STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL ALERT: Kindergarten Killer Video game

SandyHookBookRegis Giles- Wayne LaPierre referenced in his speech today, as he addressed the Connecticut school shootings, that there was a video game out there titled “Kindergarten Killer”.  Curious, I went looking for it and it turns out it does exist.  And it’s free!

Here is the description of the game:

“As a hitman for hire, you were recently given orders to take out the headmaster of a kindergarten school. Your job is to not ask questions, so you carry on with the job and head to the school. One thing leads to the next and you accidentally kill a teacher. The kids saw it and they get riled up. The children rise up in arms and open fire at you at every chance they get. But despite everything that happened, your target still roams alive so you head back to the office and kill your target before heading back to the office. Enjoy a crazy shootout in Kindergarten Killer.”

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

  • Homeland_Defender.

    Holy S***! Really? Another instruction game. How do we ban them?

  • $29077531

    Oh Please this is MSM media organized another load of BS.

  • Santa Chuck

    As a mall Santa, I regularly get request from kids as young as six years old for violent video games like Call of Duty. Some parents appreciate it while some others get angry when I tell them that “Santa won’t bring these kinds of games to them. The video Gaming industry has misused the 1st Amendment for so long to make hundreds of millions of dollars by turning our youth into mindless killing machines. The victims of these mass killings should be awarded huge lawsuit settlements every time that something like Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary happens. No amount of money can ever replace the loss of a loved one. But only when the makers of these games feel the pain in their wallets, will they begin to care about the effects of their murder inducing merchandise. Also, every person who purchases any of these games should have to pay for a “Tax Stamp” in the same way that every person who buys a silencer for their gun. If a hunter wants to suppress the noise on their gun, they are required to pay an additional $200 just for the “privilege” of silencing their gun. This is very beneficial to hunters because it keeps you from scaring your game away if you miss your first target. It also helps to protect your hearing for target shooting. But the government wants to penalize legal gun owners while it turns it’s back on the video gaming industry who is desensitizing our youth.

  • mom2marine

    The inventor and every single person, website and any other outlet for this “game” need to be prosecuted! If this (at a minimum) isn’t child endangerment, then what else could it be?

  • Ted R. Weiland

    This reflects a much greater problem than most people want to admit:

    “The December 14, 2012, Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has impacted all Americans—but not necessarily in the same way. Nor should we expect it would. Regardless which side of the gun debate we find ourselves on, all of us grieve for the families of those whose loved ones were killed. However, beyond our shared empathy, we will respond to this needless murdering of innocent lives in ways that reflect our individual world views….

    “As expected, the anti-gun establishment immediately started calling for stricter gun-control measures, while Second-Amendment proponents reiterated their worn-out retorts that ‘guns don’t kill, people do,’ ‘you can have my gun when you pry it from my dead cold fingers,’ etc., etc., etc. We’ve heard it all before. But such posturing and any laws that have resulted from either side’s position didn’t make a lick of difference to the twenty children and eight adults and their families in Newtown last week. For that matter, they haven’t made any difference in any other similar shooting. Something’s wrong with this picture!

    “While both sides of the debate focus on whether or not we should have guns (a legitimate debate), the underlying issues are seldom identified, let alone dealt with from a Biblical paradigm. And the genesis of America’s moral depravities is almost never addressed….”

    For more, see “Newtown Massacre, America’s Cultural Abyss, and Gun-Free Zones” at

  • Deepizzaguy

    The so called person who invented this game need to see a head shrink. He or she is extremely sick.

  • kaline

    We’re supposed to be PROUD AMERICANS with this garbage in our society? I agree that this kind of stuff should be banned…Really educational…isn’t it?


    I have looked at these ACTION VIDEO GAMES and the game ” KINDERGARTEN
    > KILLERS ” presents the object of the game to be to kill the most children
    > possible, by a HEAD SHOT, that shows the child falling and spewing BLOOD
    > SPLATTERS followed by an ARROW, showing where more children are to be
    > expected.The killer has a shotgun and the children have hand guns.Each
    > KILL AWARDS POINTS to IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH. There is no way that I will
    > ever be convinced that Adam Lanza was not influanced by this game to kill
    > the KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN at Newtown sANDY HOOK SCHOOL as a means of
    > improving his health since he had been aware that his mother and others
    > were convinced that he had a Mental problem.The video shows children of
    > both sexes being killed.It is my opinion that TEENS without a mental
    > illness could LIKEWISE be influanced by this game to do the same thing
    > making it necessary to subject these games to the strictest scrutiny
    > before allowing them to be distributed to our unsuspecting public TEENS. I
    > F the majority of the children were shot in the HEAD, that would be proof
    > Adam Lanza to shoot these children BECAUSE other wounds don’t count.Only
    > the HEAD SHOT counts as a KILL.
    > Signs denoting that ARMED SECURITY PEOPLE are present at schools
    > preventing future shootings. These killers wouldn’t RISK an encounter with
    > an ARMED person of authority, either REAL or IMPLIED

  • TexasJester

    Ok.. So you’ve had a bad day, and to top it off, you had to go to a Chucky Cheese’s party. You just want to off some kids, as violently as possible. What’s the better choice: go into a school, or off “virtual kids”, where no real person gets hurt??

    I can see that mentally disturbed people might not be able to tell the difference. And we need to be able to bring back forced mental institutionalization by families for such people. 

    But – most people are NOT disturbed. Sometimes games like this can help us relieve our frustrations without anyone getting hurt. 

    Is it offensive? Highly. Should it be taken off the market? No.

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