• Todd

    Obamacare affords all people, not just creedy capitalits with health care. WAKE UP!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sadolite Brian Boyle

      Obamacare does not “afford” all people with health care. If you make over $50,000 family of 4 you don’t get squat. The average cost of the most meager health care plan through an exchange is $15,000 a year. Don’t know about you, but no family of 4 can afford that on 50,000 a year and save for retirement and send kids to college and the myriad of other things kids need. It is better to live of the govt and not have a job and work under the table than to try and be self sufficient and take nothing from the govt. That is the way of the foolish sucker now. It used to be what all people strive to do.

    • OldNorthState

      Please tell me, what is a “creedy capitalit”? I’m obviously not up-to-speed on the latest, but “Todd” must be.

      (Another case “for” birth control, here.)

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