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Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.

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  • Todd

    Another stupid column. Morsi is waaaay better than Mubarack. We should give Egypt a whole fleet of F16s, especially to help the Palestinians.

    • Marilyn Assenheim

      Thanks for your comment. It was, unfortunately, not very enlightening. Hurling derogatory remarks is, admittedly, easier than thought but one should always be careful about yelling “stupid” at something just because one doesn’t agree with it. Doesn’t look good for the name caller. Just because you may wish something was true, doesn’t make it that way. Your evidence of Morsi’s worthiness is…? Our administration is proceeding with the farce of an “Arab Spring” and arming a country openly hostile to the U.S., why…? These questions aren’t “stupid”, Todd, even if you call it that all day. They come from documented facts. Unlike your emotionalism. Oh yeah; there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”, Try reading a little history. You don’t have to go beyond the “Lawrence of Arabia” era to find out just how the entirety of the Arab world got arbitrarily delineated… by England. In case you won’t (and I suspect you won’t) Palestineans are part of Jordan. The rest of the Arab world refused to give them space, considering them “mongrels” and unworthy. Now they are more valuable as weapons. “Palestinians” are given full citizenship in Israel and even serve in the equivalent of their “Congress”, the Knesset,
      But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Look it up.

      • graybuffalo

        Don’t confuse him with the facts. Democrats are easily confused with the facts.

    • graybuffalo

      If you hate America so much, you should move to Venezuela and cozy up to Hugo Chavez – take BaROKE Obama with you please. The three of you will make good bed partners.

  • Jim Denney

    Very good column and response to the moron “Todd.”

    I must ask however, how is it that you escaped liberal indoctrination up there in Bloombergtopia?

    • Marilyn Assenheim

      I roared when I read your comments; all I can say is we aren’t all morons up here! Good upbringing, I guess, Jim :-)

      • Jim Denney

        Yeah Marilyn, I feel your pain. I’m currently an indentured servant of Gov. Moron O’Malley here in the formerly “Free State” of Maryland.
        I am however, spending a lot of free time searching for real estate near the Redneck Riviera, where I hope to retire still bitterly clinging to my guns and religion. I’m really tired of being a minority (you know, an actual taxPAYER)in Obamas’ USSA.

        • oodeluph

          Let me know if you find a good spot, Jim! The stars and bars seem to be the only “America” remaining to us!

  • Meeha

    Imagine Planes and Tanks to our enemy, and their worried about my guns? You have to be kidding me. What happens when the Iranians, Turks, North African group and the rest of these sand people attack America in our future? I need to hand down my guns to the grandkids to help protect themselves from Hussein O’bamas mistakes.

    • Sam

      Who says it’s a mistake? When they attack us, obamy will invoke a state of war and become king of America for life….

  • Charlie

    Never has there been so much stupidity to give/sell our top of the line military hardware to a country that has a leader that wants to kill all of us. Total royal fig up in my view.

    • graybuffalo

      Treason on the part of Obama.

    • 7papa7

      What is even more scary is that we are arming our enemies while Comrade Obama is trying to disarm us. Duh! I guess when you are stuck on stupid this is about all you can expect from a miserable Marxist.

    • Sam

      The word is GIVE! Does obamy want us to fall on our own sword? Much rather have obamy show us how to do it first. Where is Congress on this? Is this what the democrapic party wants. To arm our enemy and let them blow us up?

  • luciteehee

    DEMAND they be RETURNED immediately! They were not intended for this Dictator! Did “someone” send a group of ace pilots along with the planes? When Morsi visited last month I told my family this was NOT a casual visit! SOMETHING smelled like dead fish! Money and messages passed hands under the table, and it was OUR money! They HAVE none except for what WE give them! If it slithers like a snake, has beady eyes like a snake, and has a forked tongue like a snake, it ain’t no kitten!

  • graybuffalo

    Tantamount to High Treason! Obama should be tried for treason and impeached. He is aiding and abetting the enemy – The Muslim Brotherhood. It is no wonder he is supportive of another traitor, Hanoi Jane Fonda.

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