Post Newtown: Time to Just Ban Everything?

SandyHookBookPerhaps the Christmas 2012 season was bloodier than normal — or perhaps December 14th’s particularly heinous Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in suburban Newtown, Connecticut only makes it seem so. In any case, lots of people died violently over several pre-holiday weeks. And, adding to the awfulness, the widespread reaction has been an exasperatingly predictable  exercise in distraction and misdirection. 

Actually, to clarify: it’s the reaction to the Connecticut atrocity that’s been vocally wrongheaded. December’s other outbreaks of firearms carnage have, by comparison, been forgotten pretty quickly by the national press and commentariat. 

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

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  • straightline

    So…Fast and furious didn’t work out so well for Obama’s tyrranical wet dream of gun control.

    But I would like to know where Lanza and Holmes both got their illegal ballistics armor?

    I find it rather strange that both the Newtown and Colorado theater shooters fathers were both connected to the greatest theft in history…the Libor heist

    Is the federal government instigating mass murder in pursuit of gun control?

    • knowitall

      Of course it’s government planned ,these morons didn’t know what the hell they were doing after the gov. men got done programing them !

      • Paul Powell

        It almost seams funny that they have forgotten that lanza had 2 pistols on him and not the AR15. The rifle was locked in the trunk of his car, but after the police got there it found its way into his hands. Thanks to the anti gun anti American media.

        • Average Joe

          Problem Adam did’nt even have an AR15 it was A shotgun. Go to the video of them taking it out of his trunk. Paus it when he ejects the SHELL. Zoom in and see it for your self. Its A 12 gage shell. AR’s have A charging handal to eject ammo. The cop pulled A lever on the side to eject the ammo.

          • David J. Stuehr

            He had the Bushmaster inside and left the shotgun in the trunk. Look it up again.

        • Wild Thing

          Sheese, the gun found in the trunk of a car and shown in the video was not a AR-15, it was a pistol handled shotgun, probably a Saiga. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

    • Bernardo

      Notice all the shootings during the Obama administration and no other preceding administration in such numbers? Now you know where the money came from to hire suicidal crackpots so Obama’s disarmament plans can be reality. Obama stops at nothing to complete his coup overthrowing the USA,not congress,not the constitution, not anything. Killing 20 kids has been his best effort so far,and yes, he’s a bona fide monster hiding behind race to pull off his master plans. The kids were expendable in his twisted mind to continue absolute political power. The in lockstep, Commicrats are even trying to find ways to give him a third term. All this is their dream but guns stand in their way. America is armed to the teeth,they know it, so just pass more useless laws,whereby with the door now open to executive orders, Obama will do his own thing as all despots do. He’s an amateur at this business of destroying a country especially as big as the USA. Unlike sheeple other countries, America will never disarm and we musn’t at any cost. Freedom never came cheap.

    • madmemere

      Many years ago, FDR said “In politics, there are no accidents. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Do you see too many “coincidences” in both these horrific events? I certainly do- -not only were both fathers scheduled to testify, before the US Senate, regarding the LIBOR banking scandal (London Interbank Offered Rate); both “alleged shooters” were under psychiatric care and psychotropic (mind control drugs)! First one, aged 23; second one, aged 20. After the first event, witnesses testified “tear gas cannisters were thrown from opposite directions”, Another witness saw “more than one person at the exit door?! In both attacks, radio sound bytes and videos (now removed) indicated police pursuit of “more than one” suspect! Do you see where I’m going with this? Fast & Furious didn’t work; they had to try something else! The Benghazi terror attack, according to an “administration insider” was “planned” to facilitate the kidnapping of the Ambassador, who would later be exchanged for the blind sheik (the 1993 WTC bomber). The “insider” was interviewed by Doug Hagmann, of Canada Free Press, about 2 months ago and again in December (about the 27?). Look up Hagmann, on line; he also has a radio show up there!

  • Amy

    Love that sign the Mall of America has posted, letting everyone know guns are banned there. After all, we know criminals are all law abiding citizens, and I’m sure they will return to their cars to remove the guns from their possession.

  • futurelife

    Can’t eat what we want from sugar to large drinks to meat and now from guns to knives and maybe Football. This government is more and more like Hitler and Stalin and today’s North Korea and Chavez, obama’s buddy. Like the Palestine’s, never happy unless they can keep taking, stealing, making war and threats. obama and his goons out of Chicago are the same type of goons or union mob bosses. “you either take it or else”… that is the rule of this government.

    • Bernardo

      It appears that gun in the car wasn’t an AR after all but a shotgun. It doesn’t stop the “assault” weapons expert Dianne Feinstein who really doesn’t know the difference between Baby Ruths and turds. So let’s have another assault weapons ban,shall we? The last one was useless but that doesn’t matter,little people have to get reality that we in congress know what’s good for the USA.

