• Thomas

    Gun shops and shows that kiss the Left’s butt I will protest forever.

    • James Maxwell

      Those that support the left and surrender to the oboboites will not see another
      penny of my money. I will only support and buy from those who support and
      defend the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendent.
      Guns keep politicans in fear and people free.

      • Granpa David

        Like the border problem : secure the border first. and on the mass shooting problem : secure the young , white geeks first. Older guys don’t do this and no wpmen do. There is a problem with young white guys and that should come first, not this easy , feel good stuff.

        • IMSweetOlBob

          Not one of the Libs proposing gun restrictions to “save the Children” has proposed anything to save the children.
          All they are doing is assuring that anyone who trys to stop a nut from harming anyone will be restricted in the means to do so.
          They are despreately trying to develop the mindless panic that that libs created in Britain that caused Brits to have no self protection and they are upset that Americans are smarter than that. They will keep up their screeching wails until they are sucessful in taking away SOMETHING – ANYTHING from law abiding Americans.

          • Rodney

            They are protecting their own from us is all it is.

        • rulken

          More people died last year from “gang bangers”, than “young white guys”, and those that committed those crimes were mostly of “black and Hispanic” ethnic backgrounds! That’s 85% of all people, that were killed from firearms.

          Get your facts straight Granpa David!

          • Granpa David

            I agree with you. But to get back to the subject of the mass shootings in schools, which is monopolizing the discussion, it is almost always young white guys. That’s a fact. Analyze , analyze. I am not being biased about it. Just the facts it is almost always that group, lets study to solve.

          • auhunter

            Here’s something to analyze, the shooter in every school/mass shooting incident since 1988, regardless of age, etc., was either on or withdrawing from prescribed psychotropic drugs for depression, Prosac, etc. Read the warning labels, obviously they don’t affect everyone this way, however a medical report shows that actually any medication is only effective for about 50% of the people taking them. For the rest, they might as well be taking placebos.

        • Rodney

          In the last several shootings the shooter/shooters were liberals and democrats. None were republicans.

          • Granpa David

            See, analyze, find out who, what , and why. Maybe we can get a federal ban on young male Democrats.

      • rulken

        Yes James; I couldn’t agree more! All this talk about the “killing of Innocent children” has nothing to do with the second amendment, and keeping our homes defended from those that would harm us. The Second Amendment was written, to guard against the government becoming corrupt, and tyrannical. Which it has,, and they fear that we are going to take up arms against them, and start killing those that have committed crimes against the constitution. Which we might, and that is the reason for them trying to get the guns away from us before that happens. But,, they are not going to get our guns, and they very-well may die, fore their crimes against the Constitution!
        That’s what they don’t want to talk about! That’s why every time there is a mass murder somewhere, they publicize, and “sensationalize”, using the innocent dead, “standing on their graves”, to prostitute their agenda!




      • pissed off conservative


      • peggies


    • knowitall

      Such as S&W when they caved in to clintons gun ban to sell to the public. I will still NEVER own a S.&W. again. God Bless

      • pissed off conservative

        s and wesson did nothing wrong as i can see other than putting that stupid lock on witch has never been locked on my 686..threw away the key after it was locked open..now COLT on the other hand just threw in the towel and stoped making handguns all together and ar 15s…..now of coarse they are making ar 15s again not very good ones,but now colt wants in on the cash cow..no sir i disagree with you on this one..i will never ever own a COLT..THEY ARE THE COMPANY THAT CAVED TO CLINTONS BAN NOT S W

  • Mark Hadley

    No room for enemy collaborators. No room…

  • jwoop66

    I’m sure another gun show will come to town soon. No need to go to this sports show. They want to bite the hand that feeds them- f@ck ‘em.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Everyone should boycott the show and any supplier that has stopped selling ARs, magazines, etc.
    I will do no business with anyone who doesn’t stand up and support our rights. Those who are complicit are as guilty as the traitors in government.

