• Todd

    These sheriffs, who will not obey Obama’s new gun laws, should be arrested for treason. This is getting ridiculous!

    • Twitch

      It’s Obama who needs to get arrested for treason.

    • tim

      1. Obama cannot make laws, only Congress can.

      2. Obama is the one committing treason.

      3. I hope you are ready for Civil War.

      • panors77

        BO THINKS he can make laws and is bamboozling the masses to beleive it. Sick………….

    • vicki

      obama is NOT the Constitution. These Sheriffs swore an oath to the CONSTITUTION not to obama.

      obama swore an oath (on 2 bibles yet) to protect and defend the Constitution. It is clear who is violating the oath.

      • proudtexan62

        And, he just did it on Monday of this week, smirking all the time. He took an oath on two bibles to preserve, protect and enforce the Constitution of the United States of America and he swore that to God in whom he does not believe. I guess he could not arrange to take his oath to Allah. And, he has NO intention of supporting, preserving, protecting, enforcing nor defending the Constitution of the United States of Amerca under any conditions. Taking that oath without following its directive is perjury in a court of law. He is guilty of so many high crimes, yet we sit back and allow him to continue adding to the list without any action! When is time, America??????

        • 1Clara2

          FYI…there are several organizations who are, as we “speak”, gathering their forces to begin impeachment proceedings. Stand strong, do not waver, keep your faith in God (not Allah), and believe in the innate goodness of the American people. It’s tough to do, I know, but do it anyway. If we look to our God for His assistance the way Gen. Washington did at Valley Forge, I believe He will come through for us.

          • Hotnike

            1Clara2, I also hear rumors but see no action but I hope to GOD you are right.

          • proudtexan62

            Yes, Clara, several orgainizations have been gathering forces and placing articles of impeachment in the halls of Congress. Nothing is happening and when it reaches the Senate, Harry Reid and his evil rat pack will shoot it down. We have to remove them all and 2014 is not soon enough.

          • Frank_Alexander

            I hope you are right…

        • Sikntyrd

          Was it two Bibles? I thought the one on top was the Quran? That way, it is like legitimized lying. The Quran actually says lying is okay as long as the goal is to follow Islam.

          • panors77

            ANOTHER similarity to the communist manifesto there too.

        • panors77

          I don’t think BO believes in allah either. I think he’s a classic atheistic communist who’s pretending to be Christian and pretending to beleive in God, and just using the muslims to help his agenda.

      • Hotnike

        Congress, I have two questions. What don’t you understand about the phrase “shall not be infringed” and why hasn’t Obama been impeaced and thrown out of OUR Oval Office?

        • opy

          dont you mean “ofal orifice”

          • Libtardharvestor


          • $18476877

            Libtardharvestor? Dam that’s a great handle……. I’m still laughing…

    • http://twitter.com/BlissTabitha Tabitha Bliss

      wow you are just begging for a communist dictator to tell you what to do aren’t you?

    • jakes nana

      The 2nd amendment says to protect against enemies foreign and domestic. These RIGHTS shall not be infringed upon. So now tell us who is committing treason if these gun laws are pushed into an unlawful law?

    • charlie

      todd you are an idiot. These Sheriffs understand the rule of law and OUR constitution and unlike those in congress, they take their oaths seriously.

    • http://twitter.com/independenttom Independent Tom

      So go arrest them… or are you all “show” and no “go” ???

    • proudtexan62

      Are you really this ignorant or are you just trying to get people to lash out at you? If you are really as ignorant of the laws of this land as your statements show, you should be tried for treason, sedition and any other applicable charge right along with Oba

      • proudtexan62

        Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and all the others who support them and their actions!!!

        • wayne74467

          That six would not make one good Frankenstine monster, no brain in the group.

    • Niggishzidda

      Honey is this you azz talking cause I know your mouth has better sense.

      • john galt

        hard to tell with that foul stench of hot air coming from some oraface

    • axmickl

      You are correct, it is getting ridiculous. And people like you are the cause of it all. Just try arresting my sheriff for upholding the constitutional rights of the people and you may find you have bitten off more than you can chew.

