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    • meg903

      Steve sure hit the nail on the head. A lot of people just can’t stand the truth, so there might be an uproar. What a shame our country has become, when people don’t realize what has Really happened.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elysianhunter Tonya Huntsman Price

    Steve, I honestly believe the election was rigged. Obama wasn’t legitimately re-elected, but I think the House Republicans are too afraid of the wrath they could face from Obama and the MSM who worship him to grow a pair and impeach this fraud. It’s a shame the American people were denied a true leader who would have worked to solve many of our problems instead of having to endure four more years of B.O.’s hubris and ego trips.
    We need to come to a point in this country where people are indeed judged not by the color of their skin but the quality of their character. That works both ways. No one should be able to hide their ineptitude and lack of qualifications behind their gender or race. Everyone should be rewarded for their successes and held accountable for their failures, which is NOT happening to the current thief-in-chief.

    • sandraleesmith46

      It was rigged; Obama KNEW when Putin was re-elected, before HE took office, that he’d be continuing in the office here. He made a slip that gave it away. He had Medvedev relay to Putin, that Obama would have more flexibility in disarming the US AFTER the elections! There was no suggestion of “if” he was re-elected; it was a declarative statement. The problem is that a Dem controlled congress at some point passed a law that PROHIBITS election results being challenged where minorities’ votes might be “discounted” by such a challenge; clearly intended to block all future candidates from challenging the votes of ILLEGALS, as well as to allow just what DID happen here on 6 November!

  • Paul Bell

    That would be “toe the line”

  • Kim

    You have hit the nail on the big, oversized head… My husband and I call him Prez “Me, I”

    • sandraleesmith46

      Why even attach the office of President TO him? I refuse to. He’s NOT eligible and I won’t defile the office by addressing him as such!

  • slickzip

    ODUMBA is a sack of crap and the world will be better off if he fell down the stair of AIR FORCE ONER and broke his stinking neck ,,,,

    hope the secret service sees this

  • $3846549

    Obama is just a player in God’s lila, his few hours strutting on the stage. The deeper question is what is God doing? God is the doer. He works in mysterious way. Perhaps He is punishing a profligate nation that put in power a democrat party that denied God three times before the world. Obama may be just a blunt instrument for bringing down a people who forgot the foundation of their shining city on a hill.

    • sandraleesmith46

      You’re right, it WAS 3 times that was denied by the party! LOUD and CLEAR! I was only listening on the radio, but there was no mistaking that.

  • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

    As would some of Romney’s Supporters had he won. Too bad the “Post Turtle” hasn’t learned to be gracious…………..”When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” If this man desires the respect that comes with the Position and Title of “President of the United States”; maybe he should begin with actually acting as President instead of “playing a role” as President.
    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • sandraleesmith46

      The small number of Repub voters who would have been “gloating” would be negligible, when compared to the present situation, had Romney won. HE wouldn’t have been a WIN either; merely a reprieve for AMERICA, possibly! Nothing more than that; so what would there be to gloat about?

      • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

        I beg to differ….it’s human nature…….there is immaturity on both sides of the Spectrum.

        I agree with you that it would have been a “reprieve”, as I believe, the data shows there were many more “anti-Obama” voters as opposed to “Pro Romney” I would even go as far as to say there was a greater support for Romney because of Congressman Ryan being on the ticket.

        Either way………as I said “As would have SOME of Romney’s Supporters…” not the Majority…….

        Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • sandraleesmith46

    Barack Obama is NOT an adult; he’s a CHILD in an adult body, filled with all the hate he could absorb, and raging withing continually, almost certainly, against all those he does so powerfully hate. He’s a pathological narcissist, and for ANY therapy to aid anyone with any sort of personality or behavioral disorders, such as he displays FREQUENTLY, the individual must first ACKNOWLEDGE that HE has a problem, and the WANT to do the work of the therapy involved in treating that problem. The Presidency can’t be therapy for Obama on BOTH counts: HE doesn’t see that he has a problem, and he doesn’t want therapy for the unseen, unacknowledged problems! Instead, his position of usurping {stealing} that which was not rightfully his, only underscores the DEPTH and EXTENT of the nature of his problem, which he’s now freely foisting on the rest of us, who didn’t vote for him, and DON’T want him in our White House!