    • Rodney

      Cabelas were one of the first ones to boycott the Harrisburg show. Good for them

  • MarineCorpsVet

    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile–hoping it will eat
    him last.

    –Winston Churchill

  • Mort Leith

    WhatPOS made THIS call to bend over to commies like Obama ? ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Snookyjack50 Julia Hines

    Every little concession given to this Administration and congress just encourages them to do more to take away our rights, I’m with you!

  • malcolm7173

    I beleive that all Gun Shows that fail to sell AR’s and Ammo should be boycotted. If we stop paying to get into these show they might get the picture.

    • wdcraftr

      Why not just open an opposing show selling AR’s? Which show do you think folks will attend?

  • BigUgly666

    We have “let it go” for far too long. We have stood by, waiting, while allowing our RIGHTS to be chiseled away by those who would attempt to control us – NO MORE.
    We MUST take a stand NOW. We must enforce our RIGHTS and force our “elected representatives” to recognize the Second Amendment, it’s meaning, and it’s purpose.
    This is no longer “negotiable”.
    If you County Sheriff claims to uphold the Constitution, ask them where, in the Constitution, or Second Amendment, anyone is given license to determine what is “allowable”. The I read it, the way IT reads is, “shall not be infringed”.
    An “infringement” is ANYTHING that you do not wish to do of your own free-will.

    To paraphrase Capt. John Parker, “if is war that they want, it is war that they shall have”.

  • The Old Man

    What happened to FREE SPEECH ?? Being able to show the guns as they have for many many years is an expression of free speech.

  • ron44

    boycott the chains that agree or cave in to the lefts agenda..most PC progressives do not hunt or fish and certainly wont get their hands dirty camping in the forests they try to keep us out of.

  • Ben Adams

    While I fully understand and support the decision of many to boycott the show, I do feel bad for the other vendors, restaurants, hotels, etc. that will be affected by this decision. Seems like there are always innocent bystanders that get caught up in things they have nothing to do with.

    • KENNY

      someone has to pay the price

  • lee

    I think that manufacturers of ammo and firearms should stop all sales to any government or law enforcement and any one else that don’t believe in the Constitution of The United States.

    • Bud Downen

      Yes I agree 100% on this statement QUIT selling to the Regime and law enforcement an maybe they will get the picture that we the people stand together and support the 2nd Amendment and we will not give up our Guns an not register them an will fight to death to keep our Constitution from this Marxist Tyrant Dictator Obama an his Regime!!!!!

    • David

      Just like Ronnie Barrett did to the state of Kalifornia. He will not sell or service any of his firearms sold to LE in that state. While it might be difficult for manufacturers to throw “business” away like that, LE contracts are nearly always low cost bidder anyhow.

  • knowitall

    You Go Larry ! I couldn’t agree more . God Bless.

  • IMSweetOlBob

    What about a registry for all those on mind bending drugs. I read an article that showed that ALL mass shooters had been on Rx calling for these drugs of one type or another.
    Maye we need a competent mental evaluation of these people, especially those on long term therapy who may cause a change in their personality by discontinuing the drugs use.
    Probably never get through the democRAT congress though, because people like Pelosi act like they’re on heavy Prozac most of the time.

  • cherokee_warrior

    Have any of these ‘gun control’ nuts’ been listening, seriously doubt it. The AR-15 and those others that have the appearance of military style weapons, are not assault weapons, for the simple reason ( apparently the gun controllers do not comprehend ) that the person must squeeze the trigger each time to fire off a round. This qualifies the weapon as a semi-automatic, one that fires a round, extracts it, loads a new round from the clip or magazine, into the firing chamber, each time that the trigger is squeezed. An assault type weapon is one which, when the trigger is sqeezed and held, will empty the magazine in a burst of rounds. Weapons that fire in that manner have been outlawed, by law, since 1934 and may not be owned unless the proper federal permits and licensing fees have been paid.
    Fees can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Legal owners know that.
    Of course, the obeying of present gun laws is not of interest to those who live a life of crime. They do not buy their weapons at gun shows, for they avoid any paperwork. Instead, they guy from ‘gun runners’ or buy from those who were running an alledged
    sting, as done in Arizona, under the Fast & Furious program that was endorsed by Obama and was under the management of Holder. Did that ‘sting operation ‘ work? We know that it did not. And, is anything being done to admonish and punish the wrong doer, Holder.? No, he has been protected by ‘executive privliege’.
    All of Obama’s words and plans for gun control will not take one illegal gun off of the streets, it will only weaken the rights of legal owners to protect themselves, their families and their property, as well as their rights under the Second Amendment. When free people can no longer protect themselves from the government, they have then become subjects, completely under the control of that government. ie, Pre=World War 11 Germany, Italy, and others that fell to the Third Reich and Hitler. It has been said that history will repeat itself, do not let that happen in the United States of America.

