Armed Guard Saves School Last Week (Gun Control Freaks Wrong Again)‏

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.06.57 PMVice President Biden unfurled his genius during a Google+ “fireside” hangout last month stating that having “armed guards in schools would be a terrible mistake.”

Really, José? Why don’t you rock up to Price Middle School in Atlanta on Monday morning and bray that insanity to the teachers and students who were spared an early grave because an armed guard took out the latest Lanza wannabe before he could waylay his peers?

Oh, I’m sorry. Y’all haven’t heard about the armed guard taking down a shooter who passed his gun through the metal detectors at an Atlanta middle school? My bad. I forgot that the Lamestream Media doesn’t report on commonsense solutions to potential mass murders. It doesn’t fit the fables they’re trying to foist upon us, ergo they give it dog meat during the evening “news.” God … I’m so stupid to assume that you had heard about it. I’ll never learn. Click the link in the second paragraph if you want the lowdown on this situation, which totally validates the no-duh fact that a gun in the hands of a good dude stops bad guys before things get ugly. Durrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, back to Biden and his ilk’s brilliance on combating mass murderers. Biden said that not only do we not need armed guards in schools and that such a thing would be a mistake, but he also chimed in that what schools really need is a more robust staff of shrinks to dissuade Scooter, Jr. from strafing his mates.

Not wanting to be out-Bidened, this week the DHS rolled out an instructional video that counseled those in a mass-shooting scenario to …

Number one: Call 911. Okay, this is generally a good idea. However, bear in mind that the average number of people killed by a mass murderer by the time the law has finally arrived is about fourteen. The average number of people killed when an armed civilian is there is 2.5. Thanks, DHS, for looking out for us. Remember, folks: When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Yep, the average response time for the police to get to such a situation is around five minutes … and the average response time of my .357 magnum shooting Hornady’s 125gr. FXT Critical Defense rounds out of my S&W Airlite is 1,200 feet per second.

Number two: Hide under the desk. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the Virginia Tech tool who killed many co-eds shot them while they cowered under their desks. Cowering under a desk, playing opossum, is not the way this cowboy wants to be remembered. I think this is what is called the “Pussification” of the American male.

Number three: Use scissors. Another thing that floored me in the video was the DHS advising those who are forced to field such a crappy conundrum to pick up some scissors and confront the culprit. Scissors? Really? What kind of scissors, Janet? Pinking shears or Floyd the barber’s clippers? Look, I’m not beyond sticking a pair of scissors into a murderer’s skull if that’s my only recourse, but I still think a gun would be a better weapon —just like our president once said while campaigning: “Never bring a knife to a gun fight.” If the DHS wants to play “Glock, paper, scissors” with my life, I’m going for Glock every time.

You know the Left yarbles on and on about how precious our children are and how they want to protect the kids, but they think armed guards on our campuses is oh, so cave-mannish. Meanwhile, they protect the president, congressmen, governors, and celebrities; they protect sporting events, jewelry stores, gold caches, banks, office buildings, factories and courts with guns, yet they defend our kids with “Gun Free Zone” signs and recommend teachers use scissors. Pardon my French, parents, but you’re bat crap crazy and these mass shootings will go on and on if you keep listening to the asininities of the lunatic Left.

About the author: Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.

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    • Sinatra98

      You hit the nail right on the head my friend

    • LadyforLiberty

      I used to know a veteran from WWII, and he once told us kids of when his unit was advancing through France.
      Their Leutenant told them if they saw any white flags, to respect the want to surrender, and hold fire.
      After the loss of several soldiers, he said that the rest of the platoon shot first even if a flag was flown.
      Seems that brave veteran knew more about defending himself from harm than any congressional committee!

    • mtman2

      They were TORIES in the beginning, almost equaling us in number. They were offered our farms, businesses + homes[after they shot or hung us Patriots]=”…spread the wealth around+ pay their fair share”. Heard it all before?!!! That same mentality took control of socialist England, Canada + Australia; they have politically correct socialized everything. But even they are waking up…some!

  • infidel81

    I’d say this article is unbelievable, but this about the mumblings of the lunatic left.

  • Eugene Lubben

    AMEN only a gun in the hands of a good guy/gal will stop a crazy killer ,,,,,

  • colt38

    So, I crawl underneath a desk and arm myself with a pair of scissors? Biden needs to go home and never utter another word. These comments are a fine example of Holders idea to brainwash the country against guns. There is nothing wrong with armed, property trained guards in our schools. Guards would provide more than just protection.

    • Randolph Goeman

      What good are the round point kid sicissors going to do? Give the person a haircut? Definitely no point there.

    • Bandit

      What biden needs to have done is have his mouth stitched shut. that’s a bad cut he has under his nose.

