topple these odious vermin from their lairs of power…..and bring back to America and the world the sanity, the morality and the respect and reverence for God and eradicate this evil that seeks to ensnare us.

    • victorbarney


    • Beachtennisguy

      Good point. The government school system is indoctrinating kids in Statism, and WE are paying for it. I wish I could live long enough to see the separation of school and state, but we’ve come too far down the slippery slope. Why any Christian, any Tea Party member, any Constitution-loving conservative would voluntarily give $1 to the government school system, is a mystery to me. Here in dumbed-down-Democrat Delaware, the local school board/system has just scheduled a referendum for Jan. 29 to again raise property taxes. They say they need more classrooms and staff, probably for the children of illegal aliens. The taxpayers are becoming the indentured servants of the takers.

  • ladyceo

    Stupid, stupid people! Could our education system have anything to do with this stupidity???

    • victorbarney

      SEE ABOVE!

    • paco12348

      Our so called educational system IS THE PRIMARY REASON FOR IT. Decades of children have been disenfranchised from their roots. UNIVERSITIES complete the job.

  • victorbarney

    Conn Carroll, here’s the REAL PROBLEM: About 74% of our population are GATHERER’S(i.e., WOMEN via biology alone & BLACKS through a combination of biology & “choice!”). Thus, our “SUPER MAJORITY” WANT MORE! MORE! MORE! & MORE!, BUT ECONOMICS 101 CLEARLY STATES THAT SUCH A ‘WANT” DESTROYS THE ECOMOMY! p.s. WELCOME to adam’s world, even BEFORE the 1ST MURDERER WAS EVER BORN! just saying, what is, is…

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      Leave off the “just saying”. It destroys the message you want to put out.

  • carsrus

    DOLE takers, gimme, gimme NOW I want it! These r the same FOOLS who gave US 4 more “annus horribilis” of this fetid, forked tongued, snake oil salesman LIAR! Hope and Pray he’s Impeached and convicted and JAILED for all the crimes he’s committed against our once Great Constitutional Republic!

  • Kicker

    Most likely, those clamoring for Socialism know only the tripe spun for them by Liberal professors and educators. Few, if any, have lived under Socialism, or had to endure the oppression and hardship that comes with it.

    But, it won’t matter what they are told. The Dream is more enticing than the reality, and they won’t stop asking for a life under Socialism until they get it, and then it will be too late!!

  • Darrell G. Walton

    I just wish the lovers of socialism would get off their lazy butts and research the dictators and the countries that fell to communism if only the majority of them could read. There always seems there’s a path of mass murder and genocide to get there and maintain it. In otherwords if the government has no domestic, government, or military use for you, you’re loaded up on the trains to the camps and killing fields. Do these idiots have a death wish? Our government who sold us out are the first to go as they can’t be trusted once the reality of their traitorship sets in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    along with socialism comes censorship
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  • Smiley

    Our Educational System has a lot of blame regarding Socialism, but then so must the blame lay at the feet of our Politicians. We are in deep trouble, in this country, and until millions starve there is no coming back. The takers and looters now control and neither party (Repub or Dems) are giving the voters conservatives to vote for.

  • KJQ

    The real numbers are far worse because people who are socialist in their thinking don’t even know that they are socialists – it’s a “bad word” they wouldn’t think of admitting to. Here’s a simple litmus test: If you’ve ever said “the government ought to …”, or “There ought to be a law against… “, then you’re a de facto socialist.

  • tidalpool

    how on earth can a race who make up approximately 12% of our nation’s population, whose children have 73% of the illegitimate children in the USA, have more then 79% of the abortions in the USA, have a HS graduation rate of less then 38% and worse, whose college freshman ( 58%) , are unable to find Canada on a map know anything about socialism? Unless of course some community organizer tells them socialism is all about wealth redistribution. Free money these people know only to well.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    This is because they are idealists and have not had to live in the hell holes that they espouse are so wonderfull. Wish they all would take a trip to Cuba, Venezuela , Russia and stay for 5 years. Bring none of daddy’s money either and just get by

    • panors77

      Cuba I’d seen in a documentary, allots their proletariate $10 a month to live on. Water is also trucked in to each street weekly.