    • efred1

      The ‘Fast and Furious’ program did work, but without the final end result they were calculating on. Yes, the original plan was to force gun dealers to make ‘straw sales’ to the Mexican drug cartels, who with those guns, would kill Mexican and American citizens, culminating with the death of at least one American Federal agent in the line of duty. This was to cause a hue and cry for more stringent gun control.
      Doubt me on the killing of a Federal Agent? Why else would the White House mandate Border Patrol Agents to arm themselves only with bean-bag guns, with the White House full-well knowing that they would be facing full-auto weapons that they gave to the cartels, if not to cause them to get massacred?
      The heinousness of this conspiracy demands that Congress get to the bottom of it, and override the “Executive Privelage” that the President has no authority to grant to anyone else, unless the evidence will lead to him, which it probably does.
      Knowing this, it makes you wonder just what was on the hard drive of Adam’s from the Sandyhook massacre?

    • Bud Downen

      Yes you are correct History is being repeated today
      An we the people must stand an be ready to fight to keep the Freedom that they slowly are taking away day by day. As Patrick Henry said: GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I suggest that everyone look at what the police departments and military did in the aftermath of hurricaine katrina. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,318478,00.html This is NOT the only story on this.
    Peoples rights were completely and utterly violated. People arrested and pummled by cops. If you dig further, you’ll find that a lot of the confiscations were in the non flood affected areas. The “teams” were brought in on trucks during the night and allowed to gain entry by any means to illegally search and take guns away. Hurricane Katrina was a great practice run for the government, and a great success since it was barely reported by the lame stream media.

    Look for this, it’s coming to a locall neighborhood near you!

    • Bud Downen

      You are absolutely correct on this it will be just like it was in the 1930’s in Germany when Hitler sent the SS Gastapos out and rounded up weapons from the Jew an they had no way to defend themselves an this is Obama’s agenda round up the Guns and the law abiding citizens who opposes him so he can say the same words Hitler said “we are now a Civilize Nation”! Wake up America Now we are being destroyed by this Marxist Muslim Tyrant Dictator Obama!!!!!

  • tom ping

    i too will boycott the show.

  • Mockingbird girl.

    I cannot believe that American’s are showing themselves as cowards when they voted in Big Government again. They run now when he speaks and surrrender all their guns when they are not the criminal. Stand up please, running does not look good on you. You are getting the government you voted for. What a Big Mistake. When government is big enough to give the immigrants everything at your expense , make low income dependent on them, and you say go ahead by voting in approval of this when he promises to tax the working men and women, well what do you expect. This same government is Big enough to take every thing away from you.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Forget about banning guns. What about the young black guy who stabbed the beautiful white woman over 20 times at a Middlesex County Mall in NJ last week because he thought she was a good target? Didn’t hear about that one in the news, did you????

    How about banning knives. What about banning young black guys with knives and put them in a camp in Barrow, Alaska?????

    • Bud Diwnen

      No Not Barrow Alaska I have been there an the people don’t need them ….Put on a Slow Boat to China with a nice big hole in so they will be good shark bait because they like dark meat!!!

  • wdcraftr

    Can you Imagine Clint Eastwood in Obama’s face as the spokesman for the NRA? Now, that would be fun !