      • David J. Stuehr

        He had the AR inside and the shotgun was in the trunk.

        • bleedinell

          No AR at all, just pistols.

      • Kuskokwim

        Very confusing. Press reported two handguns, a Glock and a Sig. Then press reported four handguns. Then press reported “assault” rifle to kill kids but killed self with pistol…? Anyone, anywhere seen an actual police report?

  • tugwell

    Evertthing appears to be turned into a crisis and a disturbing situation to so many therefore it will become a disaster to someone who will in turn turn it into a catastorphe because the cannot cope with it. Then the ill informed, or the politically hungry, or news starved media will leap on it for temporary gain, damn the consequenses, but run will it for what ever they can gain, and let the public live with the result. So many times it would appear if people would just let events subside, take care of the aftermath, live with the grief, and deal with the causes in a quiet manner withoout the screaming trheatrics (escept when quieting them to protect potiticians,( especially like obama, pelosi, reid, clintons, holder, etc) who cab di no wrong, inclucing murder and other high crimes, but let an ordinary citizen try or purchase a weapon he/she is imediately considered to be an extremely dangerours felon, or even if the individual happens to be handicapped war veteran who has nighmares from his/her combat experiences which obama only experiences from his days of blowing up police buildings and vehicles and the senator from california as she runs to keep up with her heavily armed excorts since her purse weapon is insuficine to protect her from the “peaceful public” that the voters need no protection fomr, and the same goes for the smiling vp from CN
    Therein lies the nations greatest thereat, not the dangerous public as DC would like us believe. If DC could think and act like adult and pass financial matters responsibly rather than creat massive fraus and irressponsibility and uncertaty it would appear many of the olher problems would be eliminated. But then, what would be the need for DC?

  • slickzip

    Next socialist will want to ban hands because they can be used to choke people to death ,,,,,,,, OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dennis

    We need to ban politicians too for the damage they do to all citizens.

  • Y-not

    Nicely written Steve. Love your ending statement. So true, so sad.

    • sjplwc


  • dHb

    Gun control is not about guns, it is about control.

    “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.”

    Thomas Paine

  • Nameless App 1989

    Do chickens have lips?

    Seriously, though. The media is stopping at nothing in every sense of the word to throw fuel on the fire. Remember yesterday at California?

  • Bruce Feher

    Seems to me humans are pretty much responsible for all our troubles. Looks like we have to ban them, then we will have a perfect world. I suggest we start with politicians.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    you can’t talk logically and reasonably to a liberal… the only way to deal with them is to NEVER AGREE with ANYTHING THEY SAY and to REFUSE TO COMPLY with any of their ridiculous “laws”

  • Anthony Alexander

    I laugh when these jerkoff liberals immediately go on the attack on attaching a solution to the problem that has nothing to do with the problem . I am waiting for the day when someone walks into a church or McDonalds with a flamethrower and starts a barbeque on unsuspecting patrons. Then there will be a ban on everything from zippo lighters to bic lighters and you will need a permit for a book of matches. In Typical liberal fashion they are always trying to attach a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with the problem.

    The problem lies with a long list of smaller problems over a long period of time since the early 1960’s till now with the dehumanizing of human life, the disrespect for life, the culture of death that pervades movies and games, and the list goes on. Here is a link that explains it well. Note that Dr Welner explains that guns have been around for a long time, but these type of mass killings have stated for the reasons noted above among other things he ( Welner) lists. Psychiatrist Dr.Welner: Why CT Shooter Adam
    Lanza killed – YouTube –

    Lastly Obama added. “This week I called on Congress to take up and pass common-sense legislation that has the support of the majority of the American people, including banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, and making sure criminals can’t take advantage of legal loopholes to get their hands on a gun.”

    This proves Obama’s credulous nature (like all democrats) on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, the illusion that these perps take advantage of legal loopholes.

    Perps and Criminals don’t use anything LEGAL they get guns ammo and clips ILLEGALLY like the drugs they steal and/or sell and distribute. What is needed is an enforcement of over 600 existing gun laws ON THE BOOKS ALREADY that could be used in the prosecution of these criminals that liberals refuse to enforce but instead use the current chaos created by their non-enforcement of existing laws to push their doctrine of elimination of the second amendment.