    • 1Clara2

      You have GOT to be kidding!!! It’s Obama who is breaking the law, not those of us who are standing by the Second Amendment. He’s the one who has committed treason. And to compound the problem, he has lied through his teeth for a second time in swearing to uphold the Constitution as of Jan. 21st, 2013. His “laws” are unconstitutional and therefore not enforceable…except by drones.

    • LLinLa

      Todd, I didn’t know Kool-Aid was the least bit intoxicating! The only thing getting ridiculous is why this Idiocracy headed by Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid and Biden is being tolerated for the things they have already done or will perpetrate on the American People in their lawless destruction of individual rights.

    • Keenan Lee

      Tod, you must be kidding me. Either you don’t understand the Constitution or you just blindly follow a liar that just so happened to secure the highest position of US government through decept, corruption, and outright lying in US history. This false president is allowing Islamic penetration within the most secretive and powerful organizations in the US government-CIA, military, NSA, presidential cabinet, US schools. He’s allowed homosexual leadership to handle US educational doctrine. The amount of damage this person has caused can fill the Library of Congress. Wake up Tod. The person you are defending is treasonous and dangerous to the US population and the future of this nation.

    • LEL

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” ~ – Sam Adams

    • Sikntyrd

      You’re an nincompoop, Todd!!!

    • Sikntyrd

      a nincompoop… not an. my mistake.

    • Tony bellotte

      Todd: No they should not. If Obama directs them to break the law, as put forward in the constitution then it is he that should be arrested not them. They are doing their job following the Oaths that they have taken, The President is breaking his Oath and should be arrested and tried for treason.
      Sorry Partner but that is how I see it.

    • Libtardharvestor

      Obama cannot, legally, do the things he is attempting to do. It’s directed in the Constitution in the seperation of powers sections. He has commited many acts of this nature, improper recess appointments, dismissing shareholders in the GM bailout, Fast and Furious, to name just 3. In each case he has broken the laws of the land. When he gave huge sums of money, Airplanes, Tanks, and GUNS to the Syrian Government, he gave “aid and comfort to our enemies” as he did with the release of sensitive information on the Military in general and the Navy Seal Team 6 specifically. He is an avowed socialist who lists Saul Alinski as a role model. Time to rethink your alliegences, Todd.

    • panors77

      Your blind loyalty to your illegal messiah in the WH is what’s rediculous. As Twitch says, it is your BO who needs arresting for treason against the constitution and the American people.

  • Patrick Henry

    Go to Hell Todd

    • http://twitter.com/independenttom Independent Tom

      She is already there.

  • Roy

    What part of OATH of office do you not understand? Obama lied when he took the OATH of office stating that he would protect, in force, and up hold the constitution of the United States, be cause he isn’t protecting, in forcing, to up holding the second amendment which is a part of that constitution. He should be impeached and tried for treason himself along with every politician that sides with him in voting for any of his proposals. I applaud these sheriffs for standing strong beside their OATH to obey the constitution. You are right, this is getting ridiculous and people like you are the ridiculous ones.

  • Sam Adams

    The violation of the oath to the second amendment (hello part of the constitution sir) is the crime of sedition. It is Obama and Biden ,etc. who are guilty and you may want to side with them at your own risk. Have you read some of the very eloquent letters from the likes of Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County Oregon? You need to go back to school with all do respect if you are for real.

    • jeepdude911

      Todd missed his meds again today. He’s trolling.

  • charlie

    all those in congress who are proposing to limit guns should be immediately arrested and charged with with the appropriate charges for trying to circumvent the constitution. I think it would be sedition but I am sure there are several charges that would apply also
    Hey Shefiffs,
    Lets use the rule of law correctly and go after them. Dont let them break the law, they would put us in jail if we tried the things they do.

    • Sikntyrd

      Get Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, Holder, and Reid all behind bars

  • bitemehardleft

    The words of Karl Marx ” In order to overthrow a nation its people must be disarmed”.
    The words of Vladimir Lenin ” One man with a gun can control 100 without one”.
    The words of Barack Hussein Obama ” We need (Key word “Comprehensive” gun control laws”. Another words Disarm so the government can take control. SEE THE PATTERN?

  • bitemehardleft

    Liberalism is a form of mental illness. As we can see by whats happened in our country.

    • Sikntyrd

      Not to mention what it is doing to our children. We have liberal teachers that cannot even teach our children how to write.