    • Bud Downen

      Yes 10 Cheers for Clint Eastwood he is our man for President in 2016!!!!

  • pappap42

    The left does not care one bit about the Children because they have “KILLED” so many before they are even born. And oBUMo even wanted to kill the ones who were born alive. Look it up. To think they might have killed the one who could have found the cure for cancer.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      Tell it brother! They call that disgusting practice, post birth abortion, when it is really murder/infanticide. How low have we sunk as a nation, that would allow this barbarism, or to even discuss condoning murder?

  • BS

    Thank you Larry , I don’t own one as well but support the right. Any dilution of the 2A is always just the beginning.

  • Bud Downen

    If it is WAR the Obama wants then it will be WAR they shell GET from we the people who stand and believe in our Constitution an our RIGHTS to have and own GUNS to defend us from this tyrannical far left REGIME!!!
    Wake up America NOW!!!

  • Tonto

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”  — Mohandas Ghandi, An Autobiography, page 446

    911 may take three to five minutes to reach your house.  My AR-15 responds at 3,100 feet per second.

  • Trout Bum

    I had every intention of going this year. After hearing of their decision on the AR now way. Hope many other sportsman boycott as well. No longer will I buy at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Neither hunting or fishing. I refuse to give these people my money while they side with the left. Enough is enough. Plenty others out there who support us and we need to support them.

  • DocJimmy

    Since Day One, it has been the duty and responsibility of every man, everywhere; to defend his family and home from uninvited and unwanted intruders. First there were clubs and stones, knives and swords, bows and arrows and then; firearms. Firearms have been refined to the degree we see today, with the AR-15 being one of the most coveted. Some countries are savvy to the need for deterrents (like firearms) to protect and defend house, home and family. Fully automatic weapons should stay in the hands of the Armed Forces as their mission calls for such, but; ALL Semi-Automatic (one trigger pull – one round) must NOT be restricted from John Q. Citizen. Magazines with a capacity to hold more than seven rounds should also be unrestricted and shotguns should not be plugged limiting the gun to three rounds. Regardless of what Danny Glover may say and or the rest of the Hollywood Liberals may think or say and regardless of what our mulatto President, Pelosi, Feinstein, et al says, the Second Amendment MUST STAND as is. It is there for a number of reasons and they’re ALL damn GOOD reasons. Any Liberals out there who read these comments take heed. Back off on Gun Control as you may well be met with extreme prejudice…

  • 1_Eddie_1

    And an AR-15 makes a decent varmint rifle platform. What a shame.

  • David

    Why is it that when a nut brakes several laws, we the people have to give up our rights. Seem odd, the person broke laws that were on the so called books. That did not stop them but some how making more laws is going to correct the problem of individuals that brake the law and even kill to obtain weapons. Legislating morals never works. Funny how the so called talking heads do not mention the shooting every single day in High schools and neighbor hoods in bad area’s of Chicago and other city’s like NY. Why. Can’t get them any press, those city’s are and do have strict gun laws already. So it is a bad fit. Joke.

  • Tonto

    I will guarantee the big brown bear was not harvested with an AR15! God bless you, Larry Weishuhn.

  • $18476877

    He has my support. I am actively boycotting many anti-gun, pro Obama companies.

  • Rob Price

    As the Obama terrorist machine rolls through this country, the black market for ALL firearms will increase along with ammo. If you don’t already reload your ammo, you better learn how to real quick-along with casting your own black powder bullets. This time in our history sure does sound a lot like it did about 235 years ago when as a new country just forming we had to rise up against another tyrannical regime and run them back across the Atlantic with their tails between their legs, just don’t forget to take Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of your Progressive cronies with you when you go, B.O.

  • Hal White

    How many more Plagues is it going to take for this nation to shape up? It started just before our fine President was re-elected, and may not just be directed to the Northeast section of this country. Our West Coast Pinkies are just as guilty, but we will all bear the chastisement,, because we allowed this to happen. Israel will have to fight alone, because we are part of The Problem.

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