  • Sagebrush6

    I have to blame a lot of the socialist views on our school teachers and collage professors. Not enough is stress on “personal responsibility” for living after school and too much value is put on access to social services.
    When one of my kids ask a teacher about how to go about getting set up for working after school, the teacher just said ” you’re on your own”. I just teach what’s in these books. WOW!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.cutro Ronald Cutro

    Very simply put:

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    – Winston Churchill

  • James Maxwell

    The fools who enjoy all the “Free” things that the government is giving away do not know
    nor care where the money is comming from. The vast majority of the do not work, pay
    taxes nor worrie about healt care. They have been conditioned over many years to be
    subservant to the government whims and dictates. When the bottom falls out and the
    government has to cut entitlements for the welfare class there will be many very upset
    people and more than likely riots in the streets also. Those of us who have worked,
    save and paid for the things we have will have to defend what we have from those who
    will try to take it away form us. This will be like the LA riots when they burned the city or
    Resercution city on the Mall in Washington DC when they came, protested, burned
    and pillihed the businesses there. The the government had to clean up the mess, tag
    bag, and put in storage all the stuff that was left behind when they were finally removed.
    The TAX Payers picked up the tab for a befause they did not want to hurt the feelign of
    the “underpriviliged and oppressed” criminals who scoffed at our laws and rioted.
    The problem will be in many of the places where they have massive gun control
    and people have been denied thier rights to own weapons for self defese when these
    riots take place and they will when the “Free” stuff is cut off.

  • marineh2ominer

    Many many people just beg to be slaves , it doesn’t require any mental strain to get everything handed to you , and they are so ignorant they can’t handle the reponsibilities of freedom anyway .

  • Light_V_Dark

    GODLESSNESS, IS GOING TO BE THE END OF CIVILIZATION–Atheists, no matter the color of your skin or how you vote, are EVIL. —————————————————- http://christianbookshelf.org/maclaren/expositions_of_holy_scripture_g/wisdoms_call.htm

  • Anthony Alexander

    The Americans ages 18-29 (47 percent) and a
    majority of African-Americans (51 percent) speak about are lazy and have
    disengaged from the capitalists system of HARD WORK and EARNING your way .These people condemn the “rich”. The rich in their minds are really a myth (
    made by the liberal socialists like Obama) to support and condone their
    laziness. While they were out with their friends drinking at the bars watching
    sports and goofing off, being un-productive, the “RICH” they talk about were
    busting their hump at night school, making payroll, traveling away from their
    families on business, working their way up the ladder to success. Working the
    system the way it should be worked.

    I say the Americans ages 18-29 (47 percent) and a majority of African-Americans (51 percent) are lazy and don’t have what it takes. These people have become lazy and have lost that sprit that we had after WWII. Another area is the UNIONS who also promote laziness. They have brainwashed the American worker into thinking and rationalizing their “worth” into being worth more than they are qualified. Today you have to be more competitive than 20 years ago. IT IS GLOBAL MARKET, NOT US MARKET. Americans are NOW competing with Chinese, Indians, Middle Eastern and other people who have engineering degrees, doctorate degrees, who are filling positions in engineering and technical areas because most Americans cannot fill them. Why, because to get there, it takes drive, initiative, discipline and being humble. None of which exist in Americans ages 18-29 (47 percent) and a majority of African-Americans (51 percent).most are criers.

    What is worse is American children are lazy, dumbed and bought off by their IPODS, Gizmos and gadgets more interested in having fun than working but want to live a Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. They want to live with all the nice things in life but are not willing to work for it so they subscribe to Socialism rationalizing that will be their savior. They are in for a rude awakening. They don’t take the math and sciences, just liberal arts and general business versus children in other countries where math and sciences are key. Those kids are hungry and come to the US seeking the American Dream, work hard sacrifice and GET IT and take the jobs meant for the US kids and you are seeing a dilution of American Society by many ethnic groups
    because of the above…….

  • a08177

    If they are successful they will find out how the rest of the world’s (especially socialist and communist countries’) definition of poverty differs from the U.S.A.’s current definition of poverty.

    • panors77

      Funny how those countries the poverty is “evenly distributed” from bottom to top,heh. Well….of course the “top” which is supposed to be equal are more equal than the rest. $1 to George Orwell.

  • Texas Tanker

    None of those in the 18 to 29 demographic have ever seen Communism/hard-core socialism first-hand. I have personally witnessed the effects of this failed political philosophy. From 1977 to 1980 I patrolled and enforced the 1-Kilometer Zone along the border between the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany/FRG) and the Communist/Socialist paradises of the Deutsche Demokratik Republik (East Germany) and the Peoples’ Republic of Czechoslovakia.

