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A native Texan currently living it up in Utah, Michelle served five years in the Air Force as an Air Battle Manager, attaining the rank of captain. These days, she's pursuing a MA Public Policy at Liberty University, learning the ropes as a military spouse, chasing two little ones around, staying caught up on the news, and trying not to meddle in her husband's career. She's a firm believer in states' rights, the Second Amendment and individual liberties.

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  • 9thID

    “To conservative libertarians like myself, this means that the federal government has no business overriding the states on issues like abortion, gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, ….”

    Secular humanist libertines: Yeah, why shouldn’t each state have the right to legalize and force taxpayers to fund abortion/genocide?! Genocide/infanticide are cool. And while you are at it, why not repeal the 13th Amendment and return slavery to the states?

    Liber-alism and Liber-tarianism are two sides of the same coin of Libertinism. Ron Paul is a “Voluntaryist” who is on record as stating that the Constitution has never worked and never will and he therefore advocates anarchist self-government along with abolishing the military… search for voluntaryism video at libertarian thinktank von mises institute.

    “There is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of tyranny; and that arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty abused to licentiousness.” – George Washington

    • CharlieFromMass

      Actually, libertarians are generally not pro-anacrchy. As to taxpayer-funding of abortions, you’re way off base. Libertarians, whether small or capital “L” do not generally support the government funding of anything that can provided by private means, such as housing, medical care, and so forth. Those things that should be provided by the public should be done locally.

      Because many libertarians (and I use the lower-case “l” to include those who are libertarian-leaning but not a member of the Libertarian Party) are pro-life, they would be opposed to government funding of abortion. Most are pro-homosexual marriage, but feel that each state should be free to determine if they wish to do it or not, and that all clergy and public officials authorized to perform marriages should have the freedom to decline such services without penalty if it’s offensive to them.

      The Libertarian Party is very pro-Constitution, as are most libertarians, as stated by the author, and my own experiences confirm that. Ron Paul is one of the most ardent defenders of the Constitution I’ve ever encountered. While Dr. Paul might like the idea of “voluntaryism”, which means people should be in voluntary contracts, even Dr. Paul in his books has said the Constitution, as originally written, was a as close to perfect a government as we could ever hope for. Dr. Paul has never, in anything I’ve seen or read, advocated abolishing the military, but rather cutting it back to its original defined mission of defending our borders, not policing the world and engaging in foreign misadventures.

      REALLY educate yourself before shoving your keyboard in your mouth. Start with http://www.lp.org and http://www.fee.org

      • 9thID

        Liberal-tarian – better look at your libertine messiah’s statements on video over at Libertarian vonMises Institute before shoving the keyboard in your anarchist mouth. Since you have no qualms about condoning abortion/genocide at any level, I am sure you have zero problem with reinstating slavery as a states’ powers issue… To quote the Libertarian von Mises’s website: “In this video, using Ron Paul’s own words from his books and interviews, it is shown that Ron Paul’s goal is voluntaryism. He adopts limited-government positions and appeals to the U.S. Constitution as part of a long-term strategy for achieving a completely free society, absent any State.” video: tinyurl.com/7bph329

        • crankyoldone

          Slavery ? Really ? First of all that would HARM others . Do NO harm ! Aren’t we all slaves to the IRS right NOW ? Second our country is now a corporation , as in US not U.S.A. , just as the IRS is . All B.S. laws are about doing no harm to THE CORPORATION ( US ) not people as it should be . So third , THE CORPORATION’s ( US ) only goal is to profit . That IS the LAW ! And seeing that you like to youtube , look up ” your Strawman ” . That should explain a few things to you .

          I want to be a FREE HUMAN again . Not owned by ANYONE or THING . Only a Libertarian would understand that .

          Go Ron Paul !!!

