• cdodgela

    What you are doing Todd is called projecting… So Todd, exactly what “civilized nation” do you suggest we use as an example to follow? I bet you like watching Morgan on CNN and think we should emulate the UK, right? Well that would get you quadruple the violent crime rate that we have now. It’s called personal responsibility. If you can’t trust me as a law abiding citizen with my gun, then you are the one that can’t be trusted.

  • sovereigntyofone

    I’ve noticed over the term of Obama, that he rolls out all the ” victims ” and put them in a showcase to gain support for yet another assault on our rights. Not that if you could actually get inside the mind of Obama that he really gives 3 hoots for the actual victims, but as the Democommies say: ” Never let a good crisis go to waste “.

  • $39132868

    This doctored media scam doesn’t surprise me at all. Communists have been floating whatever garbage they concoct, in order to achieve their goals, for decades. The NY Times totally covered fo the atrocities of their Tribe, in Russia, while Bolshies were slaughtering MILLIONS of Russian Christians. They are still lying about actual events. There’s a lot of phony baloney stuff about this Newtown massacre, anyways. Newtown is FULL of media creatures.. A rifle, or rifles, were used, to execute this “event” – but the BUSHMASTER WAS NEVER FIRED. What about the videos of the Men in Black, shown running away from the building RIGHT after. The “media” will ignore any little tidbits that do not fit the assigned narrative, and completely keep pushing out the official story, as long as they can find enough cluless Goyim that will swallow their poisoned schmaltz.

  • $39132868

    Todd is a troll. He is here to try to “manage” opinion. He’s a very inept troll.

  • Mys77

    I guess when the words spoken don’t fit their twisted idealogy they refuse to hear it, repeat it, report it. The same way they want to avoid truth in history, facts, and Obama. What do they gain…. what do they lose? These are no longer news outlets…. they are twisted, self centered, manipulative, conniving, fraudulent evil con men with a dwindling viewership and getting desperate as they slowly die out of existence. Good riddance.

  • LEL

    If we do not need guns in a “civilized nation” why are there mass murders, gang killings, and other violent crimes in a “civilized nation”? Are you suggesting all the violence is actually caused by guns?

  • charlie

    where is there a civilized nation?

  • sovereigntyofone

    Look around you, the gangs and gang bangers in this country,the injuries and deaths they cause daily. Look at the world around you, we STILL have terrorists that want to chop your head off in the name of their religion. The middle east is on fire with violence, here at home racial violence is on the increase. Our police departments, the best they can do is show up ” after the crime has been committed ” and do a body count and take notes for their investigation. Does this country or world look ” civilized ” to you? Here’s an experiment for you. Go buy yourself a ” Gun Free Zone ” sign and put it on your front lawn and lets see how long it is before you are a victim of your so called ” civilized nation/society “.

  • Tenngator

    You are right Todd, no civilized Nation has ever overthrown their citizens… Egypt over the Jews, Rome, China, Germany, etc….. Wake up brother

  • reggiec

    Let me see….I seem to recall that there are a couple of civilized nations that do not have school shootings but do require almost every adult to be armed. Switzerland and Israel.

  • gutterfalcon

    You are a Moron. O K I elect YOU to go out and collect all firearms from all gangs and criminals.

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