      • gutterfalcon

        My son lives in Lancaster, Pa. and at the upcoming First election. His teacher was teaching them how obama was going to be the Savior of the Country & World. And the Only one to vote for. But did NOT teach the other side (Rep.) I was Pissed. I told him if they were going to teach political views, they had to teach both sides. They have these kids so brainwashed, my son was arguing with me, that I didn’t know anything, and I was just a trouble maker & nuts. This was elementary school.

        • Lilly

          They don’t care about children, only their agenda. I would encourage you to homeschool your son

          • gutterfalcon

            His mother and I are Not together, I don’t get to raise him.Just support him AND his Mother, so she’s not on welfare.

      • panors77

        They sure can teach them about being part of the “collective” tho.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    It’s great to see that we still have real Americans in our country ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Libtardharvestor

      Amen, Gene!

  • Richard

    Arrest him, give him a fair trial, IMPEACH him. Put him prison or hang him. I believe that’s the punishment for treason . He’s crossed the line. That goes for all his staff also. None of them have taken the oath of their office seriously. If they are going against our Constitution they are Anti American. We learned that in high school. It’s called due process.

  • Mike a the cowboy

    Gentlmen you got to excuse Todd, you know people with three grade education can not read, how would he know what is in second amendment the imbecil cant read. Speaking of treason half the people working in goverment should be arrested for treason.Like congressman West of Florida said 70 % are socialist and commies.

  • axmickl

    I would gladly stand by the side of any of these sheriffs and defend them while they defend my rights. I wonder just how many of us would defy the feds and support our local police departments.

    • Ksams

      Im willing to die for this issue.

  • Mike

    Everyone needs to contact their Sheriff’s office and find out how they stand on this issue. They also need to hear that they have your support in whatever means needed!

    • Hotnike


  • Bill Weston

    How many of us remember Michael New? He was an army corpsman during the conflict in the Balkans (the demise of Yugoslavia) Though he was ordered to appear for muster wearing the accoutrements of the United Nations (the blue helmet, patches, etc.), he presented himself wearing the accoutrements of the United States Army. He stated that his oath was to the Constitution of the United States, not to the charter of the United Nations and wearing his army uniform was a matter of conscience. Even though he was a decorated soldier with an impeccable record otherwise, he was court-martialed and dishonerably discharged. Then there is the Lt. William Calley case. Lt. Calley was court-marshalled, dishonerably discharged, and imprisoned for his role in the Mei Lai massacre in Viet Nam. I’m pointing out these cases to illustrate a “conscience clause” in military and law enforcement protocals. No solidier or law enforcement officer is required to obey an unlawful or unconstitutional, order. The application of this clause is not as clear cut for law enforcement as it is for the military, but it exists. Therefore, the sherriffs in question, and others who wish to join them, have a legal right to disobey orders that are known to be contrary to our Constitution and to conscience. In fact, giving an unlawful order, as in the Lt. Calley case, may have legal consequenses. If this challenge to our second ammendment rights becomes violent, how many police officers and/or military personel will disbey orders based on conscience? I believe a significant number of them would; And they deserve the support of american citizens if they do so.

    • Sikntyrd

      Hmmmm… so… any General in the U.S. military can actually disobey orders and arrest their Commander-in-Chief? Gosh!! That would be heaven!

      • Libtardharvestor

        There are guidlines and conditions attached. The commiting officer must be able to show proof of conditions under which the disruption was commited because there WILL be a hearing of some sort on the issue in very short time. The penalities for any mutany that has no revalent causation would be extensive federal military prison time, at the least, up to a death sentance at worst. Also any vets benifits that would have been available to the family would end and, if already active, cease.

    • Libtardharvestor

      Prior to Mei Lai, there was no such interpretation as regards orders given by a superior. The years and years of indian massacres, the Revolutionary war and the massacres of the soldiers of one side by the soldiers of the other, shooting of collected prisioners of war by troups in WWI and WWII, and so on. Lt. Calley was the ignition, together with never before enabled press coverage of actual war, for the formation of the “conscience clause”. There has been, within law enforcement, an unwritten understanding of the same nature. I am unaware of any written or adopted form currently in use. The fact is that the VAST majority of Law Enforcement personale, both in the field and in a “confinement control” capacity, have personel “conscience clauses” that they are more firmly bound by than any legal control could generate. However, I would like to know of an actual rule that could remove the temptation of the SMALL minority who seem unable to understand such a code.