  • LocalYokel

    Being born with genes from a spoiled mother or fair skin and an avowed Negro communist porn photographer of foreskin could never be considered an advantageous beginning. Perhaps the lead in photo of Sigmund Freud is the best character comparison available from US history.
    Those affected by cocaine are destined to exhibit their muddled attitudes of intellectual superiority with neither token recognition of their inherent neurosis nor encroaching psychosis. One bears the crown of Father of Psychiatry based on his personal interpretations of his own cocaine laced dreams while the other has yet to be awakened from the fictitious fallacy of Dreams From My Father. The legacy of the former defends that of the latter. US consumer electorate suffers the results of both. When will they also awaken from their TV media debate drama laced dream?

  • Light_V_Dark

    Freud was an atheist. Jung was a Metaphysical_Christian who helped AA, by suggesting an HIGHER POWER, to emerge from the HELL_OF_ALCOHOLISM.

    Following, is a SNEERING_MOCKING_COMMENT, to me from a MAN OF THE CLOTH who ripped me every way but sideways, earlier in the week on another blog.
    This clown is ready to KILL ME, because I KNOW MORE THAN HE DOES.»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    Thr Flatlands Preacher
     I will include you in my daily prayers, whether or not you apprecite it, that you come to grips with reality and stop mis-interpreting scripture into hateful actions.  Was it not Jesus himself who taught us that we must love our enemies?  Your continued hatreds drip from your comments in a manner that hints strongly at mental instability.
    Please see a coiunselor{sic} of your choice — and don’t kill him if he disagrees with your hateful premises.  that would be “bad form.”

  • Light_V_Dark

    ADULT CHILDREN RULE. Atheists are sociopaths. LIBERAL_CHRISTIANS(sic) PACIFY YOU—Western Civ, RIP—God is PUNISHING US.
    So, we see a case of causeless, self-destructive hatred. This senseless and absolutely irrational self-hatred could be explained by only one thing: the suicide syndrome characteristic of cultures in their last stage of dying. In lack of ideals, vital forces, and even instinct of self-preservation they surrender themselves to barbarians, with flattering and even masochistic humility give themselves up to rough and despotic conquerors.

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    I can not see obama ever like a inocent kid, l think he was always getting his way, one way or another. And there is nothing good can be said about him cause he take money from us all for his muslim brotherhood. I will be glad to have Jesus come and take care of all the evil obama has done to american. And besides, obama won by cheating,,lies and voters fraud, that my Dear Sir, is nothing,NOTHING to be proud of.

  • Light_V_Dark

    There are no ADULTS in AmeriKa, anymore. Therapy works sometimes, with situational depression or a phobia. But, NARCISSISM, SOCIOPATHY AND HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER, ARE UNTREATABLE.

    With eyes WIDE-OPEN, we have not once, but TWICE, elected a sociopathic-nihilistic-man-child, as leader of the Free-World, who HATES AMERICA AND AMERICANS. We have turned our backs on God. And, He has returned the favor. This,** from “American Spectator”, 3 years ago.ZZZZzzzz
    ** Three weeks after America’s first black president was sworn in, the nation’s first black Attorney-General who was hand-picked by Obama, called America “a nation of cowards” for some perceived race relations shortfall. The understood meaning of Eric Holder’s comments is that white people are still racists. However, the reality is, the people most preoccupied with fomenting the racial divide are those who populate the ranks of the Obama Administration.

  • sjplwc

    As I noted in my piece, despite all my disagreements w/ BHO, I pray God will touch him and help him get his heart and thinking clear. Doesn’t mean I want him as president — certainly not; but I wish him no ill. It would be wonderful to see God do a transforming work in his life. I encourage all of us to pray the same.

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