Florida Teen Asked To Remove “Inappropriate” Abstinence Shirt

photoSummer Schreiner recently attended a Christian abstinence conference where she obtained a shirt that read “Don’t Drink And Park…Accidents Cause Kids.” An administrator of Clearlake Middle School in Cocoa, Florida, thought the shirt was inappropriate and made her take it off and wear a shirt that is given to students who dress crassly. The shirt read “Tomorrow I Will Dress For Success.” Schreiner, 15, and her mom spoke to the school administrators but they stood by their decision because the shirt had sexual innuendo.

Silver Ring Thing was the conference at which Schreiner got her shirt. The 2-hour event happens across the world encouraging teens to remain abstinent until marriage.

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  • toooldsmart

    she should sue!

  • http://twitter.com/ccsr369 Carmelosr

    This is what this “politically” correct CRAP has come to in this country. Nothing good can come of it . If we let it

  • Fictional reality

    The educational system is in free fall. There are kids in school who are barely literate and this is their focus. Sad and pathetic.

  • ron

    If school administrators believed in the animating contest of freedom via speech…well…we wouldn’t have this problem.

    Have a kid wear a “day of silence” shirt…see how they are treated vs this kid. It doesn’t take long to understand where public schools draw the battle lines.

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