    During that time, I personally witnessed 6 East Germans die while trying to flee to the FRG. My vantage point was 5 kilometers away on a crystal-clear, full-moon night using a very high-powered night observation device. My radar operator picked them up on the ground surveillance radar and cued me to their location, allowing me to observe. The first 2 men tripped mines set to fire down the electrified fence line. Less than 30 seconds later the whole area where the remaining 3 women and 1 man stood got hammered by indirect fire, either small-caliber mortars or grenade launchers. I watched their blood flow into a collective pool until two vehicles appeared and the East German Border Guards tossed the bodies into the back of a weapons carrier like so many sacks of wheat. I have seen the photographic evidence of 57 Czech civilians who tried to escape via the legal border crossing at Schirnding, FRG in 1978. The Czech Border Guards shot the bus they used into scrap metal. 18 of the 57 were children. All of the fortifications along the border would not have slowed an attack from the West by even 5 minutes – they had the design of preventing anyone from traveling east to West.
    All of those who have practical experience with this abomination abhor it with every fiber in our being. There is a reason why only academics and useful idiots – V.I. Lenin’s term – embrace this mess. All of them live in a world of ideal landscapes where reality never appears. Over 100 million souls perished due to Communism in the 20th Century. Compared to Stalin, Mao, and the Communist leaders of their stripe, Hitler was a rank amateur.

  • mogul264

    To educate the clueless to Socialism, use the story of the university students enrolled in a poly-sci (political science) class. They were told by the professor they could ALL share a “guaranteed B-“, (3.71, maybe?) but ONLY IF THE ENTIRE CLASS agreed! This, of course, this would include ALL those procrastinators and slackers who would normally get D’s or F’s, or possibly drop the course.

    And obviously, these latter were all totally excited for THIS solution! They agitated and exhorted the other class-members to vote for it! However, the harder workers and especially those who normally excelled and/or earned the A+’s or A++’s (4.00 to 4.15, say) with extra work, recoiled from this, as from touching a hot stove, and totally refused! They knew this would ruin their otherwise perfect, or nearly so, college records! Plus, many were counting upon this to aid their gaining graduate program grants (plums!), or juicy employment offers! The middle of the class also felt earning a good grade should result from ACTUAL EFFORT, not just be GIVEN to them, and so the slackers were voted down!

    Today, we are in exactly the same situation with our own “School of Hard Knocks – The Survival of Our Civilization” course in which we, the United States, are ‘enrolled’ ! Unfortunately for us, however, there are FAR TOO MANY actual slackers and procrastinators in this ‘class’, AND they have opted for the choice offered by “Professor” Obama and his class aides, the Democrats ! Unfortunately, there will be NO U.S. left for US, if we continue on this the”Easy B-” solution!!!

  • fedupinky

    Sadly, we as a country are paying a price for slavery no one ever dreamed of.

  • Bob

    African Americans THINK Socialism is going to reward them with stuff from people who actually work, pay taxes, have a bank account, etc. Little do they know they are being used to achieve the end of Socialism. When the Liberals have accomplished Socialism, they will turn to those who helped put them into power & destroy them! Read history. That’s the way they work, always have in every country they’ve come to power. One reason why Socialism DOES NOT WORK, never has, never will!

  • Light_V_Dark

    The Meaning Of Peace Is The Absence Of Opposition To Socialism. Karl Marx

    In Other Words, The Absence Of Opposition To Tyranny.
    If any foreign minister begins to defend to the death a “peace conference,” you can be sure his government has already placed its orders for new battleships and airplanes.  Joseph Stalin

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/josephstal113987.html#7hXJ77xEZXWjHoAZ.99


  • Jane18

    Someone mentioned a must-read on one of these comment boards. It was a real eye-opener. I had always known there was a “force” behind the democrat-left, now I know where it really came from. Check out ‘History of Frankfurt School’ and the part about it, by Dr. Gerald Atkinson. Soooooooo very interesting…and sad.

  • David S. McQueen

    I work for a Danish corporation in the US. At the corporate HQ in Allerod, DK, the workers all ride bicycles; only the top execs can afford to buy cars. DK is a socialist monarchy and the company is a high-tech service company with great pay and benefits. One of the Danes who was in the US complained that crime is fairly common there but the criminals use knives, not guns. The state takes about 60% of the workers salaries, but it takes care of them, too. Still, I’ll take the USA and leave the Danish royalty to run their little Marxist economy.

  • am2sweet

    Communism is certainly bad enough since no one with any common sense wants to live like that. But we have another problem with having Muslims taking over. Obummer wants the Muslim Brotherhood to come in and take over. I think the Communist will go along with that hoping they can gain control first then beat out the Muslims over control of our country. It’s seems like we have two fractions working against us so something has to give. You can only change a country from the inside out and since we are inside we should all be working against the fractions wanting to rule us. Obummer is our enemy.

  • stinger

    That Is Why I live here, because I have been all over the world, and…socialism sucks

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