      • Guest

        Quite the contrary. Li’l Joey Biden should talk nonstop — the more he says, the more he makes the case that (insert progressive goal here) will only make things much worse, and that it is all window dressing to make highly emotional, illogical voters feel good.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • $26222150

      “So, I crawl underneath a desk and arm myself with a pair of scissors?” No, I think you’re supposed to charge the assailant with your scissors. See, they want the population decreased and unable to defend itself. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

  • dad666

    Please don’t confuse a liberal with a rational thinking human being. The only thing they understand is a perfect world where they all live on a big rock candy mountain. Forget reality they don’t know the meaning of the word. Well cone Piece. The truth will set you free JOE.

  • Mary

    Biden: “having armed guards in schools would be a terrible mistake!”
    Okay Joe, You and Obama should give up your secret service protection if you think it’s ineffective!

    • wayne74467

      Do you think maybe 11 armed guards are too many for the school where our dear leader’s children attend?

  • anniebakerandmurphy

    Our uniformed police officers are there to protect us. We were taught and we taught our kids to respect the police and always go to one if we were in need of help. It would be no different in schools. The security officers would need to have VERY extensive background checks, Be introduced to all the students. Not be required to wear uniforms since a would be killer would be able to spot them immediately in a uniform. Libs are all for arming the people that protect themselves but no,no,no we can’t have,God forbid, a security officer in a school to protect the commoners kids. The best part is 50%+ of dumbassed Americans were convinced by the POS in Chief and his fellow thugs that conservatives were elitest and don’t care about the average family. To the millions of slugs that sat out this election and didn’t bother to vote I say,”enjoy the next four years foolsm you have no one to blame but yourselves”

    • LeSellers

      “Our uniformed police officers are there to protect us.”

      SCotuS says you’re wrong on this one. The cops have no duty to protect us (absent a “special relationship”, which very few have).

      South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396, 15 L.Ed.433 (1856)

      DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189, 109 S.Ct. 998, 1989 (1989) “There is no merit to petitioner’s contention that the State’s knowledge of his danger and expressions of willingness to protect him against that danger established a “special relationship” giving rise to an affirmative constitutional duty to protect.”

      Bowers v. Devito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982)

      Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d 1, 1981) “[O]fficial police personnel and the government employing them are not generally liable to victims of criminal acts for failure to provide adequate police protection … this uniformly accepted rule rests upon the fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular citizen … a publicly maintained police force constitutes a basic governmental service provided to benefit the community at large by promoting public peace, safety and good order.”

      Hartzler v. City of San Jose, 46 Cal.App.3d 6, 120 Cal.Rptr. 5 (1975)

      Davidson v. City of Westminister, 32 Cal.3d 197, 185 Cal.Rptr. 252 (1982)

      Westbrooks v. State, 173 Cal.App.3d 1203, 219 Cal.Rtr. 674 (1985)

      Ne Casek v. City of Los Angeles, 233 Cal.App.2d 131, 43 Cal.Rptr. 294 (1965)

      Susman v. City of Los Angeles, et al., 269 Cal.App.2d 803, 75 Cal.Rptr. 240 (1969)

      Antique Arts Corp. v. City of Torrence, 39 Cal.App.3d 588, 114 Cal.Rptr. 332 (1974)

      The real answer is, as many others have no doubt written (and will in the future), to have as many of the teachers and staff armed and trained as are willing to carry (not hide in a desk drawer or purse).

      Armed guards/security are not any better than the police: they cannot be everywhere at once. When seconds count, the police security guy is only minutes away.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Robert Martin

        You sir, are basically correct in your statement, but if you are in immediate danger, and you ask an officer to protect you, I’m sure he/she will respond to your need. Concerning school security, perimeter protection would have to be the rule. Preventing the breaching of the perimeter (getting into the building),would be the highest priority in the security plan. Also, a school which has a large outdoor campus, should have an outside patrol function, as well. Possibly, using smaller, off-road vehicles, and/or foot patrol. No one hates the need for this more than myself. But, I and many other people across the nation realise the need to provide immediate armed response to an armed attack on a school, wherever it may be.

        • LeSellers

          We might hope the officer would respond, but there is no guarantee, and there are cases where the officers stood by while a civilian was in trouble, even one recently where the officers watched while another civilian rescued a victim, yet the uniforms did nothing and were not held to any account for their inaction.

          All the “dedicated” security in the world at a government-run, tax-funded welfare school will not do what having 20 or even 10% of the staff armed and trained.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Fred_K

    Not only is the economy in bad condition, the schools are open grounds for shooting because of bad decisions. Both are government decisions.

