• Todd

    I hope they lose. The 2nd amendment needs to be eradicated.

    • 9thID

      No, anti-Constitutional neo-Marxists like you will be tried for sedition and treason in due course…

      • FLBuck

        Also in other terms, he would be labeled a collaborator and a communist sympathizer.

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.helsel.94 Richard Helsel

      If you don’t like the 2nd. get the hell out of my country.Go to one of those euro countries,suck wine,let gov tell you how to live, and how to die,and while you at it take Obama with you, and his fat assed wife with you.

      • Silvermoney8

        Good one. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Ray

      Todd, do you really believe an unarmed public can remain free. What a doucebag.

      • FLBuck

        Maybe we should tell Todd to shut up and let real patriot adults do the posting.

    • ladyceo

      Hey Todd, move to Australia if you don’t want or like our 2nd amendment. I’m sure you’ll feel much safer in a place where the citizens have been totally disarmed!! But you might want to check out their murder/robbery rate before you hightail it to a “no gun” country! It isn’t pretty!!

    • ironclad

      Todd, sit down shut up fool! If they fail you will fail as well…the progressive numskulls in charge, albiet at the moment, are taking us down the path of no return. Without the right to bear arms we the people are helpless to the wims of power mad leaders. You useful idiots are cutting your own neck and can’t even see it…next will be the right to free speech; but you can’t see that either with that fog of liberal delight covering your eyes.

    • Chris

      You WANT the 2ndone Admendmant eraticated?! You have lost all rational sense!! You wish to live under the yoke of some type of dictatorship?!?!

      • Bandit

        We are under a DICTATORSHIP at this time, he just has not declared it yet but he will.

    • festus

      What did the Nazis (national socialists) say when they entered a village?

      Where are the men?

      Where are the guns?

      Not where are lofty words and fantasy-based dimdem baloney phrases.

      The neo-socialist left learns nothing from history, nothing at all….they are the arrogant apostles of utopian secular socialism which has rotted nations for generations.

      Of course, they always exempt the gov-meant folks like in the Socialized Medicine bill and now the Gun Control Bill.

    • jamohio

      For your information, The Second Amendment props up all of your other rights!! But usefull idiots dont have the ability to figure it out!! Just saying!!

    • Bandit

      Todd you must be one of the useful idiots either that or you must want a full blown DICTATOR in the house. Bamba boy is acting more like a DICTATOR all the time, of course look who some of his heros are at this time, all are DICTATORS.

    • Bandit

      Hey Todd here’s one for you if you don’t like the CONSTITUTION then why don’t you move to Cuba. I am sure you would much prefer to live there where you have as much freedom as an animal in a zoo.

      • FLBuck

        Better yet, how about Venezuela?

    • WellNowDear

      Shut up!

    • mikeinidaho

      Communists like you are the problem and the Second Amendment is the solution.
      Deal with it, traitor

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      You must be a very young and /or ignorant person to not know what the intention of the second amendment is for. It’s to protect the people from an out-of-control government, such as what is developing over the past 4 years. It allows the people to be armed and thus be able to revolt against a tyrannical government that no longer represented the people. The Public Schools ceased teaching about the Constitution and Bill of Rights long ago so that people like you would be clueless about the rights of the citizens. The Socialists / Communists infiltrated the Public Schools Systems decades ago with the full intention of doing what they’re doing now. Go read the Communist Manifesto. The Democrats have accomplished most of what the Communists wanted this country to descend into. Nikita Khrushchev once said that the USSR wouldn’t have to go to war with the United States. He said, “We will overcome you from within. We will feed you bits of Socialism until one day you have a Communist Society.” That’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing…just feeding more and more Socialism to the stupid citizens until one day (probably soon) they’ll be wondering where their freedom disappeared to!

    • Heinz

      Sure…and then let’s do away with the first Amendment as well. Let’s just erase all of them, because it’s an “outdated document” and all of our veterans that served and died will have done so for nothing. Todd you should be the first one escorted to a detention center.

  • ladyceo

    Progressives stop at NOTHING to get what they want! How do you fight this?

    • festus

      Naturally toxic utopian secular socialism is NOT progressive…just another bold lie to get into voter heads…they are regressive and should be called that…never ever call them the bold lie name…socialism rots any nation as you can see with OzBama and his arrogant kook team…always looking for demons to blame for their policy failures…Fidel is so very proud of Barackaclaus.

      • WellNowDear

        They are communists pure and simple. Hasn’t the Communist Party in the US endorsed “o”?

