Classless Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at Boehner, The Left Thinks She’s Divine

Here’s Michelle in all her glory… munching food and rolling her eyes at John Boehner.  Below is the gushing from who think MO’s immature behavior is totally dreamy.

Gawker- While it is a lively term “throwing shade” is not appropriate here. In this instance Michelle is definitely interacting with an Enemy whom she chooses to ignore with prejudice because she is classy and wonderful and because John Boehner is not worth the energy it takes to turn one’s head. John Boehner is the Enemy of All the Free People of Middle Earth and Michelle has no other recourse than to ignore his Necromancerty.

Throwing shade is a perfectly wonderful term of gay-vogue era that Gawker keeps desperately trying to revive with honorable intentions but incorrect usage. Please do better. Here is a link to the Urban Dictionary defining the term []

The primary usage for the term is described: “to talk trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. When throwing shade it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bithcy, uncool one.”


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  • Erica

    Classless is correct.

  • Butch

    Classless snobs…..both of them.

  • Anne Quinn

    My kids have better table manners than this woman..honestly, can you imagine Jacqueline Kennedy or Nancy Reagan slouching over their food, elbows on table, rolling their eyes. This couple makes me think of that line that Mammy spoke in Gone With the Wind about Scarlett acting trashy: ” ” she said we could give ourselves airs, and get ourselves all slicked up like racehorses but we were just mules in horse harness and we didn’t fool anybody’ Sadly they fooled a lot of people, and the others just don’t care.

    • granny_forUSA

      Anne…..well said….love it.

  • $29077531

    There is something extremely wrong with both of them. It’s like they have the worse case of constipation ever.

  • eman

    Don’t blame her, blame the low class imbeciles that elected Obama.

  • Judy Anderson Hamby

    Michelle Obama is as classless as they come. And her “new” hairdo – bangs? Good gosh. Bangs have been “in” forever. I don’t wear bangs, have never worn then and will NEVER ever wear them. As far as her amazing red dress is concerned. The color was nice. And I loved Anne Quinn’s comment re Mammy in Gone With the Wind – – however, this time it’s Michelle who is trashy. Bye bye Michelle.

    • granny_forUSA

      Check out BOZO wiping his nose w/ his fingers at the dinner table. Very low class.

    • Pat Pettie

      Bye Bye moochelle, LOL “We’re coming, you’re going and don’t let the popular refrain door hit you on the way out.”

  • Tiredofsocializm

    Here we go again, liberal progressives once again condoni g “uncivil ” behavior by one of their own. What else is new lib’s will always defend thier progressive jerks who they idolize

  • undunder

    Wow, watch her shovel in that food!! And she lectures the rest of America. The first couple remind me of a Charlton Heston movie from the 70s I think.

  • Bulldog74

    A far cry from Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil, who waged bitter political battles but were still civil, even friendly to each other.
    BTW, for someone who’s so into health and nutrition, she’s sure shoveling that food away…

  • agbjr

    Look carefully at the video; Obama and Boehner were speaking to each other, no comment was directed to her. But she glances with disdain at Boehner giving him a condescending half-smile and nod then turns back to her food with that smug look and completely sophomoric eye-roll. The First Lady clearly is NOT a lady.

    • granny_forUSA

      First Lady & Lady do not belong to such an uneducated piece of trash.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      The rolling of the eyes is obvious but why has no one mentioned the accompanying negative shake of her head with the eye rolling? Classless is to mild a word for this couple.

    • Pat Pettie

      Well, when I was a child I watched one of Walt Disney’s movie “Lady and the Tramp”, the lady is actually a female dog.

  • undunder

    Personally, I think she made a good choice with the bangs. Hides more of her face. Now if she would just don a burka. And yes, her table manners are very telling.

  • granny_forUSA

    Michele has no class, but we have know that for a long time. First lady material she is not. However, BOZO has no class wiping his nose with his fingers at a dinner table either. Think twice BOZO lovers before you shake his hand…ya never know where that hand as been.

    • agbjr

      Obama is left-handed … guess what THAT hand is used for in Indonesia and other Muslim countries!

  • tedeum

    What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

  • HongryHawg

    Wig-wearing trash. Out of her league; knows it and can’t stand it. Can only react with fake haughtiness. Trying to be something she can never be; a person with class.

  • muypro

    Naw , I don`t think so! She`s probably like me as when Im eating I don`t want to be asked questions especially if its hot food ! I think lol shes like a hungry dog eatin and don`t wanna miss a bite! Musta been good lol!

  • Ruby McFarland

    OMG yes, I was watching this on TV and thought wow what a a pig she was just SHOVELING the food in her mouth hunched over the plate like a dog over a bone! I keep wondering, when did class, manners, dignity, etc. become uncool and being poor white trash (or the likes of it) become popular and acceptable?

  • Guest

    She, and her Monkeybutt husband, are both disbarred lawyers. What kind of behavior can you expect from these ghetto rats.

  • carlenefrazierwendel

    I hope Michelle didn’t pay much for that rag she wore to the inaugeration, it was as ugly as any clothes I have seen her wear. Looked like a belted tent.

  • tedthebear

    She of BIG ass and NO class!

  • Traveller62

    You got that one right!!!!

  • Sarah Conner

    moochell is asking’where’s the beef’completely unaware she/he is sitting on it…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…

  • mysimru

    I am so embarrassed to have these two classless bozos representing our country.

  • Magnum05

    Both, Obama & his wife are classless Anti-America, Communists, & Obama also a Muslim, in the Presidents Office Illegally. Why he is still there, I can not understand. Sure proves, the average voter is stupid, & our members of Congress & the courts, as well as the Media are CORRUPT.

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