  • White House land lord

    Armed teachers are better. Armed PTA is terrific. Armed populace is the answer. When was the last time some nutcase attacked a police station?

    • Robert Martin

      I’m pretty sure that scenario has taken place in the past, but I believe the outcome is pretty obvious. Not so pretty.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Does anyone really think that politician really care about a killings on the streets of Chicago orDallas all theyreally care is that their asses are protected by dozens of not semi but fully auto (assault rifles).And Iam sure they are covered 24/7.

  • zagozana

    Since 2001… 240,000 Americans died in home shootings, mostly by family members!!!
    That is 240,000 families shooting each other.
    Not home invasions.

    • 7.62×39

      zagozana, where in the world did you come up with that ridiculous number? Post a link to prove it. That would be 21,818 people a year for the last 11 years!! There were not that many murders committed in the U.S. during that time frame. Just like a liberal to make up a number to justify their agenda.

    • jason

      I’m trying to figure out how your statements connect to each other. You state that

      1) 240000 Americans die each year due to home shootings, mostly by family members.

      2) “You guys” (that seems rather ambiguous and grossly overstated and simplistic) don’t want background checks. Does this mean that we don’t want ANY back ground checks or just in some cases.

      3) All of this is because “you guys” don’t love Jesus as our Lord and savior, but rather we trust in the NRA. (would you say Jesus always wants peace? Is that why he talks about sending HIS people off to war? Do liberals love Jesus more than Mohammed (even though most modern day terrorist bombings are by Islamic Jihadists fighting for their God, prophet and way of life)? Do they love Jesus and other “true Gods” equally? Is that why most religious persecution in America is of Christian expressions of faith in public? (referring to the attack on Christian influences on society (marriage between man and woman, opposition to the murder of babies, (usually as a means of birth control, and fought for under that banner of being “pro-choice), public ridicule of Christians etc.

      And lastly, out of curiosity, where do you get your statistic that 240,000 Americans died as families were “shooting each other”.

      I think I understand your point, but I want to make sure because it seemed to be written in a state of anger. Personally, I doubt you really believe that you believe that your words suggest (i.e. no one that agrees with this article want any background checks and no one that agrees with this article loves Jesus more than the NRA. You might even agree with me that most NRA members love Jesus than the NRA. I would suggest that most NRA members are strongly traditional American in their values and love Jesus a lot.

      BTW, full disclosure, I’m not an NRA member.

      • jason

        Correction, I misstated that the 240,000 was per year. You said it was since 2001. My apologies.

    • Robert Martin

      1st amendment in action. Are you nutz? We’re all for background checks, as currently required by law. You got a problem with that? It’s not the people who can pass the scrutiny of the background check you need to worry about, you moron. It’s the guys who are buying stolen guns on the street, in dark alleys that you need to be concerned with. Do you honestly believe, for a second, that some criminal who wants a gun, gives a tinkers d<mn about a law, so-called gun control, or otherwise? If so, then I submit to you that you are a complete and total fool.

      • Robert Martin

        What the heii is that?

    • mtman2

      Totally BOGUS figures!!! Only half that figure have died of gunshots by anybody in the US during that time period. Yes JESUS is the prince of peace + the LION of Judah also the Way the Truth + the Life /ALPHA + OMEGA and HE said to Peter “put the sword back into its place”.

  • Charlie

    These Commies know that no one is paying attention to what they’re trying to do to this country. They won’t pay attention till Oblamo has us by the b^!!$.

  • A mom who knows the truth

    Great article and thoughts BUT people might want to look a little further into the true events of the Sandy Hook shooting as it was ALL staged! They needed something that would penetrate the hearts of those people who are ‘in between’ with our gun rights. The sacrifice of our children to further drive their ability to take our guns from us. There will be something else soon as they still have too much resistance! They had to make Lanza’s Mom look like a freak because she was a ‘prepper’, she was already very aware of the governments control and they used her and her son as a pawn in their very big game! Not to mention the dads involvement with a very big upcoming court testimony! Anyway, they know exactly what they are doing, they will always have their guns and be protected but they can’t completely take over with the New World Order until they take the guns away from the resistance, those that know the truth! My husband was an Army Ranger and my son is In the Air Force and ‘we know’ what is going to be asked of him… he will be required to shoot in cold blood the very people he is sworn to protect. I am praying that he will and many others will stand up strong against the new mass murdering regime that IS moving forward to take over!

  • luangtom

    The local media here in the Atlanta-area needed to be reminded by Chief George Turner of the APD that the school-resource officer was armed. Few of the station locally even mentioned it after the Chief told them again in their press-conference. It is going to take more than us sitting on this blog complaining to change them. Write them, call them or e-mail them.