      • WellNowDear

        Feb–23–Day of Resistance.

    • mikeinidaho

      Civil War

  • festus

    Just imagine if Repubs had half the tenacity the arrogant apostles of utopian secular socialism have…month after month and year after year. The Repubs hesitate/cower/sit silent or mince words…this is weakness and most voters see weakness for what it is…we need to send the Repub leadership home and half the others…check their record the past few years….and flush.

    • jamohio

      Yea, its time for the Republicans to get mad and stop these demonizercrats once and for all!

      • WASP

        I don’t have much faith that the GOP will do much of anything. We had a lot of unfounded optimism when the Tea Party managed to get some “conservatives” elected to take control of the House in 2010. What have the done? Become part of the self-serving establishment. It wasn’t the party that took control of the House, it was the people. If we beat these fascist gun grabbers, it will be the people again, not the spineless politweasels in the GOP. Haven’t you people seen enough to convince you that gummint doesn’t solve problems, it creates them.

      • Ray

        The British didn’t get the message until after the ass kicking. That’s when this bunch will get it and not before.

    • WellNowDear

      Check out Feb 23 Day of Resistance.

    • Kate

      That’s exactly right! Another article here on the Clash suggests that the republicans have been incrementally losing ground to the Democrats, I wonder if the author really thinks its by accident? I believe it isn’t, the party has been infiltrated by those that have conservative rhetoric down pat. All of the harsh words between the parties are just a part of the show intended to dupe those not paying close attention.

      Just look at the fights over healthcare, there is no mention of undoing it anymore. The last County GOP meeting I attended, I was told by my Rep that most republicans actually like the provisions in the Affordable care Act. WHAT?

      Gun control will be no different. We’ll have knock down drag out word battles and in the end we will have either Republicans losing the battle or a bipartisan common sense piece of legislation. Stop falling for the R and the D as they are all Super Statists — Progressives/NEO Cons/RINO’s/Compassionate Conservatives/Liberals whatever you care to label them. Why do you think they can switch party so easily? Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Rick Perry, Dick Morris or use the same people in the Administrations of Republicans and Democrats, because they all have the same agenda.

      This is not a left vs. right fight for freedom it a We the people vs. the establishment.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        I tend to agree with your assessment of the Republican “Leadership.” For a long time now I’ve suspected that the leadership of the Republicans and the Democrats function more as one big political party but play this Good Cop / Bad Cop farce to baffle the citizens. As applied, there isn’t one damn bit of difference between the two parties! Both parties get their strings pulled by the same big money interests: the CFR, the Bilderbergers, and the FED. Both parties are told what to do and when to do it. Everything we see in Washington now is nothing more than one big Dog and Pony Show. Nothing of substance ever gets done! All we get is talk, talk, talk, but in the end the Socialist Democrats always win? That can only happen if the Republican “Leadership” are functioning in concert with the Democrats. After all, people can’t be THAT STUPID unless the fix is in.

        • reggiec

          Bi partisan compromise = When the establishment Republicans (RINOS) and Democrats agree to slightly remove their fondling right hands from each other’s front pockets so they can reach further with their left to fleece, lie to and control the public.
          The national leaders of the GOP establishment have become nothing more than Democrat light. They have bought into the left’s ideology that you have to buy votes by increasing the size of government and taking care of the dumbed down sheeple. Real conservatives scare the pee out of them because they just might be able to clean up Washington.
          The RINOS who control the Republican Party need to be recognized for what they really are. You can supply the term. I am not supposed to use profanity in my posts on this site.

      • JoJo58

        You’re absolutely right. All it takes is for some progressive/liberal/commie to smile and fake it until they are elected. That’s what judges do…then they start legislating from the bench. Now is the time to start getting involved at the city/county level and being part of the selection committee to pick a candidate. Just because someone has a “R” after their name is meaningless. You can add Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker to that list of RINOs too. Lamar will be hopefully OUT in 2014, and I have been pushing for a way to recall senators and house members that fail to perform without any compensation or retirement. I think if they know they can be replaced, they might actually listen to their constituents.

