Barack Obama’s $7 million Hawaii vacation is an insult to America’s struggling middle class

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.17.18 AM$16.4 trillion – that’s the latest figure for America’s massive national debt. Nearly $6 trillion of this debt was racked up in the first term of the Obama presidency – a 50 percent increase. It is horrifying to imagine what the debt will be when Obama leaves the White House in 2016, unless Congress has the willpower to stand in the way.

Meanwhile, as the world’s superpower is literally drowning in debt, President Obama is basking in the warmth of the beaches of Hawaii, at an exclusive resort way beyond the financial reach of most Americans. The president pays the cost of his own family’s accommodations, but there are a large number of associated costs which are paid from the public purse.

What is the actual cost of Obama’s lavish vacation to the American taxpayer? A staggering $7 million, according to veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler, who wrote in his blog earlier this week:

In a move that is rich in irony, President Obama agreed Tuesday night to sign an emergency deficit reduction bill that does almost nothing to rein in spending and then jetted out to Hawaii to resume his vacation at an extra cost of more than $3 million to taxpayers.

The price tag is in addition to more than $4 million that is already being spent on the Obamas’ Hawaii idyll, bringing the total cost of the excursion to well over $7 million.

The added cost was incurred because by the time the Obamas return from Hawaii – whenever that is – the president will have used Air Force One to travel to Honolulu and back twice.

The White House doesn’t like to publish the costs of presidential vacations, but Koffler has done the sums:

Air Force One is known to cost about $180,000 an hour to fly. Based on an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time for the jet between Washington and Honolulu, the travel cost alone of Obama’s decision to return to Hawaii amounts to around $3.24 million. And that doesn’t include the price tag for the massive security operation required to move the president or the cost of the cargo plane that follows Air Force One around.

As Koffler notes, President Obama could easily have saved taxpayers a good deal of money:

The Obamas could have saved taxpayers millions by returning from Hawaii together after Christmas and then resuming their vacation at one of the many ritzy resorts that lie outside of Washington. If the beach is a must, even a trip to Florida would have been far less expensive.

Or they could have simply stayed at the White House or Camp David, each a luxurious government-run installation, billing taxpayers a relative pittance.

According to Koffler, “the total cost to taxpayers of Obama’s vacations to Hawaii since becoming president is likely in excess of $20 million, and possibly much, much more.”

The message this sends is one of sheer contempt for the American taxpayer. $7 million may be viewed by the White House as a drop in the ocean compared to the overall size of America’s federal debt, but it is the principle that counts. The vast majority of American people simply couldn’t afford the kind of vacation enjoyed by the US president, not least at a time when 12.2 million Americans are still out of work.


  • Benjamin


  • DoingMoreWithLes

    Let them eat cake….

    • Bull57

      What does “let them eat cake” mean?

      • Wes Walker

        Famous quote. Google is your friend.
        Basically “the poor have no bread? Then let them eat cake!”

      • phunyfarm

        History oh uneducated one! Just like now…Those who do not study history are repeating it over and over and over again. Ever hear of the “Dark Ages”??? Our current situation is leading us there again. There’s Netflix and a great documentary of same if reading is a problem, The uneducated, lazy and greedy masses would just as soon ignore the problems, remain ignorant and eat some more McDonalds while glued to their cell phones talking about some Hollywood ignorant buffon or whatever social revelations they have encountered of late. Perhaps a good post w/pix on FB about…well…how wonderful beer is or something else just as note worthy. Note, this apathy didn’t just start now by any means, the 50’s was a pretty good start. Ever watch Mad Men??? We simply take too much for granted and always expect someone ELSE to fix the problems. The someone else is the remaining Americans who refuse to accept the unconstitutional takeover of our country!

  • Reginald Zenkewich

    Seeing as thjis Obamanayshon never held a real job and has been in politics his whole life as one who lives off of the work of others and sucks it up at the public money pool like the leachy blood sucker of the PEOPLES hard earn dollars he and his family like to spend. Impeachment is to good for this communist as he should be drawn and quartered before the whole public.


    This creature is an insult to the entire human race.

  • ladyceo

    But he says he’s looking out for the middle class!! NOT!

  • Dean Braun


  • phunyfarm

    “Surprise, surprise, surprise” – Gomer Pyle
    Gomer gets a lot of air time these days doesn’t he? The dangerous idiot we have running, excuse me, ruining this country surprises no one with what he will do. You can always count on him to be bull headed, against the Constitution, and looking for photo ops and vacations, not to mention scapegoats, avoiding the issues, issuing new EO’s (his hobby), and making your skin crawl everytime you see his pix.

  • ObamaHatesAmerica

    Hey while he is in Hawaii Obama should pick up a REAL COPY of his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    • Bill Leland

      it does exist except in Ken-ya

  • Bill Leland

    This worthless POS is an American hating Muslim

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