  • Smiley

    Well written

  • Niggishzidda

    Do these scissors come semi auto, interchangeable grips, rapid fire, safety, can you get a shoulder holster, and what is the accuracy, do I need a scope?

  • granny_forUSA

    Such STUPIDITY comes out of those polticians/liberals mouths. It seems they say whatever they want because BOZO has their back.. Will send him some snakes for Valentines Day. Not the good kind tho.

  • JCWS1

    There are plenty of older vets who have been in harms way who could use a job during this boom market created by our Illegal in Chief. Vets who have been back for years are mostly of sound character and these heros will surely defend our schools from the vermin who would prey on children. Teachers can’t even teach anymore with all the political bs in the classrooms so let our vets go back to work defending the children.

    • Robert Martin

      I’d be happy to hold that job. Sitting there in my wheelchair, with a Glock in a sock, and my 12 Ga. riot gun standing on the footboard while secured in a special bracket.

  • downs1

    It is so difficult to imagine that these libs cannot understand the way we think! There is rhyme and reason as to why we believe as we do. History bears out our convictions. But then, we also struggle to understand where these poor fools get the ideas they do! Then, when you begin to realize that history repeats itself, and that some never learn from history, we can begin to understand where these people are coming from. The second thing we need to grasp is that these people do not respect the truth. They believe that “truth” is what you make it, i.e. it is “what you say it is,” and is not necessarily based upon reality (which is what truth really is!). That explains how these liberal commentators and talking heads can get away with saying what they do! There is yet another thing that is of ultimate importance, and that is: God is truth! These people do not believe in God, therefore, they cannot understand His truth. Unfortunately, a fiinal lesson from history is that people who reject God always suffer the consequences of their unbelief and actions. They have no standards, no purpose, no stability, no joy and no future!. Scripture puts it this way: “What does it profit a man to earn the whole world and lose his soul?” These people want power, wealth and fame. And in the end, they lose everything!

  • katjan68

    This article would be hilarious if it weren’t so deadly serious. Uncle Joe is a great day picker upper, clown that he is, but what is even funnier is the mental disorder that seems to afflict all or at least most Liberals.

  • marineh2ominer

    This jerk that murdered the school bus driver in Alabama REALLY pissed me off , I had been bragging about he fact that all these whacko shooters are LIBERALS and he goes off the deep end as a conservative shooter , I know he felt he had a reason , but he didn’t , we have to take their communist bulls–t until we can convince the majority of Americans that they have been dumbed down and need to re-evaluate what the progressive communists are doing to destroy our constitutional republic .

    • mtman2

      Commune-ist takeovers always use mentally defective, ungodly, conscienceless people like all these”wingnut shooters” to terrorize the defenseless disarmed populace; with free license to kill +/or torture whomever they choose. Then as useful idiots, are shot after no longer needed before they figure out they’re expendable pawns. It is NOT a new story, but an old one! Someone has to do the unsavory + dirty prep work. If that day comes to us here OUR own troops+ law enforcement will have to choose sides. What’s UR choice today? One of the best parallel stories of this is the movie series V w/Marc Singer wasn’t about aliens. AmeriKa w/Robert Urich was another.

  • Nikita63

    Why has this brainwashed buffoon not been sent to competency testing? Screening seems totally necessary here, Gun control? This man is a heartbeat away from access to the nation’s NUCLEAR CODES! Does that inspire confidence in you? It scare the living s..t out of ME!

  • thomasy

    10 years ago Isreal armed their teachers.Since then 8 children have been killed. In the USSA for the same time period is 300+ and counting! Yep, those gun free zones really are working well aren’t they?

  • Annette

    Boycott Hollywood’s liberal influence on our culture by not going to or renting their movies…don’t watch their junk on tv…. Boycott liberal’s influence on our culture by not sending your children to their schools, including universities where they get brainwashed and converted… We have to take a stand that involves hurting them where they live … in their pocketbooks!

  • George Williams

    The Democrats “fixed” gun violence in Chicago with a total lockdown on private citizen’s owning and/or carrying firearms. And now Chicago is begging Obama to come and fix the fix.
    Unfortunately, in this century, the U.S. government has become like the government of the China of the eartly 1900’s. It is perfectly poised to serve as a puppet government serving outside interests. All the participants in it care only about fame, comfort, popularity, political power, and MONEY. Those who have compared Obama to Hitler and Stalin are wrong. The historical ruler that Obama most closely parallels is Herod the Great — a nonJew foreigner who got himself appointed puppet king of the province of Judea, and immediately began a tyrannical rule that ended in madness. It also set the stage for the complete destruction of the entire country of Judea about 80 years later.

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