      • Bill Weston

        The best starting point of “serving country and conscience” is the separation of powers concept. All civil government in our country is subject to and limited by specific enumerated powers and by extension so is the military and law enforcement. As a republic, the concerns of the minority is protected
        by laws subject to a set of “higher laws” (principles) that may, or may not, be written into a given code of law. In the “Military Code of Conduct” (applied to both officers and enlisted), this is spelled out clearly though the application of the said code varies. In the case of law enforcement, it is not clearly stated probably due to variations in state and local statutes. However, tradition and the application of “higher laws” still applies.

  • Stealth

    God Bless all you Sheriffs who are seemingly the LAST BASTION of protection of our Constitution! Now…consider DEPUTIZING most if not ALL of the legal, decent-gun owners in your towns, cities, precincts/state and you will be able to BACK IT UP!!

  • The Old Man

    We need some sheriff’s in the east and north east to do the same thing. There are not enough sheriffs standing up for the constitution yet.

  • jeepdude911

    Hats off to the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs who recognize their duties and pledge to uphold the Constitution. Where are the rest?

    • Libtardharvestor

      I would like to see a national uprising of Sheriffs showing respect for the Second Amendment.

  • Frank_Alexander

    Good for them. Have the ATF enforce the laws the way ICE enforces immigration laws…

  • Smiley

    As many have written, Todd is not too bright nor does this individual appear to be educated. All Military take a pledge to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Most elected offices do the same. A Sheriff is elected. He is actually more important than the President. He is elected locally and has to answer to those who elected him. Obama does not answer to anybody and would become a dictator if he could. With the clowns we have in Washington, he is almost a dictator at this time.

  • WES

    I live in Texas and believe our sherrifs should start saying something about illeagle gun control’. I allso beleve the CIA is responsable for all these killings . Every time some DEMOCRAT starts talking about gun controll all of a sudden people start getting shot. WOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. Wake up ,check into things don’t bilieve every thing the gun grabbers tell you. You may not listen to my ravings but please do one thing . go to internet Type in CIA/DEVELS DUST then scroll down to C
    IA mind control .

  • mrnifty

    Gun restriction is a criminals delight. These Sheriffs understand this.

  • Harvey_Steele

    barry soetoro is such liar that he swears on a stack of bibles to uphold the constitution and defend it.

  • Harvey_Steele

    The elected sheriff is the ultimate legal authority in your county. he trumps any federal law enforcement gangs, corrupt orders from courts, or the golden state caliban patrol.

  • lawman

    These lawmen are heroes if you ask me. they are true leaders. It’s past time that this bully of a federal government that we currently face is put in check. it is actions like these that lead me to believe we may avoid a civil war for a while longer. Keep fighting patriots.

  • 7papa7

    Many sheriffs and local police departments understand that armed law abiding citizens help to keep cities safe. They applaud those with a carry and conceal and many officers teach carry and conceal classes. A friend of mine was stopped by a police officer who had his CCH and the officer asked him if he was carrying. When he said no the officer said he should be. It is good though to see this many sheriffs following the Constitution instead of a Marxist leader.

  • I_P_Frehley

    If only the (good) people of The People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Cook County (the bastion of liberal cowardice) would elect somebody that is not a gutless turd…

  • goku vegeta


  • James Foley

    Here in Michigan, our sheriffs are purple tinged with some having a baby blue fringe. This is really weird in the newest Right To Work state with a nominal Republican Governor, House, Senate, Attorney General, Supreme Court, but TWO Democrat US Senators. Here in Kent County, our sheriff has made noises supporting 2nd amendment, but acts like a cat looking around for the dog.

