• Frank_Alexander

    H Clinton is a kept woman who was replaced by a kept man… talk about achieving on your own merits…

    No one can cite a single achievement of hers from the time Bill Clinton left the Whore House in 2001 to now. Oh I’m sorry she traveled to 110 countries…

    Last and least, with as much money as she and Slick Willy have, you’d think she could have afforded a hair dresser…

  • Doc

    She is a sick stupid woman who is also going blind

  • rowleya

    Should all Fed Employees have background checks starting with the Prez? Clinton manifests signs of mental breakdown, screaming hysterically at Congressional Committee ” What difference does it make?”regarding Benghazi terror attack.
    It takes one to know one is not wise Executive Policy decision.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    I think of her as Mrs Magoo but I think hillary Benghazi does sound so much better. I wonder how many FBI and/or CIA will be following the great Magoo around now that she has “retired”. I still think that she will have a lot to say and do behind the scenes. Well out with the old and in with the new Kerry is to my mind as bad as what she is and of course the latte one. something is afoot… and it smells very very bad.

    • BeriBeri99

      Don’t insult Mr Magoo . . . he wouldn’t have her either, why do you suppose BJ Billie Bob was shopping around?

  • harry mole

    Quit supporting hollywood, newsweek, and any other anti-American activity. They NEED your money. Quit giving it to them. progressive insurance (flo the idiot), is also commie run by peter lewis. He is a self proclaimed commie. I wonder where the profits go from this company??

    WAKE UP America!!!

  • doug63

    I guess they forgot about Eleanor Roosvelt…..and I’m sure hundreds of other great females.

  • dandeman

    I call BS – the only thing that brought this woman to the forefront of popularity was the ptitful mainstream sympathy for dealing with Bill’s adultry. Compare her record to Thatcher, Guandi, Cleopatra and other’s in history, she ain’t done a thing but rack up millions of miles on an airplane.. She grew up a radical and hate’s America. Why else would she spend so much time trying to change what made the US great.

  • BeriBeri99

    To bad SnewsWeak didn’t use your photo of sheit.
    This is the best photo of Swillery yet.

  • Mutt

    Hillary will NEVER be “one of us”.

  • TAM44

    hillary clinton is a powerful liar and can keep up with her masser obama any day of the week.

  • Mario

    “Just one of us”?? Don’t think so. She will never be ‘just one of us’. She has committed so many acts against this Republic, and the people who have tried to cater to her, even sold her soul so that she doesn’t have to be a “regular citizen”. There is more class in my BM today, than this trashy broad will ever acquire in her lifetime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diane-Staggs/1588311502 Diane Staggs

    I’m certain that there is a ‘special’ kind of Hell for her, bill, pelosi, reid, ‘tiny dancer’, waxman, boxer, feinstein, oh…the list goes on and on but isn’t that photo a hoot?

  • mthammer

    She is a liar , told the American people for weeks that Benghazi was the result of a video , then on Capitol Hill said “What Difference Does it Make ” she is responsable for the Murder of those 4 Americans in Benghazi, then tried to cover it up for Obama. She lies like her Husband when he told the american people
    ” I did not have sex with that woman monica lewinsky” Liar just like your wife , both a discredit to the American People . I wonder if Sorros the leader of the Obama administration will pay off the people in Europe and give Hilliary another Frauduent Peace Prize like they gave Obama , a Slap in the face to the United States . Now General Dempsey ,Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff , Panetta’s number one boy ,has another story about Benghazi. He was asked why no military help wasn’t sent to Benghazi , He told the Press , it really was just two Twenty minute attacks ,completely contradiction of the ARB report , of Hillary Clintons story, The Stae Departments story, The intelligence community , another liar in the Obama Administration , should be asked for his resignation and dishonorably discharged from the army , no pension . Never mentions on TV why Carter Ham head of AFRICOM who had a drone over head in benghazi , was relieved of his command , why anAdmiral 2 star was alos relieved of his command , if this Chairman was a marine General , military would have been sent , because in the marine Corps we never leave anyone behind.

  • phunyfarm

    Grow some gonads and get a life. Learn how to think for yourself perhaps..

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