• http://twitter.com/varmenthunter1 Michael Murphy

    wow No Comments ? I guess Queerisms are the Norm for an open Proud and Loud Weirdo izims to be acccccepatabel and that Jesus Christ is a past tense ! I say DADT we know but Please keep your Sexuality Weirdo izims in private and leave Gods little Children Alone! You are Not worthy why in the last 20 we are witnessing Girly isims!

  • DaveO

    So I guess just queers, muslims, commies, union thugs, anti-American, anti-God, the black slaves, the lazy welfare takers, and just plain stupid people will be there. Thats the democratic party for you.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      And some white useful idiots.

      • cottagemist

        Agree..totally, absolutly

      • Tommy Kissner

        I think Dave was including them in this group already? Queers, muslims, commies, union thugs, anti-American, anti-God!:-)

      • vincent

        Yes, so many upper-middle class caucasians (especially college students and trust fund brats) took part in the OWS riots and November elections. Add in public employees unions, the LGBT deviants, the folks on prescription drugs, pot, ecstasy and unemployment, and it is clear that Obama and most of the Demoncats won with millions of white votes!

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    ” As we now work to select someone to deliver the benediction, we will ensure their beliefs reflect this administration’s vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans.”………
    Disinviting the pastor and then releasing this statement is proof that the administration is anything but inclusive. If you are a practicing Christian, you will not be welcome. You will only be welcome if you are openly agnostic, pro-LBGT, black, communist/socialist, or muslim. The message is, ” Christians keep out”. Nice going voters; we now have an anti-Christian, anti-American marxist in the WH for four more years of economic and social destruction within the United States.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5P73LT3ABJXXILIHMH6SK6B7OM Wild Thing

      The lo info voters do not care. They are not religious, and could care less if there is a muslim in the white house. Just as long as those checks keep rolling.

      • EHeassler_USNRet

        Unfortunately, you may be correct in that assessment.

  • Bobseeks

    I wonder why they had to go back 20 years? Has Giglio changed his mind about the evils of homosexuality or has he just become politically correct?

    • faithandhonor

      It’s because the anus pokers will leave no stone unturned to demonize anyone that stands against their disgusting filthy lifestyle.

  • melissasmom

    Our president insults us on every turn.

  • jlbs

    I’m sure 0 could find any mmmmuuuusssssllliiimm to give a “benediction”. Heck, he probably wouldn’t care if there wasn’t a benediction. After all, I don’t believe he is a christian. Oh, wait, muzzzzzies don’t like homosicksuals, do they.

  • jim in Va.

    funny how when they find something in someone’s past they throw them under the bus but when Obama does it he is evolving or it doesn’t count.

  • Mys77

    Homos should celebrate now…because the end will be an eternity in darkness and misery…. may Obama join you in the pit.

  • randellmd

    Just more proof that obama really doesn’t care about children or the stoppage of sex trafficking. He was just looking to use him to make him look like he cares about children. I agree with the pastor for bowing out of the inaug. I would have never accepted the invitation in the first place, knowing this is nothing more than another Christian and conservative American bashing party for the usurper in chief. Four more years for America to go without a President that serves them.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    I think B.Hussein Obozo would be more comfortable with a mahound cleric. This way Hussein Obozo can get more use from all the prayer rugs he has received from all his muzzy friends like the Saudi camel jockeys.

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