  • spyderdalton

    Washington is the new Boom town. Boom towns throughout history have been because something was produced. Oil, gold, computer tech, etc. Washington produces nothing but debt and pays for it with your hard earned dollars.
    Nine of the richest counties in America are in and around Washington, D.C. 70,000 private jets, the highest consumption on rare wines, people paying cash for $325,000 cars and cash for homes. Corporations make 22,000% profit lobbying congress…
    They successfully shifted the blame on wall street and enlisted brain dead morons to protest on wall street to divert the attention away from the real crime in America while soaking the American tax payer out of 16 trillion dollars.
    They are held unaccountable for lying violating their oaths of office. They are unaccountable for crimes committed against the American people and the entire Congress is guilty of treason for their complicity in Obama’s crimes.
    They have sworn to protect the Constitution and from all enemies foreign and domestic and are defying that oath on a daily basis with no accountability.
    They are dividing a nation between rich and poor while they get richer and the poor poorer…
    They have stolen the press, the education and healthcare system, the banks, religious freedom, the auto industry and now they are coming for our guns so that we are left defenseless to their criminal activities. Only criminals and the government will have the guns and there is no difference between the two
    There is nothing more dangerous than an unaccountable government, not even armed citizens…
    We need to stop blaming either party separately and see it as a joint effort by both to undermine the constitution to assure a one world order… Agenda 21. WTFU America! It’s in your face and you still refuse to see. We are staring at absolute corruption in government that is bankrupting your children’s futures for generations.



  • http://www.huckleberryhill.us/ John Houghton

    I’d like t know who the three in New Mexico and one sheriff in Utah are that do not agree. And ‘a host of sheriffs’ in Oregon. They all should be saying the same thing. I think a few need to be removed from office.

  • http://www.opaobie.com/promisekept.php TEWS_Pilot

    Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow “morally superior” to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

  • freedomringsforall

    Yeah more and more announcing that they stand for our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

  • DaHeat

    ALL 254 Texas Sheriffs need to inform Obama, Biden and Holder that they shall not violate citizens rights, especially those protected by the Second Amendment!!! All Texas Constables, as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety, and every other law enforcement agency in Texas should do the same! Obama has already violated the United States Constitution more times than any of us can count. Obama is a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, associates with known terrorists, and is a traitor!!!… He is NOT your friend!…

  • Steven Rayow

    Look at the record. In the early 1930s Adolf Hitler started the “Hitler Youth” movement. He knew that by endoctrinating the children and having them inform on their parents and friends he could achieve the goals he envisioned. The same concepts are being used today by the Islamic enemies of our republic and I fear that if we are not vigilant we will see it being impemented within our borders.

  • $18476877

    I wrote my county sheriff and asked his stand on up holding the Constitution or obeying our rouge government. His reply was in favor of the Constitution.

  • $18476877

    A thought…… So BO is getting push back from Sheriffs, and local police are for the most part our neighbors. Our Military is populated by our sons and daughters, neighbors and relatives. Granted there are allot of illegal aliens in our military serving for citizenship, but what kind of America do they want. Communists or free citizens. Now who are the hired guns of Obama, the ATF, Homeland Security, DEA. Seattle police are a bunch of pricks, that’s been proven time and again. These are the punks that like to bully citizens around for jollies. And UN, troopers. But who is willing to die for Obama? Canadians, Aussies, Norwegians? Witch one of these groups are going to take a bullet for Obama? There are 60 million of us, how many can Obama field? Of corse he has tanks and drones. You can count on cowardly drone strikes. Will Obama’s legacy be, the President that caused the American civil war of 2013?

  • Stan Parrish

    At least the sheriffs take their oath of office seriously.

  • muypro

    ROFLMAO, I really wish the Obimbos would watch the first few minutes of the old black n white movie “No time for Sargeants” with Andy Taylor when the Feds went to Andy`s Paws house to get him for the draft!

  • Carol

    Last election this also came up and Obama has been on a war path for all this time trying to figure out how to take power away from Sheriffs. That leaked memo at the beginning let us know he felt vets and old conservatives were the enemy. Hes proving thats what he thinks now. Oh what a surprise. And whos gonna do anything about it? The GOP thats has not only caved in at every turn, but reelected the leadership that has caved in at every turn????? What Washington is full of right now is treason. Pure and simple and evil.

  • shan hannum

    we still dont have one law enforcement officer in ohio who is willing to stand up for our rights

  • dickboz

    we need our guns for self protection and protection from a dictatorial government!!
    that in accordance with the 2nd amendment!!!

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