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  • Wes Walker

    Does it matter why they attacked the embassy? I don’t know, maybe you could inquire of the patsy you arrested on camera after midnight, and held in jail until AFTER the election if it matters whether his “film” was the catalyst or not. Maybe you could ask the millions internationally that you addressed in a public UN speech, wrongly pointing the cause to this film whether this was the actual catalyst, or whether you were ‘wagging the dog’ for political advantage with an election hanging in the balance… ask around… maybe someone can answer that question for you, if it’s “above your pay grade”.

  • Abby

    It is stunning how progressives with their false narrative can direct the feeble minds of the ignorant into believing and parroting these lies the propagandist spin to their advantage.

  • Todd

    Typical rightwing lunacy. You guys don’t have a case against Hillary. So you grope in the dark. She’s innocent.

    • john4637

      Don’t you mean she’s insane?!?

    • Meg

      No, but she does claim to be ignorant. If she wasn’t reading that traffic personally, there should have been someone assigned to watch that area. That someone should have had authority to get them protection when conditions warranted and certainly when the ambassador requested it. If she chose to retain that authority, the assigned reader should then have been able to contact her at any time to get her to increase their security. Choosing to be ignorant does not confer innocence. It does indicate incompetence or lack of caring. Either way, she had to take the hit. Resignation is the graceful way out. I fear it was however done solely to get her out of the short-memoried public eye long enough to convince people she can run the country even though she can’t run State.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G75RVM5S3L2G2BHBHGAXG6X5PI Jim

      Try to tell a judge after you get drunk and run over 4 pedestrians, that it doesn’t matter, lets just get over it and try to prevent it from happening again.

      You would be in prison for life “married” to a guy named Bruno.

    • Stan

      Right! So was Jack the ripper! And O.J. Simpson.

    • caskinner

      Clinton was not doing her job…pretty apparent. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

    • cedarshaker

      She was in the situation room with your boy, guaranteed!! You left wing lunatics just want the obama phones and disability for the rest of your lives!!! Too bad, so sad.

  • Mario

    People being murdered – even watching it in real time doesn’t bother HC. Remember the folks who disappeared or were found murdered (if they were found at all) that had some sort of connections to the Clintons – political, monetary, or otherwise? This surprises us? Don’t think so…

  • egalicki

    There wasn’t any response from anyone. Someone should tell her she belongs not behind the desk in the oval office but under it like Monica.

  • capoprimo

    I’d love to have someone tell me exactly what she’s accomplished in her four years? She flew more miles than any of her predecessors and probably attended more wine tasting than anyone else. She doesn’t have one Doctrine, one Bill one of anything named after her, she hasn’t opened even one new trade arrangement with anyone. So what is it that makes her so “brilliant?”

  • Stan

    Her imitation of Kruschev was not amusing. But nothing about this administration is professional so not surprising. Lets hope it was her medical condition causing her to act like that.

  • RichGSr

    Hillary Clinton

    So far I remember the concussion; the blood clot; a couple years ago she lied to the world about dodging bullets in Kosovo or wherever the genocide was taking place; and now she has (her aircraft) crash landed and she is recovering from “bleeding profusely”. Mr Clinton, may we see the scars?
    She has “Benghazi fever” the Rabid, Radical, Marxist Left White House will go to any lengths to keep her from telling the truth about Mr Obama being personally responsible for the death of our four men; because when they asked for help Mr Obama said “stand down”. I think HE actually committed murder; and she does not want to tell America the truth.

  • Kookie

    Did Hillary say ‘ What difference does it make?’ when Bill was cheating with a half dozen other women?

  • cedarshaker

    What Matters is that You are a Lying Sack of S@#T, like your Cigar Husband!!!

  • cedarshaker

    Thanks Doug, tha was easy, LOL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359607950 Jack Dixon

    Doesn’t matter. She is pro abortion!

  • Mike

    Any immunity from prosecution or wrongful death lawsuits should be lifted on politicians who trash the trust placed in them.

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