  • Szabla

    Does anyone know the truth about Conn murders, Did he use the AR or just Hand guns. It makes no sense to put the rifle in the trunk after the murders. I do realize he was nuts though.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Just one question that I feel should be asked. How many murders and mass killings would we have by now IF we did not have the 2nd amendment? If we did not have the God given right to defend ourselves with a firearm. Keep in mind that when these crimes are committed and someone calls 911 it takes time for the police/law enforcement to respond after the fact and in most cases shows up only to clean up the dead bodies and take notes for an investigation. So in the mean time you have lets say someone that breaks into your home stoned on one drug or another looking for something to steal and sell for more drugs, and your family is asleep in their bedrooms. Now you have to realize that the person that broke into your home is more than likely armed and willing to harm or kill you to get what they want. What do you, or will you confront them with (after of course you called 911) to defend yourself and your family with, …. harsh words? Okay so you grab a baseball bat, a knife if you can find one, or maybe a golf club. What are you going to do if that person has a gun? You don’t bring a knife, a baseball bat or a golf club to a gun fight, you will lose every time. So how many more people would have died had we not had the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves? There is nothing more that a criminal loves than a person that is unarmed. It would be ” open season ” on you, or I. Laws and gun bans do not pertain to a criminal, that’s why they are criminal because they do not follow the rules of law or bans and could care less.

  • Gman

    These malls, theaters, food establishments and stores that are public places and put out their no firearms signs, just don’t go to them. that’s all it is to it. If you have the required license to carry and you do carry, and do not want firearms in their establishment, just don’t go there. You have that right.

  • phunyfarm

    Thanks, I needed that. Great piece.

    • sjplwc

      thank you!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Time to ban narcissist N’r antichrist wannabe dictator little president boys

  • Bob McNesby

    Is it just my imagination or does it seem like gun violence has soared under this regime?

  • Guest

    Only a fool looking to become a victim would go to that Minnesota mall. To announce to criminals that no one with a gun will foil their pursuit of violence and criminality, is a engraved invitation. I would not get anywhere near such a place. Why do idiots think it is a good idea to only arm the crazy and criminally minded? Such a level of ignorance is obscene.

  • KJQ

    Gun control is not about facts, logic or reason – it’s about ideology. The leftists want to control every aspect of our lives, and they know the last line of defense is firearms ownership by citizens (they’ve learned their history of tyrants well).

  • willowa

    I know, lets outlaw shoes (or boots)! Certainly every single shooter and criminals of all stripes wear them when commiting the crime! Never mind that millions of ‘shoe owners’ go about their law abiding business everyday, if we outlawed shoes, crime would go away, after all, who wants to commit a crime barefooted? For those who dare, if only the police had shoes (boots) the bad guy would be much easier to catch. At the very least we should register all shoes!

  • Elin

    Well written article, Steve Pauwels. Those of us who listen to what is really going on here, appreciate the Awlinsky method of ridicule. This method of exposing the ridiculous knee jerk reactions of those who would conspire to erode our God given rights, by divide and conquer, need to be exposed for the tyants they really are. I believe the more we ridicule these would be dictators, the more we can reveal them to the “sheeple” in our beloved country. Wake up America.

    • sjplwc


  • Dan Weingarten

    Come on. In listing possible banned substances, you’ve missed the most obvious common factor. Unable to think of an exception (correct me if I am wrong) but aren’t all the perpetrators of these crimes male? So wouldn’t it make the most sense to regulate testosterone? But then, that might already be in the Obamacare bill Nancy Pelosi told us all to read after the Dems shoved it down our collective throat. I’ll try to find it and get back to you next month.

    • sjplwc

      Maybe we should just go with the suggestion of another commenter: ban all humans, period. Everyone of these atrocities involves one of them, after all. Only banning the men-folk might still leave the door open — what about masculine women? What about women under the control of an evil male? Or who have been corrupted by the company of men? We’ve got to take serous steps …

      • Dan Weingarten

        Of course, I was just having fun with this concept of making a perfect world through law and regulation. Ironically, by going a step further, you are on the right track. The problem is people, but more specifically, the sinful nature of people. We all do wrong things, some things are more wrong than others. Laws can keep us in check to some extent, but they don’t solve society’s problems because we all have a tendency to rebel against the law. That’s our sinful nature. So when you facetiously say that we’ve got to take serious steps (eliminate people), you are suggesting what God could have done to solve the sin nature problem – destroy all people. Fortunately for us, He instead took the serious step of sending His Son Jesus to pay the price for our sin and give us His Spirit so we can be free from our sinful nature (the burden of trying to follow the law we naturally rebel against), not by being lawless, but by letting Jesus live through us.

