Women in Battle? Howzabout This?

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  • Todd

    This is sexism. This site should be banned. What bullsh!t, Haters.

    • DrDulcamara

      Awwww…poor widdle pumpkin doodle…idum’s widdle feewings all butt hurt? Go take a bath, dirty hippie…preferably in France where you belong.

    • Deborah G Flynn

      Baloney I’m a woman and I understand men ARE different from women. That’s sexism? I believe in John Wayne masculinity. I don’t wany a cry baby man I want a real man. that deosn’t mean an abusive man in fact a real man never takes advantage of a woman. In fact they respect women. Where do you get your nonsense from

    • jeepdude911

      Take your medication and read Huffpo. The days of PC are over, or didn’t you get that memo?

    • Deborah G

      Here’s clue go find another unmanly man and get your kicks . Stay off this site where the real men wouldn’t piss on the best part of you. nor any of the real women. You are exactly what women don’t want men to be unless of course they want a slave to do the laundry

    • Mo86

      “I don’t like this! I must shut them up!”

      Typical Leftist.

      • WASP

        Turd, oops Todd, is the new Soros plant on these boards. Guess it was his turn to make some of the NWO money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mainesshredder Nikolas Arsenault

    Lmao This is awesome!

  • The Baron

    Todd finish your cookies and milk. Doug, good humor as always.

  • Deborah G Flynn

    I applaud this site. I am a women who wants guns, in fact I want to protect myself from non manly men who are weaklings.

    • Diane

      Where can a manly 24 year old college student go to find gals like you. My poor son (Texas boy) who lives in Kansas City, MO just meets liberal girl after liberal girl – he’s really getting to where he’s thinking of settling down, but can’t find any intelligent, conservative gals. I told him to get his butt home to Texas where the girls understand him!

      • Deborah G Flynn

        Welllllllllll I hate to break this to you but I;m an “OLDZ” lady LOL married to one of the MANLEY men. I have never been abused or disrespected in fact I have had 32 years of a great REAL man. The other thing is he won’t find those gals where I live I live in looney Liberaland New York…My husband is from the Midwest where manly men come from. Not like our girly man mayor Bloomberg. The closet gay guy who wants to tell people what to eat.

  • John Renken

    Right on man.

  • Diane

    Love it – but I’d rather you figured out a way to just shut her up.

  • RichFader

    Send Rosie over the top naked and they’ll die of fright.

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