      • James C. Foy

        The GOP has no intention of winning.
        Both parties are consummate actors and liars, except for a few stalwarts who are painted as extremists: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to give examples on both sides–you may disagree with them, but both are consistent in their beliefs and legislating.
        The GOP champions individual rights but ALWAYS gives ground. They do such a consistently poor job of showing the benefits of freedom, that they either: don’t believe it, or don’t intend to win.
        The DNC champions “the poor” but consistently promotes policies that leave people poor and dependent on the state.
        Every election, we get crappy choices in the primaries, and crappy choices in the general election. This has been happening for as long as any of us can remember, so at this point, you have to ask yourself, “Could this possibly be an accident?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    Screw all the bleeding heart liberal socialist , just let them try to take my guns ,,,,,,

    • ohbamasux

      Bullets first I hope. The problem is they will send some lackey rather than in person.

  • jamohio

    All thats happening didnt just spontaniously start!! These demonizercrats have been getting ready to use these tactics for years, waiting for the right moment. There is a serious reason behind this and all you dumbed down citizens better start seeing all the domestic terrorism taking place at all levels of government before its too late!! Complete Domination is what these “progressives” want!!

    • Bandit

      When it comes down to it this DICTATOR we have is following the UNs agenda 21 to the letter, and that is all this whole things boils down to agenda 21. Under that all people that are in prison will be eliminated first and then it will go out from there to the rest of the people.

      • jamohio

        I do need to re-acquaint myself with agenda 21! Thank you for the reminder!!

  • Mustang

    Please EVERYONE stop calling a Liberal a progressive. When you do you fall into the directive of the Democrats, because their polling found Americans do not respond in a positive way to the word Liberal, but actually do accept in a positive manner the word progressive.

    • larryincamden

      Cure for that is the same as it is for “Liberal” demonize “Progressive” too.
      Point out that Progressives supported eugenics before the NAZIs.

      • ohbamasux

        The “Progressive” NAZI’s also urged and implemented “gun control”

        • larryincamden

          Actually the NAZIs advocated gun control on the undesireable races; jews, jypsies and so forth arians were encouraged to own firearms.
          German firearms ownership was very limited by the French after WW1.

  • Bandit

    Just remember that when we the people are disarmed then and only then will the dictator start having people eliminated all over the place. The number of people killed by gun control is about to go up again.

  • BCohio

    Guns are in great Demand and when the Socialist pull ttheir Money Out!.. What a Great Investment Opportunity for the rest of us to get in on!.. So Let them sell Sell Sell, I want in!..

    • jamohio


    • Rattlerjake

      Give me a chance to buy up some stock in these companies at a reasonable price, I’m in. They can pay my dividends in guns or ammo

      • Dark Patriot

        Will everybody here just shut their mouths and open their wallets. Please drive gun companies’ stock low. I want to buy, buy, buy.

  • dugiewugie

    I as an American, am ashamed of the Repubs. What is the difference between Repubs
    and Democrats? At least the Democrats are not afraid to state what they really are.
    You cannot blame the Democrats for the Repubs action. They are acting like cowards.
    Maybe they should blame Bush.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      The Republican “Leadership” are working in concert with the Neo-Communist Democrats. What we see in Washington is on going Treason under the guise of “Politics.” It’s all a Dog and Pony Show to placate the citizens into thinking that we have actual representation, but we don’t.

  • WellNowDear

    Most people knew this is how they would do it since they had little hope the states would go along. That is why ammo and weapon sales are way up. Everyone knew they slimy creatures would do it this way. How you fight this is to boycott any banks that capitulate to the commies. You write them letters. You publish their names. You do not use them for investments. We are at war here people, just in case you don’t know it.

  • WellNowDear

    Feb 23—-Day of Resistance. Look it up and organize one.

  • agbjr

    The Republicans may loose the debate in Washington but the American People WILL win the battle where it counts: on their own property and in their own homes. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco … they forget there’s more to the United States than these bastions of crime-ridden liberalism. The overwhelming majority in this vast country cherish their God-given rights, personal liberty, and foundations of THEIR Republic. Backed-up by thousands of sheriff departments and local law enforcement officers in the media-derided “fly-over country” true Constitution-abiding United States Citizens WILL defend their freedom against an overreaching federal government and unconstitutional mandates from blatantly Marxist sonsofbitches.

  • Plumber

    It didn’t work against Chick Fillet.

  • Charlie

    Just think of it there are a few hundred people in our employment in our federal government ,even less in state and less yet in local government. Then tere is the citizens of our country at last count that I saw there were 300,000,000 so if our employees want to bluster themselfs and act like fools woop-pee=dooo. We the people own our country,we employ these people in our government after they have taken an oath of office…to serve and protect the constitution. Our employees are not hired to act as a nannny and tell us what is best for us. These clowns work for us,we DO NOT work for them.