          • 9thID

            Libertine anarchist – You are quite inconsistent in your position of not supporting slavery for the sake of “harm”, even though it is a constitutional amendment, but in desiring to do the infinitely greater evil/harm in butchering millions of unborn babies.
            Hate to break it to you, but you have NEVER been entirely free, and never will be in this fallen world. I know you utopian secular humanists desire to be anarchist Voluntaryists, but that makes you anti-Constitutional, and as such you must emigrate to some other country. Good riddance, and take your cult of worship messiah Ron Paul with you…

          • crankyoldone

            WOW ! Are You on DOPE ???? My statement said NOTHING about abortion . You sir are just a flippin NEO-CON . War for the sake of PROFIT ! Control , Control , CONTROL !!!!! STATIST !!!

          • 9thID

            Speaking of DOPE – I have no doubt that you are on it! I merely pointed out your hypocrisy of saying the Feds should enforce laws against slavery, but you do not support the infinitely greater harm of abortion/genocide being prohibited at the same level.
            How’s this for a rejoinder to your incoherent ranting? You are a neo-Confederate/racist, baby butcher, doper, anarchist, secular humanist, anti-Constitutional, Alex Jones, Paulbot… Turn off InfoWars/PrisonPlanet and get back on your meds…

          • crankyoldone

            WOW , you are STUPID !! Alex Jones is PRO-LIFE , Ron Paul is PRO-LIFE ! Maybe instead of just Parroting you Actually LOOK INTO THINGS ? Dumb @ss !!!

          • crankyoldone

            Oh wait , make that Government SHILL !

          • 9thID

            Cult of Paul Acolyte –
            Your messiah only signed the Pro-Life pledge with “exceptions”.
            Your messiah supports embryonic stem cell research.
            Your messiah thinks slavery should be outlawed via FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, but NOT the GENOCIDE OF ABORTION!! Your ignorant cult of worship Paulbots make even that lunatic and his cohort Alex Jones look almost sane…

          • crankyoldone

            Okay , your so pro-life . Who’s your MAN ? Romney , Obama or do you like Mao or Stalin ? There is only one guy out there who could pull the country in the right direction . Ron Paul . I’m not so sure his son can . You need some one who is NOT owned by the BANKERS . You got some one in MIND ??

          • 9thID

            As an Independent, since Sarah Palin didn’t run, I wrote in Michelle Bachmann. That said, I would take most anyone over the Voluntaryist, anarchist, blame-America firster, pro-abort, neo-isolationist, and anti-Semite/racist Ron Paul. Unless a true conservative jumps out of nowhere before 2016, America is screwed. Actually, I am preparing my family for the worst to come even before that…

  • Al in St. Lou

    Hey, Ms. Zook, learn to spell. It is disrespectful to misspell someone’s name.

  • efred1

    I do not consider Rand Paul ideologically similar to his father, Ron. He comes across much more like a Tea-Party Patriot, than a leave-me-alone, let-me-do-my-drugs-and-other-crap-that-I-wanna-do, leave-me-alone liberal that nearly all libertarians tend to be bent towards. Most libertarians I’ve encountered are not so much for limited government than anarchists that want a government to let them fulfill their deepest desires unencumbered.

  • WASP

    Two things I’ve observed about Libertarians. 1) Libertarians (capital L as in the Party) can’t and don’t do anything but talk. 2) A libertarian is a liberal who doesn’t like taxes. Must be the most conflicted people in the country. So, don’t expect much from them. With a liberal (actually a fascist), you know what to expect. They want to do as much damage to the country and non-libtards as they can–another reason they love big gummint. Only liberal gummint can screw up everything it touches.

  • Rach

    You don’t know as much about your ideology as you think, if you see similarities between libertarianism and socialism. The only link is that they see people as equal — but they are fundamentally different in that libertarianism’s equality is rooted in self-ownership and the principle no man has the right to dictate how another man lives his life, and government should exist only in ways that protect self-ownership; socialism seeks equality through the government providing for everyone equally through overreach and theft under guise of charity.

    Not the same.

  • Just Saying

    As a “survivor” of Socialism, I can tell you that they are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, and as such you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Socialism means that government controls everything (because everything is own by “the people”, which in fact means nobody, only the big honchos in power), from the “means of production” to what you can do in every aspect of your life. Kinda like here, now.. Libertarianism means free markets and free people, so how are they close?

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Please read a little, then you may want to join the libertarians, not the other way around.

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