  • The Old Man

    Just think how far ahead of the curve we would be if the vice president would have taken the same positive position getting to the bottom of fast and furious or the bengazi incident and keeping the public informed as he is about destroying the 2nd amendment.
    It’s just a damn shame we have these idiots in office when we really need people that should have our countrys economic problem solved.
    When i am short of money, I just don’t spend money on stuff I don’t need. There have been times I had to make a decision as to which I needed the most. Money was that short and I can’t just raise my paycheck by decree.
    The last time I asked for a raise I was asked to place an 8 and a half by 11 sheet of paper on the floor. Then I was told to stand on it, which I did and then was told.. that’s as high as you are going to get… get the hell out of my office.
    Maybe Obama should be given a piece of paper to stand on and told to get the hell out of this office.

  • Regina Weiner

    Reminds me of the note: Pardon the crayon. They don’t let us have anything sharp around here.

  • The Old Man

    Here is a thought… I you want a world where there are no disagreements, no arguments, no police actions, no invasions, no wars and 100% of bliss day after day… then you would be the only person alive on this earth as even 2 people can’t agree on everything all the time.
    Think about it….

  • Ken A

    Has anyone else seen the FBI statistic that murders in schools have gone up more than 5 times what they were prior to enacting the “Gun Free Zone” law? The first and most important response to Newtown should be to repeal this criminal enabling law and put some volunteer armed protectors in each of our schools similar to what is done in Israel.

  • Stan

    The reason they are concentrating on the Newtown incident is that they can use the children as leverage to forward their agenda! Yes it was terrible, but they are just concentrating on one thing, the banning of ALL firearms, period. That would be ok if this was a perfect world, but it is not. We need to be getting these mentally challenged people some help, before they get to the killing stage. It wont be easy, nothing like that is, but we should try! Those people that want all guns banned here need to look around and check other countries to see if that stopped crimes like this when the guns were taken away and the answer is a big NO!

  • Moose

    I guess the lame stream media missed the stories of Lisa Castellano, Kendra St. Clair and Lawanda Taylor who save themselves and their children from violent assault over the Christmas holiday with the use of firearms. The left will use any negative story tro push their agenda.

  • Patricia Clark Watkins

    Just let all of the liberals give up their guns and the conservatives keep theirs in a safe secure place except when they go into gun banned areas. That way we will keep them out of the hands of crazy people(liberals) and into the hands of those that are armed and smart enough to protect us in gun banned places if a crazy person was to steal a weapon from a conservative. Problem solved. We could begin in the White House if they knew where all of their guns were..(.Fast and Furious?).

  • Take 2

    The Full House needs to stay in session until their is a freaking budget…! Thus, cocky dude must agree to negotiate to do any further damage i.e. crimes using Executive Power Acts. They need to file against ever act – including blocking Guns and ammo sales to Mexico drug lords-Islamist in Benghazi etc.,

  • Randy Gaiser

    There is nothing worse than a bunch of educated Liberals, trying to make rational decisions about things they know nothing about. It is like watching a circus with a bunch of clowns running around. These people are too STUPID to make any sound decisions, yet they are (in their own mind) THE smartest people in the world and everybody needs to just fall in line with their way of thinking.

    This is where they start losing their cool, when anybody that questions their ideas, starts an argument and is a Racist, Bigot, or worse. You can not enlighten a Liberal, no matter the proof you provide to them, they will never understand.
    They are just like Mr. Magoo, they only see what they want to see.


    Let us ban all gays and pedophiles and drug users…..and smokers

  • amerigom

    Post Newtown: Time to Just Ban Everything?
    His Highness, could do a favor, and ban the Flu!
    The Flu is killing many citizens!
    Maybe; An Executive Order?

  • ary

    You won’t hear Obama and Biden biting the hands that funds them!
    Why not ban all HOLLYWOOD directors DISTRIBUTION of MOVIES, VIDEO GAMES & MUSIC VIDEOS that model, promote and incite violence, hatred, and class warfare– and which poison the minds of those who begin life purer, as well as those who have mental illness, rage attacks, or just grudges. That’s the same principle as banning DISTRIBUTION via purchase of some guns.
    Also, why not ban the DISTRIBUTION of these same guns by GOVERNMENT, as in Eric Holder and Obama’s gun running which it appears led to deaths of some parents’ children too?
    Answer: It’s all about control and political warfare and economic and political enslavement of American citizens who believe in the Constitution.
    While we’re talking about bans,
    Why not ban Presidential hate speech like “You bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun!” ?
    Why not ban guns in protecting public figures and political figures, regardless of their “status” or “position”? No, their hypocrisy is evident. It’s about THEM CONTROLLING all who do not agree with their political views.
    Our national leaders are hypocrites who make rules, laws, and “orders” for others that they will refuse to apply to themselves.
    Almighty God is the ruler of our nation and all our nations: This Tower of Babel Obama and his worshippers are building in an effort to have all people believe and speak only what they want and as they do will not be victorious over HIS will.

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