  • Charlie

    For the grammer paqtrol yes there is a word missing a letter tere is actually there

  • Charlie

    laughing paqtrol actually — patrol

  • TimAZ

    If the stock prices are artificially lowered, then many American citizens will buy the stock for themselves and the govt. employees retirement plans will evaporate even faster. I don’t see a downside to this.

    • Rattlerjake

      Give me a chance to buy up some stock in these companies at a reasonable price, I’m in. They can pay my dividends in guns and ammo.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The firearms industry is one of the only profitable enterprises remaining in this country. It must be destroyed, if only to prove that Capitalism doesn’t work.

  • Terry C

    Wonder how many lawyers are looking at these banks that follow BA’s lead. I know of no law that says a bank can freeze your account just because you manufacture firearms. I would have a new bank and a good lawyer.

  • mikeinidaho

    Come and take them, if you dare. My friends, neighbors and family will be waiting for you.

  • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

    There’s another more significant reason the Republicans and other gun-rights proponents are poised to lose this battle: the Second Amendment “right” is a knife in a gunfight. See “You Can’t Win Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight” at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/you-cant-win-bringing-a-knife-to-a-gunfight/.

  • lizaz

    These people think they’re in charge…..let’s see how many of them get voted out by the majority of gun owners/supporters!! Let’s hope if’s sooner, rather than later.

  • Herbert

    And don’t forget VP Joe Biden says the 223 is too puny a round to use, he recommends everyone get a 12 gauge (65 Cal) to really shred flesh. President Obama shoots shotguns too he says., Maybe Hag Feinstein carries a 12 gauge with a rifled bore too, ya think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhon-Kacan/100003185883958 Jhon Kacan

    I am to sure why we are a looser,because a lot of GOP politician was bride for Dems,why we have a big deb?where are that all money?part Mnay GOP politician was get money,like all nine judge Supreme Court,all was bride.But what is a consecuences of all?See why Cuba have a Castro?before was a guy who abuse and super abuser,until come some one who was said I will give a freedom and win,but what freedom was real?When one side start doing all king of abuse like Nobama now,is will ignite a real hate from opposition,and when opposition win be bring a severe revenge and blood.See a history of another Countrys around a word.

  • Mort Leith

    Why do they always us these pretend words like “Progressive politicians” ? ?

    When they really are nothing but traitorous COMMUNISTS ! !

    Refuse to allow them to take OUR country !!
    Revolution is NOW !

  • Mario

    Just two things to say here: Rahm Emanuel is way more of a thug than Obummer ever could hope to be. If the Republicans ever want to lead in the administration of this great country again – they had best decide now that they will adopt a “take no prisoners” attitude, when it comes to dealing with the Liberal Democrats. This old crap of playing ‘patty-cake’ when they should be after blood has got to stop, or we are lost for eternity.

  • bobalo59

    I have to agree with this article. The Republicans have lost a lot of credibility with their members. Boehner has been about the most piss poor house speaker since Nancy. At least Nancy, as insane as she is, got her party motivated to do things. Mostly damaging things but she did them.
    The Republicans are seperating, people look at this to be mostly a bad thing, but think of what might come out of it. A party of Constitutionally minded individuals that have no fear and work together.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G75RVM5S3L2G2BHBHGAXG6X5PI Jim

    A large part of the problem here is that the Democrats are thugs who think that they can do anything they want to do.
    The other thing is that the Republicans are like the French in the 1930’s, roll over and play dead and maybe the other side will let us live.
    The Democrats, being radical leftists, are treating this as a war, and are waging it as it should be if it really is war, taking no prisoners, win at all cost, destroy your enemy, and give up no ground. Lying, cheating, deceit are all legal to them.

    The Republicans see this conflict as a sandlot baseball game, we might win, or we might lose, we’ll just have another game tomorrow. They don’t get it, that there is no tomorrow if we lose. We don’t have time to wait for Boehner to wake up.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Taking away 2nd amendment rights of Americans is NOT going to work ! It will end up like prohibition, most will simply ignore the law forced on them.
    Don’t expect any help from the Republicans, they are hanging on by a thread now. The final blow to the party will be Obama’s amnesty bill, when passed an estimated 30 MILLION new citizens will ALL be voting Democratic so they can get their free stuff ! At that moment the Republican party took it last and final breath.

  • Dennis Smith

    I hope we dont loose, because you want to see a uprising in this country, it will be when the left win and when they try take the guns. There are alot of poeple out there waiting for that to come and will be no party but a blood bath and it will fold and destroy the usa. The left are messing with a sleeping giant and it will not go away with out a fight.

