Canadian Evangelicals Called Unpatriotic For Stance On Homosexuality

Canadian Evangelicals Called Unpatriotic For Stance On HomosexualityEven though Crossroads Relief & Development has provided clean water and wells to 11,000 people in Uganda, New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair has called them “Un-Canadian” because they call homosexuality a sin. Mulcair says that because the ministry’s beliefs are against Canadian values and Canadian law, the group should stop receiving government aid, of which they have received about $389,000 from the Canadian International Development Agency.

Mulcair goes on to connect the Crossroads ministry beliefs on homosexuality with the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda. He opposes the government endorsement of a group whose “views are identical to those of the Ugandan government.” CIDA has frozen $156,000 of additional funding to Crossroads until they can investigate this issue further.

Should Crossroads receive government aid for their international projects?

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  • Wes Walker

    Mulcair has exactly zero moral authority. He heads up a party slightly left of Lennin, holds dual citizenship with France, and has cozied up with Quebec separatists. He also opposes Canada’s energy producers, but is happy to spend their money on worthless government initiatives. His party also has the highest concentration of pro-Hamas / anti-Israel sentiment. Obama would love him.

    • Deb

      Right on, Wes. Evangelicals aren’t Canadian enough? Let’s see: dual citizenship with France, hand-and-hand with Quebec separatists, and makes no mention of Catholic tax-supported charities (he’s supposedly a Catholic), or of Islamic tax-supported charities (Catholics and Muslims aren’t known for their positive stances on homosexuals). Yup. The man indeed should have kept his mouth shut on this one.

  • DCW16

    Mulcair is an “angry” man . . . leader of a party of lefty loons that make Obammy seem moderate. His New Democratic Party is actually just a gaggle of old marxists/socialists . . .

  • annie the mouse

    Always too many strings attached to govt money. The church is well rid of them. Donations?

  • jmark

    There are two issues here:
    1) Calling a church unpatriotic because it faithfully adheres to its beliefs is absurd. Such comments can be ignored in the same way one ignores a bully shouting insults from his safe distance.
    2) Christians should stop relying on taxpayer dollars. The faithful are to provide for our own. God will thus provide for the ministry according to the measure He determines.

  • Guest

    Another sad entry in the PC police blotter, their motto: “To project subservience.” By golly they’ll insist on freedom even if it means throwing have the population in prison!

  • Allan Erickson

    Another sad entry in the PC police blotter, their motto: “To project subservience.” By golly they’ll insist on freedom even if it means throwing half the population in prison!

  • gawxxx

    lets just do what “bammy ” would do ! drone his ass !!!!!!!

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