Watchdog: 10 Most Corrupt Politicians

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 10.41.39 AMJudicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2012 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

• Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL)
• Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice
• Attorney General Eric Holder
• Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL)
• Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
• President Barack Obama
• Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
• Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)
• Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

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  • coastx

    You left our Arnold Schwarzenegger. He trafficked arms to Central America during his tenure as Governor of California The reason they lofted Fast and Furious was to shield this sociopath. He was an abduction perp, too. Whatever he wanted he would take. Americans are too literal minded to deal with this. Slave race. All sorts of crap will go on around than and they stand there looking stupid, Big Mack in one hand, mouse clicking away on nude images of Brittany Spears when she was 5 in the other. Sick, very sick culture in the US. Lazy, love the smell of their own crap. Disgusting.

    • TrendyT

      Sorry coastx but your rantings are so wrong. Besides Arny is no longer a politician so he can not be on the list.

      • coastx

        You can always tell a liberal by the use of this individual’s language, in this case you’ve de cloaked “Arny”. “Feel” whatever you like. Reality tells an entirely different story, one that would be difficult fore you to process, for obvious reasons. Go back to your nightmare.

    • $10290762

      And he did this on his own ?…try orderded by the President at that time hmmm.! who could that be??? believe so much BS it’s amazing..! liberals,/coservatives,,you’re all alike highly misinformed and both over exagerate every god-damned thing!!

      • coastx

        Not on his own. He’s anchored to the individuals you are referring to, the very same organization that killed Sonny Bono. Paedomorph Schwarzenegger was the project Bono was on to, which is why they killed him. Idiot America, and I’m sorry but that’s the only way to describe the US today, was busy partying the consequence of which was Obama. Not a liberal OR conservative on the neo standard. Constitutionalist, and I believe the ONLY meaningful constants in our SYG are the DCBR, a functional knowledge of how this works and well regulated militia. Now get your head out my ass before something bad happens to your olfactory, eh?

  • fliteking

    2 Rino’s and 8 Progressives.

    Makes sense.

  • redco

    You forgot the President of the United States, Valerie Jarrett.

    • Seewcrazy

      LOL redco, excellent call!!!!

    • WASP

      You could include all of the Kenyan’s unofficial cabinet members past and present. E.G., Van Jones, Bill Ayers, RamIt Inmanual.


    “Ten Most Corrupt”???
    Without term limits and a national sales tax WTP are spinning our wheels, the incumbency of our duly electeds is nothing more than elitism and the corruption that comes with it…
    Want to do away with tax discrimination,class warfare, progressive taxation, tools of the left? The WTP need to reorganize the way our elected officials and their appointees hold office.

  • V4V

    I have no doubts that those on this Top 10 list are corrupt. Missing is a host of Republicans. Perhaps the author can do a Top 20 most corrupt politicians so more Republicans can get “honorable” mention.

    • Richard

      Spoken like a true democrat… this is an issue about corruption… not about party.

      • V4V

        Wrong, I do not belong to any political party. Furthermore, I despise the Democratic Party almost as much as I despise the Republican Party.

        • Glazi

          Note also, Richard, “Heard” like a true Democrat. V, look again; he didn’t say you were a Democrat, he said your comment was spoken as though you were one. This is reminiscent of an argument in which I would criticize someone’s actions as being “stupid,” and they reply, “Don’t call me stupid!” The two statements are at odds.

          • V4V

            You are splitting hairs- “spoken like a true _____” implies you are one.

  • Robert Manstine

    This entire administration has a lot of flaws but its Chicago style politics. If the American people want to put an end to this madness, then we should start fighting for Term Limitations. Political offices should not be a career!!!!! The longer a person is in Washington, the more corrupt they become…must be something in the water or just out right GREED. I think the later of the two is probably the correct pick. Presently we have the Fox in change of the Hen House and we the people are left holding the bag as to any whim these A-Holes wish to place upon us.

    • pop

      Term limits would take to long, but there is one action we can start right now. That is to start recall elections on select members of both houses of Congress, be they democrat or republican.

      • rick0857

        Recalls depend on what State you live in. Some allow it others don’t.

  • George Thomas Horvat

    I often wondered what the definition of the word “Politician” is? Some of these people were elected while others were selected and are actually bureaucrats. So I guess the definition must be anyone who is on the public tab. Just send em all a poison cookie and be done with it! Viva Rasputin! Seriously folks; these kind of people will never go away. All we can hope for is that they will self-destruct.

  • Tpatriot

    Where’s Turbo-Timmie Geithner?

    • sunhawg

      I think that’s “Tax-Cheatin’ Timmy Geithner.”

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