  • JoJo58

    I wonder if the city workers realize how much retirement money they will lose when the mayor reinvests their retirement funds? Maybe he should invest it in some of those fancy green companies. It would serve them all right to lose their shirts.

  • Bill Weston

    The republicans, as the congressional minority, could actually lose the battle regulating guns. However, the people could win the war, a civil war if it comes to that. A super majority in congress along with ratification by a similar majority of the states is required to change, or remove, the 2nd ammendment. That is not likely to happen soon. The alternative would be to negate the entire constitution, the very document that grants authority to our government. Then might will make right and I don’t think our government is equipped to win that scenario. “We, the people….” hold the purse strings and we’re still armed, angry and frustrated.

  • gypsy314

    The American people need to step up and support them I would like to invite all gun manufactures to Texas were Texans support the constitution except for a few rinos in office hopefully not for long.

  • marineh2ominer

    As I said earlier , we need new laws with teeth for domestic attempts to minimize or limit constitutional rights in any matter , even in legislative attempts .

  • foxxybey

    If they blow this one, this nation will be no more and I don’t think we will be a nation much longer anyhow. Washington prayed at St. Paul Chapel and his words are there for all to see. “when we turn our backs on God we will no longer be a nation”. Half the people booed God at their convention and others don’t want to hear about Him and have taken Him out of schools and public places, so I agree with Washington.

  • efred1

    Is that all? Well, in that case, my wife and I are going to have to purchase stock in all of these firearms companies to offset this short-term predicament. If even just the NRA members purchase stock, I dare say that they may more than offset the pension plans of dumbass liberal politicians’ “mastermind” plan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.halverson.1 Grant Halverson

    Clash, Please find out what banks and financial institutions will NOT GIVE in to the BULLYING TACTICS!! We will all RUSH to use the banks who don’t cave. And once the word gets spread through the patriotic ‘underground’ the institutions will do fine. KarenWI

  • freedomringsforall

    Two can play that game
    Republicans get off your collective arssess and go after them!!!!!

  • $9913635

    For more than 100 years you Americans have been fooled left and right on your Constitution and gun laws.

    Did you know that it forbids Congress to limit weapons and ammos or regulate them in ANYWAY? Did you know that???

    There is NOTHING in there that allows them to do that. NOTHING!!! It is not in their ENUMERATED powers!!!

    It is obvious from the Federalist papers the 2nd Amendment was put in
    there to PREVENT a tyrannical government from EVER harming the people.
    So the 2nd Amendment was left untouchable. Cannot be INFRINGED!!! AND
    they declared it came from GOD, and thus, an INALIENABLE RIGHT! No man
    can touch it!

    So all laws by Congress that relate to weapons and ammos and the
    silly BATF are illegal and do not have to be obeyed. SHOCKING! You
    have been fooled for DECADES. You tax dollars was used to support a
    bunch of illegal self-important look-at-me-I-have-a-badge agencies for
    YEARS!!! LOL!


    You should have had them impeached a long time ago. When you did not you only embolden them to TRICK YOU even more.

    I repeat, they have committed criminal acts and you all fell in line
    and believed them much to your own hurt and self-induced oppression.
    Educate yourself on the Constitution and FREE YOURSELF FROM THE
    TYRANNICAL LIARS that you tricked yourself into voting for and bending
    at the knees like an idiot.

    Look at that, getting scared of an old ugly lady that’s gonna limit
    you to pea shooters and ass wipers. Silly Americans. Scared of old
    ladies, old Uncle “Fart” Joe and so emboldened by your stupidity and
    timidness they even managed to pull the wool over your eyes with an
    illegal skinny Kenyan negro as your “offical” ruler.

    Ohh, how they have tricked YOU! They have NO POWER OVER YOU IF YOU READ YOUR CONSTITUTION and see what LIARS THEY ARE!!!

  • becky21k

    Let them sell the stock, they’re the only ones who will lose out – other people will snap it right up. Nutter sure is the right name for that guy. As for Rahm, he’s only in charge of one city – what’s he going to do, make the banks close in all of Chicago? People would riot.

  • markinla

    This is a dumb article. None of those companies is selling stock to raise money. There is nothing stopping Bloomberg from buying every gun company now if he wants to try and put them out of business. Selling their stock won’t do it as long as the companies are profitable. Of course, another AR-15 making company would spring up overnight.

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