• Benjamin


  • VirgoVince

    How can they have ‘above average intelligence,’ being taught by idiot libturds??
    They were schooled by a ‘dumbed-down’ system and society, creating liberals!!
    OUR country’s future does not look too encouraging!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.hughes.543 Lawrence Hughes

    Welcome to Lake Woebegone, where ALL of the students are above average for that area. This is the inevitable result of too much confidence building as opposed to skills building.

  • RacerJim

    A 20-something nephew of mine, a 2012 grad from American University in Washington DC with a PolySci degree, an Obama loving progressive, staunchly believes he knows more about more things than I, a 69yo world traveled as an Army “brat”, Vietnam Veteran and small business entrepeneur do — and never hesitates to put me my place. Right.

  • ggswede

    Just thinking about all that so called knowledge,yet, the very few who know how to use it !! ( teachers included )

  • $12994363

    They were ALL born and raised in Lake Woebegone, where all the kids are above average.

    For THIS we pay school taxes?!

    Dissolve the Public School systems and start over. WITHOUT TEACHER CONTRACTS.
    They push a political or personal agenda, or have a “passing” rate higher than the learning capacity of their students capabilities and they’re permanently history.
    They KNEW and proceeded anyway. Which is why the system has to be dismantled and left SOLEY in the hands of the towns and cities. PERIOD.

  • TexasJester

    I ran across a final exam from Kansas ca 1890 a few years ago. It was for 8th grade. Wow – I couldn’t answer half of the problems! People back then claimed they only had an 8th grade education – they were FAR better educated than college graduates are today!

  • WASP

    These college creatures have been brainwashed for 12 years by the commie union teachers in our gummint-operated Youth Indoctrination Day Camps, and have now signed up for more of the same by the real experts–the tenured commie college professors. So they blow through their parents savings and borrow more money, which they will never make enough to pay back. More years of being force-fed the radical Liberal philosophy of entitlement, amorality, atheism, anti-Americanism, and entitlement. Want to save this country? Ban libtard controlled schools.

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